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on June 10, 2013
Although an incredibly advanced piece of instrumentation at the end of the day it is still a watch and one requirement of being a watch is that it keeps consistently accurate time, since this watch has a 6-band atomic receiver it does just that as long as it is capable of receiving the calibration signal. I am physically located two hours from the east coast and have experience some difficulty with "manually" receiving the signal during the daytime but the watch easily synchronizes after midnight every night as long as I place the watch near a window. I have owned other triple sensors (older models), Suunto Vector & Core, Citizen, and other "ABC" watches but I have to say that I am most satisfied with the PRW-2500 for several reasons. First if you plan to use ANY "sensor" watch for accurate navigation, weather prediction, or environmental awareness be very prepared to be disappointed. ABC watches are NOT precision instruments to be used in that capacity but they are designed to provide the user consistent approximations of those features so equipped. I have found the ABC sensors on this particular watch to be very accurate, of particular note is the compass and baro, including thermometer. Reading other reviews several customers remark that the thermometer is not accurate while attached to the users arm...all I can say is "DUH"! It takes this watch approximately 20 minutes to acclimate itself (while removed from the users wrist) to the ambient temperature and provide the user with a very accurate temperature. The baro measures in both Hecto-Pascals and inches of mercury depending on user selection, both readings have been extremely accurate; it also provides a trend graphic on the home screen and provides "extreme" baro indicators for a rapidly falling/rising baro should the situation arise. The altimeter feature is where most folks get hung-up despite the model of watch and it's simply because their expectations are too high. ABC watch altimeters all require you to set the reference altitude because the sensor works off of barometric pressure, so if the pressure changes frequently due to weather variations then your altimeter is also going to change despite whether or not you changed geographic locations. This particular watch measures altitude in 20 foot increments, which makes this watch altimeter unique by today's standards as most log in 10 foot increments (you do have the ability to choose metric measurement if desired). I have found the altimeter to be very accurate for my purposes as long as the reference altitude is set before beginning my hike. If your preference is for a more accurate altimeter feature and you are willing to sacrifice many other great features you may want to look at the Suunto Core since it uses independent sensors for the baro and altimeter allowing it to be more precise and measure in shorter increments allowing for a better "fix" for those navigating by topographic maps. As it pertains to the PRW-2500 besides the world time feature (48 cities), five daily alarms (with a no kidding working alarm), stopwatch to 1/100th second, and countdown timer this watch also provides moon phase and tide prediction. Keep in mind that the user must set the "home city" in order for the watch to calculate the tides and it is just that, a calculation and I suspect depending on where you are located on the globe that the reading could be relatively inaccurate but where I live it is actually very, very accurate and I am located 10 hours from my programmed home city. The moon phase reading appears to be on the mark when I compare the watch reading with several websites, it also shows the "age" of the moon phase when selecting the "tide" screen. The EL backlight works great and is adjustable for a 1.5S or 3S duration, this watch also has the "wrist tilt" illumination option where the user can set the light to automatically illuminate when the user tilts their wrist towards them. The only options that would make this watch absolutely complete for the outdoorsman or military person would be to incorporate sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset times, but that is a feature of another Casio watch but then that chronometer doesn't have tides and moon phase.
Other features include a rotating bezel that appears to be machined from aluminum and etched with cardinal directions and basic bearing degrees, a latex/PVC wrist band with etched aluminum emblems on both sides of the watch face (purely for aesthetics), it also has a band retainer located at the end of the tag end of the wrist band -- this prevents the band from constantly coming undone from the band keep. This watch has a stainless steel back and a brushed metal hasp for retention. Because this watch is solar it doesn't have a need for battery replacement but should the battery eventually not hold a charge it is user replaceable by removing the back (however, removal of the back by the user could void the 20 bar water resistant feature of this watch). Four stars only because it doesn't have the sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset feature integrated into an already feature packed watch. OBTW, for those concerned about the 51mm size of the watch face I can tell you that it is actually average in size for an ABC watch and fits nicely under a long sleeved shirt, other triple sensors I have owned were much thicker with a larger circumference.
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on December 2, 2014
Absolutely fabulous watch to own. Though I'm in Pakistan, No atomic timekeeping here but many other neat features to fiddle around. Definitely a watch for 10 years down the line.
Note to Amazon, change the product picture as its not doing justice to the watch.
review image review image review image review image
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on July 3, 2016
It took me a couple of days to figure out all the settings and get the watch to hook into the atomic clock in Fort Collins, CO, but now that I understand how to access all of the features, I am very pleased with the watch. I enjoy collecting watches, ranging from Casio and Citizen, to Breitling and Rolex watches.

The features and build quality of this Casio PRW-2500R-1CR Pro Trek are excellent and I am sure that this will be one of the main watches that I wear on a daily basis. It is very comfortable to wear, it is a good size and it has great features that are easily accessed with the dedicated function buttons.
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on August 27, 2017
When I first open it was in a beautiful box but being it solar power it read M power level so I lay watch by Window fro sunrise to sunset for two day to bump it up to H level because my short shirt every day active just keep the level the way I got it. Being made stainless and titanium it feel very lite guess it being ditigal adds to weight. Nice that when I sleep or try to it pickup Colo signal and keep watch up to date/time. I mothball a lot of watch's for being off time. Great for my kayak outing! Being that water and electronic don't mix plus my content changing of battery my be the one to buy the farm. For some reason the battery go to soon back to this watch note if going to remove links on watch leave it to the pro's. Getting a tool that you will only use once to hook to washers the size if a pencil mark is not my ideas of fun or saving anything should of seen her drop it on the floor and find it that ocean of floor then not have the hebees. Also keep and read the manual it one of does were you press and hold while stand on one leg ofter a blue moon deals. Get what mean!?!
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on February 29, 2016
This watch is the perfect addition to my bug-out bag, only it stays on my wrist. Other reviewers have noted that it does get scuffed a bit easily, but when it comes to functionality this thing is rock solid! I'm still learning all of the features but the compass, altimeter, world time and stopwatch all work flawlessly. Ditto for the moon phases and tide info. The more you use the features on this watch the easier it gets. It *does* take a little while in direct sunlight to charge to full power but once it does it stays that way for a while. I charged it in about an hour of sunlight 2 days ago and it is still reading as fully charged.

