Customer Reviews: Casio PRW2500-1A Digital ProTrek Pathfinder Black Watch
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on October 22, 2011
I just got this watch, couple of points:

Look/feel - This watch is actually very light. I have a G-shock GW6900, and it feels much lighter than it. The resin strap is much thinner and much less rubbery feeling than the GW6900. It's over-sized in order to be able to be worn over a cuff or something. The dial looks very sharp, very badass looking watch. The PRW-2500 the best looking triple sensor watch I've seen, especially blacked out PRW-1500-1A. It's overall a very good looking, utilitarian watch. 10/10

Altimeter - I read some of the reviews saying that the altimeter was extremely off. My experience is much different. When I set about to check the altimeter, I had my friend's GPS handy as well as checking up on an altitude map I found online. The GPS was reading ~201m above sea level, the map read 194m above sea level, the watch read 205 meters above sea level. The thing that I think a lot of people fail to understand about this watch is the fact that you need to reset the altimeter nearly every morning to account for the pressure differences that occur overnight. This can be a pain depending upon how much you actually use your altimeter, but for most wearers of this watch, I doubt that it would be that often. I experimented to see how fast the watch could notice a small shift in altitude, and I noticed it does so almost immediately (within 5-10 seconds.) This is MUCH better than previous Casio triple sensor watches I've seen. Bottom line: the altimeter is fairly good. 9/10

Barometer - My favorite feature on this watch. I have it set up so that I get the barometric readings on the home screen. It's like having a little weatherman on your wrist, you can clearly see when it is about to rain. This Casio adds an up/down arrow above the primary reading. This adds to the accuracy. If you can't see a storm coming on this watch, you're probably not that bright. 9/10

Compass - The compass on this watch is extremely precise and easily calibrated. Awesome Compass 9/10

Thermometer - The thermometer on this watch is pretty good, but make sure you calibrate it to take into account the warmth coming from your body, otherwise the temperature will be really skewed. 9/10

Tide function - Absolutely spot on after it has been properly calibrated. 10/10

Moon Phase function - Absolutely spot on after it has been properly calibrated 10/10

This watch is a bit pricey, but it looks a lot better than other triple sensor watches, especially the PRW2500-1A. The functions are awesome, it's obviously a quality watch that would appear to be very sturdy. Highly recommended.
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on August 22, 2012
I got this watch because I've been looking for an ABC watch that includes tide data. It does everything it says it does. All functions work as advertised. Two features that I wish it had:

1. Sunrise/Sunset data based on home location.
2. User should have the ability to have the backlight come on whenever buttons are pushed (if user so desires). The way it works now is the light goes OFF when a button is pushed. For example, when auto-light comes on, and I press Barometer button, light goes immediately OFF. Real pain when trying to read it in the dark. Also, the light has 1.5 and 3.0 second illumination times. There's a lot of data to look at; wish it had a 5-second option as well.
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on May 29, 2012
I began to search for a watch online that complement my needs on the mountain, as I hike and climb a lot. This watch has it all, the altimeter is really great once you get to calibrate it. The Barometer I'm still trying to figure it out, and the compass comes handy for sure. So, I've read the manual several times, and as I just said, still trying to figure out some of the functions. I live at some place that Radio Signal is not supported, so I had to set the watch manually, also the timezone, which where I live is not supported either, and I think the Tide Graph is not going to work well. I've tested the Moon Data (moon age of the specific date and moon phase graph) and it is accurate even though I chose a different City and set it up manually.
I recommend you to investigate a little bit more if where you live is supported for radio signal calibration, cause its dumb to buy the watch if it doesnt.
I've used the watch for swimming, also had the chance to swim under sea water but I declined, since I didnt wanted to clean off the salted water, it is really well built, WR20bar supports it, just dont use the buttons underwater, cause that might be a problem.
5 Alarms are great when you need to be reminded about things, or just to wake up. World time is great when you need to consult any other city time. Stopwatch is great. The timer, well, these functions doesnt need any explanations as they talk for themselves.
There is the Manual memory measurements (up to 14 records, each including altitude, date, time) which stores the info about your hikes, as Max Altitude, Min Altitude, and so.
Solar powered is a great plus, cause you dont need to worry about changing batteries or have to open the case, sometimes when the watch is water resistant, after you replace the battery, the watch is not the same regarding water resistant.
It has a bidirectional bezel, with 8 cardinal points. The black resin band is very comfortable, and looks really tough, another plus is the Full Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow which is handy all the time, you dont need to push any button to get to see the screen. You can change the Backlight display time, whether 1 second or 3 seconds. Also there is a battery level indicator which is great..and the Power Saving function is available as well.
One important feature is the Duplex LC Display, means that when you use either the Alt..Baro or Compass, you can see the main screen without any trouble. The PRW2500 1-A is completely black, and it has a beautiful color and design.
This is a big watch and you have to get used to its size, after that, everything goes on normally. I highly recommend this watch as it is tough, you can demand a lot to it, and delivers for what it was intended, a high performance tool.
Hope this review helps.
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on June 6, 2013
So I'm kinda a gadget freak so I don't want anything that isn't top of the line. Currently if you are trying to figure out which of the Casio Pro-Trek watches have EVERYTHING. This is it.

