Customer Reviews: Casio Men's SGW100-1V Twin Sensor Digital Black Watch
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on April 20, 2012
I bought this watch in November of '09 right before deploying to Afghanistan because I 'just needed a beater watch.' Well, inexpensive it is but a beater it is not. I wore it the enitre twelve months, depending on its alarm(s), high vis light to see the time at night, and ease of use. I've banged it around constantly inside helicopters (my cockpit is SMALL) and humvees. There are no discernable scratches. I'm wearing it today to the beach, mid April of 2012, and I have not had to change the battery EVER. The watch keeps GPS time like it talks to the satellites itself. For the fifty or so bucks that I spent on this, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat due to its rugged performance and utter reliability.
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on December 9, 2008
This is a great watch. About accuracy: After performing the compass calibration, I can say it is fairly accurate. I always get acceptable direction of where the north should be. Temperature is also accurate but it is true, you need to take off the watch for about 10 to 15 min to get a good reading. If not, then you get a constant 31 degrees.
About size, I think it does has a very good size, big numbers, clear display and very nice to press buttons.
Band is resin.
I gave 4 stars because I think alarm is dim but that is just a personal point of view.
Very nice to use. In all, I am happy with my purchase.

Update dic 21 08: Yes, time is display normally in the central area of the screen, where the 330° is shown on picture. This picture here in amazon shows the compass mode. I have added some images for size and display info.
review image review image
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on February 5, 2010
I ordered this watch for my 20th birthday, and it's been 11 days that I've worn it so far. I love it. Here's my review:

Casio's SGW100-1V (Sports Gear Watch 100-1V), offers an above-average set of capabilities for its price range. I bought this watch for its high water resistance, sleek-rugged design, its 10yr. non-solar battery, and water-blue accents on the face. Also, it just looks sexy in person. I can never stop staring at it.

The Watch band is made of a sturdy, pliable, resin in Black color, fits snugly around the wrist and is comfortable to wear. Usually, I wear my watch bands all the way to the bottom of the wrist, but the face of the watch is almost two inches and there is some restriction with the dial when I move my hand up and down. So I had to wear this a little above where I like to have my watches. However, because the watch doesn't move around, it can stay there all the time without re-adjusting at all. It looks a lot better there anyway.

The Dial or Watch face is slim, but pretty wide across. The case is 1.87 inches in diameter and 1.32 centimeters (or about a 1/2 inch) thick. It might sound big, but it's really slim to wear. It doesn't look bulky like the G-shocks, but it's got the same rugged accents to go with it. Six top dial screws add durability, protection, and an asthetic element to the face. The watch is extremely easy to read while wet or dry, thanks to its clear display and face size. The numbers and letterings are crisp and clear in any light. The dial also has a teal colored backlight that illuminates the digits and characters only, instead of the whole face, which makes identification easy on the eyes at night. Don't expect to use the light in place of a flashlight though, because it lights for approximately one second (timed using the watch) and is not bright enough for anything else. Also, the light is electro-luminescent and its power and duration will diminish when the battery becomes too low signaling that it's time to replace.

The watch's main features include the "Twin Sensor", compass-thermometer device functions. Readings are displayed digitally as an arrow and degree for direction and degrees in F or C for temerature. They last for 10 seconds before going blank and returning to the Timekeeping Mode by default.

Neither of the two sensors are as accurate as their authentic instruments. The Twin Sensor does give average, general readings. However, that is to be expected given that the watch is to be worn and not always situated perfectly horizontal. The instruction manual does provide that "The measurement functions built into this watch are not intended for use in taking measurements that require professional or industrial precision." Some drawbacks in calibration include that the compass be re-calibrated every 3 months for accuracy (reccomended) and that the watch must sit for 30 minutes when being re-calibrated for temperature to acclamate to the surrounding air. It takes readings while on the wrist though, so I don't know what people are saying about taking the watch off every time to measure temperature or direction. It works on the wrist.

What I like about the watch though is the 200M water resistance. Standard Casio depth. Not that I'm going to be going that far down, but it's a nice ensurance.

Without hard suits or sub-marine vehicles, a safe diving limit for humans is around 100ft. 200M and below, being the hazardous limit. So, as with the Casio G-shocks, where the watch will survive as much G's (acceleration due to gravity) taken as the human body can accept, Casio also provides the deepest limit the human body can safely endure under pressure of water.

Like all of the other Casio wathces, it's got the basic setup of funtionalities for Local Time, Date/Day, World Time, Stopwatch, Timer, and an Alarm which boasts a set of four different alarms, an hourly alarm setting, and an optional snooze timer. You have the adjustment button on the top left, Light buttion on the top right, Mode on bottom-left, and Comp (computer for compass and thermometer readings) on the bottom right.

