Customer Reviews: Caulk Master Professional Air Powered Dispensing Gun
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on May 28, 2010
To our view, installing caulking is an arduous and time consuming task. The use of pneumatic or battery powered tools for installing caulking has been a trade off we've been juggling between the cost and maintenance of the tool versus the time and effort potentially saved doing the work. In our case, faced with a job installing a lot of caulking from standard sized cartridges, it justified the expense of finding an alternative to conventional "hand squeeze" caulking guns.

We purchased the Cooper Tools, "Caulk Master pg110", air powered caulking gun, to replace a cheaper air caulking gun, the "Campbell Hausfeld PL 1558", that we first purchased but would not push tubes of 3M marine caulking that we needed to install.

The "Caulk Master pg110", is an air powered caulking gun that allows cranking up the air pressure to a maximum of 100 p.s.i., much higher than most of the pneumatic caulking guns on the market. The "Caulk Master" is a lighter tool compared to the "Campbell Hausfeld", is nicely machined, has a larger and easier to squeeze trigger, and has a three foot air hose "pigtail" ready to accept a 1/4 quick disconnect coupling. The good news for us is that the "Caulk Master pg110" pushes the heavier 3M Marine Caulking with ease (cranked up to around sixty p.s.i.). The "Caulk Master pg110" was more expensive than the Campbell Hausfeld unit, but hopefully will give many good years of service.

With a wide variety of air pressure settings available, the "Caulk Master pg110" will likely push silicon, elastomeric, and thick butyl rubber caulking, as well as construction adhesives, with no problem.

On problem we've noted about the "Caulk Master pg110" is that the outside tube holder (the part that comes off to insert the caulking tube), is hard to reinstall back onto the base of the gun once you add the caulking cartridge. The circular bottom of the caulking tube fits tightly against a rubber gasket in the gun body that seals the entering air pressure, but putting the thing back together after installing a new caulking cartridge requires a lot of pressure, to the point where we wound up putting the back of the gun against the floor in between our shoes for lateral support of the gun base, and then pushing the tube cover and caulking cartridge into the base using our body weight! It takes a surprising amount of force to get the component parts to mate and lock together.

The extra pressure that was needed to install caulking tubes could be because the tool is new and needs to be broken in, or it could be because of the potential higher operating air pressure of the pg110, requiring tighter fitting components. For us, this is not a deal breaker, but be aware that if all the Cooper "Caulk Master pg110" guns are this hard to load with caulking, and if it doesn't "break in" and get easier with time, you will need a couple of good strong arms to install the caulking cartridges into the caulking gun.

Cooper Tools provides a detailed parts list and it appears that parts for this tool are readily available, so as things wear out the Caulk Master can likely be kept working for many years to come.
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on June 20, 2010
Caulk Master Professional Air Powered Dispensing Gun

Like many people, for me, caulking used to rank right up there with root canals.

Manual guns produced results that could best be described as "Pollock-esque". The Black and Decker unit was SLOW, produced an annoying whine/groan/shriek the whole time, ate batteries like some massive battery eating thing, and ... did I mention SLOW? I tried a Kobalt pneumatic unit. The best that could be said is that it was only $28. It was rated at 60 psi, but even at 60 psi, the unit could barely push out a bead of silicone caulk. Oh wait, it did have another redeeming feature, it was over 90 degrees outside and the pressure relief valve produced a powerful cooling breeze even when the compressor was set to produce only 30 psi.

I finally broke down and bought the Caulk Master PG110. I should not have waited. When you press the trigger, you get a perfect bead. When the trigger is released, the caulk stops. So simple, yet apparently so difficult to accomplish.

If you have a compressor and have more than the most minute amount of caulking to do, this is the tool to get.
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on December 1, 2011
After destroying my forearm pumping adhesive as part of installing a room's worth of wainscoting, it occurred to me that there has to be a better way. Sure enough - air power. After reading the reviews, I went with this 'pro' grade model.

