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on September 20, 2013
The original watch did not work properly; I sent it back and got a replacement which works fine. 1st part of my review deals with the original watch and the 2nd part deals with the replacement.

The original watch I received is nice looking and has been keeping pretty good time since I received it about 10 days ago. Unfortunately, I ordered an atomic watch, and the unit I received simply can't acquire the Fort Collins time signal no matter how hard I try -- and I've tried a lot, using every trick from the manual that I can think of. The "GET" mode, which shows the most recent time it acquired the signal from Fort Collins, indicates that it has NEVER acquired a time signal, and the signal strength indicator in the lower right of the display so no signal reception.

My 9 year old La Crosse Technology atomic watch almost always acquired the time signal without problems; I only replaced it because the case broke. I live in the San Francisco area west Bay hills and have an unobstructed view eastward toward Fort Collins, so the problem does not seem to be due to my local geography blocking the signal.

Since other reviewers report that their copies of this watch have no problems receiving the signal, even in more distant locales like Florida, I can only conclude that I received a defective unit. I will be sending this watch back, though I will try my luck ordering another identical unit which hopefully will receive the signal.

I did indeed send the defective watch back. The replacement I received picked up the signal on the very first try, and the signal strength indicator shows that it is getting the highest level 3 strength. In the two days that I have has the watch it has been automatically synching with the Fort Collins signal just past midnight without problems.

I have now had the replacement watch for two weeks, and it's great at receiving the signal. It is programmed to receive the signal overnight starting at midnight. I rarely get to bed before midnight, but I've found that the watch receives the time signal even when I am up and about and wearing it!

My only other complaint is with the custom metal clasp type watchband. Although OK for that type of band, the watch ships with a band circumference for just about the largest possible wrist, and I will have to take it to a watch repair shop or jeweler to have a few links removed before I can wear it. Also, I sweat a lot, but the clasp type band does not have the flexibility to move up the arm slightly to let my wrist dry off. For years I used a metal "twisty-flex" expansion band which was quick and easy to slip on and off and, by its very design, could be moved up the arm. The unfortunate trend among digital watch companies in recent years has been to design custom bands that are incompatible with the standard watch fitting of my expansion band, which I previously used on many generations of digital watches.

I am giving this watch a rating of 3 because of (a) the problem with the original watch, and (b) the lack of a standard fitting which would allow me to use my preferred watchband. However, after two weeks using the replacement watch, I decided it works so well I decided to increase my rating to 4.
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on August 23, 2016
I like these watches --- this is my third stainless steel Waveceptor, and my 5th if you count the previous all plastic versions of the same World Time watch. If you travel, the world time zone function is great! CASIO --- do you ever read these reviews??? I have two suggestions for Casio: (1) Every previous model of this watch has failed due to the watch band breaking away one corner of the plastic case. Use better plastic, or use a stainless steel tab to insert the pin into! (2) When someone sets the world time function for an area with no radio time, automatically turn off the receive function so the watch doesn't burn through the battery every night trying to find a radio signal! I still recommend this watch --- what do you want for $30; perfection?
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on September 5, 2015
I am on my 4th Casio Wavecector Atomic watch over an 6-7 year period. They all still run fine except my first which just needs a battery. I have the silver ones with the stainless steel band. I think these are a great deal for the money. The only reason I buy a new one every couple of years is because the silver plating on the plastic bezel face area and the plastic area where the band attaches wears off and the watch just gets ugly. For me, they syn every night around 1-2 AM. I am hard on watches because I rarely take them off so I a not complaining. I probably should switch them when I am working on the car or around the house so they could last longer. Maybe I need one as a working watch and another as a dress watch, but then I would have to remember to do that. And at 75 years old I may forget to do that anyway. I tried ginkgo for memory enhancement once, but I kept forgetting to take it?

