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on December 27, 2013
Yes, Season Six is still showing on your favorite ABC Network, and the overall rating is still 5 Stars! Great writing, wonderful chemistry with ALL the main characters, and a surprise guest star or two from time to time make it one of the best things on TV. Richard Castle (actually Richard Alexander Rogers) is still in the process of making Det. Kate Beckett the third Mrs. Castle, and it is, at last, no secret.
The plots are realistic. A lot of what is shown could be on the front page any day of the week. The handling of the cases goes by Police proceedure, at least most of the time. Allowances are made for Castle's ability to think "outside the box", which, for a murder mystery writer is what got this whole thing started. And Det. Beckett seems to be on the same wavelength - most of the time. A lot of what makes this show work so well is the wit. A handful of dry humor goes a long way. There is also plenty of pun-ishment! For homicide Detectives there is plenty of danger, so it is not by accident that they get in some serious positions, not conducive to good health. Richard Castle gets a lot of his "grounding" through a very caring, loyal and wonderful family. Susan Sullivan is just wonderful as Marsha Rogers, his mom. The heartbreaking beauty of Alexis Castle, his only offspring so far, is very teenager-angst ridden, but very smart; and so well done by Molly Quinn. Castle is also reminded of the past by two ex-wives, one of whom is his publlsher, no less! Early on we see Castle give up the supposed job of creating three James Bond novels to remain at the 12th percinct to further pursue Kate Beckett. After 5 full Seasons and a lot of #6, there could be just too much to go over, so this is a sort of synopsis of the series. I was working hours that didn't allow me to see the original shows first-hand, so it was through time-shifting, huiu and finally re-runs on TNT that allowed me to get hooked on this show. I remembered Nathan Fillion from "firefly" and "Serenity", and so at least he was a known quantity. But Stana Katic was a very pleasant surprise! She alludes to a certain sexuality, but also a street-wise earthiness that is just the right balance for an NYPD Officer. She guards many secrets, which baffles and confounds Castle at the outset, but a lot of it is realized in the first 3 seasons and at a breakneck pace! This show doesn't stop for much of a break, ever; but it also flows so well that even in quieter times it holds your interest. Above the danger of the chase, there is always a home for Castle to return to, and if quirky Mom doesn't have a problem then it is Alexis going-off-to-college-or-not that will keep him on his toes. If I had to make an analogy of this to other shows of the genre, I would say it is like "Moonlighting" on Steroids! The writing never falters, and that is one BIG reason that this show keeps coming on!
The loss of Steven J. Cannell so early on was certainlyh a blow to creator Andrew W. Marlowe, who had these wonderful weekly poker games with Castle and an actual James Patterson and Michael Connelly sitting in. The ultimate writer's block-breakers! (I would urge you to get the Season One DVD package for its wonderful look into the life of Steven J. Cannell, who bought so many years of unrivaled entertainment to your TV screen!) None of the seasons should be missed, as there is something in there for just about anyone.
Also, for you Mums and Dads, there is not the gruesome exposure to death's aftermath that so many (CSI, NCIS) others show. So the Double-Digit kids in the family can enjoy this along with you! I will offer up no spoilers -- but I will say this: the end of Season #4 and the beginning of Season #5 are not to be missed! I think that if this wonderful comedy/drama goes on for at least two or three more years, I would not be surprised. And I will have enjoyed many years of a great show! You will to, if you get busy -- and ready for Season #6's release in the Spring of 2014 ...
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on April 9, 2016
I wanted to give this a higher rating. Unfortunately, the laughs got lost somewhere after season 4. Bummer! Castle is being restrained by poor writing. Watch him in Firefly if you haven't already. Beckett is thrown into the same emotional roller coaster every other episode.Not to mention that while she is gorgeous, the model/cop thing is over the top now. Too tan and fake looking for someone who supposedly throws their all into the job. They should have kept Alexis' original sweetness. Instead they made her rebellious. It's not working. Looks like Martha is the only one whose character hasn't gotten totally massacred by bad writing. She's pleasantly constant. I love Ryan, Espo, Laney and Gates (except for the "sir" thing- nobody better ever call me that!!). They need to leave Esposito's hair alone, like it was in the beginning. Same with Castle. They managed to get Laney and Espo's romance right. Don't now why they didn't with Caskett. I didn't even want them to get married by the time they did. No fire there any more. Played out way too long. I'm thinking about foregoing even watching season 8 and just re-watching seasons 1-4 again! That's where the laughs are.
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on April 22, 2015
I started watching this series because I loved Nathan Fillion in the "Firefly" series. I was not disappointed. His immature, wealthy, writer character, with the very active imagination is balanced perfectly by the no nonsense, "If I can't see it or touch it, it isn't real", Becket character. It was inevitable that these two would be attracted to each other. He learns to respect her instincts and knowledge about murder, and she learns that oftentimes, Castle's weird, off beat, many times outrageous theories are not so farfetched after all. The support actors are all interesting and believable as well. This series does a good job presenting characters you care about, and giving them interesting situations to deal with.
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on September 14, 2014
When season 5 ended with Beckett becoming a Fed, I wasn't sure where things were headed, which, was, of course, the goal of the writers, producers and directors. When I read about the three episode story arc proposed for the introduction of season 6 I was skeptical. However, it tuned out to be a great arc and ended as it should with Kate being fired from the Feds for doing the right thing. The rest of season 6 was entertaining. The next to the last episode when Beckett took down the evil senator was the best episode in the season and maybe one of the best ever. That said, the final episode was very perplexing. Although I wasn't outraged as many fans seem to have been, I will admit to some ire, but it didn't last long. After some time to think about it, I decided to trust that the production staff knows what they are doing. They always do. I guess we will know in a couple of weeks. I can't wait.
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on November 13, 2014
Fair warning, this will contain spoilers from the prior seasons, and hints, but no major giveaways from season 6. If you have not seen the prior seasons proceed with caution.

