Customer Reviews: Casio Men's WV200DA-1A Multi-Task Gear Waveceptor Sports Watch
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on March 18, 2010
I have owned hundreds of watches and this Casio sports digital watch is one of the best. What I like is that the atomic timekeeping functions works well and was easy to set up. The face of the watch displays the day of the week, month, date, and year, hourly time and alarm signal indicators, daylight savings time indicator for world time and home time, and time in hours, minutes and seconds ALL on one screen. This is very convenient and thus you do not have to push a button to obtain some of this info as is the case on most other digital watches. As a result though some display items are small but still very readable. One of the best features is that the watch actually has a glass mineral crystal (not plastic) and a plastic bezel that sits up over the crystal that offers maximum protection from the crystal getting dinged and/or scratched. The only downside to the glass crystal is that it mutes the alarm sound slightly over a plastic crystal but for people with normal hearing, it should not be a problem The watch is slightly heavier too but it feels very comfortable on the arm/wrist. The watch has one alarm, 60 minute timer and 60 minute stopwatch, and 48 world timezones. The stainless steel band is nice and fits even large-wrist folks. The only thing that would make the watch perfect would be adding solar power and a 24 hr stopwatch. But considering the price and functionality you will not find a better watch. I just purchased my second one.
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on January 15, 2010
Just bought this item. Only one day old, but I am very well pleased with it. It was showing the correct time when I received it. One other review indicated that they didn't understand what the 3-part circle display was for. It indicates the signal strength ("bars" in cell phone lingo) of the time signal. I performed a manual time signal receive operation when I got it and it synched up right away. The auto receive also occurred that evening at the first attempt. (I am only 120 miles south of Ft. Collins, so that isn't a very rigorous test)

>Time is always correct.
>Sturdy stainless steel band with pushbutton locking foldover clasp.
>Crystal is well-protected with a raised plastic bezel ring.
>LCD display is clear and easy to read.
>Backlight illumination is very good.
>Looks good on my wrist.
>Good value for the money

>Month-Day-Year display is small.
>Amazon description indicates a stainless steel case. The middle portion (silver part, sort of a cover, just under the bezel ring) of the case is SS, however the main black portion of the case that actually contains the works is plastic. This plastic part includes the lugs that the band is attached to. The black top bezel ring is plastic. The back is SS.
>Band adjustment by removing links is somewhat difficult. This was my first attempt at this operation on this type of link. If you are not familiar with this task and not mechanically inclined, take it to a watch repair person.
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on September 18, 2010
When atomic watches first came out, they said chances of reliably getting a signal at night were slim. Especially where I live about 40 miles north of New York City. Lots of atmospheric noise in heavily populated areas disturbs the ionosphere making signal reception difficult at best. So while I thought it was a great idea, I passed on them at the time. When my G-Shock 6600 needed yet another band, was badly beat up and I was frankly a little tired of looking at it after 10+ years, I decided to give one of the atomic watches a try. After using it for about a month, there have only been 2 or 3 days it did not get a signal from Fort Collins. When I received the watch it had been running for 11 months and was about 1 minute and 20 seconds fast, or 1/4 second per day. I like the fact that if the watch got an update the previous night, the 3 segments of the signal strength indicator are dark during the day. Basically you can tell at a glance if you have the correct time. When I listen to WWV on shortwave, I can barely tell the watch is a little fast by the end of the day. If the indicator is not showing, the press of a button will tell you when the last time you got a signal update was. I am very well pleased with its timekeeping ability. Which was the whole reason I bought this particular watch.