UPDATE Nov 6, 2017. Just bought my 5th Casio Waveceptor because the previous one (#4) was just looking bad ( chrome plating on plastic worn off and scratches on face). It still works fine though. This time I did experience a strange problem with the radio wave time synchronization. It would not sync in my time zone in either NYC or MIA (Miami). The old one syncs just fine. I tried several times and even went outside for a stronger signal. But still get the err message with the manual sync. I was prepared to return it, but just for kicks I tried the STO (Stockholm) time zone and it sync immediately and with the correct time for my time zone. I live in Cincinnati and Stockholm is a 6 hour difference. I still like it though!
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on November 2, 2015
This is my fourth Waveceptor watch. The previous one went crazy on me about 4-months after the warranty expired; it kept resetting itself to 1/1/05. But the first two watches lasted several years each and has all the things I want. The price is very reasonable; It keeps very accurate time (important in some of my activities." Each night I leave it on my desk which faces a window to the West; it adjusts itself via the atomic clock at Ft. Carson, CO. The stop-watch, timer, and second time zone are features I use quite often when I travel. The neat thing also is that I can tell the time in the movie theatre by pressing one button that lights the dial without distracting other patrons. Adjusting the watch band is a bit tricky; but, I finally got the hang of it -- you need a jeweler's screwdriver.
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on December 16, 2014
This is my third Casio Waveceptor in about 8 years. I am pretty rough on watches and both of my previous watches (both with metal bands) broke or separated from the watch facing. One of them can probably be repaired with a new pin, but the watch face is rather banged up, so I just decided to get a new one. At under $35 you just can't go wrong with this watch. I love the large display that includes the time, date and day all on the main screen. (My prior Waveceptors had both digital and analog time, so I always had to hit a button to change the display to see the date.) I see many reviewers who had trouble adjusting the metal band. I had never adjusted a band like this one before, so I looked on Youtube and found several very helpful videos that walked me right through the process. I removed 4 links in less than half an hour (including watching the videos). It really is not that hard. All you need is a small screwdriver (like the one that comes in an eyeglasses repair kit) to carefully work out the pins. Bottom line: this is a great-looking, functional watch that keeps time on its own for under $35. Based on my two prior watches, I expect the battery to last around 2-3 years. I always take mine to Batteries Plus for battery replacement. They install the battery free of charge, and the battery is less than $10 (I don't remember the exact amount). I imagine that any jewelry store that sells watches can replace the battery for a similar minimal fee.
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on May 10, 2015
This is by far the best watch I have ever had. I bought this as a replacement for an identical watch I bought about ten years ago. The battery finally died and instead of having the battery replaced by Casio, I just bought a new one.
As a retired engineer, I don't need to know what time it is but when I want to know, I want to know exactly. This watch is accurate within a half second as long it receives a signal. When it does not receive a signal it gains about half second in a day. At least the old one did. Not sure about the new one. Getting a signal, however, is normally not a problem unless you are in a high rise building with lots of steel in the structure and then you can still get a signal by putting the watch on a window sill at night. When I received the watch it was one hour off. I did nothing and it set itself to the correct time and zone the first night.
I had to remove two links from the band. It is not immediately obvious how to do it since there are no instructions with the documentation but you can look for a video on you tube and it is no problem.
I hope this one lasts as long as the original.
If you wear a watch as jewelry, look elsewhere. Nothing fancy here just accurate time.
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on May 29, 2017
Delivered as promised and well packed. There's some setup you have to do, out of the box. Pick your host city and DST setup, but then the time sets itself. Every night, after 12 AM, it receives a signal and resets to the correct time. Pretty cool. Band adjustment is a bit of a pain, but with a very small screwdriver it can by a DIY. Look online, instructional videos are all over. Nice looking and I can see the time without my glasses. Big plus. Reasonably priced and you can swim in it, just don't press the buttons under water.
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on May 26, 2012
I bought this watch about 6 months ago. I still like it.
I considered some brands with my requirements: small face to fit my wrist (140-160 lbs), metal band for good look, atomic to sync up with national clock, timer, alarm, solar panel to extend battery life. Stop watch is good to have. Since all watches with solar panel are quite big. I have to drop it. This watch has all features I need except solar panel. The price is great.
After I bought it, it was a little bit hard to shorten the watch band. I have to watch some YouTube videos to do it. The tools they refer to are either watch repair kit (kind of expensive but use only once) or paper clips (not sturdy enough). I used the smallest screw driver in small screw set. It worked fine. I needed to adjust twice in 1 week to feel really comfortable. I wear the watch daily to work. Again, I work with computer a lot so the light weight is a must.
Regarding to atomic clock feature, the watch tries to sync up with national clock at 12:00am, 1am, 2am, 3am and 4am based on the manual. It always takes about 4min to sync up so the last sync up always display 12:04, 1:04am,...You can check the last sync up by press the lowest right button. The main reason I give 4 stars since the manual does not say clearly how to make the watch sync up successfully everyday. I have to try it a couple of months to makes it works 99-100%. Again with more expensive Casio model like my kid's one (~$80), you can put it anywhere in the room and it still sync up daily. I put my watch on a table 2 feet away from the window. To sync up successfully, I have to do three things: 1) put the watch perpendicular with its top part pointing to the wall of the window; 2) Fold the watch such that its face must stay flat or parallel to the floor and 3) and move away active electronic devices such as my standby laptop or cell phone 3-5" from the watch to avoid radio interference.
About the durability, I accidentally dropped it once from 2 feet height table to laminate floor, it resets to 12:00am, but it still has worked fine after that. I guess it only survives very few light drops.
Overall, with a price vs features, I like it.
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on November 12, 2013
When the Earth is going to be engulfed in some final cataclysm, only two things will emerge unscathed: cockroaches and this watch. I wear it when I go surfing (which is almost every day) and despite its low cost, it's been an incredibly faithful companion (unlike fancier watches, even by the same manufacturer)

