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on August 13, 2015
Update for Sept. 4, 2015: After posting the following review and sending a copy to Casio, Casio has repaired my watch and returned it to me, all free of charge. It looks and works like new, as it should be. It remains to be seen whether the new case will last longer than the old case did. I have raised the rating to "4 Stars" from the previous "2 Stars" because this is a really accurate and functional watch. Here is the review I posted last month: I purchased this watch in Nov. 2014 and the case broke 8 months later with only occasional wear. The watch band is metal, but the watch CASE is a metal-looking Resin, not metal, and breaks easily where the pin holds the watch band to the case (see photo). This renders the watch unwearable. This is the third Casio Waveceptor watch I have purchased in the past 5 years, and they have all failed for the same reason. The watch itself works great; in fact, all three of the Waveceptor watches I have purchased are still working just fine but they are unwearable because of the broken cases. I queried Casio about repairing or replacing the case, and Casio will NOT repair this watch under warranty as the watch case and band are specifically excluded from the warranty. Casio offered to replace my watch for $28 plus tax, which is almost the cost of a new watch. Hence, I do NOT recommend this watch because of the limited lifespan of the Resin case. Bottom Line: Great Watch, but Chronically Defective Case.
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on October 25, 2015
I should have believed the negative reviews, but I owned two of these, previously, and they worked great; just a little the worse for wear.

This one reboots/resets itself; sometimes two or three times during the day. The only clue is that the time appears off and my default countdown timer, set to 5 minutes, resets to 60 minutes.

The price has risen, but the quality has declined as other posters have mentioned.

A shame as it was a very nice watch and the automatic time reset to a standard clock was a great feature.

Looking for warranty information, but probably am stuck.
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on September 2, 2015
Casio has made a horrible product with this watch after 2 weeks the watch started to re-set itself now it does this 2 to 3 times a week I would send it in for repair but from what I have researched casio will not fix the problem only change out the the inside of the watch and then I would be stuck with the same problem again plus I would have to pay to return it to the repair facility on the west coast with insurance. the watch is not worth the money this is the second watch that we have had the same problem with. if you want to waste your money buy this watch. if you want to have a quality watch buy something other than casio. I will not buy another casio watch.
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on April 23, 2014
I bought a solar powered Casio Waveceptor about 5 years ago and was very happy with it. Recently the watchband connection to the case broke (probably because the watchband attaches to a plastic part of the case). After reading customer reports on Casio customer service, I decided not to attempt repair.

I purchased the Casio Waveceptor model WV58DA-1AV.

1) As reported by others, adjusting the watchband to fit my wrist was not trivial (I had to remove 4 links). I bought the SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover tool and it greatly simplified removal of the extra links. I broke 1 of the 3 provided pins so it's a good thing the tool was shipped with extras.

2) I went thru the watch setup procedures (time zone, etc) and attempted manual sync, failing 5 times. I remembered the same problem with my previous Waveceptor so waited a day for the autosync to run. Autosync has synced the watch to WWV every night. Note that NJ is far beyond the reliable sync range described in the watch's manual (I never had a problem with my previous Wavecepter auto syncing). Bottom line is that the autosync works (for me), but apparently not the manual sync.

3) Since the watch dial is not recessed, I was concerned that the dial might be easily scratched. I used MS Powerpoint to create a 30 mm circle, traced it on a smart phone screen protection sheet, cut the pattern from the protective sheet, cut a small section off the bottom to match the watch dial, and overlaid it on the dial to reduce the possibiliy of scratches.

4) After a week, the watch meets my expectations and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this watch.
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on May 5, 2016
This watch and its metal band work great. Unfortunately, for me at least, it has one flaw. As advertised the case is stainless steel, but this case is fastened to a plastic frame that includes plastic ears that the little pins at the end of the band fasten into. In my case, after about 5 months of use, one of the ears broke off. I was able to repair it by epoxy gluing the ear back on. This worked fine, but after another six weeks, another of the ears broke, and this time I have not been able to repair it. Without this ear, the band will not attach, so this watch can no longer be worn on my wrist.
I have attached a photograph that shows the broken ear: The side of the ear broke out.

I lead a fairly active life, but I don't think I place undue stress on the watch band. I have had other Casio plastic-cased watches that have survived, for example, working on sail boats. So, I think the plastic frame on this watch is simply not strong enough, and I can't recommend the purchase of it.
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on September 5, 2015
Piece of Garbage. I would leave zero stars, but that doesn't appear to be an option. I bought this watch in late July, in early Sept it started resetting itself to 1/1/2005. Found out my Amazon "return window" ended Aug 22, and Casio will only take back merchandise in original packaging, according to their warranty terms. So I guess I'm screwed. Do yourselves a favor, don't buy this watch! (but if you really want one, I have a slightly used one I'll sell for 2 cents)
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on August 23, 2016
I like these watches --- this is my third stainless steel Waveceptor, and my 5th if you count the previous all plastic versions of the same World Time watch. If you travel, the world time zone function is great! CASIO --- do you ever read these reviews??? I have two suggestions for Casio: (1) Every previous model of this watch has failed due to the watch band breaking away one corner of the plastic case. Use better plastic, or use a stainless steel tab to insert the pin into! (2) When someone sets the world time function for an area with no radio time, automatically turn off the receive function so the watch doesn't burn through the battery every night trying to find a radio signal! I still recommend this watch --- what do you want for $30; perfection?
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on December 3, 2015
This is my second Waveceptor watch. The first one was purchased 12 years ago and part of the end piece split and the watch fell off. After ordering the new one, found that you could remove this piece and attach a band (not the original) after removing the end pieces. It was a hassle., but now I have two working watches. (the new one has a different attachment procedure) The new watch doesn't have this piece and the band attaches normally. Adjusting the links took time and had to refer to the YouTube video to make sure I was doing it right and finally got it done. With that said, the purpose of a watch is to tell time. During the winter it is hidden by a long sleeve shirt. During the summer, I would not be ashamed for it to be seen. People spend hundreds and some thousands for a watch. Based on my experience with Waveceptor #1, this watch tells the time to the second, is dependable and does what a watch is suppose to do. I do like the band, it is similar to the other which never had to be replaced during those 12 years.
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on November 30, 2015
1. calibration signal the time to update and maintain the accuracy of the time displayed, transmitted only from the United States (Fort Collins) 600 miles (1000 km) and England (Rugby) 2000 miles (3000 km). Which means that only in a few cities can be calibrated.
2. The calibration signal United States only covers the following cities: Honolulu, Anchorage, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Edmonton, Denver. Mexico City, Winnipeg, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, New York, Halifax and St. Johns.
The calibration signal UK only covers the following cities: Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Stockholm, Athens and Moscow.
In other cities the clock must be set manually.
3. It is lighter than it looks because it has plastic parts.
4. Probably you may need to adjust the watch strap to suit a Casio authorized agent.
5. The piece that the strap is connected to is plastic and it is not strong enough for the watch. Be careful.
Rest meets all expectations.
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on March 14, 2017
This watch is nice. It is fairly light which I like and has an attractive display. I am giving it four stars not five because the Waveceptor function does not work as well as other similar devices I have. After trying to have it reset itself to Daylight Savings Time I finally gave up and reset it manually. About a week later it received its first signal from Ft. Collins.
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