Customer Reviews: Casio Men's PAW1300-1V "Pathfinder" Watch with Black Band
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on May 21, 2007
Been very satisfied with this watch so far. I was really concerned about the size, but this slim pathfinder fits the bill. Most of the current pathfinder watches are behemoths that are oversized for my wrist. This one is large but not oversized, I wouldn't want to go any bigger myself. (56.9 x 47.4 x 11.5mm / 60g) Most of the other pathfinder are in the (62.3 x 52.2 x 14.2mm / 78g) range. So I get the same features but a little smaller footprint.


The compass has been spot on with a handheld compass I checked it against.

The altimeter calibrates by pressure and temp. So, it needs to be adjusted for current conditions before you start a trip. It's varied widely so far. Also changed the display to read in feet and not in meters. It goes in 20 foot intervals.

The barometer stays a little below what weather sources say actual pressure is but I'm looking for trends in pressure not the actual pressure(at least I am). Rising as a trend improving weather, falling pressure as a trend deteriorating weather. Can also change the display for pressure from hPa to inHg.

Had to manually set the thermometer and it's been in the ballpark with the real temp. Which once again was what I was after, not precise readings, so I am happy with it.

There a few mountains in the area I'm in so I was a little concerned about the atomic time keeping. When I took it out of the box it hadn't updated in about two months. I wasn't able to manually update until later in the night, around 11 pm est. Every night since it's sync'd it's time automatically sometimes while even on my wrist. It tires at 12:00, 1:00 and 2:00.

Really like the large display for the time. Very easy to see at a glance.

world time feature: who cares?

Stopwatch is a stopwatch and works.

Countdown time is easy to config and start.

Haven't set any alarms yet. The watch can also set to silent. Can chime on each hour too.

Not using the auto backlight.

I'd give the watch about 4 and a quarter stars but since I can't do a quarter I'll go ahead and give it 5.
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on November 15, 2008
I have a ton of Casio watches, including three old alti-barometer watches. When this series came out, I waited a while and then jumped on it. It has everything one could want. Well, it does everything it says it should, and very well. However, after about one year of use, I'm running into problems. I fly for a living, and this is the watch I take with me. I usually go to Europe five times a month and I wear this watch, when I'm home in the US this watch sits by a window to charge up and receive the atomic clock.
Well, the watch makes it to Europe, but on the return, it usually dies on me. It goes from battery High indication to a dead screen with a flashing "C", meaning it went into power saver mode trying to recharge. At this point it loses all information - time, date, altimeter settings etc... The other day it started flashing an "R" and froze up. Haven't found that in the manual yet. But I'm giving up on it. A watch is no good if it can't reliably show the time, and this one doesn't do that.
My guess is that the rechargeable battery is dead. The watch is out of warranty now, so I'm on my own with it. I found a place online that sells these rechargeable batteries, I guess I could give that a try. Still, disappointing, you would think a solar watch would work a whole lot longer than a regular battery.


I bought a new rechargeable battery for nine dollars from a NY online store and changed it myself. The watch works perfectly now and hasn't dipped below a "High" charge since and that has been about a year. It has taken a lot of abuse in the last two years and still works great although the plastic on the sides is pretty scuffed. I changed the rating to a five star rating now since it works as it should. Still not pleased that Casio sent it out with a bad battery. By the way, it does receive the German and British time signals perfectly. Haven't tried the Japanese one yet. It is a little annoying that the watch needs to be told that it is in a different country though, rather than scanning for a signal by itself. I usually don't bother since the watch is accurate enough for a while without updating. Like most Casio's, it runs fast a few seconds every month if it doesn't update.

Update October 2011:

It is now a few years later. The watch still runs on the replacement rechargeable battery I bought and replaced back then and it's still always on "High". It was definitely a bad battery I got from Casio. The watch itself is holding up well. The silver is starting to scratch off a little bit which makes it look not so pretty. All functions still work and it has seen some abuse. If it only was a little bit smaller. But still happy with the purchase.
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on January 23, 2008
I've been impressed with everything about this watch since receiving it. First off, the looks are great. It's a large watch, but the styling is nicely done and it looks decent on my average size wrist. I like that it is not bold or busy. It is fairly intuitive to adjust and access the many functions. The three major functions of the watch are easily accessed from the corresponding buttons on the right side.

I particularly like that this is a solar powered watch, with a handy indicator at the bottom of the display showing the level of charge. It took a week or so of normal wear to fully charge the battery, but it has maintained it's full charge with only a minimal amount of direct sunlight daily. The owner's manual states that with normal use it needs only 5 minutes of sunlight daily to maintain the charge, and it has so far proven true.

The compass function appears to be quite accurate, but I haven't used it very much so far. The compass will shut off after about 20 seconds, I assume to save battery power.

