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on February 16, 2010
This is a great watch for those of you who want to be more than just a mannequin for high priced logos. With the altimeter, barometer, compass, sunrise/sunset times, and more, you will be able to get the most out of an expedition, day hike, or trip to the mall. I looked at the Tissot T-Touch, but with reviews of breakage, a 2 year battery life, and twice the price, why would anyone buy one? (oh yeah: the logo). My watch arrived already set to EST and, after 1/2 an hour of reading the manual and setting, my watch was completely calibrated to my location (latitude and longitude, Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, feet instead of meters, etc.). The altimeter works well, though you do have to calibrate it just before ascending as it measures changes in atmospheric pressure, as does the barometer for predicting weather. I can track changes in pressure on the watch that, for the most part, directly reflect the actual weather (a great thing for living in New England): rising pressure means improving weather, decreasing pressure means deteriorating weather. The watch is big but fits nicely on my 7 1/2" wrist. The case is not as heavy as I thought it would be and combined with the titanium band, it is actually lighter than many watches out there AND looks great with a t-shirt or under a dress shirt sleeve. The solar battery works great as well. My watch arrived at full charge and has not lost any juice, even though it mostly gets only intermittent light from overhead fluoros and indirect sunlight. The last thing I'll comment on is the atomic timekeeping function. The reception is strong even though I place the watch only near a window instead on directly in front of one as the manual suggests. Mine unfailing receives the signal at 2:04 every morning.
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on March 3, 2010
I have multiple watches, with a lot of options. However, with this watch, I get more options, for a lower price. I considered the lower priced options, but with the solar battery, and atomic time sync, I could not pass this watch up. The time matched the other atomic watches I have to the second, and is VERY impressive. The weight and size is perfect, considering the fact that my other watches weigh almost twice as much. I HIGHLY recommend this watch.
review image review image
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on October 11, 2010
This watch is perfect for us gadget geeks. When I first opened the box to this watch, my OCD told me to adjust the band first. So that's what I did. I was able to knock out the first adjustment pin using a small hammer and a paper clip. The following pins I hammered out more easily, using the pin from the prior link. It's very easy to do, and no - it doesn't bend the pin. WARNING: When knocking out the pin, there is a TINY little "collar" that comes out also. I suspect that if you lost that collar, it would be a super pain to get a replacement one. Sooo... knock out the pin, then dump the little collar onto a piece of scotch tape. Then put the pin next to that, and fold the tape in half over the pin/collar to store it. If you've never adjusted a metal band before, make sure you knock the pin down, in the direction of the little arrow. And also make sure to take a link from each side of the clasp. Otherwise the watch will fit un-evenly on your wrist (pulling to one side).

Ok, so now the watch fits PERFECTLY. Now to press all of the buttons. After messing around for a while, I got out the instructions and started programming things and getting it all setup. Super easy to do!

Notes after a few hikes and some daily use:

The thermometer is crazy. If you have the watch sitting all by itself for a while (not in direct sunlight or anything that would mess up the temp), pick it up and adjust the thermometer to as close as possible to the actual temperature. Later while you are wearing it, it will go crazy again. But, when you take it off, it will get decently close to the correct temp. This is due to your body temperature. And being in sunlight, etc.

The barometer - find a local weather forecasting station, or website that has your local barometric pressure, and set the watch to this. It will remain pretty accurate. Every once in a while I've found it to be a tiny bit off, but, what you are really looking for is a trend over a few hours anyway. So if it is 1010 in the morning and 960 at noon, you may be looking at rain. I guess it being off by a few digits isn't really important. I am just OCD. lol

The altimeter - yeah, crazy too. Find out from a topography map, or something trustworthy for elevation readings (my GPS is reliable, but its for hiking, not driving - so the maps have topology), and set the watch for this. Each day, the watch will change by some odd amount.
I suppose if you were going on a mountaineering expedition, you would know your height at the bottom of the mountain, and set the watch to this. Then as you ascend, the watch is very accurate, and it keeps your "difference" for you, from where you started. It has little built in features to keep graphs of your elevation changes and etc. But, if you just wake up, and go drive to a mountain, and climb it. The watch may say you are lower than you were at home. You are best off checking the settings each time you intend to use it, not checking after you are already hiking and don't know your height. I guess this is due to changes in the weather. The barometric pressure goes down, so the altimeter is offset. Maybe.

The compass - Perfect! It only gives me false readings in the car, and I'm guessing thats due to the radio/speakers/digital dash/radar detector/ipod/etc... There's so much electrical interference in my car, I'm surprised airplanes don't lose their bearing around me. Out walking around, the compass is perfect. I have set the declination/offset to my area and the compass feature of this watch is very precise. Sooo... nothing but good things here.
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on September 17, 2010
This watch is an amazing piece of technology. It seems very accurate and the user interface is very well thought out. Much better than any other watch of this type that I have owned. Along with a GPS you are not going to get lost once you learn how to use both.

The thermometer portion is not very useful for ambient temperature readings. You could take it off and wait 20 minutes. On the other hand it can show you if the barometric pressure and altimeter can be believed since they are temperature sensitive. It tends to show that temperature on the wrist changes very little so probably will not affect readings very much.

