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on May 3, 2012
I'm an avid fan of Casio watches. In fact, I refuse all other brands. This watch is replacing my old Casio WVA58A waveceptor (digital, resin). I work for an airline, so I always need my watch to be exact to the seconds place. Waveceptor fits my bill, but wait.. this one is solar, analog, modern, sleek, and absolutely beautiful? You bet.

Don't bother with the printed manual as heeded by other reviewers. Just download their website's pdf manual. It takes about 15-20 mins to become acquainted, set up your home city, and have a basic understanding of the functionalities within.

When you first open the box, please look at the face of the watch. Sit there, take in what you just saw, and be amazed. This watch is one high tech piece. I don't know who is doing the programming, but I'd like to give them a high five for this one. I love the auto-setting capability. It amazes me every time. If you are a frequent traveler, don't sweat. It takes about 15 seconds to change your home city to a neighboring time zone, or if you are just having a flight connection or something you can just use the world time feature to have that current time displayed in the digital section of the face.

I'm going to personally get the zagg shield as recommended by others. This thing is too precious to me now that I have it to go and get it scratched up. Some reviewers complained of the second hand being off the marks a little. I did not receive a watch that was off. It hits the markings with extreme precision.

If you are a fan of Casio watches, or if you are looking for something that is 100% automatic down to the bones... this is your watch, friend!
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on January 30, 2014
This is a worry-free watch. Once set, you never have to set the time, you never have to change the battery, and you can take it with you anywhere; swimming, business meetings, shower, etc. If you wear it on a regular basis the battery will always be fully charged so you don't have to worry about that.

The only thing you might have to do if you use it to watch a second time zone is to set that time zone to DST manually on or off twice a year. Your own time is changed automatically, but not all the other times round the world.

I've bought several of these types of Casio Analog Waveceptor watches over the years, and they all still work. Those watches pretty much never break down (I hand them down or sell them after a while to get a different style/model).

This watch has 3 alarms, which is handy. usually those have just one.


1) Read the manual at least once after you buy it. Once this watch is set up properly you won't to ever do that again

3) I'm in Texas, so, not far from Colorado, but I can never get it to sync during the day. Not sure why, but those watches sync perfectly fine at night, so if it doesn't work during the day don't worry, that's normal, it'll sync at night. I don't even pay attention to where mine is at night as long as it's not in a drawer, and it will sync. Even if I have it on my wrist.

3) IMPORTANT: When you get it, after the first atomic time sync, make sure the analog hands match the digital time.
Basically, the minute hand advances 3 times between minutes, so every 20 seconds, so just look at it and make sure that at the 00 seconds mark the minute hand moves to the next minute, not a tad before or after that. Sometimes when you get these watches they will be 20 seconds ahead or behind. This time mine was 40 seconds behind. NO PROBLEM! Read the manual, all you have to do is go to the proper settings (see manual on how to adjust analog time), push one button once or twice to move the minute hand forward or backwards, and voila! Perfect! It'll stay this way afterwards.
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on October 13, 2014
I've had this for around a month now, and I really like the features like solar charging and the automatic time synchronization. I got it as a more "sporty" alternative to my Citizen EcoDrive (also solar, but much more dressy looking) and Pebble (Smart watch, very clunky and geeky looking, and my girlfriend hated it). It is a nice look for more casual days, and the price is reasonable for the features. However, I will say that the case feels cheap, in particular it looks like chromed plastic and the watch back has screws which my other watches do not and I find frequently catch hairs.

The band is super long; I have fairly large wrists and the extra band comes almost all the way back up to the watch. The retainer tends to hold it fairly well, so it doesn't go flapping around. If you have huge huge huge wrists, this will be plenty long. If you have small wrists, it will probably be annoyingly long.

Note that the time synchronization only really seems to work at night. Even driving around with this on my arm out the window, maybe 10 miles from where the broadcasts originate, it would fail to sync up. This does not seem to be unique to this watch, I have had similar problems in the past with stationary clocks picking up the signal except at night.

