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on December 2, 2014
Absolutely fabulous watch to own. Though I'm in Pakistan, No atomic timekeeping here but many other neat features to fiddle around. Definitely a watch for 10 years down the line.
Note to Amazon, change the product picture as its not doing justice to the watch.
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on January 8, 2012
This watch seems to be the watch to end all watches. Hopefully it has killed my desire to buy watches.

It does about everything a watch can do. I especially like the compass. I tested the compass in a few locations and it has not been off by more than +/- 1 degree even though the specs say +/- 11 degrees. There shouldn't be a need to recalibrate it as long as one applies magnetic deviation mathematically as it is supposed to be done. If not applying magnetic deviation using basic math you'll have to recalibrate it everywhere you go.

It's a pretty big watch but does not feel large at all on the wrist. The band is also pretty comfortable, it's a soft band out of the box so no need to boil it like you have to do to make the rubber on G-Shocks softer.

Additionally the buttons are all easy to operate, easy to use, and most functions are fairly self explanatory to need to consult the manual is minimal.

However the included manual has pretty small print so if you need it you'd want to download a pdf copy of it from Casio.
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on June 10, 2013
Although an incredibly advanced piece of instrumentation at the end of the day it is still a watch and one requirement of being a watch is that it keeps consistently accurate time, since this watch has a 6-band atomic receiver it does just that as long as it is capable of receiving the calibration signal. I am physically located two hours from the east coast and have experience some difficulty with "manually" receiving the signal during the daytime but the watch easily synchronizes after midnight every night as long as I place the watch near a window. I have owned other triple sensors (older models), Suunto Vector & Core, Citizen, and other "ABC" watches but I have to say that I am most satisfied with the PRW-2500 for several reasons. First if you plan to use ANY "sensor" watch for accurate navigation, weather prediction, or environmental awareness be very prepared to be disappointed. ABC watches are NOT precision instruments to be used in that capacity but they are designed to provide the user consistent approximations of those features so equipped. I have found the ABC sensors on this particular watch to be very accurate, of particular note is the compass and baro, including thermometer. Reading other reviews several customers remark that the thermometer is not accurate while attached to the users arm...all I can say is "DUH"! It takes this watch approximately 20 minutes to acclimate itself (while removed from the users wrist) to the ambient temperature and provide the user with a very accurate temperature. The baro measures in both Hecto-Pascals and inches of mercury depending on user selection, both readings have been extremely accurate; it also provides a trend graphic on the home screen and provides "extreme" baro indicators for a rapidly falling/rising baro should the situation arise. The altimeter feature is where most folks get hung-up despite the model of watch and it's simply because their expectations are too high. ABC watch altimeters all require you to set the reference altitude because the sensor works off of barometric pressure, so if the pressure changes frequently due to weather variations then your altimeter is also going to change despite whether or not you changed geographic locations. This particular watch measures altitude in 20 foot increments, which makes this watch altimeter unique by today's standards as most log in 10 foot increments (you do have the ability to choose metric measurement if desired). I have found the altimeter to be very accurate for my purposes as long as the reference altitude is set before beginning my hike. If your preference is for a more accurate altimeter feature and you are willing to sacrifice many other great features you may want to look at the Suunto Core since it uses independent sensors for the baro and altimeter allowing it to be more precise and measure in shorter increments allowing for a better "fix" for those navigating by topographic maps. As it pertains to the PRW-2500 besides the world time feature (48 cities), five daily alarms (with a no kidding working alarm), stopwatch to 1/100th second, and countdown timer this watch also provides moon phase and tide prediction. Keep in mind that the user must set the "home city" in order for the watch to calculate the tides and it is just that, a calculation and I suspect depending on where you are located on the globe that the reading could be relatively inaccurate but where I live it is actually very, very accurate and I am located 10 hours from my programmed home city. The moon phase reading appears to be on the mark when I compare the watch reading with several websites, it also shows the "age" of the moon phase when selecting the "tide" screen. The EL backlight works great and is adjustable for a 1.5S or 3S duration, this watch also has the "wrist tilt" illumination option where the user can set the light to automatically illuminate when the user tilts their wrist towards them. The only options that would make this watch absolutely complete for the outdoorsman or military person would be to incorporate sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset times, but that is a feature of another Casio watch but then that chronometer doesn't have tides and moon phase.
Other features include a rotating bezel that appears to be machined from aluminum and etched with cardinal directions and basic bearing degrees, a latex/PVC wrist band with etched aluminum emblems on both sides of the watch face (purely for aesthetics), it also has a band retainer located at the end of the tag end of the wrist band -- this prevents the band from constantly coming undone from the band keep. This watch has a stainless steel back and a brushed metal hasp for retention. Because this watch is solar it doesn't have a need for battery replacement but should the battery eventually not hold a charge it is user replaceable by removing the back (however, removal of the back by the user could void the 20 bar water resistant feature of this watch). Four stars only because it doesn't have the sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset feature integrated into an already feature packed watch. OBTW, for those concerned about the 51mm size of the watch face I can tell you that it is actually average in size for an ABC watch and fits nicely under a long sleeved shirt, other triple sensors I have owned were much thicker with a larger circumference.
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on December 11, 2013
This watch is awesome I love it. The more advanced you are outdoors the better you will like it. It is important to first assess your skill level before you purchase and be familiar with Casio watches. If you are a 14er peak bagger with weight (I did Pikes Peak this season with 60 lbs), this watch is for you. I always go solo so this thing is my friend.

