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on May 6, 2013
This is the third or fourth pair of these boots I have purchased, so obviously I am more satisfied than dissatisfied. I have a relatively narrow heel, so my heel slides around in many pull-on boots. Not the case with this model. It feels great from the first time I put them on. I've abused them on the farm quite a bit, and never had a leak, even when standing in water.

The only problem I've had with the boot is that the lining in the back of the boot tears and starts to bind up on the heel of my sock when removing the boot from my foot. It starts out as a mild aggravation and turns into a major struggle to remove the boot. My solution is to cut a hole in the lining and put a strip or two of Gorilla tape down the inside of the boot both to hold the remaining lining in place and to provide a slick surface for the heel of my sock to slide against.
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on August 23, 2014
Great Boot..But too large.... have to return them.....Helpful information on sizing. Before I ever order anything I read reviews if I am not familiar with a product. I am very familiar with Caterpillar boots having bought them in the past, (laced boots) but I still read the reviews on this slip on boot. The reviews were pretty much positive, giving rave reviews. I was particularly looking for reviews on the boot fit for a individual users. I found a couple that were somewhat helpful, but everyone failed to give their weight, height and type or shape of their foot. Unlike a shoe store where you have the luxury of trying a boot or shoe on before you buy, online it's a crapshoot at best. So I rolled the dice and ordered this boot in an 11.5 2e (wide). A few reasons why I ordered this size. First I am 6'4" tall and weigh 220 Lbs. and have been blessed with flat feet, making my foot wider than normal. I normally take a shoe/sneaker size of 11.5 in either d or e width after trying them on. Lets face it not every shoe size is the same. Sometimes shoes run large and I end up with a perfect fit of 11, 11.5 or even 12. All depends on the cut and mfg.. So I am sitting at the computer when the Fed Ex truck drops off my new Cat boots. I take them inside, open the box and at first glance I love the boots quality of construction, leather, welting etc. For those of you that don't know, anytime the welting that is sewn on, after originals wear out it can be replaced at shoe store and install new bottoms. The boots smelled great, like a new car smell. I removed one from the box, crossed my fingers and slipped it on slowly like the ruby red shoe in the Wizard of OZ.......TOO BIG...my foot with one HD merino wool sock slid around and up and down, like trying to balance a scoop of jello on a spoon. Most times with boots when I buy at a store after trying them on I buy one or two sizes larger like a 12 or 13 especially for hunting or cold weather boots when I double up on merino wool socks. So going for broke I went to the sock drawer for a second pair of wool socks. Put it on, slipped my foot into the boot, took a couple steps. The second sock tightened up the sides to a tolerable fit, but my heel still slid up and down against the back wall of the boot. So looking at my options and deciding there weren't any except returning the boots and figure out a size that fits...Through the process of elimination my best guess is that I would have to order the size 11- 2E (wide) boot to replace the 11.5-2E and hope that I don't regret not ordering the size 11D which might have been a little snug on the sides But then again after wearing them for a while maybe the leather gets more subtle and relaxes and the 11D would have been fine. Who knows...

