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VINE VOICEon August 16, 2011
My father actually owns and still has somewhere the original Casiotron--the very first digital watch ever made. I joked that it now comes with a Happy Meal until I was living in Japan some years later and saw that old watches like that go for big bucks.

As for my claim to fame, I bought the original G-Shock. It had two unique features which would disappear in later versions. The back was built like a vault, with a big stainless steel disc protecting the guts of the watch--yet I still managed to get so much dirt in the thing that when it was being opened to change the battery and gasket the watch repairman asked, "How in the hell did you manage to do this?" And the light was actually a tiny white bulb on the side, because it predated "Indiglo." I also bought a Riseman in yellow--not the Men In Black edition--in rural Japan, which people from countries I never even heard of were begging me to buy a bunch of and send them to be sold on commission because apparently it was a rare watch.

I kept on destroying G-Shock watches because I'm an outdoor athlete, and kept buying new ones.

But I always wanted a nice, titanium cased Casio digital watch, particularly the Pathfinder, with all the same bells and whistles as my G-Shocks. It was always just too much money to spurge for one.

So one day I go by a tiny shop that sells odds and ends in Queens, New York City, and I see an old Pathfinder for $139. I go home and as I'm checking out the various Pathfinder watches online to see if I can get one I like better for a similarly low price, my wife--who is from Japan--says, "It's about time you bought a grown-up watch, so get the one your really want."

Now the reason I'm particularly happy about this purchase is not just because I finally got the one I really wanted and which will likely last me the rest of my life, or that it's also solar powered and that it's a Waveceptor that sets itself to the atomic clock (which is perfect because I'm an Astronomer and need the exact time to set my telescope up properly), but particular because of the first class service of the seller, Blue Dial Watches in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Honestly, I don't think I could have hoped for better service had I actually walked into a watch store and bought it in person. They shipped quickly, but not carelessly. The item arrived in a box with the sealing tape saying that if the seal is broken I should inspect the contents prior to accepting the package. Then inside the package, along with the watch of course, is a wet signed original sheet showing that it went through inspection prior to shipping, certifying that it is fully functional, free of any blemishes or defects, and various other important points. I could be completely confident that the watch was in absolute perfect condition.

But not only that! Blue Dial actually set it for my local time zone, so I could immediately enjoy the watch rather than having to go through the process of redoing the time and zone settings from the factory in Japan. It was also fully charged upon arrival, which is particularly noteworthy because it's a solar powered watch.

Absolute first class service.
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on August 5, 2015
I used to have the thinner version of this watch but this is great too. This version doesn't receive the time signals from fort collins as easily as my old one, but I all I have to do is put my watch over a magnet wire coil at night and the signal reception improves by about 25 to 50%!
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on April 2, 2010
Arrived on time. Took a couple of links out in a few minutes with basic tools. Feels good. Very light. After 5 minutes it doesn't seem large anymore. Needed sunlight right out of the box- battery meter showed I needed to, anyway. Manual is as thick and as large as a deck of cards. Luckily, if you've ever owned a Casio, programming is intuitive. I changed the time zone, checked the compass against that of my iphone, an made several other adjustments before ever cracking the manual. Feels good. Looks good. Works good. Havent tried the altimeter yet. Everything else seems to be working great. Couldn't be more pleased with this watch. Update- a year after my initial review- watch still looks and functions as new. I have a black rubber g-shock that I normally wear around the house and for grubby work. I have to stop myself from reaching for the pathfinder, my favorite watch. ** Update- 3 years after purchase- watch still performs flawlessly.
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on January 9, 2011
I got this watch for three main features: the atomic time-keeping, solar power, and the light. It gets a full 5 stars for those things I wanted most. It has an uber-techy look that seems to be popular style with many men who still bother wearing a watch at all. (Phones have become the new "pocket watch" for the youngest generation.) I can read the digital display without glasses. The markings around the dial are a different story -- too small for even my regular reading glasses. The zoomed pictures on the website can fool you in that regard. It came with a manual that is even thicker than the watch! Maybe heavier too. I have yet to use it to figure out how to change the default altitude reading from meters to feet. The default barometer reading is also metric. I was able to change that, but a similar sequence of button presses didn't seem to work for altitude. Kinda strange. The compass seems to show magnetic North as a 5-7 degrees too far East compared to a regular compass. Perhaps that is something else that is adjustable (if I get around to reading the manual :) ). The matching metal band feels good on the wrist, with an easy 2-snap release to remove the watch. But even though my wrist is a little thicker than average, I still had to take it to a jeweler to remove 2 links before it would fit.

UPDATE AFTER ONLY 2 YEARS: The battery died! Whats the point of a rechargeable solar battery if it doesn't last any longer than a simple thumbnail watch battery in a quartz movement? I'm downgrading my rating from 4 to 3 stars.
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on April 24, 2014
If you are considering purchasing the PAW1100T-7V (Casio Module 3043):

1. You will almost certainly have to adjust the watchband to make it smaller by removing links or taking it to a jewelry store to have this done. If you do it yourself, you need the ability to work with very small parts.

