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on January 5, 2013
I read a lot of reviews about this watch prior to buying it. Most of those reviews were good but some of them were bad so after having this for a few weeks now I'd like to mention a few things that may explain the bad reviews that I read. Most people did not seem to be using their heads or just I'll informed.

First I should start off by saying that this watch takes a reasonable amount of intelligence for you to get the most out of it. I have yet to find anything negative about it but you need to keep these things in mind.

Be careful when you size the band or ask someone to size it for you. This band does not use the typical link pins like most watches. You know, the kind that are split and spread out to hold the link pin in place. When you push the pins out of this band, each pin is held captive by a small split barrel that goes into the middle of the inside smallest part of the link. If you push any of the link pins out and you are not careful, that small barrel is going to fall on the floor or roll off of the table never to be found again. That small barrel is split because when the link pin grows through it, it spreads out a little and causes the proper tension to hold the link pin in place inside of the band. If you lose this small barrel the link pin is going to slide through the one side of the band and go right out the other side. If the small barrel falls out just remember it can only go into one side of the smallest part of each link. It won't go into either side, just one side where you can see that the hole has been made larger for this barrel to fit in.

After you get your band adjusted you will need to calibrate the barometer. It will be kind of close right out of the box but not right on. Once you calibrate it, it should stay within a couple of hundredths of your local barometric pressure reading. There are a few places that you can find highly accurate barometric pressure reading in your area. In my area there is a local county airport and on the (NOAA) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration web page I can find the current barometric pressure reading for this airport. Barometric pressure readings seem to stay fairly accurate within 25 miles or so ofnwhere you live. Barometric pressure is listed on the NOAA website as "altimeter". Why would it be listed as altimeter when we are looking for barometric pressure and not altimeter? Well, that's because when airplanes calibrate their altimeters, it's actually controlled by barometric pressure so when you read altimeter on the NOAA site they are telling pilots to dial that value into their altimeter while they are sitting in the runway. Keep in mind that on the NOAA site, these values usually get updated once every hour. Sometimes when they are updated the reading is delayed by 15 minutes or so. As soon as that value updates on your web page, calibrate your barometer and it should be pretty much right on every time you check it from that point on.

Now for the altimeter. The altimeter on this watch just like in an airplane's altimeter is affected by changes in barometric pressure. Barometric pressure changes constantly. From time to time an hour will go by and barometric pressure will not vary that much. Other times it will rise quickly or fall quickly. If you calibrate your altimeter on this watch and the barometric pressure does not change much then your altitude reading will stay pretty much spot on. If you calibrate it and the barometric really changes drastically then the accuracy of your barometer on this watch will drop in accuracy. In order to properly calibrate the altimeter on your watch you need to have a good reference altitude. What I've done is made notes of the actual altitude of my house, where I work and other locations that I frequent. Now the easiest way to find these reference altitudes is to use Google Earth. Not Google Earth on your iPhone or iPad because that program will not show the actual elevation. On those devices it will only show you how high you are viewing any specific area from. You need to use Google Earth on your computer. That will show you the actual altitude of any place you rest your mouse on. Once you find these reference points you'll need to be at one of them and calibrate your altimeter. You should find that if you set it at your home and drive to where you work the altitude should be correct as long as it's not a day that the barometric pressure is changing rapidly. The altimeter can only be calibrated in increments of 20' so you'll have to pickthe increment that is closest to what Google Earth showed. Also, don't expect to calibrate this on the ground and then fly in a commercial airplane and watch the altitude change. Remember that they pressurize the cabin so your barometric pressure that you will read will be based on cabin pressure and I've already noted that the altimeter is affected by changes in barometric pressure. The altimeter on this watch is mainly meant for hiking and biking, not flying. In a small Cessna it would probably work fine but I wouldn't want to rely on this for landing the plane.

Lets talk about the temperature reading. This temperature sensor is really meant to tell temperature when the watch is off of your wrist. Keep in mind that when you wear the watch and press the barometer button to see the temperature, it's probably going to read around 83 degrees f. That's because the heat from your body has raised the temperature of the watch and the sensor is located inside of the watch. If you take the watch off I have found that it takes about 30 minutes for the watch to read actual air or room temperature. There are some people out there that have attempted to calibrate the sensor so that it takes into consideration their body temperature so they calibrate it to read room temperature while the watch is on their wrist. This is kind of a boneheaded thing to do because your body temperature is going to be affected by a number of factors. Also, if you wear a watch fairly loosly like I do it's not always going to be tight against your wrist so the watch temperature will always be changing.

