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on August 13, 2015
Update for Sept. 4, 2015: After posting the following review and sending a copy to Casio, Casio has repaired my watch and returned it to me, all free of charge. It looks and works like new, as it should be. It remains to be seen whether the new case will last longer than the old case did. I have raised the rating to "4 Stars" from the previous "2 Stars" because this is a really accurate and functional watch. Here is the review I posted last month: I purchased this watch in Nov. 2014 and the case broke 8 months later with only occasional wear. The watch band is metal, but the watch CASE is a metal-looking Resin, not metal, and breaks easily where the pin holds the watch band to the case (see photo). This renders the watch unwearable. This is the third Casio Waveceptor watch I have purchased in the past 5 years, and they have all failed for the same reason. The watch itself works great; in fact, all three of the Waveceptor watches I have purchased are still working just fine but they are unwearable because of the broken cases. I queried Casio about repairing or replacing the case, and Casio will NOT repair this watch under warranty as the watch case and band are specifically excluded from the warranty. Casio offered to replace my watch for $28 plus tax, which is almost the cost of a new watch. Hence, I do NOT recommend this watch because of the limited lifespan of the Resin case. Bottom Line: Great Watch, but Chronically Defective Case.
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on October 25, 2015
I should have believed the negative reviews, but I owned two of these, previously, and they worked great; just a little the worse for wear.

This one reboots/resets itself; sometimes two or three times during the day. The only clue is that the time appears off and my default countdown timer, set to 5 minutes, resets to 60 minutes.

The price has risen, but the quality has declined as other posters have mentioned.

A shame as it was a very nice watch and the automatic time reset to a standard clock was a great feature.

Looking for warranty information, but probably am stuck.
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on September 2, 2015
Casio has made a horrible product with this watch after 2 weeks the watch started to re-set itself now it does this 2 to 3 times a week I would send it in for repair but from what I have researched casio will not fix the problem only change out the the inside of the watch and then I would be stuck with the same problem again plus I would have to pay to return it to the repair facility on the west coast with insurance. the watch is not worth the money this is the second watch that we have had the same problem with. if you want to waste your money buy this watch. if you want to have a quality watch buy something other than casio. I will not buy another casio watch.
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on April 23, 2014
I bought a solar powered Casio Waveceptor about 5 years ago and was very happy with it. Recently the watchband connection to the case broke (probably because the watchband attaches to a plastic part of the case). After reading customer reports on Casio customer service, I decided not to attempt repair.

I purchased the Casio Waveceptor model WV58DA-1AV.

1) As reported by others, adjusting the watchband to fit my wrist was not trivial (I had to remove 4 links). I bought the SE JT6218 Watch Band Link Remover tool and it greatly simplified removal of the extra links. I broke 1 of the 3 provided pins so it's a good thing the tool was shipped with extras.

2) I went thru the watch setup procedures (time zone, etc) and attempted manual sync, failing 5 times. I remembered the same problem with my previous Waveceptor so waited a day for the autosync to run. Autosync has synced the watch to WWV every night. Note that NJ is far beyond the reliable sync range described in the watch's manual (I never had a problem with my previous Wavecepter auto syncing). Bottom line is that the autosync works (for me), but apparently not the manual sync.

3) Since the watch dial is not recessed, I was concerned that the dial might be easily scratched. I used MS Powerpoint to create a 30 mm circle, traced it on a smart phone screen protection sheet, cut the pattern from the protective sheet, cut a small section off the bottom to match the watch dial, and overlaid it on the dial to reduce the possibiliy of scratches.

