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on February 3, 2014
Got this for Christmas. I cannot comment on the long term durability, but it looks sturdy and these are my impressions based on a month of extensive use.

First, solar power battery works as advertised. Had a medium rating as it came out of the box and after a 12 hours in indirect sunlight, was back to high and has stayed there since. A nice feature to have.

Atomic clock setting worked well after I read the manual and did some online research. It now works great and is very accurate.

I have not used the temperature function too much. Keep in mind that this measurement will be affected by your own body temp. I can see this feature being helpful if you are on a camping trip and leave your watch hanging from your tent or backpack. This feature is near useless when you are wearing the watch, but nice to have as an option.

Compass feature is great, have not had any issues and put it to the test on so every short hikes. Looking forward to putting it to the test during a camping trip. So far, so good.

Barometer: seems relatively accurate. Have compared it with local measures from the weather forecast.

Altimeter: my understanding is that this one is linked to the barometer, so this can cause issues. However, so far this has been relatively accurate. At 45-60m above sea level, it gives me a regular reading between 45-70 depending of where I am in the city, but have not tested this a lot for now.

Here is my take on this watch: it has a lot of nice features and if you find it on sale it is a great purchase for any outdoor enthusiast or weekend warrior. It is a bit bulky, but far less than other multi-function watches. I have used it to jog a few times and you do get used to the weight. I definitely recommend it.
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on April 15, 2015
I love everything about this watch. I actually forget that I have all the tools strapped to my wrist that I do. I had one of the first Pathfinder's and that thing was like a deck of cards strapped to my wrist. This much newer model is not much bigger than a normal sports watch. I tested the altimeter and the altimeter recording function while mountain biking, and it performed great. I've used the compass just for giggles, not for navigation, but it seems to work great too. The barometer is about the only thing I haven't tested, but it always turns on and gives a reading. Of all those awesome tools, my most favorite is the timer. I set it to 25 minutes when I go on break at work and I never have to check what time it is; I just go back when it goes off. Because of that, I also know that the buttons can withstand several presses a day without shorting out. I also like the several different options for daily alarms, though it is not loud enough to wake up to in the morning. This is one "toy" purchase I've made that proved very much worth the expense.
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on November 29, 2014
This is the second PAW1300-1V I have owned. I bought the first one in 2009 and have worn it continuously since. I am an ardent hiker and backpacker so It has been extremely useful to me. The case has gotten banged up and scratched but the crystal has remained clear and almost pristine. To my surprise the band shows little wear after five years in the desert heat and dirt. The battery did finally go out on me last summer. I replaced the battery and everything seemed as good as new but a week ago the charge showed low despite sun exposure. I decided that after almost 6 years it was time to get a new watch. I looked around and could not find anything more suitable for my needs than another PAW1300-1V. The solar power keeps the watch always charged and the nightly time check insures it is accurate to the second. I frequently use the barometer feature when hiking in the summer to check on approaching storms. The thermometer is ok but you need to remove it from your wrist for an accurate temperature reading. I have better compasses so I rarely use the compass but it has served for quick bearing checks on occasion. The watch is comfortable to wear and easy to read. I am very satisfied with the PAW1300-1V.
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on June 4, 2016
Great watch, no problem with battery life and atomic time keeping - syncs well mostly in US. However, there's a problem when you travel internationally. Due to US daylight time keeping changes, the automatic change in other cities of the world is sometimes off sync. For, as of right now, due to daylight saving changes, the current time in US is 8:11 PM - the London time as per the watch is 12:11 AM (4 hours ahead), but the actual time in London is 1:11 AM (5 hours ahead). I had the same problem when I was in Dubai. The world time function seems to be whimsical and I don't know how to fix it. In addition, the altitude sensor relies on atmospheric pressure differences, which is not accurate all the time.
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on May 1, 2012
I really like this watch..I have had it about a year .I own way too many watches so mine all have a lot of down time just sitting an a shelf..Just a suggestion to those buying one (at least this is what I do)..1) Find a place in your house that will reliably receive the atomic signal and place the watch there overnight as often as you feel it needs it..They are very accurate for months on end even if not getting the signal. The 6 watches I own that are atomic all reliably receive the signal in my bathroom that faces north and with the watches hung on a plastic coat hanger over the shower curtain rod. I do this about once a week which is more often than needed ..2..) If the watch is not used often just leave it on a desk or dresser in the sunniest room in the house to keep it charged up. I do this and all of mine that have a charge indicator always show a "high" state of charge , never medium or low..My Citizen Eco-Drives do not have a charge indicater per say but would show they were low by the second hand jumping 2 seconds at a time..Anyway back to the Casio. It is sized nice for my tastes..I like a bigger watch but not too large .This is the smallest of the Casio triple sensor watches..Some of my friends have the other Casios and when they see mine they wish they had purchased this model because it is not bulky like theirs..it can wear well even when dressed up..
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on April 6, 2017
This is the second pathfinder watch I have owned. The first still works for its atomic time, date and many of the stopwatch and other functions. I bought it so long ago that I do not remember how old it is. Some of the buttons no longer work (e.g. for altitude, compass and barometer) but considering it is 8 or 10 years old, I think that is good . The battery and photoelectric cell also work well. I got a new watch because the missing functions are sometimes important when I am hiking or biking. One feature that I don't see promoted very much is the lit dial that turns on automatically for about a second when : 1.) it is dark and 2.) you tilt the watch arm up to look at it. This has been invaluable when photographing the moon or the planets at night and I don't want to lose night vision but still want to know the time. I have never babied this watch but it still looks good and the crystal is unscratched. I like this watch.
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on January 10, 2013
I owned a Pathfinder 1200 for about 8 years before it started to have trouble keeping time (it would reset to midnight and 1/1/2000 almost every day even with a full charge) but it was an absolutely amazing watch. As rugged as they come, no matter how much abuse I gave it the watch took it!