2. The watch will not simultaneously display both date and day of the week. It takes a button press in order to see both.

3. The watch is aware of the year, but this is not normally displayed. (It can be set manually.)

4. (Manual page E-95): "This watch uses a special rechargeable battery to store power produced by the solar cell, so regular battery replacement is not required. However, after very long use, the rechargeable battery may lose its ability to achieve a full charge. If you experience problems getting the special rechargeable battery to charge fully, contact your dealer or CASIO distributor about having it replaced."

5. (Manual page E-144) "You should have the rubber seal that keeps out water and dust replaced every 2 to 3 years"

6. To keep the unit charged, it needs light. This requirement will be easy for some people and difficult for others. The manual, for example, suggests that the watch not be partially covered by a sleeve.

7. The watch has a nice power save feature that turns off the display and some of the functions based on certain factors such as the time of day and whether the watch detects light. This feature can be disabled if you don't like it.

8. I encountered an issue with water condensing under the crystal when the weather got colder. At one point there was so much condensation that I could not read the time. The service contact at Casio initially said this was "normal" but allowed that I could send the watch back for repairs, which I did. I had to pay for the postage to get the watch to N.J. but they paid to have the watch shipped back to me and I did not incur any other charges. However, I received no indication as to whether or not the seal was defective and I still have concerns that the watch's internal components may have been damaged by the water. Any problems might show up only after the warrantee expires. When I ran in very cold weather recently (single digits Fahrenheit), I noticed there is still a small amount of condensation under the crystal. The amount is small enough so that I can still read the time. I don't know if this should be considered a problem. This is my first solar watch and I naturally have it exposed to the cold air so that it will charge in the sunshine. I never treated my other watches that way, so I don't know if they would have done the same thing in cold weather if the crystal was constantly exposed to the cold air. However, since solar watches will be used this way, I think Casio should assemble the watches in a very dry environment so this is never an issue. Apparently this is not being done. (list item added 8JAN2015)

If you have already purchased the PAW1100T-7V (Casio Module 3043) and need to adjust the wristband:

You can remove links from the wristband using a small paper clip to push out some of the pins that hold the links in place. There are arrows on some of the link indicating which pins can be removed and the direction to push in order to remove them. You may need pliers to manipulate the paper clip. Be aware that there is a very small metal sleeve that goes into one side of the smaller links. When you take the links apart, that sleeve is likely to fall out. You will need to put the sleeve back into one of the links in order to properly reassemble the wristband.
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on March 7, 2009
As a previous Pathfinder owner, I passed my original Pathfinder on to a relative and purchased this new model. Everything was as expected with one MAJOR PROBLEM. I like using the hourly signal and the alarm setting. YOU CAN NOT HEAR EITHER CHIME TONE, NOT THE HOURLY OR ALARM. Granted, it does work, if you are holding it to your ear. I called Casio support and they told me that there was no volume adjust. My previous Pathfinder, even with the watch under my jacket sleeve, the hourly signal and alarm chime could be heard. The chime on this model is useless. I am very disappointed. If the volume can be adjusted on other models, why not on this one??
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on December 24, 2010
another military guy, got this watch for upcoming missions, the first of which will be a few weeks in alaska. right now i'm still getting to know all the features, but the watch hasn't failed me yet. there are sleeves in the links that the pins slide into, so make sure if you have links taken out the place does it correctly or the pins will fall out. not the watch's fault, but the watch tech. like i said, good watch. does its job if you can read the instruction manual, and you are buying it for function not because you're an idiot.
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on June 8, 2014
This watch is great. Reasons I say that: (1) syncs up to the atomic clock every night - I have exact time all the time (2) the light can be set to come on when you twist your wrist to look at the time and it is dark (3) the watch is very light - feels great on my wrist (4) the alternative time button means I don't have to reset my watch when traveling to Europe - just change which city I am in (5) the barometer function is fun (6) I do use the temperature function but have to take it off my wrist to use - that just makes sense since body heat has to have an effect (7) compass function keeps me oriented when on my motorcycle since all our streets run E/W and N/S (8) multiple stop watch functions are fun and useful (9) solar power means never needing to buy batteries. I had watched this watch (bad pun) for a couple of years and when it went on sale I grabbed it - no regrets. One problem - I tried to adjust band myself and screwed it up - took it to the mall and they adjusted it perfectly for under $10.
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on February 23, 2015
Like my last Casio this is an amazing watch. Never misses a beat. I'm just learning about the barometer function and found the altitude a little interesting when you are flying in an airplane but all in all this is a great watch. It replaced one that was very old and just would not wear out.
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on May 22, 2014
Great watch with lots of great functions. Band doesn't corrode. Tough solar recharge is awesome and I've had it for 7 yrs and it still works. My only compliant is the face is too big. Unless you are a big guy with wrists the size of ones ankles, this watch will look funny on you.
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