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on August 25, 2012
I bought this watch in black from Casio for my mother a few years back and she liked it so I came on here to buy it. The prices on Amazon are much better. Casio still sells this model on its site for $40. Anyway, the blue face like everyone else has said is really pretty. I agree that it isn't the most feminine styled watch as it has a bulkier and heavier feel to it than most women's watches, but I like it that way. I think it looks really good. My mom's watch has lasted for about 5 years and it's still going. She hasn't changed the battery on it yet. I hope mine will be the same.

As for the one and only con, it's what everyone else has said. The metal band comes larger than any average woman's wrist size. My mom's wrist is bigger than mine and she had to remove 1 link, I had to remove 2 for myself. The links are hard to figure out, but thanks to one of the reviewers and a YouTube video I figured it out (my dad could've figured it out eventually but that would've taken some time since he probably forgot how he did my mom's watch).

Anyway, here are some easy steps I learned from the YouTube video to remove the links. It's actually really easy once you figure it out.

1. You can choose to push the pin out at the links attached to the main clock so that you can lay the band down flat, but I opted not to do this. The pin is in there pretty tight and I remember my dad had to hammer it out on my mom's watch.
2. You need a very small flat head screwdriver (it is the easiest tool to use) and *maybe* a hammer and needle-nose pliers. I did fine with just the flathead.
3. On the inside of the band, you will see links with holes on one side and arrows pointing to the holes on the other side. The arrows indicate the direction you can expect the pin to slide out.
4. Take the flathead and put it in the hole of the link you want to remove. You want to position it in the hole more towards the side of the hole closest to the arrow (hard to describe).
5. Start to push the flathead towards the direction the arrow indicates. Notice the pin starting to come out of the side of the band.
6. You can then take needle-nose pliers and pull the pin out. I didn't have pliers so I used my fingers to pull it out. If you used the flathead to push the pin out enough, you can pinch the pin to pull it out very easily.
7. The link might not just fall apart, so lift the link towards the external side of the band and it will release.
8. When you've removed all the links you need and you're ready to put it back together, the pin should slide right back in securely. If not, hammering it in gently should work.

Hope this helps!
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on May 16, 2016
I love the watch, for the price it's really quite nice. It's heavy like jewelry not like a cheapie plastic thing. It's a little smaller than it lookes online, which i think is a good thing, it's exactly what I needed. The blue looks pretty similar to the photo to me, nice deep and rich blue. I read the reviews that said it was too big, but figured that i could have links removed if i needed to, but I do like to wear watches bracelet-style so they move freely on my arm. As it came, it is perfect as a bracelet on my 6.5" wrist. If i wanted it to "fit" i'd need to remove about 2 links I think. So I think possibly the reviews that said it was huge, are older reviews and Casio has changed the product? Anyway i've included photos of it so you can judge for yourself. Also, the clasp is really nice, it's a big one so you easily get the watch on and off, and has a spring release, not just a pressure release like most watches in this price range. I'm very happy with the purchase.
review image review image review image
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on January 22, 2011
This is the 2nd Casio watch from this line that I've bought for my girlfriend and she loves them both. The first had a black dial and she wore it constantly and scratched up the face; it has a mineral face, but nothing is immune to hard day-to-day wear. So I bought this one that's a little flashier with the blue dial so she could wear it out.

She doesn't need or want a super expensive, flashy watch, so this works great. It has just the right amount of eye catching color and looks great when it's on, but it's not going to attract too much attention, which is nice (not for everyone of course).

Functionally there is not much to say. It's a watch, it tells time. Her other watch has lasted a year of heavy use and still works well, so mechanically these are fine. The band fits her so no resizing here and I can't speak for how well that works.

The only small negative is that the dial has no numbers, so for anyone who doesn't have a good visual sense of analog time telling, it could be a problem. But I didn't remove any stars for that because it's a stylistic choice and the pictures clearly show there are no numbers. My girlfriend did mention it and I might not have bought this particular model for her if I had known, but since it's more for style anyway, I think it's fine, and in any case it's not really a negative of the watch.

Overall a great buy, excellent value, nice aesthetic design, and fairly functional as well.
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on January 3, 2016
We got this for my 12 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves blue so she really liked it. She is very petite and isn't any bigger than most 9 year olds, and the watch still seemed to fit her fairly well after we removed several links. Which is not too hard to do if your somewhat mechanically inclined. There's YouTube videos to show you how. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LOSE THE KEYS! They're very tiny and hard to find!
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on December 15, 2012
My wife lost the expensive watch I'd gotten her, presumably when removing gloves or a jacket. She was upset about it; I didn't mind. This watch is nearly as nice - it's a bit larger, the band isn't as great looking from the side (it's folded links rather than solid, so the sides have sort-of staples), and due to the folded links, it would grab MY arm hair... but it's not for me.

The face is quite nice looking, and the clasp not only looks great with the bracelet but will prevent it falling off. And it's astonishingly affordable. I could buy dozens of these for what the previous watch cost. The blue face is very nice.
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on November 18, 2015
I really live the watch, light weight and beautiful design, especially royal blue color at the main area. The watch is so light that sometimes I can't notice I have a watch on. Great deal.
review image
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on April 11, 2017
I like it. It's not one of a kind, but then it isn't an expensive watch either. I like the clasp of the watch (fold over) and because it isn't tight, it looks like a bracelet if you don't look too close. The blue face is exactly the color in the picture.
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on August 20, 2017
I liked the watch. Until I put it on today and realized the battery was dead. I bought it less than two months ago! Even a cheap watch should last longer than that.
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on January 14, 2014
I have had several Casio watches in the past and I have always put them through torture and they survive, so I have no doubts, especially after ready reviews, that this one will hold up nicely to daily household chores and such, just as well.

I like the way it looks, although, on my computer screen the color "looks" like periwinkle blue for the background, which I was hoping for, but it is more of a deeper, royal blue- still very pretty! My husband removed 3 links in order for it to fit, and now it fits me perfectly. This is something we expect to do with every watch I buy, as I have a small wrist. He did have to go online to find the special method of removing the links, however, but after that it was no problem.

I intend to order another watch like this with the pink background because I was torn between which color to order and now I want to see what the pink looks like as well. I am happy with my purchase of this Casio watch. Great price for such a dependable watch!
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on November 13, 2017
This was a gift for my mom, she loved it, the package is well worth in a box with the plastic protection
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