If you already know how to terrain associate with a lensatic compass and a relief map and know which terrain feature you are on, you'll know within 10 to 20 meters of where you are by using the watch's altimeter and compass. If you usually use GPS, you probably won't need that part of the watch, but it is handy as a backup. If you are just a little familiar with barometric pressure, this watch can help you predict when the next pressure system/ weather change is coming over the next 12 to 24 hours.

You do need to calibrate the altimeter from a known point and the barometer with a local weather forecast when your elevation is going to stay constant for several days. The thermometer needs to be off your wrist for 15-30 minutes to get accurate readings but it will help you set a temperature data baseline for further readings. It lets you store this data too.

Remember that this watch uses a pressure gauge, so if you are moving up and down 300 meters or more of elevation, it is important to set the altimeter at base camp and take barometric readings at night and in the morning at base camp. Otherwise you will not get accurate barometric readings as you get up high. Moonphase is a cool feature so you know how much illumination you are going to get when moving at night.

I'm a grunt so I don't know anything about tides, but you sailors can do your sailor thing with the tide features. Overall this thing is high speed and low drag and totally worth buying.

Only complaint is that it needs to be G-Shock and could break.

Don't get overconfident with any watch or gadget. You love the mountain but the mountain does not love you. Basic survival skills always apply even if you have a GPS or high speed watch. Keep a backup lensatic compass, map with contour lines, trouble-whistle, signal mirror, etc. Good luck on your expeditions and thanks for listening.
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on June 4, 2014
I bought this watch from Amazon last November...right before I left on a Military deployment to Afghanistan. I use the compass, barometer and compass often. I used the compass on some compass-courses during the deployment did "OK" and got me in the general area, but it wasn't quite as accurate as the hand-held military issue ones that we used for the course. For accurate temperature readings you really have to take the watch off your wrist and let it sit for 5 or so minutes so that it doesn't pick up your body temperature. For the past 6 months or so, the watch has held up pretty well, with exception of the bezel, which seems to get scratched quite easily (as other reviewers have mentioned). The barometer trend is useful in indicating if the weather is turning on you. I don’t really use the altimeter much…it seems to “jump around” a bit. My understanding is that it utilizes temperature and pressure to determine the altitude…I’m not sure how accurate that is when the watch is picking up my body temperature and is covered by my uniform.
Some Pros/Cons:
- It actually has the KBL (Kabul, Afghanistan) time zone! For those of you familiar with this time zone…it is 10.5 hours ahead of Mountain Time.
- Solar is a nice feature although, I will have to say that it ran out of power on me about a month ago (actually 2 times). It does say it will go approx. 5 months in the dark with a full charge, so I guess that is somewhat accurate. The watch is covered by my uniform most of the time; I do wear a T-shirt in my office for several hours a day, so it is exposed to fluorescent light, but I guess it is not enough to keep it charged. Anytime outside I have on my fatigues with long sleeve, so it doesn’t get any charging from the sun. If I see the battery go low now, I will put it on my window sill for the day and it seems to charge it right up.
- As mentioned above…temp, pressure and compass is definitely nice to have on you at all times!
- Nice looking watch
- Screen is clear and easy to read.
- Crystal is pretty tough…although the bezel looks worn; there are no scratches on the crystal. I do have to admit that I do not baby the watch…I’m pretty tough on it.
- It is comfortable and light weight and I think the size it just about right, I wouldn’t want it smaller or larger.
- 2 time zones are nice…I keep the primary on Kabul and the alternate on DEN so I can see what time it is back home.

