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on January 27, 2011
As many others who enjoy Madonna's music, I have pretty much grew up listening to many of Madonna's songs. One of the first songs that I can recall hearing of hers was "Like a Virgin". I admit that I was definitely under 10 years old before being exposed to her music, but I found her music good to listen to then and I still do now. With this said, I have to agree with others who say that more of her hits could have been included in this collection. Every Madonna fan has their favorite songs that could have been included. For me, I wish that the songs "Fever"(from her Erotica album), "Rain"(from her Erotica album) and "I'll Remember"(for the film "With Honors") would have been included in the "Celebration" collection. I would respectfully say that she has had enough hits to at least have warranted a three cd set collection, rather than just two. However, I still feel that this collection is worth owning because of the diversity of songs included in the "Celebration" collection. For instance, the music listener is treated to her daring 80's side with the catchy songs of "Dress You Up"(a song about wanting to express one's desire for who they are attracted to) and "Burning Up"(a musical track about having intense emotions for someone). There is also a diversity of good songs showcased from the 90's such as "Vogue" and "Ray of Light". Madonna then put out some more music in the 2000's, which gave some good songs such as "Music" and "Beautiful Stranger"(song provided for the film Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Me). The best way to determine if you are going to feel good from owning the "Celebration" collection is if you enjoy any of her music from the 80's, 90's, and the 2000's (due to the fact that music from these time periods are organized throughout the two cds).
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on December 31, 2016
Love this girl! She's got so many styles and I grew up listening to her. This 2 disc compilation has SOME of her hits. It doesn't have all of them though, that would be like 5 CDS! I also have immaculate collection and GHV2 compilations and a few of the actual madonna albums.
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on January 26, 2013
I'm amazed at just how many hits and singles that are included in this album, and with few exceptions, these are the long-play album versions - not the radio edits. The songs are organized beautifully. From her early works to her newer ones and back again; kudos to Madonna and her crew for the well-blended tempo. The remaster quality of the earlier tracks (Who's that Girl, Holiday, Dress You Up and others) sound clean and robust with very little hiss and white noise. The bass, treble and vocals are in perfect balance and complement the newer recordings nicely. As another person commented, though, "This Used To Be My Playground" is strangely absent (among others great songs). It would have been an excellent addition, especially to the first half of disc 2, which emphasizes some of Madonna's more ambient works and romantic ballads. But, for $12, this is still a very nice collection.
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on May 21, 2015
I already had all of Madonna's albums on CD when I purchased this compilation so I really only bought it because it contains 2 songs which were only released as singles and 2 new songs. It's still nice, however, to have all of her greatest hits in one place, even if you are a hardcore fan who has all of her albums. For non-hardcore fans who want to taste the milk without having to buy the whole cow this is a truly spectacular compilation despite a few drawbacks as mentioned in other reviews. This compilation spans her entire career with the exception of MDNA and Rebel Heart which were both released after Celebration. If you decide to buy one and only one Madonna recording in your life then THIS is the one to buy. Period.
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on November 1, 2009
I just played my new Madonna cds and I wish she had inc. more older songs in it..

The die-hard fans know what I mean..

It was a good quality cd set, though, esp. when listened to on my new bose speakers!

I love anything this woman does, because she really CAN DANCE and how she keeps up the energy to still do tours, and to manage her children is nearly an impossible feat, even with help.

Everything about her seems to be new with everything she does in music..

I like playing the videos too, but this cd look back is a must for any Madonna fan!!

I recommend it very highly, and I believe her SOMETHING TO REMEMBER ballad cd is a great cd too to have fr your Madonna collection..

I only gave a 4 star rating because I still think it's not her greatest yet, let's see what's new on her horizon..

Toni Nason
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on September 29, 2009
NOTE: This review looks at only the differences in track versions contained on this retrospective compared with previously issued track versions.

Most tracks on this compilation are album versions, but some are edits which, in and of themselves, have been edited differently. There are also many tracks from The Immaculate Collection, some of which may have been modified slightly for this collection (denoted below).


01. Hung Up (Album Version)(5:39)
02. Music (Album Version)(3:46)
03. Vogue (From The Immaculate Collection) (5:17)
04. 4 Minutes (Album Edit, no breakdown) (3:10)
05. Holiday (Album Version) (6:08)
06. Everybody (Album Edit) (4:11)
07. Like a Virgin (From The Immaculate Collection) (3:10)
08. Into the Groove (12" Version, first appearance on an official Madonna US full-length CD release) (4:45)
09. Like a Prayer (Album Version) (5:43)
10. Ray of Light (Album Edit) (4:34)
11. Sorry (Album Edit, shorter intro and bridge) (3:59)
12. Express Yourself (Video Version, Edited) (4:00)
-NOTE: This version closely resembles the original music video version, but the short instrumental break that leads into the bridge has been removed at 2:30.
13. Open Your Heart (From The Immaculate Collection)
14. Borderline (From The Immaculate Collection)
15. Secret (Album Edit, fades instead of stopping cold)
16. Erotica (Album Edit, Alternate)
-NOTE: This Album Edit (4:30) differs slightly from Album Edit (4:36) found on the original 1992 Erotica Maxi CD single (Maverick/Sire/Warner Bros CD 0-9362-40585-2-6). The edits in the 4:36 version occur at 0:00 and 3:27.
17. Justify My Love (Q Sound Mix) (4:54)
18. Revolver (Album Version) (3:40)