I'm an avid boater so having barometric pressure, tides, moon, compass are actually something I use daily. I would say that 99% of the population has no idea how half this stuff works but if you are that 1% then you will be very happy with this watch.

It's very easy to use and very intuitive. The size is actually not that bulky compared with watches of similar feature. It's completely bombproof (I even dive with it).

You will need to set the right tides for your area, calibrate the compass when you first get the watch, and since the altimeter is barometric you really need to calibrate that on a daily basis but that's something you have to do with ALL barometric altimeters. But since I'm on the ocean quite a bit, over the years I have learned that the altitude is indeed sea level so I don't use that feature too much.

The display is good and the buttons are easy to operate. The automatic back-lighting (tilt your wrist) is a great feature, cause when you are on the high seas extracting a detonator from a thermonuclear device and you only have a few minutes, you don't have to use your free hand to see how many seconds the free world has left before oblivion.

The outer bezel on mine is scratched to hell and If you get the non black model (titanium) it would probably show wear less. I just touch it up with a Sharpie every once in a while. But honestly, chicks dig the rugged look.

The strap is fine and no issues with it coming loose or unbuckling.
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on December 28, 2012
About me:

I have climbed 7 mountains, have participated in 4 mountain bike races, 3 sprint triathlons, cycled the Otago Rail Trail (google it) in 3 days and have had numerous weekend adventures in this year (2012). As a mountain climber, mountain biker, tri-athelete and an adventurer, I need a watch that is highly functional, rugged and long lasting at an affordable price. My review for this watch is after using it for a good 7 months.


This watch has a tough build. It survived the dangerous slide down Mt Egmont (to be honest I was expecting the strap to break). The glass has been scratch free so far. The protruding edges of the compass marker has either lost some of its paint job or has developed dents due to bumps into everyday office furniture. Nothing too bad really and it hardly impacts the visual experience. This watch is heavier than the older Casio Databank I am upgrading from. I am not in the best position to compare the weight with other watches out there, but I can tell you it isn't too heavy. It's got the right weight to tell you that it's still clinging to your wrist. When it comes off, your sub-conscious will know it.

I was initially put off by the hard strap. It hurt my hairy wrists during the first 3 months. However, after sliding down Mt Egmont, I think that this is a good feature. Additionally, the hard strap also means that when you place it in the sun (for charging) you don't have to worry about the strap melting. My wrists don't hurt anymore. Not sure if this because the strap has softened a bit over time or I probably just hardened up.

Additionally, I think that this watch is made in Japan. It's got "Japan" on the back plate. This is a good thing, because it's good to see other countries involved in manufacturing.


The last thing you'd expect from an adventure watch is great everyday style. This is a great looking timepiece and is also my everyday watch.


This is truly where the watch shines. I'll tell you why.

- It's solar powered, so you need to charge it about once every 2-3 months. It's also got a power indicator on the main display so you will know when it needs to be charged and you will have plenty of time to do so. On a lighter note, it makes you feel like your Superman, getting charged by the sun rays and all.
- I live in Auckland, NZ (which is at sea level) so the Barometer is an awesome feature. The weather here can be a bit tricky, it may look like its gonna rain but may not and vice versa. What's cool about this watch is that it uses the barometer reading to plot a cool graph of the air pressure variance over the last 10 hours which is displayed on the main screen. You can use this to monitor air pressure changes overnight. If the pressure is increasing, it's mostly gonna be good. However, when scaling a mountain, the graph is not plotted due to unstable changes in air pressure with change in elevation. You can still get a reading by going into the barometer screen.
- How high am I? Visit the altimeter screen. Not to be used after consuming alcohol or other stuff that makes you high.
- What's the phase of the moon? It's right there on the home screen. You can also configure the animation angle of the moon depending on where you live. So when it's a crescent moon, you know you need to pull out that telescope. You can also get the age of the moon for the current moon phase by going into the Tide and Moon data screen.
- High tide or low tide? Once again, it's right there on the home screen.
- Whats the surrounding temperature? Visit the barometer screen and wait about 2 mins. Although, I tend to disagree with the reading.
- Other standard features such as alarm, world time and stop watch.