So for under 50 bucks, the Casio SGW100-1V offers a variety of funtionality, a solid construction, and clean design elements. The watch is perfect for surfing. It's not heavy, but light on the hand and easy-to-read, good solid watch. Just be sure to replace the battery. As with all watches, it's reccomended that you know what you're getting to get the most for your money. With this watch, I got all I wanted/needed, so that's why I rated 5/5 stars. Thanks for reading, hope this helps.
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on December 27, 2008
I was looking for a watch with a compass built into it to use when on holiday in strange cities so that I could get oriented after getting out of subways, etc. This was the least expensive of the bunch. It works great and has helped me to navigate home from the pub already! If you don't need an altimeter or anything like that it serves the purpose.
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on March 15, 2010
Other reviews of this watch sold by other sellers will tell you that the compass in inacurate, and that the termometer does not work correctly. These simply are not true. This is a great watch. The only catch to getting the compass to work properly is that it must be held level when taking a compass reading, and it must be recalibrated every 100 days. There are multiple ways to recalibrate the compass, but all work accurately.

The only problem with the termometer is the proximity of the sensor to the wearers skin. The heat given off by your body affects the relative temperature detected by the sensor. But it is possible ot compensate for this. The instruction book gives instructions on how to do this.

Please do not be deceived if you are looking for a larger than normal watch, as I was. This is an average sized watch, with an average sized band. I have a large diameter wrist, and was looking for a watch that had the functions I wanted as well as something that didn't look small on my arm.

But the functionality of this watch is too good to let size be a factor. I have gone hiking with the compass a number of times, and have found my way out every time. After recalibrating the thermometer, the temperature is accurate to within five degrees, provided it has been exposed to air for at least ten minutes. In other words, don't expect to be able to take it out of your pocket and get an instant, accurate reading. You can't even do that with a normal thermometer.

Seller was a super fast shipper, I bought it on Friday and received it on Monday, faster than anticipated. If you are looking for a good watch from a reliable seller, buy it. You will not be disappointed.
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on July 15, 2009
Well the watch is accurate. Fairly simple to use. Very visible in all lighting conditions.

The compass is fairly accurate, but only stay's active for a short period of time (a few seconds) before it goes away. It would be nice to stay in that mode for a longer period of time.

The band is not that comfortable and is what I'd expect on a watch that costs less than $20, not what I expect from a watch costing around $50.
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on February 21, 2011
I have owned the Timex Ironman since the day it first came out, and when my strap broke (again) I started looking for another brand. I felt the reviews of the Casio Twin were positive, so I bought it. I'm not sorry, but would like to compare the Timex Ironman to the Twin Sensor. See my one photo to compare the faces of the two watches, the biggest difference. Clearly the Casio has more features, and I found both the compass and the thermometer worked well. The thermometer only works accurately off the wrist however; no big deal. Hang it on your backpack, or inside your tent or camper to get a good reading. Both watches tell solid time, and have similar features, so any buyer can decide. However, the Timex has a bigger face and is easier to read both head on and from an angle. The Casio doesn't read well at an angle, a slight inconvenience. With my Ironman I daily used my light as a mini flashlight when I wake up in the night to use the bathroom. In a dark setting, it gives off enough light to see outlines of objects, and has prevented many a bump I'm sure. So does the Casio, although it's light only illuminates a brief time; I'd say half the time of the Ironman. Again, no big deal, but it would be nice if Casio allowed some adjustment of the time the light stays on. As for looks, I'd give the edge to Casio, but that's subjective. Hope this helps.
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இ Fuzzy Wuzzy's Summary:
ѾѾѾѾѾ Highly recommended with warm fuzzies!

I mainly bought this watch for use as a water-resistant basic time and compass watch while hiking in the mountains and going on walking tours in foreign cities while traveling. And for those purposes, it is great watch *** for the price ***. Yes, you can get better watches with more features such as altimeter and barometer readings in the $100-$200 price range if you need to have those options. After calibration, the compass reading is quite accurate. The temperature readings are only accurate if you take the watch off of your wrist or else it is affected by the heat emanating from your wrist. But for my purposes, I usually do not care about what the exact temperature is, only if I feel the subjective need to add or remove a layer of clothing :-) All displays have excellent legibility.
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on November 26, 2010
I used this watch to navigate through desert scrub and after two miles, came in just 100 feet off the target. The compass is very good. I have it strapped to my backpack chest straps, so the temperature is accurate and the large numbers are easy to read.

It gets 4 stars as the alarm is quiet and only goes off for about 10 seconds then stops. The original G-Shock alarm was loud and would sound for 60 seconds.
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on January 12, 2013
I bought this watch to use as a diving timer. I have taken it on 50+ dives to depths of 100+ ft with no issues. Nice big display that is easy to see in and out of the water. I have since gotten a dive computer, but still use this watch while I'm at work on the ship. I use the alarms, multiple time zones, and timer. It is a great watch especially for the price. the only thing that i would change about it is that the illumination light only stays on for about 1 second. it would be nice if it were longer especially for dives. otherwise, it is the perfect watch! extremely happy with it and i would definitely buy it again.
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