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on May 29, 2012
I began to search for a watch online that complement my needs on the mountain, as I hike and climb a lot. This watch has it all, the altimeter is really great once you get to calibrate it. The Barometer I'm still trying to figure it out, and the compass comes handy for sure. So, I've read the manual several times, and as I just said, still trying to figure out some of the functions. I live at some place that Radio Signal is not supported, so I had to set the watch manually, also the timezone, which where I live is not supported either, and I think the Tide Graph is not going to work well. I've tested the Moon Data (moon age of the specific date and moon phase graph) and it is accurate even though I chose a different City and set it up manually.
I recommend you to investigate a little bit more if where you live is supported for radio signal calibration, cause its dumb to buy the watch if it doesnt.
I've used the watch for swimming, also had the chance to swim under sea water but I declined, since I didnt wanted to clean off the salted water, it is really well built, WR20bar supports it, just dont use the buttons underwater, cause that might be a problem.
5 Alarms are great when you need to be reminded about things, or just to wake up. World time is great when you need to consult any other city time. Stopwatch is great. The timer, well, these functions doesnt need any explanations as they talk for themselves.
There is the Manual memory measurements (up to 14 records, each including altitude, date, time) which stores the info about your hikes, as Max Altitude, Min Altitude, and so.
Solar powered is a great plus, cause you dont need to worry about changing batteries or have to open the case, sometimes when the watch is water resistant, after you replace the battery, the watch is not the same regarding water resistant.
It has a bidirectional bezel, with 8 cardinal points. The black resin band is very comfortable, and looks really tough, another plus is the Full Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow which is handy all the time, you dont need to push any button to get to see the screen. You can change the Backlight display time, whether 1 second or 3 seconds. Also there is a battery level indicator which is great..and the Power Saving function is available as well.
One important feature is the Duplex LC Display, means that when you use either the Alt..Baro or Compass, you can see the main screen without any trouble. The PRW2500 1-A is completely black, and it has a beautiful color and design.
This is a big watch and you have to get used to its size, after that, everything goes on normally. I highly recommend this watch as it is tough, you can demand a lot to it, and delivers for what it was intended, a high performance tool.
Hope this review helps.
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on August 22, 2012
I got this watch because I've been looking for an ABC watch that includes tide data. It does everything it says it does. All functions work as advertised. Two features that I wish it had:

1. Sunrise/Sunset data based on home location.
2. User should have the ability to have the backlight come on whenever buttons are pushed (if user so desires). The way it works now is the light goes OFF when a button is pushed. For example, when auto-light comes on, and I press Barometer button, light goes immediately OFF. Real pain when trying to read it in the dark. Also, the light has 1.5 and 3.0 second illumination times. There's a lot of data to look at; wish it had a 5-second option as well.
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on April 18, 2016
Was having a little buyer remorse because I saw the all black version soon after my purchase. I was presently surprised to open the box to find the all black version. Happy with my new watch.
review image
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on October 26, 2016
I took this into the grand canyon and elevation was close the whole way down. Then climbed a small mountain near South park colorado and the sign read 14,500 this watch read 14,300. Not bad but not super accurate. The temperature is terrible on your arm. Much better when you take it off. The compass has been dead accurate Everytime I've checked it. The tide calculation requires periodic adjustment. Its pretty handy to decide whether or not it's a good time to go surfing. The little added bonus is that I'm in the navy and our radars kill watches. Shuts them down forever after just a few seconds within 100 feet of one of our radars. Not this one. Found out by accident and now I don't worry about if I'm wearing this outside or not.
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on August 18, 2016
GREAT CASIO !!! Hi guys, I am 34 years old and have a super active lifestyle, outdoors, military, mountainbiking, freediving, spearfishing, u name it, this watch does it all read-on. the watch that you see in the pic is not exactly how it looks when you receive it and I am very happy with that , if you notice in the description this model is the 2500-1A (google it) and thats exactly what i wanted this is the all black model, the other variations are the one with the green or orange accents. I hope that this disclosure is helpful to those of you looking to buy this casio. With that said I want to point out that I was a little skeptical to buy this protrek model (since I have always been a g-shock guy) but I can not be more pleased with this watch. I work in extreme enviroments very strong magnetic fields (most watches dont last a month in there) with severe electric interference this info may not apply to you since most people rarely go into this areas but the point isthat this watch performes flawlessly in that environment, I am also a freediver, I spend a lot of time out on the ocean boating, camping on islands, outdoors, etc... I have owned several casio watches gulfman, rescue, mudman, etc... I am rough on my gear and the guys that work with me are too, we all own Casios g-shock for work until i came in with this one and they were all very impressed this watch does everything and i mean it , i use all the features of it , timer(everyday), tide graph, alarms ( i have set up 3 daily), compas, barometer(i live in south Florida storms come out of nowhere suddenly), i even use the altimeter in reverse for diving( yes it can be done, you just get thd depth reading as a negative number just do your math) i use it and i rely on it . It is the perfect size , simple to set up , simple to use , and very accurate plus it looks badass ( in case you are into looks). If you are an outdoors person, this is the watch for you, you will not be disappointed.
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on July 27, 2016
I have done a ton of research before settling on this watch. My hesitation in going for newer models with less reviews seems to have paid off. A few simple highlights:
1. It really sits more comfortable due to the additional buckles than any other watch I ever had.
2. The watch isn't oversized stupid - it is small enough not to look silly, and the all black theme means that you can even wear it at formal work/events without looking like a Christmas tree.
3. The biggest sell over most other newer ProTrek models is the fact that the time is kept on the display while cycling through most other modes.
3.1. I also enjoy the fact that the full date is displayed, with time on the home screen.
4. The strap-catch isn't really much of an issue to me... as I take the watch off once or twice a day - and don't mind spending an extra few seconds considering the frequency.
5. I do not have atomic time - and the fact that the watch has a small notification (in the corner) for this means that the absence thereof does not leave a horrible gap on the screen.
6. There were many reviews about the complexity of the watch... Part of the fun in being a man is not to have a look at the manual or asking for directions - and I have to say the watch features are consistent in operation and very easy to figure out.

