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on May 2, 2016
As my first G-shock digital watch, this was the one that fit the bill for me. I have purchased this timepiece back in 2011 and still wear it today as my most reliable beater. Without a doubt, the fact that it came with a solar panel alone was the reason I was compelled to purchase this model, especially after seeing how great it looks. The watch itself does not look busy or stylish, but has a rather rugged, bulky, and minimal look to it. Like a lot of G-shock watches, the bezels are thick and take up quite a lot of space on the wrist. This model is one of the more medium sized timepieces out there that truly holds its own. In all the five years I've own this watch, I have not had any issues with battery life or any need to visit a watch store to get this is THAT good! When I find myself in need of charging this watch, I simply place it by my window to gather some sunlight if I'm indoors or I wear it when I'm out in the daytime with plenty of solar range to gather power from. To be honest though, another useful feature of this watch has to do with its self-adjusting multiband 6 synchronizing which I found to be so important because when there's daylight savings or not, this watch never fails to adapt to the time while I'm asleep. This watch has plenty of nice features to work with and I am overall, happy with it. Notable features are: solar atomic charging, multiband 6 time sync, power save mode, and all the beloved key features of a Casio G-shock watch. To this day, I have no complaints with its comfort or time keeping in that it may as well outlive me if I manage to keep it until then.
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on June 9, 2014
Initially I was concerned that it was hard to get a full charge. Now that winter has passed and the days are getting longer, it's not a concern. Atomic feature works great - always accurate. The face bezel isn't too high (a problem common in other G-Shocks I've owned). In spite of the chrome accents, the watch is subtle. I don't ever worry about matching it with whatever I'm wearing - it goes with everything.
If you want a watch that screams "hey, look what I can do!" this isn't the watch for you. Shop further up the price scale for temp, altimeters, barometers, etc. in the G-Shock line.
But if you want a timepiece that's tough, always works, looks great, is as accurate as a pinpoint and needs absolutely zero maintenance or fuss, get this watch - you won't regret it!
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on September 18, 2015
I have had one for about four (4) years. It came time to browse for a watch for someone else. An active outdoorsman sixteen (16) year old relative. My watch has held up to my rugged lifestyle and military-style work environment. The features on this watch meet all of my needs, from automatically updated atomic-clock-time, accurate to within the second in order to synchronize with other colleagues, to durable, waterproof case and band that has style. Other features like the alarm, true world-time displays, alarm (2) and stop-watch features everything someone on the go might want in a watch. Sorry - no laser beam or GPS (yet). The buttons are aren't inadvertantly activated, yet they are easily accessed when you need them. I have been able to use them literally during a run. The back light feature can be adjusted to that you can move your wrist to check the time - and if tactical situations make that undesirable, you can deactivate that feature. This is THE watch to gift your son(s) with for everyday "deployment" from home, no matter their age. This is the second oneI bought, years after the first - my first one is still on my arm, this one was given as a gift. Get yours!!!!!
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on December 20, 2011
This watch looks so much better then the photos attached to the product. It is stylish with a full black coloring. The pictures lead me to think that it may be grey with black accents. Not the case.

After reviewing the many options for a military watch up to 130.00, I settled on this watch. I did start to have buyers remorse thinking I should have just spent double and bought the mirror face "dressy" G-shock for 130.00. I tried to cancel this order to change to the dressier watch, but it was too late to cancel. I figured I would try it out and return it if I didn't like it.

The watch came and I am soooo glad that I wasn't able to cancel. It is a very stylish watch that can be used for casual or business casual. Chrome accents on the black body and face make it even more attractive. It is as comfortable as any watch I have worn. I wouldn't say I could wear it sleep like others have said, but I can't say that about any watch (or other jewelery).