For an accurate temperature reading the watch must be removed from the wrist. Your body heat will affect the reading significantly, but that is to be expected with this type of thermometer. Once removed from the wrist, it will take at least 15 minutes for the temperature to stabilize. I suppose that unless you have the watch sitting on your nightstand or you are in the middle of nowhere, there are probably quicker ways to find the actual temperature.

The barometer seems fairly accurate when compared to the local pressure reading from the nearby government weather station. The trend graph is a nice touch. I haven't used the altimeter much but it's important to note that it must be adjusted periodically to match your actual elevation, as with any altimeter the reading is computed against the ever-changing barometric pressure.

The atomic time keeping has worked very well for my location in the central US. I live approximately 550 miles from the Ft. Collins transmitter, and the watch will receive the time signal each night when it is removed from my wrist and sitting on my nightstand. I've stayed up late enough to notice that it does have some problem receiving a signal while I am wearing it, but that is expected as stated in the product manual.

Since the intended use of the major functions is in an outdoor/adventure type of environment, then this watch adequately fits the bill. For me it just makes a great, good looking daily wear watch.
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on February 27, 2008
This is a great watch (replaced one I had for 12 years battery operated).
The band is crap and they made it so you can't replace it with a normal flex band (look at the pix attaching point).
Back to the watch... Very accurate altimiter ( I live at 4300' and It nails it when you set the bar.pressure correctly). Ditto on the compass.
Bottom line...You'll love the size and the solar performance..Buy It.
P.S. If you find a band that works let me know..
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on January 28, 2008
This is a very handy watch with it's atomic clock reception, solar charging, altimeter/barometer, thermometer and compass.

I purchased this watch to replace my 15 year old Pathfinder (then called the "Triple Sensor"). Solar charging and atomic clock reception is a nice plus. No need for replacement batteries, nor do you need to set the time. You'll never need to worry about breaking the factory seal to replace the batteries and you can compare all your other watches' accuracy against it

All instruments work as well as any other similar product-- compass as good as my Silva magnetic compass, barometer is as accurate as my home "weather stations", as is the atomic clock.

My only complaint is the recording mode-- not sure if the other models work the same way. My old Pathfinder would record both barometric pressure and temperature in 15 minute intervals for up to like 12 hours. This new one only records altitude. For me, I'm more interested in temperature while traveling/backpacking. It's fun to see how cold it got in your tent in the middle of the night. The watch already tracks pressure in hourly intervals, providing a 24 hour trend display, so this renders the recording feature even less useful for me. A little disappointed there. If you're interested in your accent/decent during a hike, this function would be useful.

This is a tough watch, so I won't be replacing it anytime soon.
All said, it's a quality Casio.
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on June 19, 2012
After close to a year I feel qualified to review this product. The great features of this watch are:

1. Automatic time synchronization. The watch can get the time signal from Colorado easily here in Manitoba so I haven't had to once manually set the time. I like a watch that is correct within seconds all the time and this watch does that.

2. The battery always stays on high charge for me without any special precautions. I'm looking forward to not having to change batteries in the future.

The cons of the watch are:

1. The engraving on the back of the case is probably laser etched and has sharp edges which irritate my wrist, and a year's wear still has not smoothed it down.

2. The watch is fairly large and the strap doesn't have hole which is just right for me, so it's either slightly tight or slightly loose. I also started wearing the watch on my right hand because the little finger on my left hand felt a little numb as if a nerve or blood vessel was pinched. The left little finger seemed to improve after the switch, but I can't say definitively that the watch band caused it, but I can saw the watch band isn't comfortable to wear.

3. The worst feature for me is the lack of intuitiveness in many of the settings. For instance, when setting a timer I often need to go back to the manual because for me there's no logic in how it's done and it isn't easy to remember when you don't use a feature often. And there should be shortcuts in getting to settings, instead of stepping through all the functions. The timer, for instance, takes four presses to reach.... rather tedious. Also, you can't reach the barometer, altimeter, or compass display unless you are at the time screen.

The compass function will display the direction for a while and then just shows dashes. There is no explanation in the manual for why this happens, I'm assuming it's a time out feature to save power. They should explain that.

So it's a good watch, but could have a better design.
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on August 20, 2010
Enough has been said about this beautiful, functional watch. Functionally, its a superior watch with more bells and whistles than u would ever expect from a watch (altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass, atomic sync, solar, timer, chrono, world time EL light etc., etc.,). I would rather like to highlight the aesthetics of the watch. Because, when I was planning to buy this watch, the most important aspect i was looking for was if this watch fits my wrist right (not being bulky) and can be worn anywhere i like to wear (office, weekends, outdoors).