The watch is very light for the size.

It is a large manual and a lot to learn but much of the interface becomes intuitive after some use. Read the manual and learn it or you are wasting your money. Read it on your computer (download the pdf from Casio) because the book itself is almost useless since the type is REALLY tiny,
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on February 21, 2014
A really great watch!
There are notes in the reviews that describe how to make the band shorter.
I had to make the band shorter and even working over a container I managed to lose a sleeve for one of the pins. Place a cloth towel into the pan over which you are working. I used a paper towel and one sleeve still bounced away never to be seen again. They are non-magnetic. Since I was making the band shorter it was a nonissue. Many watch repair places have the correct diameter sleeves if needed.

The radio synchronization works very well here in central CA. Some thoughts as to where to not place the watch for proper time updates. Do not place the watch near switching power supplies or the wires that connect to them as they will interfere with signal reception by the watch. This is NOT a fault of the watch. These interference generating items include battery chargers for cell phones, TV set top boxes, computer modems and computers etc including lap top computers. Any product which has an electronic display can produce interference. I place my watch on the dresser and it updates correctly every night. Other electronics is more than five feet away from the watch for this update process.
Russ, NM6DX
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on October 2, 2010
Love it. Labor free watch . Battery recharges time ,reset every night to adjust seconds. Lights up to show time at flick of wrist.I shower with it and that is the only maintenance. However,
it takes a magnifying glass and an hour to read the instruction manual. The temperature gauge is a waste, compass accurate even in a vehicle or plane. Love it!
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on August 3, 2014
The POSITIVES: Superb band lock. Very secure. Watch functions: OK. Like the idea of temperature and barometer. Both work well and are surprisingly pretty accurate. Compass was OK to have. Watch is surprisingly lighter than my older Casio. Excellent idea having the function pins made of metal. The size of the watch itself is larger than my MT-G (47mm vs. 50mm). I thought this would be a problem but it was not.

The NEGATIVES: First and foremost, the watch has black external and INTERNAL bezels. Second, it has the duplex dial window AND the watch face itself is digital gray. Very simply put, the watch face is dark and difficult to read. The backlit display is not strong or bright enough to adequately illuminate thru the two watch faces. What you get is a washed out and VERY PALE blue green light. The 2 black bezels are distracting and almost blend together making the bezel labels impossible to read without a very strong direct light. With the watch on my wrist, I had to move the watch face parallel to my eyes in order to read it. A 90 degree shift of my wrist and you could not read or even guess the time as the screen literally is too gray and dark to read. The metal function switches worked well while the two plastic ADJUST and LIGHT switches were hard to press in order to get them to work.

Overall, there is just too much DARK of everything on this watch including the band. On my wrist, the look of the watch is NOT a compliment, and looks more like something dark made of something dark and maybe has a function for doing something. Overall, this is NOT A HANDSOME looking watch that I would be pleased to wear.
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on December 14, 2010
I just recently bought this as my Xmas present from the wife :) I was using an Aeris Dive watch, but with that watch, I was constantly replacing the batteries even though they were supposed to last 1yr. So, i decided I wanted to get an actual watch with all the bells and whistles as my "everyday" watch and just keep the Aeris for when I go diving. So, one of the reasons I got this watch was for the Solar power so I do not have to continously replace the batteries. And the atomic time keeping is great as well.

So far, this watch has been great. It is not complicated to use for the most part. I am still getting used to the Baro/alt features as when I use the Barometer, the temp doesnt see about right. Last night it was pretty dang cold, but the watch was saying 80degrees and was gettnig down to the 70's.. it felt more like the 40s, so I still need to get used to that aspect of it.

Like most of the other reviewers, the watch band is off colored from the main part of it, but this is not a huge deal to myself. I still think it looks good. I used one of the previous reviews to remove the links which helped out. Though, it was still a bit tough and took a while to do. I would recommend purchasing one of those little tools that you can get here on Amazon that is like 10$ or less that will make it a lot easier to remove instead of using a paperclip and pliers.

For the most part, I would highly recommend this watch to others. It is a great watch for the price. Though, it is a bit pricey for most, it is worth it.
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on December 12, 2013
Died in less than 1 year. Will try to get warranty repair. Second Casio watch to do this. Casio quality has reached a new low.

Update . . .

Fortunately I was able to get it repaired at no cost under warranty after paying to ship it to them. At the time I bought it, the price was only $300. I thought a $300 watch should come with more than a 1-year warranty, but I figured what the heck, it's all electronic, what can go wrong? Now they want $460 for this thing??? My advice: Don't gamble $460 on a watch that may fail after 366 days and leave you with an expensive repair bill. Since I'm not a gambling man, this will be the last Casio/Seiko watch I buy.
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on May 2, 2013
My 9 year old version of this model had seen its last, so it was time to get a new watch.
I opted for the "slimline" version this time, and am glad I did.
Still a 'larger than the average bear' watch, but it is about 1/3 thinner than other Pathfinders.
Funtionality is great, beautiful watch face and detail, light and comfortable.
Temp, altitude, barometric pressure, compass, date, sunrise/sunset and, oh yeah, and it tells time too.
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