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on April 24, 2014
If you are considering purchasing the PAW1100T-7V (Casio Module 3043):

1. You will almost certainly have to adjust the watchband to make it smaller by removing links or taking it to a jewelry store to have this done. If you do it yourself, you need the ability to work with very small parts.

2. The watch will not simultaneously display both date and day of the week. It takes a button press in order to see both.

3. The watch is aware of the year, but this is not normally displayed. (It can be set manually.)

4. (Manual page E-95): "This watch uses a special rechargeable battery to store power produced by the solar cell, so regular battery replacement is not required. However, after very long use, the rechargeable battery may lose its ability to achieve a full charge. If you experience problems getting the special rechargeable battery to charge fully, contact your dealer or CASIO distributor about having it replaced."

5. (Manual page E-144) "You should have the rubber seal that keeps out water and dust replaced every 2 to 3 years"

6. To keep the unit charged, it needs light. This requirement will be easy for some people and difficult for others. The manual, for example, suggests that the watch not be partially covered by a sleeve.

7. The watch has a nice power save feature that turns off the display and some of the functions based on certain factors such as the time of day and whether the watch detects light. This feature can be disabled if you don't like it.

8. I encountered an issue with water condensing under the crystal when the weather got colder. At one point there was so much condensation that I could not read the time. The service contact at Casio initially said this was "normal" but allowed that I could send the watch back for repairs, which I did. I had to pay for the postage to get the watch to N.J. but they paid to have the watch shipped back to me and I did not incur any other charges. However, I received no indication as to whether or not the seal was defective and I still have concerns that the watch's internal components may have been damaged by the water. Any problems might show up only after the warrantee expires. When I ran in very cold weather recently (single digits Fahrenheit), I noticed there is still a small amount of condensation under the crystal. The amount is small enough so that I can still read the time. I don't know if this should be considered a problem. This is my first solar watch and I naturally have it exposed to the cold air so that it will charge in the sunshine. I never treated my other watches that way, so I don't know if they would have done the same thing in cold weather if the crystal was constantly exposed to the cold air. However, since solar watches will be used this way, I think Casio should assemble the watches in a very dry environment so this is never an issue. Apparently this is not being done. (list item added 8JAN2015)

If you have already purchased the PAW1100T-7V (Casio Module 3043) and need to adjust the wristband:

You can remove links from the wristband using a small paper clip to push out some of the pins that hold the links in place. There are arrows on some of the link indicating which pins can be removed and the direction to push in order to remove them. You may need pliers to manipulate the paper clip. Be aware that there is a very small metal sleeve that goes into one side of the smaller links. When you take the links apart, that sleeve is likely to fall out. You will need to put the sleeve back into one of the links in order to properly reassemble the wristband.
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on February 11, 2014
Bought this to replace a old G shock watch which has seen its better days. This is a great replacement. The great feature
Barometer, compass, altimeter, solor, atomic watch. I only use a few features but its good to know there. I barometer to see what temp it is every morning. When not on the wrist the temperature is fairly accurate. The atomic clock is great if you are able to update it. You have to be in a good place to get a successful signal. So my advice is to turn off the automatic feature of this watch. I used the solar feature before and as long as you use it in light you will have it charged. I had my old g shock with the same feature and its still kicking so I am pretty sure that this watch will last me for years to come. The other feature i dont use yet so I cant comment on them. I can easy to read and is bigger tha n G Shock face if that is any reference. So far I am very happy with this watch just make sure you know the limitation of the watch before you buy it and make sure it serves your purpose. Otherwise this is a step up from the gshock which I love and still has the rugged look of g shock just with great add ons.
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on June 8, 2014
This watch is great. Reasons I say that: (1) syncs up to the atomic clock every night - I have exact time all the time (2) the light can be set to come on when you twist your wrist to look at the time and it is dark (3) the watch is very light - feels great on my wrist (4) the alternative time button means I don't have to reset my watch when traveling to Europe - just change which city I am in (5) the barometer function is fun (6) I do use the temperature function but have to take it off my wrist to use - that just makes sense since body heat has to have an effect (7) compass function keeps me oriented when on my motorcycle since all our streets run E/W and N/S (8) multiple stop watch functions are fun and useful (9) solar power means never needing to buy batteries. I had watched this watch (bad pun) for a couple of years and when it went on sale I grabbed it - no regrets. One problem - I tried to adjust band myself and screwed it up - took it to the mall and they adjusted it perfectly for under $10.
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on April 3, 2014
Used to buy my Casio gear from a great "cash only' dealer in downtown Los Angeles that has sadly gone out of business, buying all of my triple sensors from them except this latest purchase, I have been spoiled by the aggressive pricing this store offered. The difference in price from the first triple sensor to the last is less than $30.00, adjusted for inflation making this watch probably less expensive than it was in the 1990's - plus it has a much lighter and more durable titanium band.

The PAW-T is not the latest nor most stylish of the Casio Triple Sensors', I first purchased this model September of 2009 as a gift to myself for starting a new job. The watch worked flawlessly, and I was often queried about its rugged good looks and size. It was always interesting to take the watch off my arm and give it to an admirer that would - without fail - marvel at the light weight of this model vs. the size of the watch case.