In order to get the sunrise and sunset feature to be accurate you'll want to read the manual on how to adjust it and again, find your house or city on Google Earth to get the latitude and longitude and put that offset in the watch and you'll read within a few minutes of any of the sunrise and sunset times that you will find on the web for your area.

I'll be honest and say that I haven't adjusted the calibration of the compass. From what I can see it's close enough to my GPS, the compass on my car's mirror and a little handheld compass. I would expect that if I were lost in the woods or anywhere else for that matter I could get headed in the right direction. There are some adjustments that you can make to the compass off of maps but I haven't seen any reasons to calibrate it.

So with all of that said, this is a great watch. The automatic backlight feature works great although I bumped the default time up from one second to two seconds. The power saver feature also works as advertised.

If you are on the fence about buying this watch and bad reviews are what have you on the fence, hopefully I've shed some light on these issues that are really non-issues as long as you are using the watch properly.
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on November 8, 2014
I love my Casio Pathfinder watch! I bought this last year during an amazing sale on Amazon. I've long been a fan of Casio watches and I've absolutely fallen in love with the solar models. It all started one horrible afternoon when I took my older G-Shock into RadioShack and watched in horror as the girl behind the counter spilled its insides out onto the counter before telling me she had no idea how to put it back together again. It was traumatic. I still have nightmares.

I'm by no means a watch snob, but I am very proud to show off my Pathfinder to anyone who seems to enjoy watches. I've also had countless compliments from strangers. It's a great watch that works well in many situations. It's dressy enough to pull off on date nights and formal dinners, while still being a great watch for camping and hiking with the kids. The rugged titanium design is metal detector safe - meaning I don't have to take it off when I pass through security checkpoints at work or the airport, a huge plus! I consider myself fairly active and rough and tumble at times, but this watch hasn't suffered a single scratch in the seven or eight months I've had it. And, like I mentioned before, I don't take it off when I get my hands dirty.

Definitely a keeper and a watch I would highly recommend without hesitation!
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on October 17, 2016
When you want only the best technology in a watch at a low price, you can beat this deal. This thing is FREAKN' AWESOME!! Came right out of the box working like a charm. Just follow the easy to setup manual and you'll be off and running....errr hiking I should say. Lightweight and well-crafted, this watch is tough and beautiful. It does take some getting use to all the different modes and what they look like, but everything is laid out smartly. The only drawback I have is -- I wish the light was brighter. Other than that, I'm super satisfied with my purchase!

Thank you!
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on June 21, 2015
All is well.
I read a number of people griping about the pins in the band coming out. Once you take the band apart to adjust it, a tiny/microscopic roll pin will fall out. make sure to replace that before reinstalling the pin and it will hold. The roll pin is what holds tension on the pivot pin to keep it in place.
A number of people were mentioning the compass was off and whatnot. The booklet states strong magnets and electronics will interfere with the sensors. This is intended to be used outdoors and not in your house in close proximity to tv's, computers, speakers and etc. You do, however, need NOT to be under or near power lines while using it as it will interfere as well.

