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on December 6, 2017
This is a great sports watch for hiking, boating, swimming, orienteering, just about anything outdoors. Bezel rotates easily. Compass works well and displays are well thought out and organized. Down side is most of this watch is made of plastic. While it looks great - I worry about durability over the long hall. That aside- you just cant beat this watch!! Love it that its solar too.
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on April 29, 2013
I'd never spend $287 for a Casio.. but this watch is well worth it. In six months the time is perfect compared to my work Atomic govt clock. The titanium band is awesomely light and strong. I bang this watch so many times but never damages..some light scratches only. The face is still perfect. Features are very useful for me.. BARO and temp is exactly what I needed for fishing.. the graph is excellent and helps determining the waves on local waters. I know when is good time to take the boat out.. Buy this cant miss!
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on October 6, 2012
Had to make two trips to get band length correct but really light on wrist for the size. Titanium is not just beautiful, it represents the height of technology for our civilization. I was one of those guys who was headed for Movado or some slim design. Somebody gave me a Tag Heuer years ago and I sold it because it was too big. Later I checked the price and really choked, it was just too big and blingy. Recieved my first Pathfinder as gift and was amazed after getting familiar with it. It lasted 5 years. If they could incorporate heart monitor it would be complete. Only criticism is the countdown timer minutes will not set. I like to use this mode during long flights. I travel coast to coast. Love all the other functions. The improvement in solar life is a great step up. I used to have to leave my Pathfinder on the dash of my jeep at least once a month for an hour. This model stays in the full charge mode with minimal exposure to sun. Received the watch in 4 days (over weekend) as Amazon Prime free shipping. Great experience.
Casio Men's PRW2500T-7CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Tough Solar Digital Multi-Function Titanium Pathfinder Watch
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on February 27, 2015
I really like this watch. The only reason I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the buttons are large and i am continuously pushing them while bending my wrist. This is not a huge problem or even a big deal. But it does get annoying from time to time. Other than that I like the look of the watch and feel. I might also mention that this is the first metal band watch I have owned. My fear was always that it would pull my hair. With this watch that has not been an issue.
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on February 3, 2015
I have had new Pathfinder for 3 months. I bought it to replace my old 1200T that I had for many, many years. The functions began dying after about 5 years. First to go was the compass, then the barometer and finally the altimeter. So I bought the new Pathfinder. My first disappointment was the display. I'm getting up in years and my eyesight isn't what it was 40 yrs ago. The display characters are just too small. Lotsa good information on the display but the font is just too small for me \

All of the functions operate well and are accurate. I have a problem trying to change the barometer from Celsius to English but I'l figure it out in time.

I would recommend this watch to anyone who likes gadgets. I've owned Casio watches for over 25 years and they have never disappointed me.
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on April 29, 2015
I have owned every Pathfinder watch since they came out and this is by far the best. It has everything on it. It even has an atomic clock. I usually wear my Pathfinder for about 5 years straight and then replace them. This is a must have if you have owned previous models. If it stands up to grime and dirt like my last Pathfinder watches then I'm a customer for life. The only down side is that you will need to bring this watch to a jeweler to size the band.
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on February 8, 2013
I'd been eyeing this watch for quite a while and it went on sale so my wife got it for me as a really early birthday day present

I love the watch

It's a big watch both in circumference and thickness but thanks to the titanium band it helps lighten it up

It actually has a great manual, I've always gotten watches with manuals that were nearly impossible to follow but this one has a great booklet to help you setup all the bells and whistles

The band comes really big but I went to a local jeweler and for $5 he custom fit the band for me by taking out a couple of links and then fine tuning it with the small holes in the band near the clasp

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on June 27, 2015
Spent a long time looking at different watches of this type and finally settled on this one. Haven't had it long enough to vouch for its durability but so far so good! Looks better in person than it does in pictures. Very lightweight and comfortable. Yes it's big, but if you are going for a watch with these features in this price range, it is to be expected. I have small wrists so it dominates my forearm, but I like it. Makes me feel like I have a real Pipboy from Fallout haha!
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on October 26, 2013
I give the watch 4 stars but Amazon gets 0 stars for accuracy of this listing.
The watch is nice and works as expected the only complaint is the the titanium band scratches VERY easily.
Amazon has the wrong picture up for this watch, and the description is wrong.
The pic shows a grey bezel, and the description also says that the bezel is grey.
The watch I received is a PRW2500T-7 no CR at the end, and has a black bezel
I did some searching on line and I don't think such a watch even exists as the only results I am finding for a PRW2500T-7CR point to this Amazon listing.
Even searching Google images I can only find this one picture from this Amazon listing of the watch with the grey bezel and a few other places that seem to have lifted the pic from amazon.
Even the Casio web page shows only the PRW2500T-7 with the black bezel.
If the Grey version exists I would like to have the item I actually ordered, but since I am not convinced that it does I guess I will have to keep this version and live with it.
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on October 28, 2015
Works well, will used this when traveling, instead of looking at my phone for compass bearing. Also useful whenever there is no internet. Let my wife get a new sim card into her phone when we travel. I don't need one anymore. Weather change? temperature? tides? well maybe tides not too useful when traveling. I consider this a dumb down, analog iWatch with no internet. I DO however need a map, which is stored off line on my phone. When used for diving, the clasp doesn't expand like a divers watch does so this doesn't fit over my wetsuit's sleeve.
Gray plastic body, stainless steel clasp and bracelet.
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