- Bezel scratches easily and the band also scratches, so it looks pretty worn.
- Battery runs out…you just need to make sure you keep an eye on the charge and if you see it going low, leave it exposed to light for a while.
- Altitude gives you a good “general” reading, but I would not call it accurate. Currently it is showing 5800 ft in Kabul, Afghanistan, which is within 100ft accuracy (I think that I’m sitting at 5873ft right now).
- I dropped the watch putting it one once and the band detached from the watch on one side. The pin shot out, but I eventually found it. This might have been a fluke, since it hasn’t happened since.

Overall, it is a good watch. If I had to do it again, I would probably by the same watch with the resin band in black…that is a little more subdued in color and better for military use.
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on November 24, 2015

My previous "Casio Pathfinder" is essentially it's predecessor, and is still running strong after 20 YEARS!!! But this one is a nice upgrade, because I don't have to replace like 6 batteries every so often, and it has a few nice new features to boot.

Solar powered. Bonus. No batteries to replace.

Trusty old reliable functions that I've always loved and use: altimeter, barometer, compass, backlight, stop watch, timer, alarms, etc.

New functions I am excited about: moon phases, tide indicator, barometer trend, and ATOMIC SYNCHRONIZATION!!!

Another upgrade is that the bezel is now METAL, and way, way easier to turn. My old one has a plastic compass bezel and is very very hard to turn.

For the price, I can't believe everything this watch comes with. It's the perfect watch for any outdoors enthusiast.
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on January 18, 2016
This watch is loaded with features, including Atomic Time keeping, which means you'll always have the right time. Solar power means you may never have to replace th battery. The Tide and Moon Phase are great and easy to read. Temperature is affected by your body heat, so for best and accurate readings I suggested removing the watch and letting it sit for a few minutes before taking a reading.

I still need to set up the base altitude for my area, since altitude is based on barometric pressure, which currently says I live about 160-180 feet below sea level.

Buttons are easy to operate, and the face is easy to read. Overall, a great watch.
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on March 30, 2015
I like this watch a lot being compulsive about knowing the exact time. I own a Casio MT-G solar watch and this is similar in appearance though the Protrek has many more functions, some somewhat confusing to use, such as the Tide function, despite actually reading the owner's manual. The only thing I found missing, is that the countdown timer has a maximum of 1 hour, unlike my MT-G which has 2 hours. Otherwise, compass and barometer work nicely as does the altimeter. Alarms are nice and easy to program and turn on and off. Same with world time and DST on and off. I have had no problem obtaining the timekeeping signal as I have occasionally with the MT-G. The watch is attractive and light on the wrist, titanium helps much. I had to remove 4 links. You have to be careful as they do not tell you that there is a tiny cylinder in the bottom of each link that holds the pin in place. If you lose this, the pin will not hold in place. Link removal directions should be included.
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on May 3, 2014
First, there's something you should be aware of: The watch is made from resin. The band is titanium, and I believe the bezel is as well. Also, this is a big watch. It fits my wrist perfectly, but if you have smaller wrists it may be wider than your wrist. YMMV.

