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on August 13, 2015
Update for Sept. 4, 2015: After posting the following review and sending a copy to Casio, Casio has repaired my watch and returned it to me, all free of charge. It looks and works like new, as it should be. It remains to be seen whether the new case will last longer than the old case did. I have raised the rating to "4 Stars" from the previous "2 Stars" because this is a really accurate and functional watch. Here is the review I posted last month: I purchased this watch in Nov. 2014 and the case broke 8 months later with only occasional wear. The watch band is metal, but the watch CASE is a metal-looking Resin, not metal, and breaks easily where the pin holds the watch band to the case (see photo). This renders the watch unwearable. This is the third Casio Waveceptor watch I have purchased in the past 5 years, and they have all failed for the same reason. The watch itself works great; in fact, all three of the Waveceptor watches I have purchased are still working just fine but they are unwearable because of the broken cases. I queried Casio about repairing or replacing the case, and Casio will NOT repair this watch under warranty as the watch case and band are specifically excluded from the warranty. Casio offered to replace my watch for $28 plus tax, which is almost the cost of a new watch. Hence, I do NOT recommend this watch because of the limited lifespan of the Resin case. Bottom Line: Great Watch, but Chronically Defective Case.
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on January 31, 2018
I like it very much. The Wave Ceptor resets the time & date every night at 2 or 3 AM while I'm sleeping, with the watch on my wrist. I was a little surprised since we have an all steel roof on the house & expected it to attenuate the signal more than it did. I live in farth north Minnesota, near the Canadian boarder. I had done a manual WWV, Wave Ceptor Time & Date set when I first got the watch, at the other end of the house without any problem. The data on the screen is easy enough for me at 82 years to read.
Of course I had to adjust the band to fit me. I found a short, concise instruction video on the web showing how it was done. I very easily removed 2 links from one side of the clasp, then 1 more link on the other side to keep the clasp more centered, since it was a bit too large yet. This is the first Stainless Steel band that I found that was simple & easy to adjust.
The watch has several functions available, which are not difficult to use once you become familiar with it. Just keep the comprehensive manual close at hand since it is a little different than other digital watches I have had. All in all, it is a good watch & I am quite happy with it.
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on January 29, 2018
-Display is large and readabe
-Cord is thicker than the classic ones which looks way cooler.
-Looks elegant
-Night light is bright and homogeneous
-Not too heavy or too light
-I was able to pick off the links to make the cord shorter
-Had no problems auto syncing the atomic time so far
-Month/Day display can be switched between MM-DD and DD-MM modes
-Particular cities in World time can be toggled DST mode (some countries do not use DST so you don't have to remember it once toggled)
-Button press beep sound can be silenced
-Overall settings can be personalized very detailed

-Like many new models of Casio watches, the case is made of plastic so with the first strong impact, expect that it will be rendered useless because the part connecting the cord to the body will break (happened to another one of my Casio watch and read a lot of reviews stating this, so don't ignore. Use it elegantly)
-Don't swim with it. You will probably break aforementioned part or ooze water inside (please correct me if wrong, some people mentioned it here so I am afraid to do it)
-Starts tearing off the very first day. The case is not actual metal. Just a metal coated plastic and not very well painted.
-May not be the case for everyone but don't expect it to sync manually during the day, it has not enough signal to do it but it will do just fine at night so not much of a concern.

I am a functionality oriented watch consumer so I like it. If you are obsessed with accuracy but don't want to charge a smart watch (they are also supposed to be very accurate as good as phones, which can sync time over internet) every now and then this is one of the cheapest solutions. However, it probably won't last longer than a couple of years. Casio just made them by producing the case plastic. Too bad they don't see their batteries replaced! I assume Casio actually has sturdy ones that still last long but they are expensive. What happened to the good old inexpensive reliable military grade watches? I only wish the case was made of real metal.
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on September 2, 2015
Casio has made a horrible product with this watch after 2 weeks the watch started to re-set itself now it does this 2 to 3 times a week I would send it in for repair but from what I have researched casio will not fix the problem only change out the the inside of the watch and then I would be stuck with the same problem again plus I would have to pay to return it to the repair facility on the west coast with insurance. the watch is not worth the money this is the second watch that we have had the same problem with. if you want to waste your money buy this watch. if you want to have a quality watch buy something other than casio. I will not buy another casio watch.
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on August 7, 2017
I like the watch part. Tells me everything I want to know about the date & time at a glance. Fairly easy to set up and I love the atomic time setting, so never have to worry about setting the time. I’ve had a couple Casio’s before and liked them, but they all had the plastic watchband which always broke too easily (usually in about a year), so I decided to get a Casio with the metal watchband, so it would last longer (I hope). However, the metal watchband was too big for my wrist. There is NOTHING in the User’s Guide telling you how to adjust the band and there is nothing obvious looking at the band on how to do it. I checked the Casio website and couldn’t find anything about adjusting the band. I used their contact us page to ask them how to do it and NEVER heard back from them. I finally tried google and found a couple of web pages that proved useful. I couldn’t find my exact watchband, but the examples shown were similar enough to give me an idea how to do it. It was a pain in the derriere to accomplish and took several hours, but I finally managed it. I don’t think I’ll get a Casio next time.
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on August 8, 2017
This is the third one of these watches I've purchased. I like the accuracy; it reliably syncs every night IF you point it westward and near a window. Others have commented that the watch randomly resets its time and date to Jan 1 at 12:00. I can confirm this. It happens about once a week, and is not related to the age of the battery. It does seem to happen if you cycle quickly through the series of screens. Then you must manually set the date and time on the watch. The watch won't set its time automatically if it is that far off from true time.