This Pathfinder is slimmer and more stylish than my last one. The display is gorgeous and easier to read. Time-syncing from California seems to be even more reliable, too. I don't often use the barometer or temperature features, but I use the compass and it works great. The watch is very well-built and feels like it can take years of constant wear without any trouble.

The band is a little stiff out of the box so it'll take some time for it to "break in" but it is still very comfortable.

I'm a huge fan on the Pathfinder series and this watch seems to be another great one in the bunch!
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on July 25, 2014
Hopefully this will last me more than 5 years. I feel like I have a good handle on all it's functions, though I'll have to consult the book here and there as I forget. The compass works great, so I can't wait to use that while camping or just for fun. The thermostat isn't very accurate so I need to research to see how to change the settings or make that different. As for the details of the watch I can't really add more than what has already been posted by others. I can say I like how it's not super fat like G-shocks, the size isn't too large (I'm a smaller framed guy), and I love how the face of it is circles all around. The time is easy to see for anyone asking me what time it is as opposed to other watches I've owned where people mostly look for a good several seconds and just smile and look away still not knowing the time until I tell them. With this watch they see the time immediately.
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on November 15, 2008
I have a ton of Casio watches, including three old alti-barometer watches. When this series came out, I waited a while and then jumped on it. It has everything one could want. Well, it does everything it says it should, and very well. However, after about one year of use, I'm running into problems. I fly for a living, and this is the watch I take with me. I usually go to Europe five times a month and I wear this watch, when I'm home in the US this watch sits by a window to charge up and receive the atomic clock.
Well, the watch makes it to Europe, but on the return, it usually dies on me. It goes from battery High indication to a dead screen with a flashing "C", meaning it went into power saver mode trying to recharge. At this point it loses all information - time, date, altimeter settings etc... The other day it started flashing an "R" and froze up. Haven't found that in the manual yet. But I'm giving up on it. A watch is no good if it can't reliably show the time, and this one doesn't do that.
My guess is that the rechargeable battery is dead. The watch is out of warranty now, so I'm on my own with it. I found a place online that sells these rechargeable batteries, I guess I could give that a try. Still, disappointing, you would think a solar watch would work a whole lot longer than a regular battery.


I bought a new rechargeable battery for nine dollars from a NY online store and changed it myself. The watch works perfectly now and hasn't dipped below a "High" charge since and that has been about a year. It has taken a lot of abuse in the last two years and still works great although the plastic on the sides is pretty scuffed. I changed the rating to a five star rating now since it works as it should. Still not pleased that Casio sent it out with a bad battery. By the way, it does receive the German and British time signals perfectly. Haven't tried the Japanese one yet. It is a little annoying that the watch needs to be told that it is in a different country though, rather than scanning for a signal by itself. I usually don't bother since the watch is accurate enough for a while without updating. Like most Casio's, it runs fast a few seconds every month if it doesn't update.

Update October 2011:

It is now a few years later. The watch still runs on the replacement rechargeable battery I bought and replaced back then and it's still always on "High". It was definitely a bad battery I got from Casio. The watch itself is holding up well. The silver is starting to scratch off a little bit which makes it look not so pretty. All functions still work and it has seen some abuse. If it only was a little bit smaller. But still happy with the purchase.
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on October 5, 2014
This watch is just the right size, the dial is a bit smaller that other pathfinders, the strap is very confortable as it has the adjustment holes very close together for easy re-adjusting, the functions work to perferction, etc. With that said, I recommend this pathfinder over ALL previous models, including the 2000 and 3000 series, which I have. On a side note, for those of you that prefer the nato watch straps, there in a company that sale the adapters for approximately $40.00. The name of the company is Tiktox. I highly recommend this watch.
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