Love the style - Very slim (11.5 mm thickness). Though the watch face is 47.4 mm, it doesn't look all that big on my average sized wrist (probably its because of the slim form factor). Casio avoided the dual display in this watch (as opposed to the other slim pathfinder model PAW2000). Reason is probabaly since this is the first full-functional pathfinder model with a slim case and hence Casio didn't have the technology to do a dual display without compromising on the thickness of the case. But, guess what!, this has helped a bit in increasing the contrast for the display. PAW1300's display is crisp looking than it's pricey cousin PAW2000, as dual display models tend to look dull because of the overlay. And, the compromise of single display is that u won't see the big compass indicator lines, instead will see small indicators on the perimeter of the watch. To me, i will take this to improve my display contrast.

The silver colored bezel neither looks dull nor too shiny, has the right polish and gives an up-scale look for the watch. Durable and sleek construction. Very attractive when you wear it, sure is a head-turner. I have owned older models of pathfinder (PAW1200-1V) and was reluctant to wear to office due to its bulky size (14.4mm thick and 48.9 wide). But, this one I wear to office just as I do for outdoors/weekends. It fits right under the sleeve.

In all, Casio has managed to blend style with substance at the right proportion which satisfies most of us, if not all, who either want to wear this to office or casual or outdoor alike. Buy it, you won't regret it.
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on April 15, 2008
I have owned two Suunto Vector and two Casio Pathfinder watches. I bought this watch primarily for the added watch features and the slim profile. I was not disappointed at all and would say I prefer this watch over all the other compass watches I have owned. Clean, easy to read, accurate and useful, it is all that it claimed to be. Worth every penny so far. More as I use it in the woods. The two best features are the small size and the mineral glass face.
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on September 19, 2008
This watch is perfect for geeky type like me. Went on vacation in Disney World Florida right before Hurricane Gustav so I wore the watch. It was fun watching the barometer graph and seeing a low front and then a high front move in and out, and playing with the compass which was acurate for non-professional uses. This watch has it all - world time, count down egg timer, stop watch, compass, barometer & skin temp, altimeter, night light, solar charge, auto setting at 12 AM every night from radio transmissions from Ft. Collins, CO, even from Orlando but need to leave near window. It even fits my wrist perfectly due to hinges at 12:00 and 6:00 that break and form fits the watch band around my wrist. Watch face diameter is a bit big but I like big watches, and not too thick. This model is a big improvement over the massive, bulky Pathfinder PAG40 which I also own; probably 1/3 reduction in watch case volume. Not too heavy on the wrist either. Not many negatives: memory kind of pointless, top line on digital display a wee bit small for my forty-something eyes to read but just at borderline, alarm could be a wee bit louder. Unlike other reviewers, I thought the band was fine and matched style and quality of watch. No regrets for buying this watch sight unseen from Amazon. If and when it breaks, won't hesitate to buy another one. Kudos to Casio. Lastly, review of this watch on was real helpful to me.
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on June 23, 2013
i have owned this watch for maayyybe five years. it is a tank! i am a bowhunter, i am a backpacker, and i am a fisherman. and for the entire time of ownership, i have been an engineer building a tunnel underground. my watch has had a hard, hard life. i've worn this watch several times traveling to 3rd world countries. and it has never missed a beat. only once, while working in this dark, wet tunnel has the battery indicator gone to the middle setting. i quick rest on a sunny windowsill fully charged it back up and it has been on high ever since.

recently the band pin broke. i cobbled it together for a few months with a pin that almost fits. eventually, two attempts later, if failed for good. i sadly put the broken watch away and picked up an analog casio from Costco. (nice watch too!).

i thought it was over. no more atomic more ABC buttons. damn. on a whim i sent it in to casio repair. they sent me notification that my watch can be fixed for $14 + $8 shipping. woohoo!! i authorized the repair and they sent it back in three days. strapping that watch on was like seeing an old friend again. looking at the bill, it was expensive because all they did was replace ONE of the pins. the band and other pin are still the old ones. wish they would have simply given me two new pins and a new band. might go another five years.

i love this thing. not to expensive, so if some pickpocket on some island takes it from me.. and damn accurate. i love meeting others with similar timepieces and seeing the time synced up the the exact second. i live in San Francisco, so the atomic syncing can be hit/miss. mostly hits. when i got it back from repairs it had been months since it last synced. i had a hard time manually syncing the time, but it got easier in the evening. it has connected every night since.

one day, i will own some mega money chronograph. but i will always have a pathfinder on my "hard" trips. mine is scratched and worn down looking, but the face is nice and clear. my wife bought it from amazon for my birthday. great gift. i am wearing it now. on high elevation hikes, it is not reading the same elevation as my brother's Suunto. who know which is correct? who cares. the temp tells you some random temp average of your wrist and the ambient temp. taking it off will give you a good reading, but could result in a lost watch. i dont do it.

hope this helps. it really is a great watch. my next one will have a bigger face. easier to read in the dark. hahaha.
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