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on February 13, 2015
To start off, this watch looks great. The digits are very easy to read, and using the timer/alarm/stopwatch is very easy as well. The rubber strap is comfortable and does not feel strange around your wrist. The two buttons on each side of the watch are also very easy to press. Overall, for $15, you cannot get a better watch.
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on March 7, 2017
After paying $400 for an apple watch I realized this Casio is a much smarter watch. Shows the date and time, illuminates the whole screen, has a choro and an alarm. That is all you will ever need from a watch. Yeah i would like to have the solar battery and atomic time sync functions like everybody else but is it worth paying another $100 bucks? I don't think so. Slap this on your wrist and you are good to go.
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on October 6, 2016
Broke after 5 years. I bought this watch in September 2011 and it broke in October 2016. The hard plastic that keeps the band connected to the watch face cracked and broke off. Other than the watch breaking sooner than expected, I liked that the watch was light weight, the display was clear, and the watch was comfortable. You'll have to decide if the price of this watch is worth it if it only lasts 5 years.
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on February 16, 2017
I love this watch. In my line of work it needs to be tough and I can't leave to look at my watch very long so when I do I need to be able to read the time without a light or some silly thing telling me how many steps I have taken. This watch was made to be a police officers watch!
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on November 12, 2017
I got this watch to replace an Old Timex USB watch that finally gave up the ghost on me. I wanted one that would at least have the full time (hours, minutes, and seconds) on the front without having to press any buttons to see. I also wanted, if I could, get one that had the date, day of the month, and day of the week on the front to. I wasn't as keen as having the week, etc. as the hours, minutes, and seconds. I looked first to see if they still made a watch like my old one as I really liked it and it's features and just wanted to replace it. What I found was that unless I wanted to pay an arm and a leg, I would be out of luck. That wasn't an option for me. I then started checking out the watches that I liked the look of. I found this one as I was looking over the Casio watches. I liked the overall layout and it had all I was looking for right on the front without having to press additional buttons to bring those items up so I checked it out. The price was right for me as all I wanted was one that would give me a watch to replace the old one. Got it in and checked it out. It was just about what I wanted all the way. The few minor things I ran into were want you normally hit on it getting something new the first time. The settings buttons and where things were sort of confused me for a bit until I got used to them. The watch is a bit smaller than my old one and I had to get used to that and it's lighter too. On the plus side, it has the full date, time on the front (That includes year, day of month, day of week, hours, minutes, and seconds.). It has an hourly chime, a stopwatch, and an alarm function that allows setting the alarm in a number of different ways. You can set it for the same time everyday, every other day, once a week, every other week, and even once a month too. It also has a dual time feature that lets you keep track of time in another time zone. Although the alarm is not as loud as my old watch was it is loud enough to hear easily. I found this watch to be just what I needed as a replacement for my old watch. A good buy for me.
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on May 10, 2017
A lot of watch for $9. Saw it elsewhere for more so I picked up a spare in case the strap or case where the lugs attach breaks, as some have experienced, and one to gift out to someone else. Features include: stopwatch with split time, alarm with snooze, dual time for keeping track of another time zone, one touch 24hr button, calendar to 2099, good backlight, easy to push metal buttons, 100m water resist, not a huge monster of a watch to get caught on clothes. Classic look. Large time display is easier to read than other watches. Advertised 10 year battery (using backlight more than once per day lowers battery significantly according to the manual). Only thing missing is a countdown timer. Don't be scared by accuracy in manual I think it says plus or minus 30 sec/month, mine has been Pretty accurate so far for the first week with time.gov neither gaining nor losing a second. Will update if this changes. Punctuality with my job is very important. Saves my cellphone battery since I'm not pulling it out of my pocket to check the time. Acrylic screen does scratch fairly easily. Some online have suggested armor all to help prevent some of these micro abrasions. I don't think that would be worth the trouble, especially if you shower or swim with it. For the price none of these cons are enough to lose it a star. I've included pictures with classic g shock dw5600e for size comparison. Buttons on the w800h are easier to press than on the g shock, especially the recessed adjust button the g shock has. I have a 7.25" wrist and the watch is comfortable on the middle settings (holes 6-7). For the price (currently 1/4 the cost of a basic g shock) I couldn't be happier.

Update 5/16/17: watch appears to have gained almost half a second after 10 days. I also noticed the stopwatch keeps hundredths of a second even past the hour mark. On some others like the gshock dw5600e once you get to an hour the hundredths of a second change to seconds. All 3 w800h watches arrived with 2010 as the year. I do wonder if they were made in 2010, thus shortening the battery life expectation to more like 3-6 years (no backlight or alarm use in the box) or if I am just being pessimistic. Only time will tell. If it lasts a year as a beater watch and only gains 1.5 seconds per month as it is on pace to do, it will still be worth the price tag.
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on December 29, 2017
This is a great watch. It no only shows the time, it shows day and date. Great for me because I often forget the date during the day. I know many people rely on their phones for that information but I don't carry a phone with me most the time.
It's supposed to have a 10 year battery life. I hope that's true. It was running when it was delivered. I don't know if it's an "old watch" and that's why the price is so good. Casio watches are usually much more expensive.
Setting the time & date took awhile. Buttons drive me cuckoo but I finally got it and it's very accurate.
I'd recommend it.
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on July 6, 2015
*****UPDATE - 9/6/15
Only problem so far is frequently hitting the buttons accidentally, esp. the lower right (12/24hr time) *****

I tried this Casio Men's W800H-1AV "Classic" Sport Watch as an tougher alternative for vigorous activity to my favorite Casio Calculator style watch . The Calculators just don't hold up like they used to, especially to submersion, to the point that one barely lasts me a year or two. This watch reminds me a lot of my first (1980's) Casio, which was tough as nails. If I'm going to be in water or very active, I use this watch rather than the Calculator.

This Sport watch was a pleasant surprise. The watch is big, tho not outrageously so, and surprisingly inexpensive ($13+/- as of 3/2015), with an clear, intelligently layed out display that's perfectly readable. I like that the Time function display shows the weekday and full date, without having to press a button. The watch is rated for an insane depth, seems heavy-duty & durable AND has a light, which the Calculator lacks. The band is long enough for a man's wrist. . .seems like the Calculator bands have been getting shorter. The buttons are big and easy to push but rarely activate accidentally.

This watch has the typical short list of functions, Time, Alarm, Stopwatch and (the completely useless) Dual Time.

I wish these Casios still had the Countdown Timer. In decades of using Casios, I've never used Dual Time but have needed a countdown timer ocassionally.
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on July 9, 2017
This is a neat little watch. The band tends to get dirty pretty quickly, so you have to clean it every day if you're wearing it 24/7. I wish I could change out the band, and I wish the backlight wasn't so weak! It isn't an 'indiglo' style one that lights the whole back of the watch, it's literally just a little led in one corner that stays on for slightly shorter than you need. Not great, but the watch works in all other respects so I'm only taking off one star.
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on January 17, 2018
I have always favored gigantic watches like the Casio G-Shocks -- the problem I have with them is that I have big wrists and when I wear a big watch, it's difficult and uncomfortable to wear the watch with a long-sleeve shirt. I recently mislaid a rather expensive G-Shock and decided to go the opposite route -- simple, lightweight, small and inexpensive. I can't even tell I'm wearing this thing. And the display is extremely large and readable and the buttons are easy to push. If I lose it, well, I'm out $12. If I don't find my G-Shock, I'm out a lot more ... Sometimes simple is better.
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