I try really hard to have something negative to say - but I simply cannot. I personally thought the compass would be tougher to turn (which I consider a good thing) - but it is very easy. If you however move through terrain that moves this dial for you then you probably are in the deep brush and need to recheck very often where North is anyway. As a wrist watch the temperature gauge is useless by design - and is probably true for any wrist watch out there.
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on May 1, 2017
Positive: The user's guide is comprehensive regarding its coverage of the watch's features/settings, includes easy-to-read graphs and is laid out intuitively. Barometer, once calibrated locally, is accurate. Altimeter likewise. The watch's atomic time-keeping signal reception is strong in Central Texas and its solar charged battery has indicated "high" charge since day 4 wearing it. The resin band is comfortable and has a raised edge feature that locks the end of the band in place. The "Adjust" button is easy to operate, being located at the bottom of the watch, beside the light, rather than top-left as with earlier models of the Pathfinder.

Negative: The alarms are not very loud. The light button seems harder to push than earlier models of the Pathfinder watch.

Overall: Great watch. Previously owned Pathfinder lasted 11 years. Looking forward to this one going even longer.
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on February 14, 2014
I ordered this watch through Amazon. Shipping was fast, came right to my front door with no hassle. Looks just like the picture, came with everything the description said it would and was packaged professionally. No issues with shipping at all.

I was looking for a watch that I could wear to work and when I am casually dressed. I also wanted a watch that provided details and information such as temperature readings, compass and different time zones. I looked at different watches, watched reviews on You Tube and came to Amazon and researched the various watches on the market. I owned a Pathfinder series watch several years ago and now since Pro Trek is the new name for the Pathfinder series, I decided to give it a try.

This is a great multi-sensor watch. I wear it every day. It is very comfortable and the multi-sensors are real handy. The barometer, compass, and altimeter work great! If you spend time in the outdoors hiking or in the water, it is the watch for you. I love it for keeping track of time in different locations and the compass provides comfort when out walking around a new town. Many people had a complaint about the screws and the bar that holds the band on. It seems that the top set rattles or is loose. I found that this is something the manufacturer has done; it does not come off, but it rattles a bit. Maybe that is for thermal expansion. I’ve owned this watch for a little over 90 days and I have not had any issues and I really like it. The time accurately updates every night and it even has a feature that turns the watch off, to save energy and turns it back on in the morning, based off the time zones you set. If you are looking for a watch that performs well, has a big face, but is not heavy or expensive, this is the watch for you.
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on February 28, 2013
Just received my Casio ProTrek (Pathfinder) PRW2500 and am totally impressed. First thing I noticed is that it wasn't as big and bulky as I thought it would be based on another review. Lower profile than my G-Shock. Being close to the beach, the moon/tide application is perfect as you can get tides from a specific day and scrool up/down by the hour to plan your day. But also, being from Florida, the compass, barometer, and temperature app was another buying point for me. The manual gives you a pretty good warning that these applications shouldn't be soley relied upon and to use actual instruments for accuracy,.. but I don't need accuracy down to the knats butt, I needed general info on headings, temps, altitudes, and moon/tide info. This watch is pretty accurate though and the manual gives very detailed explanations on how to set it up for your personal usage. I'm always in the water and one of the things that bothered me about older watches is the band would come out of it's stow. The end of the Protrek band has a bevel which keeps the band stowed. Great idea! The barometer app has an icon right on the face which shows you trends in the weather as you can see the marks go up or down meaning good weather or bad weather coming. Again, another great idea. Bottom line, I'm so glad to have found an item like this and will get alot of use out of it. Since there are so many screens and buttons, you'll need to mess with it like any other technology to get proficient at it. Nice job on wrapping alot up into a functioning product. I still have yet to see how the solar charging thing will work out as I've only messed with it for a few hours but should be just fine.
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on February 17, 2015
The rotating bezel on this watch chips/scratches/loses the all black paint without any effort. I lost paint on it, brushing up against my recliner. I love reading the reviews from people who say how rugged this watch is. It may hold up for a weekend warrior person, but this watch does not hold up in the field 10 hours a day. I've lost 2 rotating bezels..cracked the plastic on the back covering the plate..among other things. My newer Protrek and G-Shock never fails.

What this watch lacks in durability, it makes up for in looks. I believe it is the best looking ProTrek to date...My 3100FC withstands constant abuse and never looses paint on the stainless steel bezel. If they came out with a version that used a stainless steel rotating bezel, and a resin/rubber backing (same on the G-9300/GW-9300 uses), and used resin buttons instead of cheap plastic buttons, this watch would be the absolute best on the market.

Most people buy/wear these for the looks as a fashion statement anyway. The 3500/3510/3100 series will withstand much more abuse....but you sacrifice the duplex screen...which is honestly very cool.

If you're going on deployments/military, I wouldn't recommend this watch. If you're a weekend warrior or won't be abusing this watch daily, it might be for you.
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