I've read some complaints about the case being made of plastic. I don't personally have a problem with that. The plastic bands on the G-Shock tend to break every few years. It's a definite weak spot for that line of watch. But the resin case itself is very tough. The overall appearance of the way the resin is interlaced with stainless steel on this watch I find very well balanced visually. The back-light is much softer than the G-Shock series. My old G-Shock used to blind me in the dark. I always did feel it was too bright. The size of the digits for the date are a little small as some have mentioned. Difficult for me to read without my reading glasses. But their small size hasn't really been an issue. What has been the issue and my single complaint about the watch is the plastic strip that goes across the center of the display. The one that says "Receiving Indicator" with a circle off to the side to surround the actual indicator. It's not part of the LCD display but is a separate cover ring about 1 mm above the LCD. The problem is it casts a shadow over the date part of the display. When sitting at my computer desk with the lamp towards the rear of the desk, this bar casts a shadow over the date area. Even with my reading glasses I can't see the date unless I put my arm in a contorted position to get the light more perpendicular to the LCD panel. I find that very annoying and my reason for only giving it 4 stars.
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on November 23, 2013
Have had the watch for months and it is still working great. Never have removed it have it on at work, showering, working with grease and other fun stuff. buttons still work great, battery is still kickn along have pretty much beat the crap out of it and it still looks almost like new. updates by its self, when the time chances happen its already chanced in the morning so its nice always knowing what time it is with out a doubt. Have a feeling its going to last me many happy years.

-2 Years Latter-

I have had been wearing this watch for over 2 years straight. I have it on all day and all night. It is still working on the same battery. I have it on every time I shower and has not shown signs of any water getting in behind the glass or in the watch itself. I have beat the crap out of this thing and it still looks good to me. I have started to look for a new watch but that's not because of anything wrong with this one its just time to upgrade. Photo attached it a photo of it more then 2 years old being on 24/7 365 days.
review image
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on February 27, 2010
I travel to many different time zones on my job. The WV200DA-1A fits the bill. It is remarkably easy to change city codes, allowing for accurate time regardless of city. I have found this watch easy to set for new cities, even while standing in an aisle of an airplane. Hint -read what the codes are for your favorite cities before leaving. Casio does not use airport codes for all cities. Some are 3 letter abbreviations.

What I like:
Metal band
Metal and black plastic case
Easy adjustment and display of home city
Full date display
Successful atomic time sync indicator
Water resistant for wet environments (just don't count on 200M - that's static pressure, not dynamic. If you want a real dive watch, you will be spending more money!)

What I do not like:
Light shuts off very rapidly
Non solar - battery will need to be changed

For the price, the WV200DA-1A is an excellent bargain that is easy to use. What I like about the watch greatly outweighs what I do not like. I have enjoyed it so far!
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on April 7, 2012
I purchased this watch on 5/27/2011. On 02/21/2012 about 9 months later I purchased a different watch as this one had given me problems very soon after purchase. The stopwatch feature would reset the watch to factory settings. I thought it was a low battery and I purchased a new one guessing it had sat in storage for awhile before I received it.

The watch leaked even though it had been advertised not too. I dried it out on numerous occasions but the new battery did not help the stopwatch function. It would still do a factory reset when used. I would not recommend this watch to anyone.

I do not usually rate my purchases and actually this is my first because I fell so strongly about it. It is junk.

I have had many casio watches in the past along with two wave-ceptors and have been pleased with them all, but this one is junk.

Casio Men's WV200DA-1A Multi-Task Gear Waveceptor Sports Watch
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on February 20, 2014
I bought this to replace an "old" (4-5 year old Waveceptor) that stopped working. The cost of most Casio Waveceptor watches is too low to warrant support, which explains the many complaints of poor to nonexistent support. As far as I'm concerned, live with it and when that watch stops working, replace it.

First, I live in the Chicago area and the Waveceptor to Ft. Collins, CO, which is about 1000 miles, works consistently. Can't vouch for longer distances, or, for that matter, any other locations; interference may affect your nightly setting ability.

Second, the size of the watch is quite large. The measurement displayed in the Amazon listing is accurate, but, as I said, it's a big watch, 2" in diameter and about .5" from wrist to crystal surface, but actual measurement. However, while the displayed information is complete, day, month and date (+ year), except for the time the numerals, are quite small and, for me, not easily read. So don't be surprised if the large watch diameter doesn't affect the readability of numerals, other than time.

Third, information on how to remove bracelet links is virtually non-existent. There are several YouTube videos that purport to demonstrate how to do it, but I could not remove the links even following those instructions. I finally took it to a local jeweler and had it fitted, but it cost $20, which is about half the $45 cost of the watch, Here are URLs for a couple of videos; there are others: ( ( If URL doesn't print, try searching youtube for Casio 2784 Watch Band Link Removal. Bear in mind, however, that while the instructions were relatively clear, I couldn't get the links to come out. BTW, the video ending in the letter "M" begins with a demo of setting the adjustment that does not require removal of links, and then demos the link removal operation (which I couldn't accomplish). Also BTW, I was able to remove links on earlier Casio watches, so I'm not entirely inept; the links on this watch were just too tight.

