Customer Reviews: Casio Men's PRW-2500R-1CR Pro Trek Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch
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on June 10, 2013
Although an incredibly advanced piece of instrumentation at the end of the day it is still a watch and one requirement of being a watch is that it keeps consistently accurate time, since this watch has a 6-band atomic receiver it does just that as long as it is capable of receiving the calibration signal. I am physically located two hours from the east coast and have experience some difficulty with "manually" receiving the signal during the daytime but the watch easily synchronizes after midnight every night as long as I place the watch near a window. I have owned other triple sensors (older models), Suunto Vector & Core, Citizen, and other "ABC" watches but I have to say that I am most satisfied with the PRW-2500 for several reasons. First if you plan to use ANY "sensor" watch for accurate navigation, weather prediction, or environmental awareness be very prepared to be disappointed. ABC watches are NOT precision instruments to be used in that capacity but they are designed to provide the user consistent approximations of those features so equipped. I have found the ABC sensors on this particular watch to be very accurate, of particular note is the compass and baro, including thermometer. Reading other reviews several customers remark that the thermometer is not accurate while attached to the users arm...all I can say is "DUH"! It takes this watch approximately 20 minutes to acclimate itself (while removed from the users wrist) to the ambient temperature and provide the user with a very accurate temperature. The baro measures in both Hecto-Pascals and inches of mercury depending on user selection, both readings have been extremely accurate; it also provides a trend graphic on the home screen and provides "extreme" baro indicators for a rapidly falling/rising baro should the situation arise. The altimeter feature is where most folks get hung-up despite the model of watch and it's simply because their expectations are too high. ABC watch altimeters all require you to set the reference altitude because the sensor works off of barometric pressure, so if the pressure changes frequently due to weather variations then your altimeter is also going to change despite whether or not you changed geographic locations. This particular watch measures altitude in 20 foot increments, which makes this watch altimeter unique by today's standards as most log in 10 foot increments (you do have the ability to choose metric measurement if desired). I have found the altimeter to be very accurate for my purposes as long as the reference altitude is set before beginning my hike. If your preference is for a more accurate altimeter feature and you are willing to sacrifice many other great features you may want to look at the Suunto Core since it uses independent sensors for the baro and altimeter allowing it to be more precise and measure in shorter increments allowing for a better "fix" for those navigating by topographic maps. As it pertains to the PRW-2500 besides the world time feature (48 cities), five daily alarms (with a no kidding working alarm), stopwatch to 1/100th second, and countdown timer this watch also provides moon phase and tide prediction. Keep in mind that the user must set the "home city" in order for the watch to calculate the tides and it is just that, a calculation and I suspect depending on where you are located on the globe that the reading could be relatively inaccurate but where I live it is actually very, very accurate and I am located 10 hours from my programmed home city. The moon phase reading appears to be on the mark when I compare the watch reading with several websites, it also shows the "age" of the moon phase when selecting the "tide" screen. The EL backlight works great and is adjustable for a 1.5S or 3S duration, this watch also has the "wrist tilt" illumination option where the user can set the light to automatically illuminate when the user tilts their wrist towards them. The only options that would make this watch absolutely complete for the outdoorsman or military person would be to incorporate sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset times, but that is a feature of another Casio watch but then that chronometer doesn't have tides and moon phase.
Other features include a rotating bezel that appears to be machined from aluminum and etched with cardinal directions and basic bearing degrees, a latex/PVC wrist band with etched aluminum emblems on both sides of the watch face (purely for aesthetics), it also has a band retainer located at the end of the tag end of the wrist band -- this prevents the band from constantly coming undone from the band keep. This watch has a stainless steel back and a brushed metal hasp for retention. Because this watch is solar it doesn't have a need for battery replacement but should the battery eventually not hold a charge it is user replaceable by removing the back (however, removal of the back by the user could void the 20 bar water resistant feature of this watch). Four stars only because it doesn't have the sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset feature integrated into an already feature packed watch. OBTW, for those concerned about the 51mm size of the watch face I can tell you that it is actually average in size for an ABC watch and fits nicely under a long sleeved shirt, other triple sensors I have owned were much thicker with a larger circumference.
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on December 2, 2014
Absolutely fabulous watch to own. Though I'm in Pakistan, No atomic timekeeping here but many other neat features to fiddle around. Definitely a watch for 10 years down the line.
Note to Amazon, change the product picture as its not doing justice to the watch.
review image review image review image review image
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on January 8, 2012
This watch seems to be the watch to end all watches. Hopefully it has killed my desire to buy watches.