4) After a week, the watch meets my expectations and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend this watch.
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on September 7, 2015
This is a very nice watch. I bought it mainly because I already own another one that I obtained quite a few years ago and have had great success with it. My original watch had the resin band with a buckle. No adjustment of the band length was necessary. This one, however, has a metal band that was designed for a giant with massive wrists. I had to remove 4 of the metal links to make it fit. It seems that the metal band was made in several different versions, each one requiring a different process for removing links. Removing the links was not a difficult task -- AFTER I managed to find a couple of good instructional videos online that showed how to do it for this particular band design. The only real complaint that I have is the sensitivity of the watch for receiving the daily time calibration signal. Nothing that I did to set it for automatic receive or manual receive worked during the first couple of days that I owned it. It just kept showing a receive error and telling me that the last signal receive was on 4-13-2015, almost 5 months ago. Finally, on day 3 of ownership, much to my surprise, it captured a calibration signal and synchronized with the time signal. Signal capture has been "spotty" since that time -- it will capture and update on some days and do nothing on other days. I can say for certain that this is NOT due to the strength of the time calibration signal at my location. The signal is quite strong and effective. My older resin band version of the WV-58A receives the time signal and updates flawlessly every day, even if it is located in a drawer in the middle of the room, and away from all windows. I also have several clocks in the house that rely on the time signal for synchronization and they also receive the signal at all times without any problems. My only conclusion is that there is a lack of sensitivity in the receiver in the watch. Is it this particular watch only or does it affect all current models of this watch? I have no way to determine that. Because of this one flaw I have rated it at 4 stars. If it would function as well as my older watch, I would give it 5.
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on March 2, 2016
This is a great watch. I wear it every day.

Pros: It does everything I need it to do: time, date (m/d/y and day of week ie. Tue, Wed, etc), it has a countdown timer, a count up timer, time sync, alarm, etc. It's very comfortable, and sturdy.

Cons: Plastic face, which means it scratches easily. Mine has developed a glitch where it will freak out and lose it's time randomly. This is a bit annoying, as it happens 2 or 3 times a month. Another con is that it does not select the correct time zone when it syncs.

Other: It worked fine for a year or so, and then developed the problems in cons. I still like it and wear it all the time, but it's quite frustrating when it loses it's way. I really want to love this watch, but it's just too flaky to rate much higher. Most watches now a day are so ugly or huge, that I can't stand to look at them, let alone put them on my wrist. In addition, I'm so picky that this is one of the only watches that meets my requirements.

I will buy this again when my current one dies... even with the problems, it's still worth buying.

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on September 20, 2013
The original watch did not work properly; I sent it back and got a replacement which works fine. 1st part of my review deals with the original watch and the 2nd part deals with the replacement.

The original watch I received is nice looking and has been keeping pretty good time since I received it about 10 days ago. Unfortunately, I ordered an atomic watch, and the unit I received simply can't acquire the Fort Collins time signal no matter how hard I try -- and I've tried a lot, using every trick from the manual that I can think of. The "GET" mode, which shows the most recent time it acquired the signal from Fort Collins, indicates that it has NEVER acquired a time signal, and the signal strength indicator in the lower right of the display so no signal reception.

My 9 year old La Crosse Technology atomic watch almost always acquired the time signal without problems; I only replaced it because the case broke. I live in the San Francisco area west Bay hills and have an unobstructed view eastward toward Fort Collins, so the problem does not seem to be due to my local geography blocking the signal.

Since other reviewers report that their copies of this watch have no problems receiving the signal, even in more distant locales like Florida, I can only conclude that I received a defective unit. I will be sending this watch back, though I will try my luck ordering another identical unit which hopefully will receive the signal.

I did indeed send the defective watch back. The replacement I received picked up the signal on the very first try, and the signal strength indicator shows that it is getting the highest level 3 strength. In the two days that I have has the watch it has been automatically synching with the Fort Collins signal just past midnight without problems.

I have now had the replacement watch for two weeks, and it's great at receiving the signal. It is programmed to receive the signal overnight starting at midnight. I rarely get to bed before midnight, but I've found that the watch receives the time signal even when I am up and about and wearing it!

My only other complaint is with the custom metal clasp type watchband. Although OK for that type of band, the watch ships with a band circumference for just about the largest possible wrist, and I will have to take it to a watch repair shop or jeweler to have a few links removed before I can wear it. Also, I sweat a lot, but the clasp type band does not have the flexibility to move up the arm slightly to let my wrist dry off. For years I used a metal "twisty-flex" expansion band which was quick and easy to slip on and off and, by its very design, could be moved up the arm. The unfortunate trend among digital watch companies in recent years has been to design custom bands that are incompatible with the standard watch fitting of my expansion band, which I previously used on many generations of digital watches.

