Customer Reviews: Castle Season 2
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on April 14, 2010
Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are the most fun/serious/entertaining duo to come along in a long time. This tv show will keep you on the edge of your seat with drama and keep you giggling at the same time. Molly Quinn plays Castle's daughter Alexis, it is so refreshing to see a teenager be a teenager. Molly and Nathan have a connection that shows in their scenes together. They keep you laughing as Alexis is trying to "raise" her father because he is such a kid at heart. Nathan is such a versatile actor he brings life to Castle. Then you throw in Susan Sullivan as his mother? Her past rolls speak for themselves, she is and always has been an amazing actress. The supporting cast, Tony Award winning Actor Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever & Tamala Jones, make this the best crime comedy drama to watch. I would recommend season 1 along with season 2, and the book Heat Wave & Naked Heat both written by "Richard Castle" of course.
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on April 14, 2010
Season 2 of Castle made me laugh harder than while any sit-com I've seen in the last few years. The writing and acting on this show are absolutely phenominal. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have such amazing chemistry together. The show manages to blend the daily life mix of comedy and drama which is what real life is more like.

The Double Down is one of the funniest episodes of the season and Tick, Tick, Tick & Boom will keep you guessing. The show wouldn't be what it is though without the great writing and the amazing supporting cast. My husband and look forward to every Monday night for this show. I highly recommend this DVD series if you want to watch an entertaing, quality show.
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on April 4, 2010
The "Castle" crew is back and better than ever with 24 new episodes of witty, comedic crime-solving. Season two of "Castle" brings just as much sass and fun to the crime scenes and murder storylines as the premiere season while still finding the time to delve a bit deeper into the lives and backgrounds of the main players. We learn a bit more about what makes all our favorite characters tick as they work together to unravel the mysteries of New York City murders. Fans of the show will be excited to learn that "Heat Wave," Richard Castle (Fillion)'s first Nikki Heat novel based on Detective Beckett (Katic), is in circulation in the "real world," appropriately a real-life New York Times Best-Seller. Season two gives the stellar actors and actresses a chance to really find their footing with the characters we've all come to love over the past year. With such distinctly spectacular writing and excellent performances by one and all, it's no wonder that "Castle" has picked up an even larger following this season. Recent through-the-roof ratings have secured another season for this enormously popular and refreshingly humorous crime procedural.
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on December 4, 2010
Castle is without a doubt the best show Nathan has done since he charmed audiences in Firefly! You just can't beat the cast chemistry, especially between Castle and Beckett. Of course they still haven't hooked up (seriously guys, just do it already) so I'm hoping for some more juicy situations in Season 3.

I personally LOVE behind-the-scenes stuff - something about seeing the actors out of character and describing the show fascinates me because it reveals the other side of making the show. It was disappointing to see this box set is severely lacking in extras and audio commentary, but I was looking around on Amazon and I found Castle: Cast & Creators Live at the Paley Center- it has some awesome stories from on-set, how they shot the pilot, and using the real-life Richard Castle novel as marketing tactic. If you like DVD extras this is a great accompaniment to the Season 2 DVD set. Watching this I could really tell that Nathan and Kate LOVE working together and that was so much fun to see!
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on November 26, 2010
Castle is the most enjoyable and smart TV series on the air that has something to appeal to everyone. This is the only show that my husband and I equally enjoy and watch together. Date night means sharing Castle, candlelight and a good red wine. Flowers For Your Grave
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 31, 2010
With so many investigative/forensic cop dramas around, there is no dearth of procedural murder cases. So the networks tend to hang their hats on spectacular-looking lead characters who can string out the season by dint of sexy banter and the exchange of longing glances. It helps if there's chemistry. CASTLE's winning formula rests on the chemistry between Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. But the writers can only draw it out for so long, that romantic tension between the roguish best-selling novelist Rick Castle and the no-nonsense homicide detective Kate Beckett. And maybe I do feel a bit let down that the show in its second season ends up catering to that old recipe of let's almost bring them together only to yank them apart, nyah nyah. Yes, that's what I'm focusing on. Not the weekly murder mysteries (which are mostly never that gripping anyway), not the interesting supporting cast, not the show's humor. It's all about: Can Castle and Beckett just please get a room? No? Okay, *sigh* sign me up for Season 3.

