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on February 13, 2015
To start off, this watch looks great. The digits are very easy to read, and using the timer/alarm/stopwatch is very easy as well. The rubber strap is comfortable and does not feel strange around your wrist. The two buttons on each side of the watch are also very easy to press. Overall, for $15, you cannot get a better watch.
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on March 7, 2017
After paying $400 for an apple watch I realized this Casio is a much smarter watch. Shows the date and time, illuminates the whole screen, has a choro and an alarm. That is all you will ever need from a watch. Yeah i would like to have the solar battery and atomic time sync functions like everybody else but is it worth paying another $100 bucks? I don't think so. Slap this on your wrist and you are good to go.
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on April 12, 2017
UPDATE: So another month has gone by. I am still training for the Sprint-Tri and run 2 or 3 times per week, swim 1 or 2 times per week, and cycle 1 or 2 times per week. The watch is still performing fine, is secure, the stop-watch feature is easy to use, and is still a 5-star rating for me.

OLD REVIEW: So far so good! Turned off all of my tracking apps and bought this watch instead. I am currently training for a Sprint Triathlon and find a watch with a stop-watch function to work just fine. I have used this watch for running, cycling and swimming already. The adjustable band makes a nice fit and it has remained securely in place for all of those exercise activities.

Easy to program...easy to see without my glasses (and I wear bifocals for reading).
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on October 11, 2017
I have been buying Casio watches for thirty years and I like them. I had one for twelve years, but gave it up because it was so old it was hard to find replacement batteries. This watch is great except that the band always breaks where you buckle it. The average is a year to a year and a half on the flimsy resin band. I couldn't find the exact band on Amazon, so I just bought another $12 watch, thinking the battery would go soon. I have found that after a few battery changes these watches lose their water resistance and cloud up. The latest replacement had a tag on the box that said "Ten Year Battery." That would be great if it came with six extra bands. I didn't want to experiment with bands that cost four dollars less than the watch. I was able to use a zip-tie to fix the band while waiting for my Prime shipped replacement. My old watch should work for another eight years in my top drawer. It is still much better watch than a Timex, and the zip-tie got a lot of laughs.
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on October 18, 2016
Initially i purchased the one of the xL face larger G-shock watches and bought this one as a lighter alternative. I haven't worn a watch for some time, but wanted one for the stopwatch function to use at work (I work in the Rehab field) and to track work/rest during my own work-outs. This should be a light weight, long lasting watch.
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on March 23, 2018
Many people don't wear watches anymore because they use their phones, but you still can't beat a watch for convenience. This would be a good choice for people who simply want that convenience. Just glance down at your wrist, and there is the date, day and time in large readable characters.

The watch comes with an alarm, stopwatch and second timezone feature, none of which I consider all that useful. Still, that's a pretty minimal feature set, and minimal is GOOD; the fewer bells and whistles, the less complicated a watch is to use. The 100m water resistance is also a huge plus in the convenience department; that's the minimum water resistance it's actually safe to swim with (ratings are based on completely still water). Add to that the fact that it's accurate enough you only really have to reset it when daylight savings comes in and out, and you can just put this on your wrist and forget it.

The electroluminescent display backlight is adequate -- certainly better than the Casios from the early 90s, but not quite as uniform as Timex's Indiglo feature. Also automatic backlighting would have been nice, but is not to be expected at a $13 price point.

The low price also means you get a resin (marketer-speak for "plastic") strap, but I actually think resin works better than the more expensive silicone for something this light. Silicone can get uncomfortable when you're sweaty. If you have a thing against plastic you can replace the band with any 18mm width after market strap. In the image I've attached, I've paired this watch with a "Goldfinger" style nylon NATO strap -- yes, that's a $40 band on a $13 watch, although you can get cheaper versions here on Amazon for under $10. The point isn't how much the band costs relative to the watch, it's how much you enjoy it.

And this is a watch you actually can enjoy for its aesthetics. Square is a good shape for a digital watch, and the size delivers plenty of legibility without getting in the way of sleeves or catching on things. It's not easy to see in the Amazon image, but the watch also has subtle hints of color -- blue outlining around the crystal and a little red lettering. These touches are subdued but elevate the design.

That may sound funny to say about a $13 watch, but why shouldn't something like this be designed thoughtfully? As a watch collector I have maybe five digital watches in my collection, but this and the iconic F-91W are the only ones that get regular "wrist time".
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on July 10, 2017
Bought two of these. First ones broke at the corner where the pin is holding the wrist strap. I am very active an thought the first one that broke was my fault so I ordered another one. It broke also at the same location and I was just riding my bike down the road. Watch works great but useless when the corner of the watch breaks off
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on June 6, 2016
I bought it mainly to use for work and I didn't want to use an expensive watch. Nor do I want to keep looking at my smartphone for the time. I work in a factory where it may get damaged or may easily get dirty/ scratched. So I got this Casio watch. It looks very nice for a $10 watch. And Casio is a good brand in my opinion. The only thing I don't like is the plastic wraps feel flimsy. As if I bend it too much it will tear off. I believe I can replace them in case they do. Perhaps with some metal wraps instead of plastic. And I tried leather but it also doesn't last. Metal all the way. For now I will take care of it as much as I can for casual wear. Looks pretty sleek and classic. Love it.

sleek , has light for night time, alarm clock, date; year month and day, seconds are displayed, days displayed IE Mon, Tues, Wed etc., AM, PM, it also has a timer in case you want to time yourself or for jogging outside, tiny screws on back you can take off to replace battery if it ever goes low, and its water resistant.

Only con is the end wraps look kinda flimsy but it looks like it will hold regardless. I can almost sense that constant use, heavy use may tear the plastic wraps on this watch. But easily replaceable--minor con.
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on February 16, 2017
I love this watch. In my line of work it needs to be tough and I can't leave to look at my watch very long so when I do I need to be able to read the time without a light or some silly thing telling me how many steps I have taken. This watch was made to be a police officers watch!
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on October 23, 2017
IF YOU SURF PLEASE READ:( Really love Casio as a whole and the watch was just what i needed: comfortable, waterproof, simplistic. Unfortunately it stopped working yesterday completely after only having it for about 3 months... I go surfing probably 2 to 3 times a week. At first it was great, no issues. then just within the past couple of weeks i noticed condensation started to form on the inside of the watch. Sometimes so much so that i couldn barely see the time. I noticed a couple grains of sand in the sides of the clear front plate part and don't know if that contributed to any kind of leaks? I just wasn't expecting that :( For someone that goes in the ocean a lot i was bummed to see grains of sand around the crease. Just yesterday I went to look at the time and it was just completely blank, no time, no turning on, no buttons doing anything, just dead. Was really expecting quite a lot more time out of this watch but hey you just never know.
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