All things considered, assuming the watch lasts the 4-5 years previous Casio Waveceptors have lasted, I will be happy. With the Smartphone makers, e.g., Apple, et al, coming out with more advanced "Dick Tracy" watches, what I will wind up replacing this watch with remains to be seen.

After about a month of use I am quite happy with the watch and would recommend it to a friend, subject to my above comments.
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on February 11, 2011
I admit it. I love digital watches. I saw this one and it was exactly what I needed. Digital and self adjusting. I hate to be late for anything and this watch let's you know EXACTLY what time it is. The atomic upgrade works perfectly. It updates to exact time every night. I live in DC which is a LONG way from Colorado, so I have to put it near a window to get the automatic update. However, I travel and when you are closer to Colorado you get the less you have to worry about being near a window. Last week I was in Ohio and it updated perfectly in my pants pocket hanging in a closed closet. A great product at a great price. Recommend it 100%.
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on May 8, 2012
I have owned a Casio Wave Ceptor for 7 years, and it's still working. It's been a good Watch. I decided to purchase a second one, similar to the current one I own (Its currently no longer made). I ordered this model last week, (From and it arrived yesterday, very prompt service, However, the watch's stainless steel band had been damaged by someone before I received it. It looked like someone had hammered on a couple of Links with a pointed tool, possibly trying to remove them ? Three of the Links were damaged, very obvious damage. So much for a "NEW" product. I contacted both the seller and Amazon. I heard back from Amazon right away, I am still waiting to hear back from the seller. I requested a replacement watch of the same model, in NEW condition, and the address to return this damaged one to. I also emailed the seller a picture of the damaged band. I hope the seller corrects this issue soon. As to the watch, I can't really comment on the performance of this model since I don't have one yet.

The one that I have had for 7 years has been a really good watch, the remote WWVB time setting has always worked well, and the battery CR1620, was just replaced after of 7 years of use. I will try and post a follow up to this order once I get a response from the vendor.

5-14-12; Follow up, Amazon sent me a RMA #, and I spent another $10 shipping the damaged watch back to I am now waiting for a refund, which the vendor indicated (by email) would be less their handling costs of $10, so I will have spent $20, and two days of wasted time with nothing to show for it. This was not a very good out come and I can't really recommend this vendor. The product was advertized as NEW, and turned out to be used and damaged.

So I have ordered another watch from ANOTHER vendor, it arrived today.

I received the 2nd watch from another Amazon vendor (TNT Watch and Jewelry of Ca) This watch was received in NEW condition, and works great. I would recommend this 2nd vendor, they shipped promptly and the watch arrived in good condition as was as advertized. I would recommend TNT Watch and Jewelry.

As to the watch, this is a nice, inexpensive watch with a lot of nice features. The WWVB time receiver and updater feature is the best. It also has a back-lit display, built in World time, Calender, stop watch feature and some alarm features. This is a fairly large watch, as most Wave Ceptors are large. The display is sharp and displays the time, full date and day, and if it is currently daylight savings time. It also has the WWVB signal strength indicator. This is only active when the watch is in active signal acquisition mode. Some of the other indicators are small, such as the DST, and ALRM. There are four buttons on the two sides for Mode, Adjust, Light, and Receiving functions. You can perform a manual time check anytime. This takes several minutes, and the watch should be removed and in a stationary position while is receiving the WWVB signal. The watch arrived promptly in good condition and was as advertized. The price was a bargain.

The bad experience with the first vendor is not typical. I have purchased a lot of items and in the majority of the cases, the products arrive promptly and as advertized. I am still waiting for the refund from Nywatchstore, and, of course I will not be purchasing anything else from them.
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on October 18, 2011
The butttons are big and easy to press. Not like other watches I have had in the past. I like all the functions it has too. I love the way it sets it self. Once you have the right tools the band is easy to adjust. Overall I really like the watch.
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