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on June 17, 2012
I am very satisfied with PRW2500T-7CR after looking at a multitude of other watches. First of all, I was looking for a watch that could be used for sailing (both cruising and racing)on my 27' x 19' trimaran. I needed a watch that was stylish enough for everyday use that had the following features:

Required Features
- Compass for checking heading when away from the cockpit
- Barometer with history function for weather monitoring
- Tide prediction for navigation
- Race sequence countdown timer
- Must be waterproof

Bonus Features
- Solar powered
- Atomic clock synchronization
- Moon phase prediction
- Altimeter for when I go hiking on the AT

At night, it has a function that automatically turns the back light when you look at the watch without having to push anything. The PRW2500T-7CR met all of my needs at a reasonable price.

You will need to get the watch sized as it ships with all the titanium segments installed on the band. Went to a local jewelry store where they re-sized while I waited using a special tool and didn't charge me anything.

Here's the caveat with the tides function. The display is designed for semi-diurnal tides, which is when there are two high tides and two low tides per day. If you use the watch in an area that has diurnal tides, which is when there is only one high and one low tide per day, you have to understand that low tide occurs when the display shows the second high tide for the day. The following is a link to where diurnal occur in the US.


No one has commented on the race countdown, so here's some more detail. You can set the sequence to 10 minute, 5 minute, 4 minute, etc... The watch beeps each minute until the last ten seconds. During the last 10 seconds it beeps each second with the tone of the beeps changing between 10,9,8,7,6 and 5,4,3,2,1. 0 is a single tone that stops without having to push anything. It is also nice that it displays the local time during the sequence as well.
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on July 9, 2015
I just purchased this watch and will probably return it. This review therefore is based on initial impressions rather than long-term use. I have been wearing an old pathfinder fishing watch for years that I love as it has moonrise/set, sunrise/set, AND moon phase icon. As an astronomer, I love having these data so handy. Unfortunately, this watch is discontinued, and the bands wear out and fall apart and are not replaceable. I've actually bought 4 of these watches due to bands breaking! (Fortunately, they're cheap enough (or were) that this is reasonable). However, the pathfinder didn't look particularly elegant for work, so I wanted to find something a little dressier that still provided functions I like. The Protrek PRW-2500 adds the triple sensor functions I didn't have but you lose sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset - all you get is moon phase and age. You also get tide info but I don't care about that. Unfortunately, there are no current models that have both sunrise and moon phase data, and there are NO models that have moonrise/set times.
So the 2500 looks fairly nice with the metal band (at least, when new) although it still has a bit of a clunky appearance due to the large black buttons. But the deal breaker for me is the display. Compared to my old pathfinder, the display is very low contrast -- this may be due to the dual layer LCD screen that provides the graphics. Even in good indoor light, I find the display very difficult to read - and turning on the light doesn't help that much. This is worsened by the fact that the time takes up only about a third of the display. You can have either tide or date in the middle section of the screen, but in either case, the actual time of day is too small. I look at the time much more often than the date. Between the size and contrast, I find myself straining to read the watch. (I'm 57 so perhaps younger eyes will do better -- but generally I see just fine and I have not had this experience with the pathfinder which is easy to glance at and see time).
I'm going to return this and look for one with either analog time keeping or a non-dual display which hopefully will be higher contrast.
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on June 4, 2014
I bought this watch from Amazon last November...right before I left on a Military deployment to Afghanistan. I use the compass, barometer and compass often. I used the compass on some compass-courses during the deployment did "OK" and got me in the general area, but it wasn't quite as accurate as the hand-held military issue ones that we used for the course. For accurate temperature readings you really have to take the watch off your wrist and let it sit for 5 or so minutes so that it doesn't pick up your body temperature. For the past 6 months or so, the watch has held up pretty well, with exception of the bezel, which seems to get scratched quite easily (as other reviewers have mentioned). The barometer trend is useful in indicating if the weather is turning on you. I don’t really use the altimeter much…it seems to “jump around” a bit. My understanding is that it utilizes temperature and pressure to determine the altitude…I’m not sure how accurate that is when the watch is picking up my body temperature and is covered by my uniform.
Some Pros/Cons:
- It actually has the KBL (Kabul, Afghanistan) time zone! For those of you familiar with this time zone…it is 10.5 hours ahead of Mountain Time.
- Solar is a nice feature although, I will have to say that it ran out of power on me about a month ago (actually 2 times). It does say it will go approx. 5 months in the dark with a full charge, so I guess that is somewhat accurate. The watch is covered by my uniform most of the time; I do wear a T-shirt in my office for several hours a day, so it is exposed to fluorescent light, but I guess it is not enough to keep it charged. Anytime outside I have on my fatigues with long sleeve, so it doesn’t get any charging from the sun. If I see the battery go low now, I will put it on my window sill for the day and it seems to charge it right up.
- As mentioned above…temp, pressure and compass is definitely nice to have on you at all times!
- Nice looking watch
- Screen is clear and easy to read.
- Crystal is pretty tough…although the bezel looks worn; there are no scratches on the crystal. I do have to admit that I do not baby the watch…I’m pretty tough on it.
- It is comfortable and light weight and I think the size it just about right, I wouldn’t want it smaller or larger.
- 2 time zones are nice…I keep the primary on Kabul and the alternate on DEN so I can see what time it is back home.