If you Google Casio Wavecepter and resetting you'll see that lots of people experience this random reset issue. I purchased another of these watches in the hope that Casio fixed the bug, but they did not. Even with the resetting issue, I like the watch because it is digital, and because it comes in a metal, not plastic case.
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on September 7, 2015
This is a very nice watch. I bought it mainly because I already own another one that I obtained quite a few years ago and have had great success with it. My original watch had the resin band with a buckle. No adjustment of the band length was necessary. This one, however, has a metal band that was designed for a giant with massive wrists. I had to remove 4 of the metal links to make it fit. It seems that the metal band was made in several different versions, each one requiring a different process for removing links. Removing the links was not a difficult task -- AFTER I managed to find a couple of good instructional videos online that showed how to do it for this particular band design. The only real complaint that I have is the sensitivity of the watch for receiving the daily time calibration signal. Nothing that I did to set it for automatic receive or manual receive worked during the first couple of days that I owned it. It just kept showing a receive error and telling me that the last signal receive was on 4-13-2015, almost 5 months ago. Finally, on day 3 of ownership, much to my surprise, it captured a calibration signal and synchronized with the time signal. Signal capture has been "spotty" since that time -- it will capture and update on some days and do nothing on other days. I can say for certain that this is NOT due to the strength of the time calibration signal at my location. The signal is quite strong and effective. My older resin band version of the WV-58A receives the time signal and updates flawlessly every day, even if it is located in a drawer in the middle of the room, and away from all windows. I also have several clocks in the house that rely on the time signal for synchronization and they also receive the signal at all times without any problems. My only conclusion is that there is a lack of sensitivity in the receiver in the watch. Is it this particular watch only or does it affect all current models of this watch? I have no way to determine that. Because of this one flaw I have rated it at 4 stars. If it would function as well as my older watch, I would give it 5.
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on March 26, 2017
This is one of the less expensive Casio watches with somewhat reduced features. On the VERY positive side, it uses the World Time update so that your watch is accurate to within a second or so a day! *Proviso -- must live in the continental U.S. However foreign stations cover Canada, Alaska, Japan, China, Europe and Australia/NZ. Water-tight to ~200 ft. Has alarm, chronograph and timer plus alarm. Push a button for backlight at night. Stainless adjustable band which is self-adjustable. Will need a new "button-battery every ~ 3 years (which is user replaceable).
Shows date w/year & AM or PM and Day-of-Week
It does not contain the solar-cell recharging of the more expensive versions.
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on April 23, 2014
I bought a solar powered Casio Waveceptor about 5 years ago and was very happy with it. Recently the watchband connection to the case broke (probably because the watchband attaches to a plastic part of the case). After reading customer reports on Casio customer service, I decided not to attempt repair.

I purchased the Casio Waveceptor model WV58DA-1AV.

1) As reported by others, adjusting the watchband to fit my wrist was not trivial (I had to remove 4 links). I bought the SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover tool and it greatly simplified removal of the extra links. I broke 1 of the 3 provided pins so it's a good thing the tool was shipped with extras.

2) I went thru the watch setup procedures (time zone, etc) and attempted manual sync, failing 5 times. I remembered the same problem with my previous Waveceptor so waited a day for the autosync to run. Autosync has synced the watch to WWV every night. Note that NJ is far beyond the reliable sync range described in the watch's manual (I never had a problem with my previous Wavecepter auto syncing). Bottom line is that the autosync works (for me), but apparently not the manual sync.

3) Since the watch dial is not recessed, I was concerned that the dial might be easily scratched. I used MS Powerpoint to create a 30 mm circle, traced it on a smart phone screen protection sheet, cut the pattern from the protective sheet, cut a small section off the bottom to match the watch dial, and overlaid it on the dial to reduce the possibiliy of scratches.

4) After a week, the watch meets my expectations and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this watch.
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on December 18, 2016
I have had this watch for quite a while now and love it, but the last time we "fell back" out of daylight savings time, it didn't change the time automatically, and I had to do it manually. A few days later, it kept changing the time overnight - adding one hour. Every morning I would set the time back one hour, and the next morning I would get up and it would be one hour forward again. This went one for several days so I changed my home time zone from LAX to Anchorage, and now it is happy. It keeps perfect time and I don't really care which time zone it thinks I am in as long as the time is right.
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