Customer Reviews: Casio Men's WS210HD-1AVCF Tough Solar Powered Tide and Moon Stainless Steel Watch
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on May 24, 2012
I bought this watch because I liked the idea of Solar Power, also I wanted a stainless steel band, a light, good water resistance and the moon phases could be handy for me as an amateur astronomer.

I wanted a solar powered watch because the longer the time between opening the back to replace batteries, the less the cost and the less chance of damage to the O-ring seal that makes the unit waterproof. There aren't too many solar powered digital watches around, so there wasn't a huge choice. Casio make a watch with NO battery at all, just a capacitor to store the charge, which should NEVER need to be replaced. Unfortunately, due to the inherent power storage limitations it had no light. I needed a light so this wasn't an option. Casio's "Tough Solar Power" concept is the use of a rechargeable battery which lasts for months in dark and is recharged by sunlight. Eventually the battery WILL fail, but hopefully I'll get at least 10 years out of it before it needs to be replaced. All good!

I have read some other reviews where people found this unit difficult to set up. One even said you need a computer science degree! Let me assure you: those fools are quite wrong and if you follow the instructions you should have it fully setup in a few minutes with no sweat. IMPORTANT: set up your home time zone FIRST! The trickiest thing is setting up your high tide time for your home location. This isn't actually hard, you just need to find the tide times for your home on the internet and enter the HIGHEST of the 2 daily high tides times into your watch.

Perhaps the worst thing about this watch is the band. Unless you have a truly massive wrist you will need to take out some links (4 in my case). This is not easy, especially reinserting the link pins. If you're not worried about a few dollars you might be best advised to get your local jeweler to do it for you. Otherwise, watch this clip: [...].
Apart from the difficulty of resizing the band I found the band to be rather irritating. It catches the hairs on my wrist from time to time which is quite annoying and since it is inflexible it tends to slip around on my wrist at times. The links are a tad wide, so it may not be possible to get a perfect fit. I'm quite displeased with this band and I will be fitting another.

The next problem with this watch is the face, which is quite deeply recessed, making it difficult to get the light to fall on it directly. It many situations you will get shadows over part of the face which make reading it more difficult. The "Casio", "battery" and "alarms" small-type, embossed on the face doesn't help in this respect either. I don't know what it is about the glass, but unless you get the viewing angle exactly right it is rather grey and seems to be more relective than others I've owned. The result of these two factors means that the display is often a rather low contrast affair. This isn't a deal breaker, since you can still read it, but it's not as readable as I expected and not as readable as other digital watches I have owned.

Other than the display and band, this watch is excellent! Setup is a breeze, the controls are beautifully intuitive and the display is as uncluttered as you could expect from a watch with these features. The internal light is reasonably bright making the display easily readable in the dark. It has all the time controls you could want including 4 alarms, countdown timer, stopwatch and world time. The world time is an excellent feature allowing you to easily check the time any major time zone in the world. The only problem is that it doesn't allow for daylight saving automatically, you'll need to add an hour if your target time zone is on DS and you're not.

The moon phase indicator IS accurate. Don't listen to the fools who can't set their watch up correctly. However: there is a thin white circle around the moon indicator which makes a sliver moon appear thicker than it is in reality. This feature would have been better had that white ring been left off, it's a tad irritating but it's not a deal breaker, you just have to allow for it. There are 16 displayable moon phases here in a cycle of approx 29 days, so you can expect the phase indicator to change slighly more than every second day.

The tide indicator also works fine, but it doesn't distinguish in a mixed semi-diurnal tide (which most of us have), between the higher and lower of the 2 high tide and low tide marks. Obviously this varies from place to place and would be difficult to set, but at least they could indicate which is the "principal lunar semi-diurnal" (ie the bigger of the two). The display does adjust to show the difference between spring and neap tides however, which is good.

Overall it's a pretty good watch, especially if you're a surfer, fisherman or an astronomer, but there are a couple of drawbacks which should be considered. You can replace the watch band if it irritates you but you'll just have to live with the dull screen. You can still read it, it's just not always as clear as it might have been.
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on March 29, 2011
I've had this product for over two months now, I've had no problems! I've swam in a 7 foot deep pool, gone into the water at the beach, showered with it, used the tide chart to determin when to go fishing, used the moon chart to see the supermoon recently!! I have the 24hr time set, great for me to report to duty on time. Overall great watch, no problems to report! I defenatly recomended this watch to anyone, very easy to use and very durrable.
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on January 1, 2011
Wanted a watch to give me tides at my house & this 1 does at a great price. Easy to set up. only draw back,(& was mentioned by another reviewer), is a very soft face that is not resessed enough. Within 2 days of wearing I had 2 major scratches on the face. If you buy 1 slap a screen cover on the face from day 1! You have been warned.
Other than that no regrets. Does everything it says it will.
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on May 2, 2013
I generally prefer analog watches, but this is my favorite digital watch. I find myself wearing it quite often. You can't beat a digital watch for showing a lot of information on the display at once or for providing various useful modes. I particularly like the moon phase and tide level displays on this watch.