- Bezel scratches easily and the band also scratches, so it looks pretty worn.
- Battery runs out…you just need to make sure you keep an eye on the charge and if you see it going low, leave it exposed to light for a while.
- Altitude gives you a good “general” reading, but I would not call it accurate. Currently it is showing 5800 ft in Kabul, Afghanistan, which is within 100ft accuracy (I think that I’m sitting at 5873ft right now).
- I dropped the watch putting it one once and the band detached from the watch on one side. The pin shot out, but I eventually found it. This might have been a fluke, since it hasn’t happened since.

Overall, it is a good watch. If I had to do it again, I would probably by the same watch with the resin band in black…that is a little more subdued in color and better for military use.
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on March 12, 2017
This watch has a great combination of many functions plus good looks. For travelers and outdoor people there are abilities to measure temperature, barometric pressure and altitude for example [note: the watch would have to adjust to only ambient air and not your body heat, before you got a decent temperature reading, and you have to calibrate its sea-level before altitude is going to work right-plus I think that assumes barometric pressure isn't rapidly changing due to weather. Oh how could I forget: also a compass, plus you can check the time in any of the 24 time zones around the world, it automatically does your leap-days and daylight savings etc and perhaps the most fun: it's powered by a little photo-voltaic cell. In other words a tiny solar panel. It just needs to be exposed to enough light periodically to function properly. There's a little indicator that tells you the battery status.
I owned a prior version of this watch and wore it until I wore it right out. I think eventually the "solar panel" gave up the ghost. That was 5 years or longer when I never had to worry about changing batteries, winding it, making sure it was getting enough motion, things like that. Another bonus: due to the strengthening of the dollar and weakening of the yen since I bought my first model, this one cost me about half as much. I think it looks even better, too.
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on January 26, 2014
My main gripe about this watch is that the case is not made of metal, just resin. It does seem to have a metal ring. I chose this model be cause amazon listed the case material as titanium so I am ranking it down a couple for bad info by casio. I found this out on other sites/forums where people mentioned it but it was too late for me to cancel the order, I had already re-sized the band. Had I known this I would not have bought it.
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on March 17, 2014
This is a fantastic time-piece. Does everything I want. The only problem that I've found is that the Lunar Phases seem to be out by 24-30 hours ahead, and there is no way to adjust this. It looks like the Lunar Phases are broadcast along with the Atomic Time Broadcasts. But, since I know of this, I can accurately predict the Full Moon by imagining the icon is just one day ahead. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, and my location 'might' have something to do with this. My Time Zone is not in the same Zone as the Atomic Clock's Broadcast.

And while not a problem, the Day, Month and Year were not well thought out. The year, 2014, is shown in full; but although there is more than adequate room, the months are designated with just a #, like 3 for March. There are plenty enough pixels in this line to spell the months out in full or abbreviated, like being able to see Sept instead of 9, or Apr instead of 4 would be nice.

Although it is bulky and heavy, it is very comfortable to wear. The double lock wrist band clasp is very well thought out. It is also quite large, and a number of people have noticed it's size and commented on it. An extra 1/2 Star for the band clasp.

4.5 out of 5. If it wasn't for the 2 dislikes above, It would truly rate a 5 out of 5.
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on May 3, 2014
First, there's something you should be aware of: The watch is made from resin. The band is titanium, and I believe the bezel is as well. Also, this is a big watch. It fits my wrist perfectly, but if you have smaller wrists it may be wider than your wrist. YMMV.