Castle, much like Bones is a show that found its formula, and pretty well sticks to it. It has a mystery/case of the week format much of the time, but intertwines various ongoing story arcs, and sprinkles in 1 or two goofy episodes. If you like what they have done in the prior seasons, chances are you are going to like this one too. But if you have started to grow tired of the show, then this season may feel pretty repetitive to you.

The major story arc that was finally wrapped up this year is the murder of Beckett's mother. Of course last season we learned who was actually behind it. This season we finally saw him arrested. Unfortunately Jack Coleman only appeared in a couple episodes, and the story line leading to the arrest of his character I think would have been better played out over like a 4 or 5 episode arc. But he played a great bad guy, and it was nice to see the final resolution.

The big goof episode was a 1970s themed one (complete with costumes) that played on finding a Jimmy Hoffa like dead guy and a witness who believed it was still the mid 1970s. There was also an episode totally spoofing The Terminator, guest starring the great Joshua Gomez of Chuck fame.

Much of the season continued the relationship between Castle and Beckett. Similar to last season the writers did not try to throw a bunch of roadblocks in the relationship (at least until the very end of the season) and did not have them teetering on the edge of breaking up. Yet they still managed to keep the show entertaining, whether they were going for dramatic moments, comedic moments or both. There is some character development that happens (like Alexis moving in with a boyfriend which strains her relationship with her dad, and Penny Johnson Gerald's character becoming more likeable and part of the team). As in past years the season ended with cliffhanger, this one being one of the bigger ones.