Rick Castle's pull with the mayor allowed him to shadow NYPD Detective Kate Beckett as she goes about solving mysteries. But the fact that Castle's fertile writer's imagination lends him a different perspective and insights into the cases, it's this knack of his that makes the 9th Precinct tolerate him (plus, it didn't hurt that he donated that fancy cappuccino machine to the precinct). Except the way the last season ended, the thought was that Castle may have finally stepped over the line. As Season 2 opens, Beckett is still cheesed at Castle for his poking his nose into Beckett's past, specifically into her mother's fatal stabbing. But Castle's exile from the 9th Precinct is resolved in the first episode (and the simplicity of how it's resolved is very cool), and so the Beckett-Castle crime-stomping team is back in business. For Kate, however, in a later episode, there would be a bit - just a little bit - of closure regarding her mother's murder (in the episode "Sucker Punch").

Okay, just because I was waxing all rhapsodic over the two lead actors, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate the supporting cast, a bunch of engaging characters. Detectives Esposito and Ryan (a.k.a. "Honeymilk") seem really fun to hang around with, and these two jokers provide the workplace levity. But my favorite supporting actor is Molly Quinn who is so good at playing Castle's too-good-to-be-true teen-aged daughter Alexis. I happen to think that those father-daughter moments between Quinn and Fillion are almost as key to the show as the flirtations between Fillion and Katic. Castle may foster this charming grown-up kid act, but he takes his parenting responsibilities seriously, and this lends him some needed credibility.

This time around, the series writers get 24 episodes to work with, and they play out several plot threads. Of course, there's the above-mentioned cold case centering around Beckett's mom. Castle's racy new creation, Nikki Heat (inspired by Detective Beckett), gets more run and Castle's book about her is even being optioned into a film. But then Castle gets a three book offer to write the continuing adventures of a certain British spy with a license to kill, except how is that going to affect his ride-alongs with the precinct? Things really heat up when the detectives hunt down a serial killer who leaves taunting clues to "Nikki Heat" (as he insists on calling Beckett) and the FBI takes over the case. These Feds are ramrodded by a frosty female profiler whom Castle declares is the federal version of Beckett (in the suspenseful two-parter "Tick, Tick, Tick..." and "Boom!"). To my disgust, the show even introduces a new prospective love interest for Beckett.

Other episodes I liked: "The Double Down" features the detectives and Castle partaking in a little wager to see who can first solve their respective cases; On Halloween Beckett and Castle bump into New York's undead community ("Vampire Weekend"); Beckett and Castle make an appointment with Lady Irina's House of Pain in "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice"; "A Rose for Everafter" has Alyssa Milano guest starring as Castle's lost love; and our guys tangle with an agency that immerses its clientele in fantasy espionage experiences ("A Deadly Game").

One of the cool conceits of CASTLE is the ongoing cameos of celebrity authors who tend to regularly sit in on Castle's poker nights. It's a personal thrill for me because I read guys like Stephen J. Cannell and Michael Connelly.

Also, it's nice to see that that fancy cappuccino machine is still going strong.