It does about everything a watch can do. I especially like the compass. I tested the compass in a few locations and it has not been off by more than +/- 1 degree even though the specs say +/- 11 degrees. There shouldn't be a need to recalibrate it as long as one applies magnetic deviation mathematically as it is supposed to be done. If not applying magnetic deviation using basic math you'll have to recalibrate it everywhere you go.

It's a pretty big watch but does not feel large at all on the wrist. The band is also pretty comfortable, it's a soft band out of the box so no need to boil it like you have to do to make the rubber on G-Shocks softer.

Additionally the buttons are all easy to operate, easy to use, and most functions are fairly self explanatory to need to consult the manual is minimal.

However the included manual has pretty small print so if you need it you'd want to download a pdf copy of it from Casio.
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on December 11, 2013
This watch is awesome I love it. The more advanced you are outdoors the better you will like it. It is important to first assess your skill level before you purchase and be familiar with Casio watches. If you are a 14er peak bagger with weight (I did Pikes Peak this season with 60 lbs), this watch is for you. I always go solo so this thing is my friend.

If you already know how to terrain associate with a lensatic compass and a relief map and know which terrain feature you are on, you'll know within 10 to 20 meters of where you are by using the watch's altimeter and compass. If you usually use GPS, you probably won't need that part of the watch, but it is handy as a backup. If you are just a little familiar with barometric pressure, this watch can help you predict when the next pressure system/ weather change is coming over the next 12 to 24 hours.

You do need to calibrate the altimeter from a known point and the barometer with a local weather forecast when your elevation is going to stay constant for several days. The thermometer needs to be off your wrist for 15-30 minutes to get accurate readings but it will help you set a temperature data baseline for further readings. It lets you store this data too.

Remember that this watch uses a pressure gauge, so if you are moving up and down 300 meters or more of elevation, it is important to set the altimeter at base camp and take barometric readings at night and in the morning at base camp. Otherwise you will not get accurate barometric readings as you get up high. Moonphase is a cool feature so you know how much illumination you are going to get when moving at night.

I'm a grunt so I don't know anything about tides, but you sailors can do your sailor thing with the tide features. Overall this thing is high speed and low drag and totally worth buying.

Only complaint is that it needs to be G-Shock and could break.

Don't get overconfident with any watch or gadget. You love the mountain but the mountain does not love you. Basic survival skills always apply even if you have a GPS or high speed watch. Keep a backup lensatic compass, map with contour lines, trouble-whistle, signal mirror, etc. Good luck on your expeditions and thanks for listening.
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on April 14, 2012
I ordered the Casio Men's PRW2500-1 Pathfinder Triple Sensor Tough Solar Digital Multi-Funtion Pathfinder Watch for Christmas 2011. I was very impressed with the watch and it comes packaged in a wooden box which is a nice touch. It is a fairly large watch but looks and feels great. I love the solar and atomic time features of the watch. A lot of the functions can be used without reading the manual which is useful for those who like to play with their stuff right away :) I haven't tested some of the functions, like temperature, for accuracy but I'm sure they work well within the limitations of the device. I think I should point out that, for example, if you need to navigate, the watch can help you but there is still no substitute for a good compass.

Edit: There seems to be some confusion about Casio warranties. I received an Email from Casio on 6/4/12 below. Hopefully this will help clear up some things :)

<<Dear Mr Norris

Thank you for contacting Casio America. Casio offers a one year
warranty applicable to all new products for one year with proof of date
of purchase - meaning a sales reciept showing the retailer's location
and payment made by major credit card. Unlike Ebay that usually accepts
payment from PalPal we do not accept that as a valid payment form.

As a reminder our customer service line is 800-706-2534 opt 4 Mon~Fri
9-5 eastern

Thank you for selecting Casio!

Technical Support Coordinator

570 Mt Pleasant Ave.
Dover NJ 07801

Please consider the impact to the environment before printing this

For some more added clarification on Casio Warranties, I received the following Casio Email today (9/5/12):

<Dear Andrew Norris

Thank you for contacting Casio America, Inc

We do honor receipts from Amazon as long as it was purchase new and from
a dealer not an individual person.