This watch is relatively thin and light (the main reasons I bought it) and lasts a very long time. It has only four buttons, of which only three are used to interface with it (the fourth is the backlight). The manual is tiny, in multiple languages, and incredibly long and detailed. But you really need to set only a few things, so it's not all too complicated. There is ADJUST to change current values (like the time zone, or the preferences), MODE to go into world watch, alarm, stopwatch, etc. and FORWARD to do everything else.

As mentioned, this watch is used to me taking it into the ocean water on a daily basis, and it has never complained (at least not to me, but maybe it voices it complaints to the phone and the other gadgets?). It is also not terribly ugly (like a whole lot of the digital watches out there).

The only real downside is that the steel armband is big enough for a Biblical giant, and if you are not a Biblical giant, you need to adjust the size. That means you either bring it to a jeweller (for a fee) or you learn how to remove links on your own. That's fairly easy, especially with this watch (I bought three by now, I think my beach backpack hocks them off when I am in the water.) If you don't do it, you essentially have a pretty watch-faced bracelet that you'll constantly have to flip around like a pretty young thing in a beer commercial.

Look on YouTube for instructions on how to resize the armband. If all else fails, comment here and I'll upload a video.
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on August 29, 2013
I was looking for a replacement for my Timex Ironman with stainless steel bracelet. My last two Ironman watches failed because the bracelets broke (unrepairable) not the watch. I loved the Ironman display, functions and roughneck worthiness. The Casio is really a MUCH nicer watch. Totally a step up in looks with stainless steel trim. But I actually liked the black plastic trim on the Ironman because I didn't worry about it showing wear/abuse. This watch makes me a little more concerned about maintaining its good looks.

The chime/alarm function on the Casio, as others have mentioned, is almost useless because it emits such a low volume tone, so that is a noticeable negative compared to the Ironman.

The Casio bracelet is way ahead of the Timex. Resizing is a snap (I did it using the point on a paring knife). Push the solid bracket/pin out in the direction of the arrow stamped on the band, pull it completely out and the link opens up. True, there are no directions in the users manual on how to do this, but it is pretty obvious. Much simpler to perform and much stronger than the Ironman bracelet design.

Overall a very good watch value if you don't need an alarm watch.
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