That titanium band is the nicest feature of the PAW-T as well as its greatest weakness. After 5 years, the small latching tab broke off. When Amazon had the PAW-T featured with a heavily discounted price of $149.00 w/free shipping it did not take long for me to decide to buy a new replacement. The original watch still works perfectly; it just will not stay tight on my wrist. So, the old watch will be mounted to my dirt bike for long trips traversing the wild lands of California.

The solar charging is superb, no more battery replacements to worry about. Place some crystal protecting plastic sheeting for a smartphone on the face and take this watch anywhere on land in any weather.

If it isn't obvious by now, let me be direct - this watch is one of my most prized tools to get me through life and is trusted without question, based on experience gained from 20+ years of ownership of Triple Sensor watches.

Purchase with confidence and treat yourself to this featherweight champion!
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on October 21, 2012
A Casio of some sort or another (G-Shock, etc) has graced my wrist for the last 10 years. This watch is everything I have came to expect from Casio, functional, solid, reliable. I purchased this watch in Nov 2009, it has been on my wrist since then. I got this watch for the nobility of the Compass/Altimeter. I really like the Atomic synched time, at my work I work with GPS time synched hardware, I have used this watch many times to detect lost GPS sync. I also really like the world time feature, I travel a lot and it's nice to view your local time and the time back home at the same 'time'.

- Rock solid and reliable, 3 years of hard use and not a single problem
- Large metal dial around the glass protects it from damage
- Light is bright and shows everything (unlike my last G-Shock)
- Various parts of the band and case are titanium, so watch is very light given it's size
- For whatever reason, watch band does not pull hair as bad as other bands I have used in the past
- Compass is nice, have used it a few time for the heck of it. Never used it seriously in a orienteering capacity. Compass does stop updating after a few seconds, but it works for my purposes.
- Solar power, what's not to love??

- The temperature sensor is dominated by your body heat, so it is pretty useless while attached to you (at least if you are looking for the actual ambient temp). I have needed to take a temp reading on some equipment and took the watch off and left it behind the rack for a few hours. Temp seemed accurate then.
- Elevation/Barometer are not particularly accurate.

- Watch is quite large, really it's huge. It fits me well, but if you are unsure you really should try one on in a store. A lot of people will find it larger then they are comfortable with.
- Manual is intense (cough). What it lacks in size it make up in thickness. Its like somebody shrunk down a Websters dictionary. Manual answered the few questions I could figure out by poking around.

Overall, I love this watch. I will buy another one like it when this one dies (years from now).
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on August 18, 2014
Great watch - Lots to like! Easy to read, easy to change views, easy to force atomic clock update, looks great (many compliments) Quick delivery. The hardest thing was resizing the band - $10 at a local watch service. The price was also amazing - It had been on my wish list for several months. I am sure that I will get 5-7 years out of this watch, including active hiking - trips to Whitney and White Mountain. The compass is mostly a backup, but I like redundancy. Some much to like, so few typing skills! If you think you might like it - GET IT! (PS - read the manual - make life easier!)
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on May 24, 2013
i love this watch. i've had it for about three years now, still going strong on the same battery. i was afraid the metal band might pinch my arm hairs, but it never has. this thing is rugged as can be... i'm not exactly a careful person, and this watch doesn't have a scratch on it, and that includes the watch surface. i have yet to utilize this watch to the fullest... it comes with a 12 page dense instruction manual. the features i like most are a: it is easy to read. keeping the seconds below the main time means you only ever have to glance at it once to know what time it is. b: being a radio controlled watch, it is accurate. I would trust this watch over any other time keeping device. c: the countdown timer is handy for parking meters, running your sprinklers, cooking, killing time between hockey periods, etc. having 6 different alarms is nice too, you don't really need to keep setting alarms, just activate the ones you need. I've done international travel with the watch as well, setting the main time zone for the time zone you're visiting, and leaving the "world time" menu on your home zone. I've also dived with the watch, salt water, no problems. supports military, the compass has come in handy in some unexpected ways, and the altimeter / barometer are just fun to play with, and fairly accurate as far as i can tell. highly recommended.
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on February 27, 2015
I was really impressed with a casio titanium ABC watch for so cheap. But....
The compass quit working after <12 hours out of the box. I know you have to hold it level but it just quit seeking north, it actually assumed more of a counterweight function. Also, the barometric pressure kept dropping, the temperature too and the altitude of my house seemed to climbed 400 feet while I was snuggled in my bed. Customer service was impeccable!! I replaced it with the Protrek.
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on June 26, 2015
It's a little thicker than anticipated, but love the watch. It's light and easy to change settings. I wish it showed the day of week and month/day at the same time, but I can live with it and leave it showing month/day. One push displays the other. The solar charging and power saving functions work well. I haven't tried some of the other functions yet other than spinning through them to see how they work. If you need to remove a link take it to a jeweler, it's more complicated than when you could just push out a pin. There's a tiny sleeve that you have to unscrew first.
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on November 28, 2015
When you want to adjust fitting it to your wrist size by removing the links, the system is so complicated as it includes little tiny sleeve and of course usual pins. These sleeves are impossible to fit back even with special tools that I have also bought from you and the link connections, without sleeves, with pins only, becomes very loose and the whole watch falls off your hand. I used SUPER GLUE to keep it in place, but that is not the way to design the links' connections. Regards ...... D. Dragojevic
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