Thank you
Customer service support>
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on September 5, 2012
About the only thing this doesn't have is a GPS. The auto-setting atomic time feature is really handy, since you know it's always perfectly keeping time. The screen is full of information, and the moon-phase indicator is fun (though maybe not actually very useful for most people). The barometer history on the main screen helps indicate weather changes. Solar charging should prove to be a neat feature, though I obviously haven't had it long enough to know - mine always reads fully charged. One of the simplest, but very nice, additions is the glass face - my last watch had a plastic face, but I don't have to worry about this one getting all scratched up. I was a little disappointed that the manual says you must take the watch off and set it down for an hour to get an accurate thermometer reading, making it practically useless - I've tried getting reading while wearing it, and it always reads mid-80's.
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on December 7, 2014
Ultimate gadget watch. It has everything, even things you never knew you needed! First of all, the solar power is a must...charge it in direct sunlight for a few hours, and it'll keep going. If you use the features of this watch regularly, it will drain the battery, so you'll need to put it in some strong sunlight once in a while.

If you're comparing this and a Suunto Core...I'd go with this. Well, I did. Every guy I know (military) has the Core. Heck, I had one too. For the money and the features, the ProTrek is a better value...and you won't look like every other staff officer, XO, or CC.

Atomic timekeeping is spot-on. Updates every night, or manually if you want to. Dead accurate, and you'll never have to set the time again.

Tide graph is fairly accurate, but you may want to bounce it off a known tide chart for your area. However, once you calibrate it, it's spot-on. If you live on the coast, and like to know when high/low tides are...cause your spouse likes to go collecting stuff on the beach, and always wants to know when low tide will be, on different days, and different times...then you'll love this feature. Same for the moon phase.

Timer, alarms, stopwatch...all work as you'd expect, and are no different than any other Casio or G Shock.

Altimeter, barometer, and compass all work as advertised...although you'll definitely want to calibrate them to your area (altitude) before you start using them. Also know that temperature will vary if you take a reading while wearing it. You can program an off-set though.

World time is a nice, easy to use feature...especially if you're deployed, or travel frequently, or communicate with other time zones a lot.

Strap and wear are extremely comfortable. It's a big watch, but incredibly light and comfortable to wear. It's lighter than watches that are half the size and only have half the features.

The EL backlight is bright, and easy to read. No issues.

Waterproof to 20 ATM. But seriously, if you're going down 600 feet or more, you should have a dive watch anyway.

This will be the most accurate watch you own...that you never have to set...or change the battery on. Ever. I'm surprised you haven't clicked the "purchase" button yet.
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on November 24, 2015

My previous "Casio Pathfinder" is essentially it's predecessor, and is still running strong after 20 YEARS!!! But this one is a nice upgrade, because I don't have to replace like 6 batteries every so often, and it has a few nice new features to boot.

Solar powered. Bonus. No batteries to replace.

Trusty old reliable functions that I've always loved and use: altimeter, barometer, compass, backlight, stop watch, timer, alarms, etc.

New functions I am excited about: moon phases, tide indicator, barometer trend, and ATOMIC SYNCHRONIZATION!!!

Another upgrade is that the bezel is now METAL, and way, way easier to turn. My old one has a plastic compass bezel and is very very hard to turn.

For the price, I can't believe everything this watch comes with. It's the perfect watch for any outdoors enthusiast.
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on January 23, 2014
really wanted to like this watch. looked neat online and OK in person but the display is actually very small. In the end, this watch seems more of a gimmick while my suunto core seems like an instrument. And when you put the light on, it turns off when you hit the mode change button. So when in low light and you need to cycle modes, you're constantly hitting the light button over and over again...mode button then light button. not the right mode? hit mode again and then the light again to see where you landed. over and over again. Really frustrating and not well thought out.
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on December 2, 2011
This is a great watch. It has similar features like any other Protrek (pathfinder) watches. Despite being a midrange watch (price wise), the features are amazing. However, you will have to calibrate the ABC (altimeter, barometer and Compass) sensor once you get the watch for more accurate readings. Overall, it is an awesome gadget with tons of features (I just use a couple of them). I strongly recommend this watch.
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