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If you didn't think that one more Robin Hood incarnation could possible hold its own against the long series of productions over the past decades, here's the proof that it indeed can--and HAS--been done. This remake of the Robin Hood epic, made by the BBC and filmed in 2006, as a superb new look at the story and the characters, and is completely remade for a 21st century audience. The story is the same, with (for the most part) all the same characters, and the motives of the merry band of men remains unchanged: the Sheriff of Nottingham, along with his henchman, Guy of Gisborne, have illicitly taken over Nottingham (the rightful manor of Locksley himself) and Robin and his men are taking from the Sheriff to feed the poor and the needy while they wait for the return of the King so that things can be made right.

You would think that in this age of Avatar that there would be almost no way such a show could be of interest, and yet this wonderful series from the BBC shows that it can indeed be so, and Robin Hood here can hold the attention and interest in parents and children alike. It's updated, to be sure, and, yes, it contains numerous anachronisms, but that isn't the point at all: this is the classic Robin Hood story told all over again for today's audience in a dramatic, exciting, and fun-loving way. The show follows the classic Robin Hood story in Season One (the show runs a total of three seasons, and takes a slight turn in the standard story in Season Two, and takes an even bigger turn in Season Three), and if you know the story, you'll enjoy seeing how this show tells it in their own way. But nearly any child watching will be able to pick up the story quite well, with clear villains, heroes, and motives. It's fun, dramatic, and exciting.

The show is lushly filmed. Using a full-scale, outside set that was built in Hungary (you would swear this was in the middle of England, near to the true Sherwood Forest), the scenes are acted out on a grand scale that makes us completely unaware that this is a dramatic production. Colors are lush and intense. The costumes worn, though replete with anachronistic styles (some of Marian's outfits appear as though they just came off the rack at J. Crew), are gorgeous and fun to look at it, and really, that's the point: you should just sit back and enjoy this for what it is. It isn't a historical examination of the mid-twelth century English setting: it's the story of Robin Hood, told for a modern audience. The filming is so lush that the closest thing I can think of to which to compare it is the BBC's MI-5, which is a modern-day police drama that also uses the intense colors and slick production values to a similar effect. It's gorgeous, and its such a shame that, to date (December 2012) only the First Season is available on Blu-Ray.

Some standout performances exist, although nearly all the cast is excellent. The evil Sheriff (Keith Allen) is both menacing and funny, his sidekick, Guy (Richard Armitage) is a double-minded, tragic figure, Robin Hood himself (Jonas Armstrong) is the hero's hero, Little John (Gordon Kennedy) is the group's moral compass, and Much (Sam Troughton) is both hilarious and heart-tugging.

Season Three is the most unusual of the three Robin Hood seasons, taking the original story and extending and working with it to create its own set of stories that are based on the orignal. Friar Tuck, finally introduced in this last Season, takes on a major role in the story, and Robin himself finds his epic battle with Guy of Gisborne elevated into a new area not before seen. I would highly recommend that the viewer start with Seasons a=One and Two before moving on to Season Three, as the traditional story is more closely told and established in those first two Seasons, and then you can watch the fun the writers have with the material as they enter Season Three.

This show is fun, entertaining, and often, thought-provoking. It pulls on your emotions. It draws you in. Kids can enjoy it as well as adults. Five stars.