For those who get the actual DVDs, as far as extras go there are commentary tracks on select episodes, deleted scenes on almost every disc, and then a few behind the scenes features on the last disc, along with a blooper reel. The highlight of the extras is a 26 minute "favorite moments" feature where the cast and crew talk about their (and fan selected) favorite moments from throughout the series. All totaled there is probably slightly under an hour's worth of extras.
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on October 2, 2014
Castle: Season 6 had me worried at the beginning, but you have to love the show. A self-professed "ruggedly handsome" writer who shadow's a no-nonsense intelligent, and good looking, lady detective is a recipe for good comedy/drama. It reminds me of the "Thin Man" - the playful but effective guy with the classy smart woman in his life. The perfect pairing.
Season 6 started unfortunately with both a proposal, which worked for the "Thin Man" pair, but has gone so wrong with so many current pairings, TMI usually at fault. Anyway, at the same time, the season sent Beckett the lady detective to a new job in D.C., leaving our charming writer to tag along. The fact the woman from "House", whom I disliked is in most of two episodes made me fear for the future of the series. But soon, the pair were returned to NY, the gorgeous loft Castle calls home, and the the squad room where they interact with Dets. Ryan and Esposito. You can go home again. As the season progresses, the engaged pair's wedding draws near. Along the way Castle has lovely moments with is daughter Molly Quinn, wonderful in the part, and his mother, spunky Susan Sullivan. Then the wedding day comes, and the season ends in a firey crash. leaving Beckett waiting for the groom to arrive - cliff hanger. This series is a joy to watch.
If you like film noire, my favorite episode is in Season Four. The "Blue Butterfly" is a gorgeous episode with 40s clothing, music and Castle really pulling out the stops as the old style detective. Even Molly Quinn steps up and plays a villan, delivering some believable dialogue with a southern accent. Beckett is gorgeous in gowns that are perfect for her. Even, medical examiner Lanie, steps up and sings and old Helen O'Conner standard, "Comes Love". This cast is amazing no matter what the script, which are always well written. You never get tired of this pairing of leads either. One can only hope they do not ever make the mistake "Hunter" made, chaning leads. These two are magic, but together.
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Its fans have kept 'Castle' one of the most-watched television shows in the United States.
In addition, they have kicked off a whole cottage industry: There are now graphic novels, for example, written by fictional author Richard Castle and they are hot properties.
The attraction many fans feel for this series stems from the fact that it has a fine ensemble cast headed by Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic; that it is a believable romance as well as a police drama and that its writers deftly mix a quirky brand of humor into their stories.
Season Six carries on that tradition in excellent fashion despite the fact that some of the narratives are a little thin on details.
At the start of the season, for example, Kate Beckett (Katic) has left the NYPD and now works as a federal agent in Washington. A few episodes later she is back at the NYPD. We know why, of course, but we don't know how she was reinstated as a detective. A couple of minutes of dialogue would have helped make that transition smoother.
The narratives are interesting enough, however, that the lack of some small details such as that one can be forgiven.
The episodes in Season Six range from the downright scary to humorous. They also give us some long-awaited backstory about some of the characters and give Katic a chance to show that Beckett can be something more than a by-the-book cop. In one scene, for example, she is a woman who is deeply in love with Castle while in another she demonstrates an almost feral ferocity when she is facing what might be her death at the hands of a couple of hired thugs.
The Season Six episodes also herald what will likely be some new story lines that develop in Season Seven. I say this because some old story lines - such as the one involving the murder of Beckett's mother - which have been fixtures in the first five seasons finally get wrapped up. Added to that is the fact Alexis, Castle's precocious daughter, is now demonstrating a degree of independence that she had not previously shown; Castle's mysterious father shows up again in a memorable episode that might - at long last - provide some closure for his mother; and Det. Kevin Ryan and his wife have a new baby.
All in all, Season Six is a smash and I, for one, can hardly wait until I can get Season Seven.
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on August 18, 2014
I absolutely love this show and I would have given Season 6 a full five stars if it weren't for that atrocious and ridiculous season ending "cliff-hanger". I don't know what Marlowe was thinking when he wrote this absurd story but it totally ruined what was an amazing season up to then. And I believe a lot of fans and others felt that way since Marlowe is no longer the "show-runner" for Castle. But other than that this was a great season with two magnificent episodes: "Time Will Tell" and "Veritas" . Can't wait to get the DVDs and looking forward to the seventh season with hopefully no crazy cliffhangers leading into Season 8.
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on December 2, 2014
As I may have mentioned previously, I don't often enjoy murder mysteries, because somebody died horribly, and then everyone walks around like it's no big deal - some kind of intellectual exercise whose primary function is to make the protagonist detectives look smart. Somehow, because it's a comedy-drama, Castle manages to take that convention and turn it on its ear. The autopsies are interesting without going into stomach-turning territory. Any concerns about a Moonlighting curse are swiftly dispatched as the chemistry continues to grow between the main characters. And there are some extremely harrowing moments played with courage and depth. With deft performances by Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, and a crack team of supporting players, this show is almost always a pleasure to watch.

There are some good extras on the DVD including the obligatory gag reel, which in this case should come with a coffee-and-cats warning. (Set your coffee down and get the cat out of your lap before you watch it, because I won't be responsible for your agony if you don't)

If you've enjoyed previous seasons of Castle, you'll enjoy this. If you haven't, you are dead to me.
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on January 4, 2015
This season was so very nearly 5 star. The old sense of comraderie was back between the characters. The pleasing refusal of the series to take itself too seriously also returned. Every episode left us saying "yes! The producers finally get it! They have gone back to the formula that ensnared us in the first place!" Season 5 had some good episodes but seemed to drag itself along. This season flew until it crash-landed in the last five minutes of the final episode. The final episode was almost too comic, as the betrothed couple seek to disentangle Becket from a loveable cad. Then there is a total and unconvincing reversal, in which the producers attempt to insert pathos and tears. It is a pitiful attempt to inject drama in a series which is essentially comic and falls absolutely flat. If we wanted pathos we would have chosen Downton Abbey.
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