The only drawback so far is when I took it in to get some links in the wristband taken out; the 3/4" thick instruction manual neglected to mention that there is a little sleeve around the link pins that needs to be installed before re-installing the link, otherwise the link pin will randomly shoot off and your watch will fall off of your wrist. Luckily there are a few videos on YouTube that deal with this problem, but it would be good of Casio to at least mention this before you have to take the watch in to a jeweler.
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on February 11, 2015
Great Price!! Fast shipping. I purchased the original Pathfinder several years ago. The original had a plastic case and band. The new model. 2500T, has a titanium band, resin case, and a redesigned face and readout. The bezel is adjustable for directions. The 2500T has what the
old model had, with the addition of high-low tides and moon phases.

The new model is more user friendly, and easier to find and set controls. Out of the box, the watch was set to European standards; meters
instead of feet, Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, etc. but was changed back to American standards without a problem. I took 2 links out of the
band for a perfect fit. A word of caution: Before you replace the link pins, give them a SLIGHT bend before reassembly. I gave my band a tap
on the desk after assembly, and the pins fell out. (slight bend will give the pins a compression fit). If not done, the pins may fall out, resulting in
your new watch falling off! If unsure, take the watch to a jeweler to re-size the band.

Out of the box, the battery indicator indicated the watch was fully charged (H - for high). A day later the indicator read (M - medium charge).
Instructions indicate the watch must be in the sun for several days to achieve a full charge (H). Although it is said "real men don't read instructions", don't believe it. Without the instructions, you can go back to using a sundial.
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on May 4, 2015
I thought my eco-drive citizen watch had died on me, so I started looking for a watch that pretty much did everything I want. I plan on living on a sailboat and sailing the high seas, so I wanted the perfect sailor watch. This provides everything from a tidal graph/moon graph to the handy compass. I love the fact I can detect the temperature of my living space. To me, this is literally the perfect watch and I hope Casio continues to make a similar model in the coming years, just in case this one dies. I've had this watch for a short week, but it seems to be functioning well. I have not detected any flaws, except for a minor cosmetic issue (tiny chip in the paint - the compass ring).
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on January 4, 2015
I purchased this watch to replace an older Pathfinder that finally quit working after ~ 10 years. It performed very well during this time with the only
issue being the difficulty of keeping the watch charged during the long dark winter days. So far this watch is functioning as well. My only disappointment with this watch is the size of the numerals in the time display. I had originally purchased the first because of the face and size of the numerals making easier to read especially at night without my glasses. These numerals are smaller on this watch, but that is not a deal breaker for
me. The metal band is much better than the resin band of the older watch.If you purchase this watch, I am reasonably sure you will have change the band size as I have fairly large wrists and I had to remove 2 links to get the proper fit. You will find this website very helpful and I used a paper clip in place of the screwdriver. http://casio-watch-straps.co.uk/Casio_Watch_Bracelet_Link_Removal.shtml
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on September 7, 2017
PLS be honest when you write a comment.
Package arrived with a rock in it and there was no protection around the watch box.
Watch was perfectly fine but way bulkier than i imagined.
Buttons are hard to press and menu is slow.There is no way i can workout with this Monster. It is light but lethal band is noisy.
I read so many reviews about this item but i was highly disappointed the look and feel of the item.
I will be returning the watch back and will keep searching.GOOD LUCK
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on August 26, 2017
Well. As much as I hated to do it, this watch is on its way back to Amazon for return and refund.
I was so anxious to get it and thrilled with all the features until I came to the alarm function.
I own several Pathfinders and am pleased with all of them but decided to treat myself and trade up to the "flagship", (their word, not mine), Pro Trek PRW-2500T-7CR.
After several days of putting it through its paces, I was extremely pleased with all the functions I went through, the last, being the alarm function.
That's when my critique went South.
I set the 5 alarms at one-minute intervals. When the first one went off, I thought I set it incorrectly because I didn't hear anything.
Then number 2 went off and I still couldn't hear anything so I held the watch to my ear for number 3 and that's when I heard the softest beep.
Needless to say, numbers four and five produced the same result leaving me dumbfounded.
Convinced my watch was defective, I called Casio High Tech Support only to be told the alarm sound is a factory set default that cannot be changed.
In other words, 'deal with it'.
Now, I'm a Senior who has learned almost nothing is ever perfect, and sometimes you need to lower your standards.
But, believe me, when I tell you, with this watch on your wrist, when the alarm goes off, should you be engaged in any of life's daily activities:
having a conversation.
watching TV.
talking to someone in a coffee shop.
going for a walk, you get the idea.
You won't hear a thing.
I'm sorry, for a $400.00 retail watch with a totally inaudible alarm function, color me stupid if I make a concession of that magnitude.
I take meds several times a day and the alarms are what stand between me and missing a dose.
How Casio can produce a watch with so many desirable functions and fall flat on an important one is beyond me.
My Pathfinder PAG40 has an alarm you can hear two rooms away.
Well, as the saying goes, 'Caveat Emptor'.
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