At $70 it is more expensive than I was originally looking at, but none of the other watches I was looking at had the time synchronization. Even considering that, I feel like it is a little cheap in construction. If the case breaks such that I can't just replace the band, I will probably replace it with something else.

I do like it though, I wear it more than any single other watch I have (out of 4).
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on August 19, 2009
I bought this watch couple months ago and use it very often. First of all the price is very reasonable and with amazon return policy you can't go wrong. I have few watches so this isn't my first one.
One thing about 'atomic' watches is that they have to be at cetain place to synchronize, but this one has very sensitive receiver and synchronizes everyday.
It has a lot of built-in functions some of them useless for me like 3 alarms because they aren't laud enough. Other like having other time zones, day date and you don't have to change the battery.
The sequence of initial setting is in wrong order in the manual. You have to set the daylight saving in your city before you select it as you local time zone, but this is minor. It is very accrate of course and light weight.
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on July 1, 2011
This is the second Casio Wave-Ceptor watch I purchased. I have an older Casio G-Shock Wave-Ceptor that I purchased ?? years ago. It is all digital, does not have the analog hands; also, it's THICK -- twice as thick as this watch.

I purchased this watch because of the analog time display and the sweep second hand. I'm an EMT and I need a watch with a sweep second hand to use in taking pulse and respiration rates. Trying to count pulse beats or breathes while watching a digital dial count the seconds is confusing. With a sweep second hand, you don't have to keep track of the seconds, just watch the position of the sweep second hand.

Things I like about this watch:
-- analog display
-- sweep second hand
-- glow-in-the-dark hands really do glow in the dark, no need of a backlight to tell time in the dark
-- no need to set the watch or change batteries

Things I don't like about the watch:
-- The watch has four silver buttons that select mode, change settings, and the like. The labels for these buttons are on the BACK of the watch. You must take the watch off and turn it over to see which button to press to change mode from, say, timekeeping to set the alarm. Not that I do this very often but labels on the front would be helpful -- every other digital watch I have seen is labeled on the front.
-- The instruction book is tiny and comes folded. It's a real pain to try to read the little book, then, try to make it lie open so you can work your way through a set of instructions. Fortunately, Casio has made the instructions available on the web where you can print out the instructions on regular paper, making them much easier to read.
-- For some reason, Casio molded a little bump into the tip end of the band. When you put the watch on, you wrap the band around your wrist and push the loosed end of the band through a typical keeper on the other half of the band. When you remove the watch from your wrist, the little "bump" on the free end catches in the keeper and you have to wrestle with the band to get the damn thing off!!

Having said all this, I like the watch and am pleased with it -- but I still don't know how to set an alarm!!
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on March 5, 2014
I used to wear a watch only sporadically before I got this one. Didn't like having to replace batteries and all of the ones I tried were never that accurate. I have had this watch since 2009 and it has held up superbly to heavy abuse. Always accurate to the second, sets itself, and never needs a battery change. Reasonably stylish, but if you want a classier look, go for the metal band version. I'm still on the original resin band and there are no signs of cracking. Just got one for my son's 13th birthday. He loves it.

Unlike all other Ana-Digi watches I've seen, this one uses a single time base so the second hand and digital display always agree. If you travel, you can use the world time feature set the digital display to the local hour.

The solar panel face has no trouble keeping the internal rechargeable battery at full capacity.

The only downside is that the plastic crystal scratches somewhat easily. I work with my hands daily and am very rough on my watches, so it's picked up a couple of gouges that would have likely broken a glass one. Fortunately they buff out easily.

If you want a watch you never have to worry about, this is the one. Highly recommended.
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on August 23, 2014
If the digital display window was a little larger, I would give it a 5-star. As it is, the minute hand can obscure the LCD display a little when it is between 5 and 7.