The watch came set already. It was off by one hour. No worries though. It reset at night. I also noticed the power level at Mid. Since I live in Florida, I have access to a lot of sunlight. Within 2 hours the watch was on High.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the watch. It was one of the lowest priced solar, atomic G-shocks offered, but that was only part of the equation. It still had to look good. This watch has it all. I reviewed many watches and spent many hours making this decision and I don't regret it for a moment.
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on September 9, 2015
This is my second G-Shock Casio watch. The first one was a plain digital model without the solar or so called Atomic Timekeeping. Bought it over 3 1/2 years ago, and it's still going on the original battery. Only reason I bought a new one is I figured the battery was about due to give out on me, and I found out the cost of replacing the battery and seals to make it waterproof again, is more that half the cost of the watch, so I figured I'd get a new as I wanted to get the Soar charging feature. On the new watch, GW-2310-1, the Atomic feature doesn't really work very well on automatic. It is set to work between midnight and 6 am, yet they tell you that it doesn't work too well indoors. Dah, most people are home in bed at that time, so not very practical. But my biggest gripe with this watch, and all others made by Casio is that the alarms are totally useless for us older folks with any hearing loss. The tone of the alarms in the Casio phone is over 4KHz and even with hearing aids I can only hear the alarm tone by pressing the phone directly to my ear. Otherwise it is a good timekeeper and reliable watch.
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on October 17, 2015
I had this watch for about a year and then it started giving me problems. I would push the light button and the light would come on for a split second then go off. The charge indicators (low,med and high segments on the "eye") would then start blinking. This blinking would continue for about a minute and then it would be back to normal. Initially, this was very infrequent but has since become a regular occurrence. Since purchasing the watch it has never moved from the "high" charge indication. It is my understanding that blinking charge indicator segments on the "eye" indicate a low battery state of charge. So, I had the 10 year life battery replaced after less than a year. Unfortunately, this did nothing to help the problem. I then contacted Casio and after a month I have only been advised to send it to them for repair estimate. I am disappointed in the quality of this supposed "bullet-proof" watch and even more so in the "customer support" I have received to this point. I have contacted Casio to seek warranty and they will only repair it, for which I will be charged. I have had much better luck with Timex Ironman watches. The reasons I was attracted to this watch are the Atomic Timekeeping and the Solar Power. Well, I don't think the Solar Power is doing much good. Bear in mind that this watch has had an easy life. No Arctic Circle expeditions, or jungle excursions, just everyday usage. In no way has it been abused.

If it had been available I would have bought this instead: Timex Global Shock:
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on June 20, 2015
I was attracted to this watch because of the solar power and the atomic timekeepinng. Casio is the master at instituting these well on their G-Shock and Tough Solar lines and this one has proven to be a great watch. The functions work great and, like all G-Shocks, this one is built as tough as nails. If you own or previously have owned a G-Shock, the layout of the buttons and their functions are going to feel like home to you. The strap feels reasonable comfortable and seems strong. The backlighting works very well and illuminates the entire face. My minor nitpicks are that this watch is smaller than an average G-Shock, so take note of that if you're into the large watches, or are a big guy like me. Although this is listed as a man's watch, it's closer in size to a Baby-G. Another thing is that the raised areas around the buttons are a little too elevated, which makes them a little harder to press. I'm aware that the function of these areas to prevent accidentally pressing the buttons but I don't have that issue on the 11 other G-Shocks I own, so I assume these raised areas are equally a design choice. Still, these minor areas are not enough to deduct a star from an otherwise superb G-Shock and would recommend this watch to anyone as long as they're OK with the smaller size.
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on February 13, 2017
Very good everyday watch. glass is protected from scratches by an elevated edge, time is more accurate than my cell phone. Atomic receiver updates every night and I only take the watch off to shower so it updates underneath the covers. I've heard of others having battery charge issues, and my watch has only been on Medium since I got it a few days ago. So Time will tell if the battery is defective, but I'm going to give it another week or so to see if it gets to high before making a judgement on the battery. The auto light that comes on when you tilt your wrist is awesome. And it can easily be turned on/off by holding the light button for 3 seconds. Very good watch. Can't ask for much more in a tough solar everyday watch. Most accurate time on a watch with absolutely no effort needed from me after initial setup of time zone and such. It says it's +/- 15 seconds a month, but when I opened it up from the box the last update was 4-6 months previously and it was only off by 5 seconds or so.

Overall, this is a great watch. I just wish that they made the all black version with a non negative display. If you got this display on the all black model it would be perfect.
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on February 21, 2017
These G-Shock watches are very well made and super durable, Unfortunately the first one I received was a new package with a clearly used and abused, but still functional watch inside. This is an item that's sold by Amazon which had me very surprised, needless to say I immediately called Amazon and they were able to next day me a replacement. The replacement I received was a brand new watch, so now I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase, This is the third G-Shock I've bought and it's just as well made as my other two. If anything the experience I had with receiving such an abused but still functional watch has strengthened my trust in Casio and the G-Shock line.

If your interested in one of these or any other G-Shock I'd say go for it!
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on January 13, 2016
This watch is excellent. I have had several Casio watches in my life. Usually there are two things that go wrong: 1) the watch band breaks after about two years of medium to rugged use and 2). after two battery changes the watch is no longer fully waterproof (the face will fog up in the shower or heavy rain etc.). While I expect to have to replace the band in a couple or three years, the problem with loosing waterproof status will NOT be an issue because this is a solar watch. Wonderful. Also, the watch arrived beautifully packaged AND with the time and date set to my time zone. All I had to do is just put it on my arm. Great product and great service. One more really cool thing, the display will go into "sleep mode" when it is dark for more than an hour, but only between 10 PM and 6 AM. This saves power significantly. It will remain asleep until it receives light once more or any button is pressed. Really a well-designed watch.

UPDATE! After a full year of having this watch I will add that it has worked perfectly. It sets itself via the atomic clock and stays fully charged with just my normal time outside walking or working in the garden. Best watch I have owned.
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