Customer Reviews: Casio Women's STR300 Runner Eco Friendly Digital Watch
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on December 5, 2011
I wanted several features in a watch:
->Countdown timer
->easy to read numbers w/o my readers
->water proof/resistant for swimming
-> under $50

This watch met all of my requirements and then some. I uses the countdown timer to make sure that I don't sit at my desk too long. I like that it is very easy and intuitive to set and has the automatic repeat option so I don't wait to start it again - much better for my productivity. The stopwatch is good, but I agree with the other review saying it would be nice to have the buttons on the side. I keep inadvertently hitting the lap button.

I've only had to go back to the instructions 2x. for a sports watch, of which I have had many, this is very intuitive.
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on May 19, 2014
I lose my head when I forget my watch at home before work because I use the timer everyday. Its convenient and easy to use, especially when timing my swimmers. I also use the count-down-timer quite frequently, mostly for timing when my tea is done steeping. I'm a woman and I have a really small wrist (6" circumference) and its not overwhelming like some full sized watches, I do wear it on the first clasp hole though.
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on December 16, 2012
I've had this watch for around 5-6 months. My previous watch, a Timex, lasted a few years but eventually died due to water seal failure. I can't yet comment on the long-term durability of this watch as I haven't used it much in water/outdoors. Anyway, here's the rundown:


- Very cool, perhaps even futuristic-looking body and digits. Main reason why I bought it and I'm satisfied with it.
- Color is nice and looks almost identical to the picture, although the strap is slightly darker than shown.
- Strap is hard but not stiff. It takes a little getting used to and if worn super tight the buckle will bite into skin. So I wear it looser, and it doesn't usually slip.
- This is a small watch. Both the strap and face are small. I have a thin wrist so it fits me fine but adults with thicker wrists will have trouble keeping it on.
- Button placement is unconventional but I like it. My gripe with the buttons in that the top and bottom buttons -- start/stop and lap, respectively -- are difficult to push. These are used for other functions, namely cycling through hour/minute so it can be frustrating when setting alarms and such.
- The light is possibly my biggest gripe with the watch, second only to the buttons. It's an okay light -- kind of greenish -- but lasts for just two seconds... what!? Massive inconvenience when trying to set up a stopwatch or timer in a dark area. This would not be a good watch to get if you expect to use it in dark locations often.
- Good water-resistance, although testing was limited.


- The watch display is broken into three compartments, designated by two horizontal blue lines. Check out the picture to see what I'm talking about. What this means is that features are displayed in the top two compartments and the time is displayed in the bottom compartment. This is GREAT. So I can be setting my alarm and still know what the current time is. The only section the "universal time" is not displayed is when I'm flipping through pace records (see below).
- There are six "sections," if you will. Sections can be navigated by pressing the bottom left button and a beep is heard. When I finish cycling through, a beep of a higher pitch is heard to signify that I've reached the first section. This is a great, subtle feature.
- Sections are (in order): Time/Date/Year, Stopwatch, Records, Timer, Alarm, Time (same as first but no date/year)
--- Time/Date/Year: What you'd expect. Watch supports both 12-hour and 24-hour. No apparent support for multiple clocks, which is kind of irritating but not a big deal.
--- Stopwatch: Noticeable beeps for starting (three fast beeps) and stopping (one long beep) which is nice. There's some kind of lap feature but I haven't used it much.
--- Records: I haven't used this at all. I'm not a runner. :) Looks like it saves Stopwatch history and orders it by date. It appears to store a lot of records (28 at least).
--- Timer: Your typical timer except seconds can't be set, gah! This is a bizarre and annoying restriction. Other than that the timer is fine.
--- Alarm: There are five alarms, which is great. When an alarm is activated a little icon is displayed all throughout the watch. The first (and only first) alarm appears to have a snooze setting, but I haven't used it. The alarm sound is a simple beep rhythm: 2 beeps, pause, 2 beeps, pause, etc. When I had it on while I slept I had trouble hearing it. It's loud enough to be heard normally but it was too quiet when under covers. That was easily fixed when I placed it on a counter beside my bed. My only complaint here is that the alarm lasts for a measly ten seconds.
--- Time: Looks like this is just a cosmetic feature for those who don't want a crowded display. Personally I think it's silly.