This is my second solar atomic type watch (the first one is still ticking), and I cannot see myself buying any other type of watch. The first one is also from Casio, but it is kind of bulky with G-Shock rated toughness. I wanted a casual (semi dressy) watch, not necessarily with G-Shock robustness. When I saw this watch on Amazon, I thought all specs looked good, except I did not like the design so much. But I took a chance and ordered it, and when I received it I was pleasantly surprised - it looks much better than the photo. I really like it!

It is lighter on your wrist, too. More robust G-Shock variety weighed 72 grams, compared to this one at mere 48 grams.

The setup is a bit more complicated since it does not have all the LCD area like a fully digital display, and buttons are not labeled (they are actually labeled on the back side of the watch). Being an owner of another Casio Tough Solar Waveceptor, I thought I could wing it without reading the instruction, but I was wrong. Out of the box, it was setup for Eastern Standard Time. I had no trouble changing it to the Pacific Standard Time without reading the instruction. But I could not figure out how to change it to Daylight Saving Time. I took me 10 minutes looking for the instruction on DST setup, but when I found it was easy to follow.

Once setup, you will never have to adjust anything again, unless you move to a different time zone.

I love solar atomic watches (never needs battery, never needs adjustment). If you don't need the G-Shock robustnessone and want a dressier design, this one is worth consideration. The price is great.

12/14/14 UPDATE: I accidentally dropped this watch from 6ft height to a vinyl tiled concrete floor, glass side down. My heart skipped a few beats, but to my amazement, it suffered no damage. Not even a scratch.
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on April 11, 2013
Why this watch? I want solar. I want "atomic" time. In other words I want a solar rechargeable watch that also sets time from Denver automatically. Is that a problem? No. Did I want analog; not and issue, could go either way, but now that I have it, I like it.

Why not 5 stars? Because we all want the best possible stuff for as inexpensive a price as possible. This almost has it all. If it came in gold tone and I could be reasonably sure it would not fail at 30 feet when doing scuba...and got me dates with bikini clad beach bunnies... then it would be 5 stars. So you get a sense of the criteria...fairly idiosyncratic? Me like, anyway.
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on August 7, 2014
I have been looking for a casual watch that is solar-powered and atomic timekeeper. Casio and Seiko has been the best solar-powered watches, but Seiko is expensive. If I'm spending more than $50 for a watch, I feel like I'm getting ripped off. But to have something that looks nice not athletic or militarist, yet is durable, water resistant, solar-powered and has atomic timekeeping abilities for near $50 range is still hard to fine.

This one normally sells for about $70, but the lowest I have seen was $67, so I got one. And I am still happy with it.

Most watches I have owned have been Casio. They are a brand that I continue to trust for over 30 years. My previous watch was a Tough Solar that had a for a couple of years. I had to replace it only because I was in a training environment, in which the bracket that holds the rod for band cracked otherwise it still works.

I need a watch that is solar-powered because for the past 10 years, I have had numerous experiences where my watch batteries would die within 6 months of ownership and after the replacement of batteries.

I wanted a watch where I never had to change the time or date. And, it needed to have stopwatch and water resistant to at least 15 feet. Yet it needed to look nice for business and casual wear.

This has not disappointment me for second (no pun intended). It keeps more accurate time than my cellphone service--that doesn't matter to me--just an observation. But I'm never have to factor time differences with the office clock (which is also atomic).
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on July 10, 2014
What a great watch so far. It is really light weight and comfortable to wear. Although I am now not in a position to need the "exact time", I still like to have it. Every night this watch updates the time by itself so I always have the exact time. No setting the watch all the time. The fourth nice thing about this watch is that it is sun powered. Wear it in the sunshine or leave it in the sun and you always have power. No winding and no battery to replace. The final nice aspect that I like on this watch it is very nice looking. The instruction is something you will need to keep because who can remember all the stuff you need to know to change this or that on the watch that is kind of a con. The other con is that it is hard to read in the dark, but I seldom need to see the time in the dark. Nice watch. Try it you might like it. I love watches and have many different kinds with different looks, but now I only wear this watch.
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