The good. It's well constructed, easy enough to use and load (though on some cartridges I stood it up on a table so I could put my weight into pushing the cylinder down, and is effortless to use when compared to a manual gun. Plus, the fact that you're not squeezing a handle allows you to run a straight bead much more easily. It's rated to 100 psi, but 40 was more than enough to run a bead of panel adhesive, and 15-20 is all I needed for caulk. So, I doubt there's anything that comes in a standard caulk-size tube that it can't handle.

The less-good. It's not optimal for finer work or very small beads. There's no variability in the trigger, which acts as a relief vent when held half-way down, so the flow rate is uniform, and dependent on the pressure you set your compressor. I also encountered problems with "dribbling" of caulk when I put the gun down. This was attributable to air bubbles in the caulk tubes, and once those bubbles cleared, the problem went away, but it's still a pain, and not as easily managed as with a manual gun where you can pull back the plunger.

Still, it certainly made life a LOT easier for the bulk work - panel and moulding adhesive, and long runs of caulk. It won't fully replace a manual gun, but it certainly complements it very well, and if you have a large or frequent projects, it will save you time and muscle strain.
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on October 28, 2013
If you need a powered standard size caulking tool for a number of applications the Cooper tools "Caulk Master" PG110 is it!

My application use was specifically for concrete crack injection of the Simpson Strong-Tie Crack-Pac products of both their standard epoxy injection and the polyurethane injection product as well. With concrete crack injection, a significant amount of pressure is required to not only force the injection material into the ports and crack, but also to maintain that constant pressure during the whole injection process. After using several different types of caulk guns (and breaking/beding EVERY single one and serious fatigue to my arms only after one crack), I determined manual caulk guns were not going to cut it.

Using a small air compressor, the Caulk Master PG110 unit easily is able to inject both epoxy (thinner) and polyurethane (thicker) material into the cracks at a consistent and steady rate, all without significantly cramping my arms. The unit is metal and from my use so far, very durable. The unit works by means of a sleeve that slides over the tube of material and pressure locks into place at the bottom. I have used this unit continually for several hours running at 75-85 psi according to the compressor regulator. No fails, no issues. Works flawless and would recommend this to anyone who needs a caulking tool for a significant amount of work. Simply control the flow output (varies by material being used) using a regulator for PSI changes.

Anyone with an air compressor should add this to their short list of tools to buy for it, great product!
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on June 25, 2012
The Caulk Master Professional Air Powered Dispensing Gun is good, well constructed product. The tube shell and gun body are metal (aluminum, I think). It is light and easily maneuvered in tight places (the tube extends far enough forward of the gun body to reach back into recessed areas).

The three foot pigtail is, however, too short. My air feed hose is 3/4" rubber hose that is fairly heavy. It was a bother having that heavy air line slung over my shoulder while working on a ladder. The light pigtail hose provide is the right weight, but there should be ten feet of it (at least).

I attached an inline pressure regulator at the pigtail end, then attached the air nipple to that. I would suggest to Cooper Tools to build a pressure regulator and gauge into the gun body. I found that having the pressure gauge close to the gun was much more convenient than going back to the compressor and readjusting the line pressure. Trips up and down ladders and scaffolds are a pain if you're changing caulk flow rates often.

For those persons having difficulty reassembling the caulk tube barrel, I suggest a light smear of WD40 lubricant to ease the slide between the barrel and the neoprene rubber tube seal. Also the gun body is a matte finish casting, so the tube body bayonet pins and barrel tend to bind if not properly aligned when inserted into the gun body. The compression spring that holds the tube seal against the tube is about 50 lbs, so it does take some strength to compress, but it should not be difficult if the barrel alignment and seal lubrication issues are resolved.

The Caulk Master is a good product that saved me the pain of using a manual dispensing gun while using highly viscous caulking material.
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on August 28, 2011
This is the real deal, I let my wife use it caulking all the
way around the outside walls of the new house. The only con is it
is hard to change cartidridge's. But i can live with that. I just
put it against something and push with my body weight to remove the old
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on September 25, 2011
This Caulk Master Air Powered caulking gun was the perfect solution to applying joint caulking to my log home. It saved at least 50% of the time it would have taken using the manual caulk dispensing tools and the finished product looks professionally applied.
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on October 15, 2015
love it a must have if doing large jobs
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