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on August 26, 2017
Well. As much as I hated to do it, this watch is on its way back to Amazon for return and refund.
I was so anxious to get it and thrilled with all the features until I came to the alarm function.
I own several Pathfinders and am pleased with all of them but decided to treat myself and trade up to the "flagship", (their word, not mine), Pro Trek PRW-2500T-7CR.
After several days of putting it through its paces, I was extremely pleased with all the functions I went through, the last, being the alarm function.
That's when my critique went South.
I set the 5 alarms at one-minute intervals. When the first one went off, I thought I set it incorrectly because I didn't hear anything.
Then number 2 went off and I still couldn't hear anything so I held the watch to my ear for number 3 and that's when I heard the softest beep.
Needless to say, numbers four and five produced the same result leaving me dumbfounded.
Convinced my watch was defective, I called Casio High Tech Support only to be told the alarm sound is a factory set default that cannot be changed.
In other words, 'deal with it'.
Now, I'm a Senior who has learned almost nothing is ever perfect, and sometimes you need to lower your standards.
But, believe me, when I tell you, with this watch on your wrist, when the alarm goes off, should you be engaged in any of life's daily activities:
having a conversation.
watching TV.
talking to someone in a coffee shop.
going for a walk, you get the idea.
You won't hear a thing.
I'm sorry, for a $400.00 retail watch with a totally inaudible alarm function, color me stupid if I make a concession of that magnitude.
I take meds several times a day and the alarms are what stand between me and missing a dose.
How Casio can produce a watch with so many desirable functions and fall flat on an important one is beyond me.
My Pathfinder PAG40 has an alarm you can hear two rooms away.
Well, as the saying goes, 'Caveat Emptor'.
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on April 25, 2017
This is a nice watch. It is a little large on the wrist but it is not heavy. It feels nice on the wrist and I don't notice the size. I bought this for the weather features, compass, and solar charging. The watch had tons of features and I still have not mastered all of them in four days I have had it. There are lots of YouTube videos on the features and my watch DOES work as described in the manual.

Temperature is inaccurate and you must remove it for 20-30 minutes for a true reading. So that is worthless.

The altimeter can't be trusted. You must manually calibrate this feature often. It is tied to the barometer and after a day of unchanged altitude my watch went from 620 ft to 840 ft. (The watch isn't broken, it says this will happen with the temp and altimeter in the manual. I also have another Casio with the altimeter function and it displays the exact same inaccurate altimeter readings)

When changing out the watch band links be very careful. There is a tiny internal sleeve that lives in the center of the link. It is very easy to lose and if you drop it the odds of finding it are extremely low. Once that sleeve is gone, that link is unusable.
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on January 15, 2017
paint not held up, so it shows pretty beat up cosmetically and quickly. i thot buying premium titanium version would help hold up but it doesn't. hate that it never is never homed to home screen, always have to switch screens. hate that it's so big, can't ever fit under shirt sleeve. Find I have to take it off all the time for computer/typing work, but that would be the case with any watch. it's generally very comfy and non-irritating when wearing, so long as your sleeves are loose. i have to remember where light switch is and light doesn't turn on long... only about a second, not very long at all. otherwise fine and it's a good watch. i rely on it a lot. i love the compass feature and use it a lot when in new places and need to get bearings. i love the time auto sync feature so time is always set to atomic clocks. i do use the dual time zones at times too. i love checking out the moon phases and tide charts when fishing and many times the barometric pressure guage too. temp is not so usable... temp will register more to your body temp if not set in the water or on a rock or something for a long time. I think when timing lake temps/fishing it took about 15 mins as I remember to get a final static reading, which seemed too long when sitting on cold rocks in the wind just waiting on a temp. i'm not a climber/hiker much so only used the altimeter a few times but did find it of of use when hiking or climbing stairs or just monitoring it other times. i do like the look and feel of the watch and i use it and rely on it daily, even if just for time. i've had it submerged/underwater/wet many times no issues.