Outstanding Pros

- Slick appearance, color; neat button placement.
- Time is always visible when browsing through watch.
- Stopwatch/records could prove useful if I ever take up running. ;)
- Beeps are intelligently designed.
- Lots of alarms.

Outstanding Cons

- Top/bottom buttons difficult to press.
- Light duration is a joke.
- Can't specify seconds in timer.
- Alarm noise could last a little longer.

Overall: Great consumer watch for the price. I might be irked if it costed more, but $21 is a steal.

Hope this review helped! Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to look at.
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on July 6, 2011
For about $24, you get a decent watch that can record up to 60 splits.

For watches I've owned in the past, I had to delete old timing logs to make space for new ones. I prefer the way the STR300 works and allows you to delete individual logs, or it simply deletes the oldest log to make room for newest timing measurements. I no longer waste time deleting old logs.

I like how there are 5 alarm time settings. Depending on my morning activities I need to wake up at different times. With this watch I don't need to constantly adjust the alarm time back and forth. I just turn in the one out of five available alarm times that suits my needs.

I think that the distance measuring feature is kind of silly. You have to keep pace with a beep on an interval you set, and you have to match your average stride length with a stride length you enter. I don't think this is a useful feature.

The Timex Indiglo lighting makes the Timex watches easier to read than the Casio STR300 with its LED backlight.

I've been wearing my STR300 while I swim and haven't had any issues.

I am happy with my purchase.
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on May 6, 2015
You get what you pay for I guess. I've had it for 9 months now and last night it just died on me. It was working just fine then before I went to bed I noticed that the numbers on the screen were fading and the screen would not light up. It was a good watch with a lot of useful functions but it simply could not stand up to normal light wear. Definitely do not buy if you are planning on doing anything intensive.
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on December 13, 2006
I've used various pacer watches over the years, and Casio has by far more available than any other maker. I use it to keep my running at a pace I'm targeting as well as to measure the distance of a run if I'm on an unfamiliar route (or at an unmarked portion of a distance race). Previously owned the solar version of this same model, but the solar function began failing after a couple years (and after once losing it at my tennis club when the finder stashed it in a dark cabinet where it sat "lightless" for a couple weeks). This model is cheaper without the solar power and I expect it to be more dependable for that reason as well. Tremendous functionality and value.
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on September 4, 2015
I'm a (female) student that walks/bikes to school and I also like to exercise. This watch is multifunctional in more ways than expected and it comes with a long life battery (I think 10 years?) that is already inside of the watch so, you don't have to worry about that. It's waterproof, not too large, and the purple touch makes it look a little more feminine. I really like that it displays the day, date, and year along with the time. I refer to this feature a lot since we, as students, sometimes forget what day of the week it is with our busy minds.
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on September 30, 2014
Looks good on her wrist---not tacky/gaudy like the Timex watches, and does not sacrifice functionality for a dainty/petite size but is not overly bulky either for the female wrist. Have owned Casio digital watches before, and always found them easy to use and very durable, although the plastic face is bound to get scratched much more easily than more expensive mineral glass but good luck finding MG at this price point.

My only small complaints, and the reason why I'm taking away one star:

1. The countdown timer only allows one interval---since interval training is so popular these days, you'd think watch manufacturers would get a clue and add a second interval so that you could do, for example, 2 minute work periods followed by 1 minute rest periods, the way that boxers train.

2. The watch does not display clock time while it is in stopwatch mode, which my other digital watch does...nice to know the ongoing length of a workout or run as well as clock time without need to hit the mode button to go back and forth to the clock...the watch face is more than big enough to do it since it has 3 display lines simultaneously.

Anyway, for the price, and Casio's proven quality, I'm more than happy.
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on December 19, 2011
Works fine but some buttons is very soft to push.
When my wife flex the wrist the buttons is pushed.
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on February 1, 2014
Listen when I made this purchase I thought 1. Im getting a great deal ( for the price Im getting everything I was looking for)
I wanted the watch because I wanted to record my distance while I ran. Plus I wanted the stop watch. Well let me say for this watch you have to set your stride length the different menus on the watch were difficult to navigate and I just ended up getting frustrated with it. To find the distance calculator is a process. Really I just keep it now as a cheap work something else if your mainly looking for distance calculator. Hope this helps someone;)
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