Five DVDs comprise CASTLE - THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON, with the following bonus material: a CASTLE Starter Kit which informs you on what you need to know, going in into this show; "On Set with Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas" has these two fun-loving blokes give you a tour of the show's set pieces; "On Location with Nathan Fillion" as he introduces various of the show's crew members; "Manhattan's Most Unusual Murders" is a behind-the-scenes peek at the production team's process of staging the show's murders; three deleted scenes (from episodes "Deep in Death," "Vampire Weekend," & "The Mistress Always Spanks Twice"); bloopers & outtakes; and two music videos: Hayley Blue's "Here Kitty Kitty" and Sky Blue's "Threshold" (from the episode "Famous Last Words"). These extras aren't bad, but an episode commentary or three would've been nice.
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on May 9, 2010
Due to the fact that the Federal Government pulled the plug on my analog television last summer, I was not aware this show had been renewed by ABC; it's future had been dodgy, at best. Thanks to the internet [where I have to wait 24 hours for viewing], I've been able to keep up with most of this season's episodes and must say it is quite an improvement over season 1. I believe one of the writer's from Firefly has come on board, and if I'm not mistaken, Castle even dressed up as Mr. Fillion's Firefly character for Halloween - what a hoot! And his Indiana Jones getup at the Mummy exhibition was another clever infusion of humor so indicative of this show - as was having Erick Avari, from the Mummy movie franchise, play the curator. This is a step above most other crime shows on television [NCIS being tops for me]and even has credible post-mortem medical examiner scenes, if you're into that sort of thing. Overall, this show deserves to outlast most of the drek that's on network TV these days. Fabulous casting all around[Stana Katic was a vampire in "The Librarian" with Noah Wiley] - long live Castle!
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on May 3, 2010
Nathan Fillion (Firefly) has a knack for delivering a performance that is both humorous and dramatic at once. This series, which hopefully won't be cancelled, is very entertaining and rarely predictable. Writer (Castle) follows a female detective (Beckett) around to get ideas for new novels and help solve crime in a particularly dashing and endearing manner. Though appearances can be deceiving, the cast really looks like they have fun doing the show. The chemistry is definitely there, and the lines are delivered with perfect timing and body language. If the second season is half as good as the first, this is a great buy.
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on September 25, 2010
I love this show. There is something similar in flavor to Remington Steele. The writing is clever. The actors are clearly having a grand time making chemistry whether it's with the leads or the supporting characters (and a few guests like Alyssa Milano and Dana Delaney as well).

Sadly this second season does not have any commentaries with it. I could have sworn commentaries were recorded and available on the abc website. Why aren't they on this set? Because they wouldn't have been able to squish 5 episodes on each disc?

I loved the package for the first season because it included lots of witty commentaries that gave the listener a sense of the camaraderie of the cast, show-runners and writers.

One of the fun things about the show is all the meta-jokes that the casual viewer might miss, but hardcore fans will really enjoy. I know there are people who watch this show and have no idea that Castle's poker buddies are real-life mystery writers. Many Castle fans have no idea that the "Space Cowboy" Halloween costume Rick tries on was Nathan Fillion's costume from Firefly. (And the rest of the cast gets in on the act with their costumes of recently-played characters in the party scene at the end.)

I am sure there are a million other little bits of fun in the genesis, writing and production of the show and I wish there were commentaries to point them out. Even including the twitter comments by the cast members while they were filming would improve this package.

Still, the show is great fun and if you don't care about commentaries, this package is just fine.
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on August 8, 2014
I recently re-watched my season 2 DVD set and, having now followed "Castle" through six seasons, was taken with just how great this show was back in its early days. The clever whodunits, the witty, flirtatious banter, Castle's life as a mystery novelist, his poker games with real-life mystery writers, the humor and (dare I say it?) "sweetness" of the budding romance between the writer and the's all there in the show's second - and very best - season.

Because the first season was short - a mid-season replacement that had only ten episodes, the writers and producers were left with plenty of real estate to develop and polish these wonderful characters in season 2. This gave the second season a warm originality and a lighthearted, lovable tone that by the middle of the third season had begun to fade. What had once been compared to "Moonlighting" or "Murder She Wrote" would later start to look more like "24" or "Criminal Minds". Season 3 brought darker stories of terrorism, high-level conspiracies, serial killers, and espionage that sent the show in a different, often far-fetched direction.

And then, of course, there's the love story. Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion brought a chemistry to their unlikely couple that had chat boards and word-of mouth buzzing long before the writers began pandering to the "Caskett shippers", and when a glance or a smile or a cup of coffee was enough to win over even the most literate and cynical fans. Watch the last ten minutes of the Season 2 finale, when Beckett becomes aware - just a bit too late - of her feelings for Castle. That beautifully sad moment when Castle walks away, unaware that he has finally won her over, and the wistful look in Beckett's eyes as she realizes her missed opportunity. Hookup moments and sex scenes are a dime-a-dozen (as they were, often to the point of silliness, in seasons 5 and 6) but watching two good people gradually fall in love, and then be kept apart, is the essence of all great love stories. Season 2 captured this with a freshness and poignancy that the later seasons couldn't match.

I'm not blaming the writers or producers for changing the show. Something as good as what we saw in Season 2 could not have lasted. Characters and storylines had to evolve and the cat-and-mouse relationship had to be dragged on, however unrealistically, lest the show die an early death. Every show hits a peak at some point in its life, from which the only direction is down. For Castle, the tip of that peak was Season 2.
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