update after about 2-3 years 6/2017. this is still my main watch, and it's comfy and lightweight. the bezel has shown 'rugged' wear and chipping. unless you really take the time to learn the buttons for the functions, it's not intuitively useful 'on demand' except in a few cases other than time, i find the compass incredibly useful to get my bearings when traveling though. the alarm is not loud and i wouldn't rely on it. i hate the light which goes off right away, doesn't stay on at all when you are trying to work with the d*mn watch in the dark. . you can pretty much forget about tides and trying to correlate those with coastal fishing and solunar periods--there is just too much variability here for a watch. i don't hike much but the limited testing and use of the altimeter has put me way off at times so i've not found much use for it anyways except play. the barometer is nice although it seems to jump around a lot. i still try to correlate it with fishing though and it seems useful although i really worry about accuracy. moon phases are interesting but not as useful as accurate tides would be to me on a watch. at least i don't have to charge it and pay for batteries and it auto-syncs to atomic clock time. so it's been really nice in convenience in that regard. i'm keeping my 4 star status... it has a lot of complexity and isn't as usable as i would have liked and doesn't show like a high end watch, but is still functional in a lot of ways and very useful.
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on December 10, 2011
Over the years I have owned a number of Casio watches, and all did everything they were advertised to do. This one disappointed me at first, and I almost returned it. Then I read the instruction manual, and discovered that the atomic signal reception works best at night! I had always taken this feature of atomic watches for granted. I assumed that one could do a manual time calibration anytime. Not so. After making this discovery, I tried to do daytime syncs with a number of atomic watches, and they all struggle to connect with Fort Collins until after dark. Once I understood how this technology works, I found that this Casio too does exactly what it is supposed to do.

This is a large but sturdy watch. It isn't for a small person, but it isn't so bulky that it is unsuitable for most men. I own an older PAW 1500 7T, which is very similar in features and size. I honestly don't see a host of improvements over the older PAW 1500, other than the dual display--which adds a little functionality, but not enough to make this a revolutionary upgrade; both are great watches
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on December 27, 2013
The watch is pretty big on my wrist - bigger than I was expecting from the pictures. The sensors on mine works just fine but there is some silliness to it. This should be expected -> The temperature reading is affected by body temperature, so to get an ambient temp reading you have to remove the watch and put it in the environment you want to measure for 20 to 30 minutes. Why not just pick up your smart phone an get the accurate local current weather and forecast. What about the barometer and altimeter -> Well if you think of a hot air balloon you realize temperature has a huge impact on air density and on instruments that measure air density like a barometer or altimeter. (Barometric air pressure drops about 1 inch of mercury per 1000 feet of altitude as you go up in altitude. And temperature has a big affect on air density too, so in aviation there is a concept of density altitude where on hot days you compare the density of a hot day atmosphere (say 100 degrees F) to a standard atmosphere day (say 59 degrees F at sea level) and you see the air is less dense and you have to accelerate to a much faster speed to take off on a hot day. The acceleration to a faster speed uses up more runway length so you have to check if you have enough runway to takeoff at all.
So how does all this affect the watch -> If you take the watch off your wrist where it was at a temp of ~83 degrees F and move it to an ambient temp environment with different temp it is also going to experience an air density change and think it has changed altitude and barometric pressure as well. So this is how I use my watch -> I don't use it to measure temps - I just leave it on my wrist so I don't expose it to the air density changes it experiences off my wrist. Then I use it to see relative changes in barometric pressure and altitude. For the barometer I watch the trend - for centuries the barometer, all by itself, has been a break through weather predicting instrument. If I am a sailor and I see the baro take a pretty fast dip I know a storm is brewing and I need to respect that and take appropriate action, etc. For the altimeter, when I go bicycling, I like to see how much relative change (going up hill and down) I have made - I know (or look up) the MSL elevation of the places I start from, and I set the watch on my wrist to the start elevation. Now I can watch pretty good relative changes in elevation I achieve going up an down hill for me as a cyclist. I like the quick reference for the moon phase and the tides as well. Like my old Red-Rider BB gun I also enjoy the compass in the stock - it works and I actually use it.
The watch is tough - I was about half way through working under on my wife's car putting on a receiver hitch for a bike rack before I realized I still had my watch on and was banging it around on stuff under the car. It didn't get scratched or damaged but it is not a hammer.
The atomic time setting works well. We live in the SE in GA far away from WWVB in Colorado. The signal strength meter in the watch works well to find a place to put the watch where it can receive the weak WWVB signal and set itself to the Bureau of Standards atomic time keeping. Mine sets every night to WWVB, and its pretty neat to have dead nuts accurate time right on your wrist.
So in summary - I'm a geek, and - besides real accurate time of day - the watch gives good relative readings of baro trend, altitude, moon phase, tides, and compass and it's size and impressiveness compensates well for any other personal deficiencies I may have. I really enjoy the thing, but it you want quick or accurate data (other than time of day) - pickup your smart phone.
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on June 27, 2015
Spent a long time looking at different watches of this type and finally settled on this one. Haven't had it long enough to vouch for its durability but so far so good! Looks better in person than it does in pictures. Very lightweight and comfortable. Yes it's big, but if you are going for a watch with these features in this price range, it is to be expected. I have small wrists so it dominates my forearm, but I like it. Makes me feel like I have a real Pipboy from Fallout haha!
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on January 21, 2015
I'm a fan of Casio "G-Shock" watches, and have 4 others that are still fully operational after decades of use. While this watch is not advertised as a G-Shock, it has most of the attributes of the G-Shock series, like a "water resistance" rating of 660 feet/200 meters. aka: Water PROOF!