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on July 11, 2010
I loved Robin Hood Season One when it first aired on my local cable channel. . . this got me hooked and anxious for the next Season, alas! they were no longer showing it on my local t.v. so I had to wait for the DVD to come out. Season 2 was wonderful. . . that is, up until they killed Marion off, which I thought was depressing. But I thought, they could always resurrect her twin sister or a look-a-like . . . So I waited another year for Season 3 . . . it was ok, I didn't personally care for the new Kate character at all, nor did I think the interaction between Robin & Guy in this season was as believeable. Definitely rough going in this season & killing off many characters during & at the end was a definite disappontment.
Now the BBC series "Richard Carpenter's Robin of Sherwood: The Complete Collection" (created, 1983-1984), was a much BETTER portrayal. This version had mysticism, socery, swordplay & some darkness to it, but the characters flowed better and grew with each episode. Even when the climax was reached (ROBIN HOOD/Micheal Praed was killed off, not Marion). . . it was painful, yet episode following Robin's death the band barely held together . . . a new ROBIN HOOD/ Jason Connery Robin of Sherwood Set 2, was chosen by the mystical Hern the Hunter, while the new Robin Hood denied his destiny at first, he eventually acknowledged it. Sorry this mini-series ended, but it ended WELL. This version of Robin Hood was well written & is lovingly remembered. I would recommend that ROBIN HOOD fans check Richard Carpenter's version out (that is, if you haven't already seen it).
I think the writers of Robin Hood could've learned from this earlier version how to make Season 3 more acceptable . . . and leave the fans hungering for more . . .
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on April 6, 2011
Tongue and cheek humor, brilliant cast dynamics... all gone on this season. The characters we loved or loved to hate either left in season 2 or were left as former shells of their glory. The interactions between the remaining characters were just blah...

They tried to bring in new cast but it did not work. Kate serves to remind us of how much less of a woman she is compared to Marion. She is a silly, one dimensional woman with no depth. How Robin can forget so easily and be swayed by the likes of her and Isabella is beyond me. Tuck seemed like he was going to be a good addition in his first appearance but after a few episodes, we come to realize that he is also a one track character. The only person who was entertaining was Toby as Prince John but even then, his performance was a fraction of what he can normally do.

The storylines were ridiculous. After two seasons, the characters that we have grown to love deserve to be treated with respect. The writers' treatment of Alan, the sheriff and even Robin is just pure laziness. This season just fizzled...badly.
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on May 11, 2013
This is the last season of the series "Robin Hood". Well, I must say that the adventure is even better than in the other two. Every episode leaves you mesmerized and draws you in as one feels part of the drama. The ending is quite emotional. I loved the fact that Guy of Gisborne changed and becomes allied with Robin Hood at the end after the revelation of their family linkage...and especially the fact that they both have a half brother, Archer. However, I thought that it would have a better and happily ever after ending as the three would take on the fight for justice. Not so...both Guy and Robin die which makes me wonder why all the series that are produced by the british end tragically...apparently they don't believe in good endings or happily ever after. That is the reason I am giving it four stars.
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on January 8, 2014
I start watching this series years ago on BBCA. When they took it off TV I was bummed, so I started collecting the different seasons so I could watch them when I wanted to. If you like the story of Robin Hood, I highly recommend this set and all the other seasons as well! I love the character of Sir Guy is Gisborne, that might sound odd, since he is 'technically' on of the 'bad guys' but I love the character and the actor! I believe his real name is Richard Armatigae.
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on November 2, 2013
It's not historically accurate by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a FUN romp. The actors do a great job of sucking you in and making you care… Great to watch while on the treadmill….
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on September 12, 2014
I was absolutely addicted to this show! I have seen just about every Robin Hood movie or series that there is (including the black and white versions as well. This is definitely one of my favorites...very compelling. I was not familiar at all with Jonas Armstrong, but he proves to be talented and also a kind, good fellow behind the scenes as well. Thank you for all the great work!
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on June 5, 2013
I liked very much the two previous series.
Friar Tuck is a nice addition to the cast but kate... Not so much... so is Isabella (Gisborne's sister).
Robin is still great, as is Much and John.
We see less of the sheriff and more of a tortured Gisborne (which can get anoying..)
It's great to see the story continue even if Marian is gone but it does take a bit of the magic away.... I just don't get why they didn't recast her instead of killing her...
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on November 2, 2016
Fast delivery...thank you so much. Had just finished Season 2 and couldn't wait to start Season 3!!
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on February 9, 2016
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