I am giving this watch a rating of 3 because of (a) the problem with the original watch, and (b) the lack of a standard fitting which would allow me to use my preferred watchband. However, after two weeks using the replacement watch, I decided it works so well I decided to increase my rating to 4.
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on May 26, 2012
I bought this watch about 6 months ago. I still like it.
I considered some brands with my requirements: small face to fit my wrist (140-160 lbs), metal band for good look, atomic to sync up with national clock, timer, alarm, solar panel to extend battery life. Stop watch is good to have. Since all watches with solar panel are quite big. I have to drop it. This watch has all features I need except solar panel. The price is great.
After I bought it, it was a little bit hard to shorten the watch band. I have to watch some YouTube videos to do it. The tools they refer to are either watch repair kit (kind of expensive but use only once) or paper clips (not sturdy enough). I used the smallest screw driver in small screw set. It worked fine. I needed to adjust twice in 1 week to feel really comfortable. I wear the watch daily to work. Again, I work with computer a lot so the light weight is a must.
Regarding to atomic clock feature, the watch tries to sync up with national clock at 12:00am, 1am, 2am, 3am and 4am based on the manual. It always takes about 4min to sync up so the last sync up always display 12:04, 1:04am,...You can check the last sync up by press the lowest right button. The main reason I give 4 stars since the manual does not say clearly how to make the watch sync up successfully everyday. I have to try it a couple of months to makes it works 99-100%. Again with more expensive Casio model like my kid's one (~$80), you can put it anywhere in the room and it still sync up daily. I put my watch on a table 2 feet away from the window. To sync up successfully, I have to do three things: 1) put the watch perpendicular with its top part pointing to the wall of the window; 2) Fold the watch such that its face must stay flat or parallel to the floor and 3) and move away active electronic devices such as my standby laptop or cell phone 3-5" from the watch to avoid radio interference.
About the durability, I accidentally dropped it once from 2 feet height table to laminate floor, it resets to 12:00am, but it still has worked fine after that. I guess it only survives very few light drops.
Overall, with a price vs features, I like it.
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on December 16, 2014
This is my third Casio Waveceptor in about 8 years. I am pretty rough on watches and both of my previous watches (both with metal bands) broke or separated from the watch facing. One of them can probably be repaired with a new pin, but the watch face is rather banged up, so I just decided to get a new one. At under $35 you just can't go wrong with this watch. I love the large display that includes the time, date and day all on the main screen. (My prior Waveceptors had both digital and analog time, so I always had to hit a button to change the display to see the date.) I see many reviewers who had trouble adjusting the metal band. I had never adjusted a band like this one before, so I looked on Youtube and found several very helpful videos that walked me right through the process. I removed 4 links in less than half an hour (including watching the videos). It really is not that hard. All you need is a small screwdriver (like the one that comes in an eyeglasses repair kit) to carefully work out the pins. Bottom line: this is a great-looking, functional watch that keeps time on its own for under $35. Based on my two prior watches, I expect the battery to last around 2-3 years. I always take mine to Batteries Plus for battery replacement. They install the battery free of charge, and the battery is less than $10 (I don't remember the exact amount). I imagine that any jewelry store that sells watches can replace the battery for a similar minimal fee.
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on December 3, 2015
This is my second Waveceptor watch. The first one was purchased 12 years ago and part of the end piece split and the watch fell off. After ordering the new one, found that you could remove this piece and attach a band (not the original) after removing the end pieces. It was a hassle., but now I have two working watches. (the new one has a different attachment procedure) The new watch doesn't have this piece and the band attaches normally. Adjusting the links took time and had to refer to the YouTube video to make sure I was doing it right and finally got it done. With that said, the purpose of a watch is to tell time. During the winter it is hidden by a long sleeve shirt. During the summer, I would not be ashamed for it to be seen. People spend hundreds and some thousands for a watch. Based on my experience with Waveceptor #1, this watch tells the time to the second, is dependable and does what a watch is suppose to do. I do like the band, it is similar to the other which never had to be replaced during those 12 years.
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