This watch has all the important functions I had asked Santa for: Solar powered --- Atomic clock synchronized --- Compass --- Altimeter, & as a cool bonus, most of the metal parts are titanium & aluminum. When I show it off to my friends, they immediately take note on how light it is, as it is a pretty large watch.

It is also advertised to have barometric and temperature readouts. These are functions I couldn't care less about, but they're available. To get an accurate temperature reading, you would have to take the watch off, and set it somewhere in the shade, and wait several minutes for the watch readout to stabilize. I can usually tell when I feel too hot, or too cold without the watch. Who cares about barometric pressure? Just give me the altitude -- uses the same sensor.

One note about the altitude function. This watch has a BAROMETRIC altimeter. I've been looking at a lot of watch & GPS ads in the past couple of months. I notice a lot of the ads for watches & GPS units state the "barometric altimeter PINPOINTS your PRECISE altitude," or some statement indicating how the barometric altimeter is for altitude accuracy. The only accurate altimeter is a unit that uses the satellite signal to calculate the altitude. My Magellan driving GPS has an altitude readout (non-barometric) and it's always within 10'-15' of being right on. Like when I drive over a mountain summit, and compare the altitudes. I set this watch at the coffee table Monday, for 420' which is correct for that location. Then next day, 24 hours later, I took another reading that stated we were 140' below sea level. This is normal due to changing barometric pressure in the area, and the watch has a graph showing the barometric pressure trend. Keep in mind that you will have to set the watch to the correct altitude almost hourly if you want to maintain altitude accuracy. I have not had a chance to drive over a pass with this watch yet to see if it tracks accurately, or just drive in the mountains, and compare it with my Magellan GPS for accuracy, but will update this review when I do.

Overall, I think this is a great watch and would recommend it to everyone. Plus, somehow I saved about $10 when I bought it. When I first viewed it, the price was $256. After my Internet research was done, and I made the decision to go with this one, it was $246 when I placed the order. Now, I see it is back to $256. Go figure? Sometimes it pays to procrastinate! Thanx.

02-27-2015 Those dirty buggers! Now I see it's price dropped to $219.99! Best I've seen so far, you might want to grab it.
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on October 16, 2014
This was an impulse buy. I prefer auto chronographs, but couldn't pass up all of the features of this watch at the bargain prices being offered. It was a good call. The titanium is surprisingly light and comfortable. The various features are fascinating and fun. I'm not sure I need most of them, but they are nice to have. The solar/atomic clock aspects are nice too. Usability is not extremely intuitive, but it's normal to have to trade off usability for functionality - the more bells and whistles, the harder it is to figure out.
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on February 3, 2015
Large, light weight, multifunctional. Band a bit perplexing at first, but a number of videos and articles are available to guide sizing it. Confusion about altitude in other reviews reflective of not reading the manual and understanding the relationship between altitude measurement and barometric pressure. Once that relatinship is understood, it is easy to get a relatively accurate altitude reading. Overall, a great watch.
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on January 27, 2015
I've been waiting for a watch like this for a while. It has a lot of features that I use daily and some I just enjoy having. Everything works as advertised, and I'm very pleased with this product. I don't mind that the watch body is resin except that it holds heat, making the thermometer less reliable when just going outside. Other than that, no issues. Works great.
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