So, if you use this watch as intended and watch out for the tiny roll pins in the band, you should love this watch.
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I received this in the mail yesterday from Amazon. I got a great deal on it. First Let me tell you this. I am a big Gshock collector. I have 30 Gshocks and 4 Protreks watches. I also have the same watch with the resin band. The pag 240
-1cr Pathfinder. Which is an excellent watch. So l decided to get this one. Because I Love the looks with the the titanium band.l Love this watch. I took it to a friend of mine who owns a jewelry shop to adjust the band. Now it fits great. I have a 7 inch wrist size. And it looks great. I have all kinds of Gshocks. I have the Rangeman gshock. The King Gxw56-1bjf gshock which is a big watch but very compfortable. I have 4 Mudman gshocks 2 Gulfman gshocks the gwm5610-1 Gshock and the Gsteel smoke dial gshock. And the GA 1000-1 Aviation watch and way to many more to mention. I love Protrek watches for the Large Display. I have the prg 270-1 protrek the prw 3500-1 .I'm a big Casio gshock and protrek Collector. I've been wearing gshocks for almost 34 years since the first one came out in 1983. This watch is absolutely great it's Solar never needs a battery. 100meter water resistant and very durable. I think this will be my daily watch for a while. Don't listen to the negative reviews. Some people say it resets iit sell do different times. First thing you have to make sure you are in the right time zone. From where you live. I live in Florida. So you have to use the NYC. That means New York City. That is the east coast. Remember to Read the manual. Remember I have a lot of experience in Casio watches. The watch is perfect for anyone who wants to hike, ride Mountain bikes swimming, camping. Fishing hunting. The watch is a perfect. For anyone who Love's the outdoors. This watch you can wear for casual or Formal. Take it from a gshock collector buy this watch you won't be sorry. Buy it at amazon and save money. Enjoy this watch or any other gshock or protrek watch you buy.Remember the best watch is the one on your Wrist. Thanks and good luck.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on August 14, 2017
My wife bought this for a father's day gift and I love it. It definitely has an outdoor look, but the metal band helps make it pair well with most casual apparel and can easily be used as an everyday watch. I've gotten several positive comments from friends and family. If you have a basic watch kit the band is easy enough to size. The only complaint I have is that the watch makes a very faint squeaking noise if I bend my wrist. I tried sizing it up but then the watch is too loose on my wrist. I wouldn't say the noise is annoying, but I just wanted to share my observations. I've taken this watch camping, biking, playing with my kids at the playground, and it has survived all my outdoor activities at this point. I love having this watch as part of my watch collection.
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on March 15, 2016
This is my second Casio purchase; the first being a GW-9400-1CR with a resin band. That watch operates flawlessly. Interested in purchasing the PAG240T-7CR due to the titanium band. The feature functionality is solid and what I have come to expect from Casio. While I have not used all the functions outdoors yet, I have spun through them and they appear to function as advertised. If you're looking for a great looking titanium band watch at a great price point I highly recommend this one.
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on June 1, 2015
I enjoy all the said features, except the thermometer is kinda stupid since you have to remove it to get anywhere near accurate.
I specifically wanted the titanium strap so the bulky watch wouldnt shake itself apart from active use, but a few pins kept falling out and i almost lost it.
They should make the pins on par with the links.
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on October 29, 2012
I'm really happy I purchased this watch. I had it on my Wish List for quite some time. When they went on sale, I decided to finally get one.

My first impression was that I was really surprised how light the watch is. For some reason I thought it was going to be a lot heavier.

I like everything about this thing. The controls are easy and intuitive (I did read most of the manual, though, to make sure I wasn't missing out on any features). I had everything set in a matter of minutes. I found that the temperature reading is about 15º off compared to what it actually is in my apartment but his expected since my wrist will skew the reading. The compass seemed on out of the box but I do plan on calibrating it just to make sure.

When I was removing a link to resize the band I didn't know about the little sleeves that hold the pins in. Luckily I was able to find them on the floor with a flashlight. If you are going to remove links yourself, be very, very careful with the sleeves. They are tiny.

Overall, this is a great watch and I only wish I bought one sooner!
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on December 9, 2014
I'm no expert, I just knew I wanted a good looking, metal band watch that would suit hiking equally with business casual. I've had this watch now for about a year and a half.

- batter power has never dipped past "High"
- I've worn it every day, be it showering, in a pool, working on the car or chasing my kids around the yard, and the face isn't scratched, face in perfect condition
- weight of watch is not an issue, it's on my wrist comfortably all day at a mostly computer / desk job

In this age of now wearable Android watches and ubiquitous smartphones, it's not an incredible feat to have a compass on your watch, but its reliability and battery strength are incomparable. It's a solid watch, and hope to have it for 10 more years.

Only downside I will say, the wrist band comes unlatched if I do wild arm movements (like play Fruit Ninja on an XBox Kinect). I've come around to appreciate resin / belt bands, and their reliability. Probably would move to a resin model in another decade.
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