Now that that's out of the way, I love this watch. This is one of the only metal watch bands that doesn't pinch the hair on my arm (always a plus). The watch is solar charged and the battery lasts awhile when face down. It's atomically synced (just make sure to tell it which zone/freq to look for). Your standard ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) features are helpful for us aviators and outdoor enthusiasts. The tidal indicator I thought would be useless, but I've used it a couple times (not many, mind you). It's more aesthetically pleasing than anything. Also the moon phase indicator helps me get a good wag a the nightly illumination before it's even night. The barometric trend (The stairs next to the wave) also helps you to determine if the weather is deteriorating or improving.

After a year of hard use, the watch is scratched on any surface I could possibly rub against a foreign object. The bezel has done a great job of protecting the screen, as that isn't scratched at all. The watch receives it's updates like clockwork (get it. Heh heh). All sources of light charge it (and I've left it face down on my nightstand for a couple days at a time, and it was still on Medium charge). One annoying this is how the watch seems to push it's own barometer button... haha. Idk how I keep pushing it. But seems like every time I look at the watch it's on barometric pressure.

Lots and lots of tools in a small package
Looks cool ... ?

None noted
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on March 30, 2015
I like this watch a lot being compulsive about knowing the exact time. I own a Casio MT-G solar watch and this is similar in appearance though the Protrek has many more functions, some somewhat confusing to use, such as the Tide function, despite actually reading the owner's manual. The only thing I found missing, is that the countdown timer has a maximum of 1 hour, unlike my MT-G which has 2 hours. Otherwise, compass and barometer work nicely as does the altimeter. Alarms are nice and easy to program and turn on and off. Same with world time and DST on and off. I have had no problem obtaining the timekeeping signal as I have occasionally with the MT-G. The watch is attractive and light on the wrist, titanium helps much. I had to remove 4 links. You have to be careful as they do not tell you that there is a tiny cylinder in the bottom of each link that holds the pin in place. If you lose this, the pin will not hold in place. Link removal directions should be included.
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on January 15, 2017
paint not held up, so it shows beat up cosmetically pretty quickly. i thot buying premium titanium version would help hold up but it doesn't. hate that it never is never homed to home screen, always have to switch screens. hate that it's so big, can't ever fit under shirt sleeve. Find I have to take it off all the time for computer/typing work, but that would be the case with any watch. it's generally very comfy and non-irritating when wearing, so long as your sleeves are loose. i have to remember where light switch is and light doesn't turn on long... only about a second, not very long at all. otherwise fine and it's a good watch. i rely on it a lot. i love the compass feature and use it a lot when in new places and need to get bearings. i love the time auto sync feature so time is always set to atomic clocks. i do use the dual time zones at times too. i love checking out the moon phases and tide charts when fishing and many times the barometric pressure guage too. temp is not so usable... temp will register more to your body temp if not set in the water or on a rock or something for a long time. I think when timing lake temps/fishing it took about 15 mins as I remember to get a final static reading, which seemed too long when sitting on cold rocks in the wind just waiting on a temp. i'm not a climber/hiker much so only used the altimeter a few times but did find it of of use when hiking or climbing stairs or just monitoring it other times. i do like the look and feel of the watch and i use it and rely on it daily, even if just for time. i've had it submerged/underwater/wet many times no issues.
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on March 27, 2015
I love this watch already and I've only had it a few days, the titanium band is an absolute must in my opinion. You can tell that this watch screams quality it's got a bunch of features while you may not use them all daily it's just a nice option. I have a lesser model Casio also with the titanium band it's only drawback is it has a plastic part that attaches to the watch itself and that just recently broke but the watch is still running after 10 years of use. I bought this watch as an upgrade and I'm happy to report it still has a plastic part for comfort but once you see the way it's incorporated you can clearly see it's not the structural part the main part is actually metal and the plastic part just meets the watch at the joining of the band. My plans are still to replace that part in my old watch and use it as my more rugged watch for activities that I might not want to risk this new watch. But judging by the old watch I pro don't have to worry too much. I will say the drawback of this watch is how insanely hard it is to take links out, I mean seriously they made it so you need to use a small paper clip and they also have these really small sleeves that go with the pin that would be really easy to lose if you don't know they're there so be warned but I will say while it makes it a pain to change it does inhance the look. I must say I look forward to years of use and hope it manages to hold as well as my old watch.
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