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on April 24, 2013
The 80's had lots of cheese to spread around, the styles were silly, the hair impossible to maintain, and the cocaine and money flooding the streets made everyone crazy for both. Peter Weller is cool and strong, Kelly Mcgillis is hot and insecure, and the bad guys are just bad enough to believe. there's good dialogue, the author who's name i forget narrates just fine, and we are given a voyeur's insight into how the big picture is affected by the little one. love and jealousy is mixed with politics,violence and sex. the flashbacks of the Dominican Republic and dream sequences give the film an extra dimension. it drops off fast at the end, we are supposed to believe in happy endings, which we are cautioned away from in the beginning so the film is flawed. worth $2 bucks to rent, if you like this, check out "Band of the Hand."
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on March 13, 2014
CAT CHASER is my favorite Elmore Leonard novel, but this film is a major disappointment. With the exception of the ever-reliable Charles Durning, the acting (by otherwise fine actors) is oddly wooden, and the direction is uninspired. It also has a flat, third-person voice-over narration that bridges scenes and does not work at all. Read the book. And for the best Leonard on film, watch the TV show JUSTIFIED, which, even though it is based on a short story (and a character that has appeared in 3 books), captures the essence of what made Leonard a master.
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on September 23, 2014
Like some of the reviews I read before purchasing, I have to agree the original is 100% better, a number of scene are cut from the DVD version which is very disappointing.
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on July 30, 2015
Excellent thanks alot
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on October 8, 2015
dvd is pack very very well .the view is excellent quality and great sound. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from seller again
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on September 22, 2015
Forgotten for good reason Elmore Leonard adaptation about a hotel owner named George Moran (Peter Weller) in love with a bad man's wife (Kelly McGillis--about as sexy as a piece of frozen trout). The bad man in question is a former South American general who made his bones by torturing prisoners (stripping them naked, cutting off their genitalia--you know, the fun stuff) and is definitely not someone whose wife you want to sleep with. Some shady characters try to rope Moran into a plan to steal a large sum of money from the general that he hides in his home as an emergency getaway fund and in return they promise to kill the sadistic jerk, making all Moran's problems go away so he can live happily-ever-after with the ex Mrs. General. But Weller's Moran is smart enough not to trust these shady characters--the problem is that they won't take no for an answer and he doesn't see a way out.

While Cat Chaser is credited to director Abel Ferrara (Ms. 45; Fear City) it was almost certainly taken out of his hands in post-production. Cat Chaser has no pacing whatsoever, especially in its early scenes which move from one to the next without every pausing to take a breath. The lack of pacing between scenes kills any drama, making Cat Chaser feel like one of those old condensed, airline versions of a feature film. Then there's the narration of what is presumably text straight from Elmore Leonard's source material and which frequently feels like someone is playing a Books-On-Tape over the soundtrack for no particular reason.

Kelly McGillis was probably the chilliest actress of her generation and never showed much chemistry with any of her male costars. Peter Weller is nicely cast as the likable hero but deserved a much better movie. Charles Durning and Frederik Forrest are both suitably colorful as two of the shady characters who are involved with the plot that isn't likely to end well for everybody involved.

It would be nice if there was a longer director's cut of Cat Chaser that actually felt like an Abel Ferrara movie but since this was produced by the long ago bankrupt Vestron Pictures--which would also account for the post-production tinkering since they would have been very desperate for a hit around when this was made--it's not likely a better version will ever turn up, leaving the world with a movie that appears to be a heavily compromised mess. Cat Chaser is for Elmore Leonard completists only or for diehard fans of the stars--everyone else should do themselves a great favor and steer clear.
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on November 27, 2010
Rate: 7
Viewed: 5/08

5/08: Cat Chaser is a through and through neo-noir picture that seems to be obvious and too easy.

I am familiar with the two previous films that were directed by Abel Ferrara: Bad Lieutenant and King of New York.

Technically flawed, Abel Ferrara can direct and is capable of making a film to work, but he doesn't know how to realize the potential when he is first handed a script.

Oftentimes, Abel would hold back, never fully sure of which direction the movie should head to.

Bad Lieutenant is a good example because Harvey Keitel gave his best performance, but it's the message of the film that seems to go nowhere.

Christopher Walken of King of New York was destined to give an acclaimed performance, but there was too little of him and too much of nothing that was going on during the film.

For some while, I thought that Cat Chaser was heading in the same way as the other two, but it turned out to be a better film than I anticipated.

Yet I feel the execution of the story to be ordinarily simple. Obviously, the two survivors should have been faced with an imminent death, but Charles Durning's character isn't much of a threat.

I think that Tomás Milián's Andres DeBoya comes off as a more credible villain who's supposed to be on a warpath after what had happened which greatly contributed to his shame. Somehow, Abel's development of DeBoya character leaves him looking weak which is disappointing to see.

Overall, Cat Chaser is a fine film that benefits a great deal from Abel's direction and Anthony Richmond's cinematography.

Peter Weller does a great job of playing the typical odd man out who finds himself involved in some intricate situation yet stays outside of the mystery as much as possible.

Kelly McGillis continues to impress me after I saw her in The Accused, Top Gun, and Witness. I think that Kelly doesn't get enough credit as a serious actress because she has clearly showed improvement over the years.

Sometimes, the story in Cat Chaser is hard to follow because of the names of the characters. I was trying my hardest to connect the names with the corresponding characters.

By the way, there is a certain scene in Cat Chaser that reminds me of the one from Scarface.

As a side note, I've read about the complaints that the DVD version of Cat Chaser does not contain some scenes in the original version and is missing some dialogues that are essential to the story. Hence, there is a VHS copy that's more faithful. So, I'll have to track one down to see if my opinion can be more improved.

All in all, I do like Cat Chaser a lot, but, in my opinion, the execution comes off too easy.
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on June 6, 2014
get his movie, watch it a dozen times, find yourself in each character in each plot line and tell the world about Elmore Leonard and what he has to offer. i am clearly taken by this work and find much of his writing to be equal in this regard.
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on February 13, 2001
A thin story of intrigue and desire in Miami is made very watchable by a good director and a superb collection of actors. Weller and McGillis are thoughtful and convincing as reluctant lovers trying simply to be left in peace. Frederick Forrest provides strong support. Charles Durning, in a small role, walks away with the movie. The character he plays is smart, cunning and, by turns, endearing and brutal. Durning is the reason I've watched this film three or four times since it first appeared in 1990, and I recommend you give it a try.
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on October 9, 2015
US DVD version 7 minutes cut/censored, totally unacceptable! I purchased the French DVD on fnac site, but you need to have a region free player.
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