01. Dress You Up (Album Version, Edited) (4:02)
-NOTE: Different intro
02. Material Girl (Album Version) (4:00)
03. La Isla Bonita (Album Version) (4:04)
04. Papa Don't Preach (Album Version) (4:30)
05. Lucky Star (From The Immaculate Collection, Modified)
-NOTE: This version closely resembles The Immaculate Collection version, but the intro and outro have been edited differently.
06. Burning Up (Album Version) (3:45)
07. Crazy for You (From The Immaculate Collection) (3:44)
08. Who's That Girl (Album Version) (4:00)
09. Frozen (Album Version) (6:19)
10. Miles Away (Album Edit) (3:45)
11. Take a Bow (Album Version) (5:20)
12. Live to Tell (Album Version) (5:51)
13. Beautiful Stranger (Album Version) (4:22)
14. Hollywood (Original Album Edit) (4:23)
15. Die Another Day (Album Version) (4:37)
16. Don't Tell Me (Album Edit, with cold stop) (4:12)
17. Cherish (Album Edit, Alternate) (3:52)
-NOTE: This edit very closely resembles the version found on The Immaculate Collection, but the guitar snares at 3:16 and 3:20 from the 1989 Like a Prayer album original are present. The guitar snares do not appear on The Immaculate Collection version.
18. Celebration (Album Version) (3:35)

(last revised 4/22/12)
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VINE VOICEon October 3, 2009
This Madonna 2 disc collection is the best thing for me. I have read mixed reviews here and it seems no one actually thinks the collection is bad but the issue is rather the number of collections she has already released and that this one is not all encompassing of her career. I am a casual listener of Madonna. I was a hurge fan early in her career and then around the time of EROTICA I wandered away and stopped buying her albums. When I saw this new 2 cd collection I thought what a great way for me to see how I feel about how Madonna has evolved over the decades. So I listened to the 30 second samples of each song and became very intrigued. I had to have it.

I found myself totally in awe from the first song HUNG UP till the end with CELEBRATION. We basically have 2 1/2 hours of musc here and for this casual Madonna listener it is pure joy. I have my early favorites BORDERLINE, HOLIDAY, CRAZY FOR YOU and LIKE A VIRGIN that were necessities in order for me to purchase it. I am not always a huge fan of techno music or extended dance tracks but what I must say immediately about Madonna is that her music all has a depth and quality that is timeless. I love the mix of techno, dance, pop and ballads and love all the versions included here. I never get bored and also love the order of the tracks. The songs are not in the order of release but there must be some form of magic to its madness that works amazingly well. To go from the later song DON'T TELL ME and to have it smoothly go into the early CHERISH shows how Madonna has always had the magic.

I am giving this collection a huge 5 star rating for my enjoyment of it. I totally understand the frustration of those Madonna followers who have every album, even the hits collections and see this as yet another one. It seems to be a consensus that it is lacking many necessary tracks so it is not a career all inclusive set. Luckily for me since I strayed away from Madonna for a while all this is new and awesome to me plus my early career favorites are here. I think all will agree with the detail put into the packaging with the enclosed posters and very unique design. Also the digital remastering of all the tracks is superb. For me this is a huge welcome back to Madonna and catching me up on how much she has grown.

Favorite tracks for me are MUSIC, VOGUE, INTO THE GROOVE, SORRY, EXPRESS YOURSELF, REVOLVER, 4 MINUTES, FROZEN, TAKE A BOW and HOLLYWOOD. For me this whole collection flows effortlessly from beginning to end with the extended mixes, shorter tracks and songs of the more pop/ballad genre blending together with perfect cohesion. I am thrilled with this purchase.
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on April 14, 2017
Cd was new and, every fan of Madonna should have this cd, of sooo many great songs
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on October 2, 2009
I've been expecting a new greatest hit album from Madonna for a while--because it is about time for her to release one. When I saw the track list, however, I was a little disappointed, because most of the songs were already featured in "the Immaculate Collection" and "Greatest Hits Vol. 2," while songs like "American pie" and "Give It 2 Me" were missing.

Nevertheless, after I had listened to this album, I realized that it was still worth buying. This album includes all the songs that are on "the Immaculate Collection" except for "Rescue Me," but all of them are new mixes then in "the Immaculate Collection," while in this album, all those old songs appear as remastered single versions from original records. The only bad thing is that some of the old songs are edited shorter than before because of the limited space on CDs. In addition regarding old songs, "Everybody," "Burning Up," "Dress You Up," and "Who's That Girl" are available in a Madonna greatest hit album for the first time.

I don't really have too much to say about the songs from this album that came during and after 1990s, but just FYI, the song "4 Minutes" appeared as an edited version from the CD single, but in its video, it was the album version that was used.

Overall, the sound quality of this album is extremely good: I converted all the songs into MP3s, but they still sound much clearer and louder than MP3s converted from other CDs. Therefore, if you're a Madonna fan, this album should still be in your collection; if not, this is also a good conclusion of her career that you should buy without bothering her other CDs.
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on October 5, 2009
I wish I could give this five stars, but I can't. So I gave it 3. It's just fair. I love the songs on it, I even like how it all flows between early Madonna and the newer Madonna music, but I would rather have had GHV3 with the newer hits. There are some good hits that did not make it on here, such as "Jump" from the Confessions CD, "Give it 2 Me" on Hard Candy just to name a couple at the top of my head. A lot of these songs on here were already on Greatest Hits already. Like I said, I would rather have had the newer hits. Or make it a 3 disc box set of a definitive collection, or something. So even older hits like "Angel" could be on that. I don't know. But it does truly lack the newer hits, that even a casual fan could be disappointed. I would be if I was a casual fan. Madonna's last few albums have been mega hits, so to leave out as much as one song, to me just again, truly lacks to say the least. I do like the sound. I don't think she can win, because unless it's a box set, all of her hits will never make it on a GH collecton. I did give it 3 stars, however, because what can I say, I do love the music. So it can't be all that bad! And she is the Queen!
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