Now that that's out of the way, I love this watch. This is one of the only metal watch bands that doesn't pinch the hair on my arm (always a plus). The watch is solar charged and the battery lasts awhile when face down. It's atomically synced (just make sure to tell it which zone/freq to look for). Your standard ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) features are helpful for us aviators and outdoor enthusiasts. The tidal indicator I thought would be useless, but I've used it a couple times (not many, mind you). It's more aesthetically pleasing than anything. Also the moon phase indicator helps me get a good wag a the nightly illumination before it's even night. The barometric trend (The stairs next to the wave) also helps you to determine if the weather is deteriorating or improving.

After a year of hard use, the watch is scratched on any surface I could possibly rub against a foreign object. The bezel has done a great job of protecting the screen, as that isn't scratched at all. The watch receives it's updates like clockwork (get it. Heh heh). All sources of light charge it (and I've left it face down on my nightstand for a couple days at a time, and it was still on Medium charge). One annoying this is how the watch seems to push it's own barometer button... haha. Idk how I keep pushing it. But seems like every time I look at the watch it's on barometric pressure.

Lots and lots of tools in a small package
Looks cool ... ?

None noted
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on January 15, 2017
paint not held up, so it shows pretty beat up cosmetically and quickly. i thot buying premium titanium version would help hold up but it doesn't. hate that it never is never homed to home screen, always have to switch screens. hate that it's so big, can't ever fit under shirt sleeve. Find I have to take it off all the time for computer/typing work, but that would be the case with any watch. it's generally very comfy and non-irritating when wearing, so long as your sleeves are loose. i have to remember where light switch is and light doesn't turn on long... only about a second, not very long at all. otherwise fine and it's a good watch. i rely on it a lot. i love the compass feature and use it a lot when in new places and need to get bearings. i love the time auto sync feature so time is always set to atomic clocks. i do use the dual time zones at times too. i love checking out the moon phases and tide charts when fishing and many times the barometric pressure guage too. temp is not so usable... temp will register more to your body temp if not set in the water or on a rock or something for a long time. I think when timing lake temps/fishing it took about 15 mins as I remember to get a final static reading, which seemed too long when sitting on cold rocks in the wind just waiting on a temp. i'm not a climber/hiker much so only used the altimeter a few times but did find it of of use when hiking or climbing stairs or just monitoring it other times. i do like the look and feel of the watch and i use it and rely on it daily, even if just for time. i've had it submerged/underwater/wet many times no issues.

update after about 2-3 years 6/2017. this is still my main watch, and it's comfy and lightweight. the bezel has shown 'rugged' wear and chipping. unless you really take the time to learn the buttons for the functions, it's not intuitively useful 'on demand' except in a few cases other than time, i find the compass incredibly useful to get my bearings when traveling though. the alarm is not loud and i wouldn't rely on it. i hate the light which goes off right away, doesn't stay on at all when you are trying to work with the d*mn watch in the dark. . you can pretty much forget about tides and trying to correlate those with coastal fishing and solunar periods--there is just too much variability here for a watch. i don't hike much but the limited testing and use of the altimeter has put me way off at times so i've not found much use for it anyways except play. the barometer is nice although it seems to jump around a lot. i still try to correlate it with fishing though and it seems useful although i really worry about accuracy. moon phases are interesting but not as useful as accurate tides would be to me on a watch. at least i don't have to charge it and pay for batteries and it auto-syncs to atomic clock time. so it's been really nice in convenience in that regard. i'm keeping my 4 star status... it has a lot of complexity and isn't as usable as i would have liked and doesn't show like a high end watch, but is still functional in a lot of ways and very useful.
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