- Nice looking design
- Solar battery charging means no battery replacement every two to three years
- Shows lots of information simultaneously on the main screen (day/date or second timezone, moon phase, tide level, battery level, time)
- Additional useful modes (five alarms, countdown timer, stopwatch)
- 24 hour countdown timer and stopwatch
- Amber LED light for digital display works well, although it's a bit uneven
- Functions are relatively easy to use
- Very lightweight
- Inexpensive


- Deep-set display can be shadowed, making it hard to read
- Case is a little thick
- Crystal is acrylic, which may scratch easily
- Concave surface of crystal creates odd reflections
- Metal band is uncomfortable to wear, because it snags arm hairs
- In world time mode, timezone can only be changed going east, but not west


- I replaced the metal band with a two-piece nylon band, which is much more comfortable to wear
- There is a black version of this watch that comes with a resin band that may be more comfortable to wear than this version with the metal band, but I prefer the looks of the case on this silver model.


- A very capable digital watch with interesting features. Highly recommended.
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on April 10, 2012
This is the third Casio sport watch I have owned in the past 27 years. The first one, G-Shock last 15 years. The molded case and band finally fell apart but the watch still worked for 2 more years after that. Never replace the battery. The second G-Shock Casio lasted about 10 years. I had to replace the battery after almost 10 years, and it is still working. I also had to purchase a new band, but I shied away from the molded kind and bought a cloth strap. I did go swimming with both of the above watches and never had a problem. My third Casio is now a solar powered, stainless steel cased and banded watch and really looks great. Band was too big, but easily adjustable. I hope this one lasts me as long.
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on February 6, 2014
i was looking for a watch that i wouldn't have to replace the battery on and came acrosss this one and decided to go ahead and purchase.i had it for around 7 months and everything was working fine up until i put it on the other morning and a few minutes later if fell off my arm with a closer look I noticed the pin had somehow came out so i purchased a pin to repair it but when i went to put it back together is when i noticed the part that holds the pin in place was made of plastic and somehow the pin ripped the plastic completely open now had i noticed the area was plastic when i purchased i probably would have returned it but i didn't and now not even a year later I'm gonna have to buy another watch so before u buy this on keep in mind that on the back side of the face where both main pins are held in its plastic and if u r wearing it on a daily basis it will mrs than likely wear out so id look at other options before buying this one
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on March 13, 2012
great watch its better than the pictures, very accurate and its Solar that make it reliable for years. the metal band its nice and looks durable but its a little big to my wrist (i just need to adjust the size) the watch itself has a good size not bulky as a G-Shock, five alarms and snooze its more than i need. the tide and moon features are just awesome for surfing or even to show to you friends.
What can i say? its great Watch, with great features, reliable, good looking, is easy to read and very affordable. i recomend it to anyone!!!
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on August 4, 2011
I've been using CASIO watches for decades and they are just reliable. The same as this one.

Before I bought this watch, my wife gave me a nice watch that I enjoy using everyday. But after a year, the battery runs out and I simply need to replace the battery. That local store helped me on turns out failed to recover the back LED digital display. I was very disappointed and wonder if there is a watch that I just don't need to bring to those stupid guys for battery replace. Then I found this good deal on Amazon. My experience with this CASIO is never fail.

Since I have more than one watches, this one is left in my car's glove box waiting. For weeks, its been hanging there tolerating the heat of Southern California sunshine. While I get it out to check and it still perform well. The battery save feature is just perfect that when I pull it out of the dark glove box in my car, just a click on any button and it is still on time! Can you believe it, I left it sitting there for 5 weeks in the dark after my first solar charge. Now, I've own it for 2 months and I have no regret getting it. Besides, getting a nice satisfying watches for just thirty some dollars, this is solely a good deal!
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on March 18, 2013
I bought a similar watch by Casio seven years ago, and changed its battery two years ago. The display started to fade. Rather than change the battery again, I looked for a replacement on Amazon. This watch is the same type with improved and additional features. It was easy to set up, (read the instructions at least twice). The Amazon price is very reasonable.
For those who received this watch with a band that's way too large for their wrists, it's much better to have too many removable links than not enough. I had to remove three links for a good fit. There's plenty of information about link removal via the Internet. Having a set of small screwdrivers helps.
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on October 21, 2012
i've had this watch a few weeks now and it seems to be a decent watch for the money. it was easy to set up the time zone for the moon and tide phase. don't know why other reviewers had a problem with that. also, the moon and tide indicators seem to be pretty accurate. i've never owned a solar powered watch before, but the battery power indicator has been on full since i pulled it out of the box. i've noticed that the screen goes blank on the dresser overnight, it comes back on if you hit the light button or get it back into the light. had to get a couple links removed from the band at walmart, but they don't charge for that. the only complaint i have is that the time and date are a little hard to read without my reading glasses, but i guess my eyes aren't what they used to be. seems to be a good watch all in all. i'd buy again.
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