Bottom line guys and gals these boots do run LARGE. On the 2E (wide) sizes a second pair of HD wool socks tighten up the sides...I cant believe I have to order a size 11 to get the right fit in length. I did measure my foot with a ruler against the wall and my foot was spot on at 11" and according to the chart it said to order an 11. If the ruler measured 11-1/4" the chart said to order next size up which if I remember was 12, but they offered the 11-5 so that's why I ordered them, and they were still too big. Don't mean to bore you. Hoped this info helped out some what..Just a note here...Beware that if you buy anything on Amazons Gold Box or lightening deals and they don't fit and you have to return them Amazon will only refund your money. You CANNOT exchange for a correct size. So if you want a new fit size you have to pay the higher listed price. You do not get the new pair at Gold Box or lightening price. I wish amazon would change this policy. Seems like they lose lot of sales. Good Luck. These boots are a MUST buy...only catch......You MUST guess at the correct size to get a proper fit...Have a good day....One more important thing. With these boots, they are kind of wide at the top, about 5" and I was unable to put my Carhartt dungarees over the top of the boots and had to slip them inside the boot.. Not a deal breaker. I imagine a baggie or loose fit jean like relaxed fit might allow the pant legs to be slid down over the the boot tops. Tom Whit
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on November 30, 2014
I also have an old pair of Cat boots; perhaps 6 or more years old. My old pair has no liner so it was a little difficult to put on. I don't remember if it ever had a liner but I solved the problem by running a strip of Gorilla Clear Repair tape where the back of the foot touches the back of the boot. The tape is smooth and my foot slides in easily.
My new Cat Edgework arrived and I did the same Gorilla Clear Repair job it. Folks (a few) wrote that their liner didn't hold up so I took the Gorilla action.
The Edgework boots fit well and appear to be as well made as my old ones. I wasn't sure if I would like the light color. I was going to use a preservative to darken it. When the boots arrived and I saw the color in person, I really liked the color. Remember, many water-proofing/preservatives darken leather.
Since my old Cat boots still have life left, I'll use them in extreme weather and for yard work. That will keep my new Cat boots, well, looking new!
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on July 7, 2016
Excellent Quality boots! Probably the best I've ever owned. They slide on and off easily, and the liner is smooth. The pull tabs are plenty big unlike some. (Not a big issue, but nice to have once you've used good ones, which these are.) They seem to run a little big, maybe a quarter of a size large, easily corrected with Ragg or wool socks. Because of their very sturdy construction, they run about 1/2 pound heavier than Wolverines. These boots weigh 2 1/2 pounds each in the steel toe version, which, while not a lot, is a consideration if you're going up and down hills all day. The soles are very durable, and can easily be re-soled thanks to the Goodyear welt construction.
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on April 17, 2017
Very good work boot. This is my 2nd pair of this type of boot. The first one lasted me almost 2 years and a year & half of that time was spent in calf deep water or oil based mud on an oil rig. When I purchased my first pair I read the reviews and one said that the liner comes loose at the heel? On that pair it never happen they just fell apart due to my job. Now this pair I have had for about 2 months and I don't work in the oil field anymore, and wouldn't know it just wearing them everyday the inside liner on one boot is starting to come loose. But it is a damn fine boot and will take what you dish out for as long as it can :) The only thing I can suggest on the liner is when you take them off try not to just heel toe the back. Also the review I read when I ordered my first pair the guy said that he cut a slit at the heel and put some gorilla tape inside the liner and it seemed to stop the movement of the liner (shrug). I would recommend these boots to the hard working man any day of the week. Thanks and Good Luck oh they are about a half size different from your regular shoe size so keep that in mind I wear a 9 and bought an 8 and they stretched out nice and snug and fit good. I recommend a insert if you walk or stand all day. The insert inside is good but just don't last that long. Enjoy
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on March 21, 2016
I get a boot allowance at work every year. Last boots I bought were the Cat elkharts. Picked them up for 100 bucks on sale. That was over 2 years ago. Them lasted longer than any other boot ive tried. Most last less than a year. Couldn't belive when my Elkharts started to deteriorate, that it has been that long, Now they cost over 150 and I don't want to spend that much money so I went with these, Hope they last as long. Fit is great just like the Elkharts. Liner seems better so far. Im sure like all liners, they will crap out soon. Very comfortable. Will update if any issues.
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on October 7, 2015
Truly missed review but buyer beware! Get 1/2 a size smaller than your usual shoe size. It's large and loose for me and I can't exchange because I got a great deal from an Amazon fire sale. I am size 10.5 D. I normally get 11 for athletic and work shoes to accommodate feet expansion. I wear penny loafers and dress shoes fitted at 10.5. After reading the reviews and the caution for size I went for fitted at 10.5 and that was a mistake. Take careful consideration when buying this boot. Quality and look are great but fit is a bit loose.
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on February 10, 2016
Purchased for my husband expecting a good boot from a reputable company. Appear to be well built, however not even 2 months after purchase the inner lining began to shred. This is a problem in cold weather climates, not to mention the daily battle of trying to get your foot untangled from the lining at the end of each day. There were times it took 10+ minutes to pull the boots off. [thats with brute force] Very disappointed and even more unhappy to see that there is no warranty or guarantee behind this product.
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on March 14, 2017
My son loved these boots says comfortable n top wide enough get foot in no problem
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on July 2, 2013
I just got these a week ago and I love them. I never wore pull on boots before at work and thought I would miss having extremely tight work boots you can get at bargain stores. Not true. These are excellent. The only issue was they were a little large for my foot. I measured my foot with a tape measure and it was 11 inches so I bought a size 11. It fits good except there is more room in the boot for my foot to come off the bottom when I lift it off the ground and it was moving up about 1/4 an inch and hitting the inside top. On each step this was an issue but I solved this problem by buying some shoe inserts and now they are excellent. My foot is more snug when I walk.

I never thought I would be happy without lacying my boots up so tight like before but now I love the movement and the easy of pulling them off. Plus they are water proof.
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