I have not re-calibrated the watch and have been using it with it's factory calibration. Here are my observations:

- Altimeter: The readings from the watch at the summit of the mountains I have climbed have been different from those recorded by wikipedia and other local websites. Maybe the summit accessible to man is not the highest point, presence of snow/ice that increases the elevation, etc. The readings have been off from about 20m - 100m.
- Barometer: Not verified. I am quite impressed by the accuracy of the pressure graph. Matches the real world observation.
- Compass: Not verified. Smart phones have better GPS tracking, and as long as I don't run out of battery or I don't know my way, I don't think I will need to use the compass.
- Temperature: I tend to disagree with the temperature that is reported. Seems to be close but not 100% accurate.
- Moon phase: 100% accuracy.
- Tide information: Not verified.

I think it's safe to say that accuracy in general is quite high and with some common sense, you can put the information provided by the watch to great use.

Interesting Fact:

What I can't help noticing is that most of the key information is present on the main screen itself and any additional information can be easily accessed with a key press. Additionally, the information can sometimes feel quite personal and specific to your surroundings. All this without an internet connection.


I haven't found any drawbacks in the watch itself yet. However, I was completely let down by the product manual. While I can understand the use of tiny and hard to read text in the manual included in the product packaging, there is no reason to use the same text in your online manual. The manual available on the Casio USA website has the same tiny and hard to read text in an weird reading layout for an online document. Laziness is the only word that comes to my mind. I usually read product manuals to learn more about the product's I buy and having a bad online manual has reduced the product experience a little. However, having read the manual, I can tell you that you probably don't need to read it unless you want to re-calibrate the watch or use the advanced compass tracking feature.

I don't think Casio reads Amazon reviews, but if they do and update their online manuals, I'll change my rating for the product to 5 starts. I am guessing this drawback wont apply to most of you.


I have uploaded a pic of the Altimeter reading taken at the top of Mt Ruapehu. You can see the beautiful crater lake in the back drop.


- In the past 7 months, this watch has been providing useful information relevant to my immediate surroundings. I don't even need an internet connection to get the information that is provided .
- I feel the price I paid for it on Amazon was acceptable (it would be good to see it for US $200).
- This watch is quite rugged and I am hoping that it will last me a long time (the Casio Databank lasted me 13 yrs and is still going).
- Solar charging is a cool feature and I haven't run out of battery yet. I am hoping that the solar panel/cells have a long life too.
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on December 20, 2012
This is my first Protrek watch and I have to say I am very satisfied with the watch overall.

In spite of its size, the watch does not feel heavy on the arm and I don't get that feeling like it's weighing down on my arm when I move. You basically put it on and forget it's there.

The watch has a TON of features and the fact that it's solar powered and atomic means that this watch will require very little maintenance on your end.

There are lots of alarms, a countdown timer, world time if you need it, and moon and tide data for hunters/fishermen and sailors :)

When I got my watch, it had not been synchronized for about a month and a half and it was only a few seconds off. That means that the watch is very accurate, even when it does not receive the signal to synchronize on a regular basis. I live in northern Ontario and I can pick up the signal at my window at night just fine.

My review for this watch should be 4.5 stars but Amazon does not let me half-star :(

The reason why I think the watch should not get 5 stars is because of the sensors. First, the temperature sensor requires that you remove the watch from your wrist for 20-30 minutes or more in order to get an accurate reading. I understand that this is a limitation due to our bodies radiating heat, but that also means that in a practical sense, if I want a quick reading, the sensor is not useful.

My other gripe is with the atmospheric pressure. Altitude and pressure work together so if there is a change in pressure (due to weather changing rapidly for instance) then it will throw off the watch's altitude readings (which work off the pressure sensor).

These two gripes aside, if you do not travel much and change altitude and geographical areas lots (probably most of us), then the atmospheric pressure and chart can be quite reliable in predicting weather changes.

The compass I find works very well and I have not had to adjust it.

The bracelet for this watch is amazingly comfortable. It just hugs your wrist.

I recommend this watch to anyone interested in owning a watch that does more than just tell the time. This watch has a wealth of features and is a very low maintenance watch. It always stays accurate just about anywhere in the world and the solar power is a nice bonus because changing watch batteries is a pain in the a**.

I have still not been able to confirm whether this watch is a G-shock or not. I keep it as my "dress" watch so I won't be shaking or hitting it etc. but it is something to keep in mind.

To conclude, buy this watch. It's worth the amount of money that it costs and it's much more reliable and accurate than other more expensive watches that only tell the time.
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on May 13, 2016
First let me just say that this multi sensor watch has what most outdoor enthusiasts would want in a watch.

Compass is very accurate but the temperature leaves much to be desired. I'm not sure how one would fix it other than to take the watch off for accuracy.

For users tracking elevation always set sea level before beginning a trek. Once you do that you'll be dead pun intended.

Barometer is accurate as well but verify with a traditional one first before relying on it. Once set you should be good to go.

Time is extremely accurate...isn't that interesting for a WATCH..??

I have yet to scuba dive with this watch so sorry about that.

Stopwatch works great as does the countdown timer...I like the fact that the countdown beeps at intervals so if you are running to beat a time it's a totally cool reminder. What I mean is if you are trying to keep a pace up for distance this feature is a must.

I also enjoy the home screen that gives you the day, day of the week, month, and year. It also gives the moon phases but I have not checked that for accuracy.

Watch fits ok. I would prefer the clasp holes be closer together for a better fit though.

The sensor light works well once you figure out how it works. You'll see what I mean.

All in all its a good multi sensor time piece.
review image
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on February 14, 2014
I ordered this watch through Amazon. Shipping was fast, came right to my front door with no hassle. Looks just like the picture, came with everything the description said it would and was packaged professionally. No issues with shipping at all.

I was looking for a watch that I could wear to work and when I am casually dressed. I also wanted a watch that provided details and information such as temperature readings, compass and different time zones. I looked at different watches, watched reviews on You Tube and came to Amazon and researched the various watches on the market. I owned a Pathfinder series watch several years ago and now since Pro Trek is the new name for the Pathfinder series, I decided to give it a try.

This is a great multi-sensor watch. I wear it every day. It is very comfortable and the multi-sensors are real handy. The barometer, compass, and altimeter work great! If you spend time in the outdoors hiking or in the water, it is the watch for you. I love it for keeping track of time in different locations and the compass provides comfort when out walking around a new town. Many people had a complaint about the screws and the bar that holds the band on. It seems that the top set rattles or is loose. I found that this is something the manufacturer has done; it does not come off, but it rattles a bit. Maybe that is for thermal expansion. I’ve owned this watch for a little over 90 days and I have not had any issues and I really like it. The time accurately updates every night and it even has a feature that turns the watch off, to save energy and turns it back on in the morning, based off the time zones you set. If you are looking for a watch that performs well, has a big face, but is not heavy or expensive, this is the watch for you.
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on January 19, 2015
Hands down the best watch I have ever owned for the outdoors and I have had Tag's, Tissot's, Luminox, Suunto's and many other " high end " watches, this one does it all, and does it all well. This is my second ProTrek and the only reason I bought it is because I ( yes I ) destroyed my last one. While this one may not be as accurate as some of the other more expensive watches I am not Jim Cantore or a Navy Seal so the readings don't have to be spot on but from what I can tell through monitoring and analysis this one is pretty damn close. If you are an avid outdoorsman / woman then you will love the multiple functions of this watch and not having to worry about wheter or not it is going to die in the middle of an adventure.
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on February 17, 2015
If you expect a watch to be completely accurate, you're making things hard on yourself. I've never used a casio sensor watch that wasn't close enough for me. I don't need pinpoint accuracy and these watches work very well. Calibration often helps. You might get a bad apple.

I don't like giving low stars for personal opinion. The watch functioned as it should and it looked great.

The problem with this watch is the fact that it is just feels cheap. Plastic buttons as opposed to the nice resin/hard buttons (like on the PRW-3500 series). The backing which I was expecting to be resin similar to the mudman, is plastic, and scracthes and breaks with ease. The rotating bezel is the softest and easiest metal (?) to scratch. The screws that hold the strap together ALWAYS move or feel loose even though they are secure... Everything about this watch says cheap, but it "looks" the best of any of them they've made. All black is what MANY people want, and casio rarely comes out with an all black model..

Most of you aren't using this in the field 7-10 hours a day, you're most likely using it as a weekend warrior, a backpacking trip or two, or just to wear daily. For those reasons, this watch will be fine, and will still get dinged up. However, if you are a true field person and will be in the field all day every day, this watch will probably still work, but it will get beat to the ground and look like garbage.

The 3500 series have fixed most of these issues.
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