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on November 18, 2015
For scholars of hard rock from the late sixties and early seventies, the temptation to compare Cream's 2005 reformation concert series with Celebration Day is almost overwhelming. After all, Cream's breakup left a huge hole in Atlantic Records' band roster, one that Zep would enthusiastically fill courtesy of Armet Ertegun.

And that's why this gig came about, as a memorial to the man who signed them in 1968. There's an energy on the stage between three lauded rock gods and the son of the departed fourth. It's sharp, tight, professional and feels meticulously rehearsed, as though they have to prove something, as though their last hurrah has to wash away the missteps of the end of their career. The loose, drugged out shambles that was their last album; Bonzo's death; the half baked reunions.

Jason Bonham more than fills his father's shoes, and at times seems to channel Bonzo. Nobody (least of all Phil Collins) would dispute that he was a better fit than Tony Thompson and Collins, who were press ganged to take up the sticks for the disastrous, bloated twenty minute live aid Zep reunion in 1985. But, more than that, Jason plays with true passion and genuine love, coupled with a sense of schoolboy wonder that, somehow, he gets to be on stage with his heroes.

Robert Plant since indicated in Rolling Stone there will be no more Led Zeppelin. And as much as some may see that as a pity, I breathe a sigh of relief that their extraordinary legacy can now close on the unmistakeable high that they so richly deserve. At their best they were a great live band, and this gig is Led Zep at their best.
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2012
Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day arrived at my home from Amazon, and I couldn't wait to get it into my Blu Ray player. After being rejected in lotteries for a couple of Zep shows back in the very late 70s before the tragic death of John Bonham (my inspiration for drumming), this release finally provides the opportunity to see the band perform in the next best way to seeing them live.

This performance was captured at London's O2 Arena, and could be held up as a perfect example of the way a rock group should perform live. Barring some jumpy video editing, the show is a gem. I'll get to the jumpy video editing in a sec.

The Celebration Day concert is all show. Close up shots of each band member dominate the screen throughout and capture not only the great talents of the players, but also some moments of intimacy between the bandmates that are often missed in other DVD musical shows. Most importantly, there are no theatrics here to distract from the Zeppelin classics that comprise the awesome setlist; it's just the guys playing on a brightly lit stage. And all of the boys clearly committed to each other to give performances that were true to the studio versions.

As anyone reading this already knows, Jason Bonham fills in for his Dad on drums for this show...and he completely nails the essence of his Dad's drumming style both in look and style. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are also completely on for the Celebration Day show. Page's white hair showed his age, but his guitar work showed his expertise. Jones' bass and keyboards sounded precise. But one of the key elements?...Plant's vocals sounded terrific; I have to say that I was blown away by how much he sounded like Robert Plant circa 1977. Just amazing.

The picture quality and sound are absolutely terrific. If you've got a surround system, you're in for a pounding Rock experience. The sound has an amazing DTS mix.

Unfortunately, as I alluded to earlier, the video (most of the time) jumps around every 4 seconds (or less), so you really don't get to see the performance in a way that makes you feel like you're in a front row seat right there at the O2 Arena back in 2007. The jumpiness makes you feel're watching a DVD. Video producers need to leave the performance to the band and stop the self-indulgent "look what I can do with 16 cameras" editing. It's the worst during the fast songs; it's almost like the video editing team said, "Fast song...let's go with superfast camera changes." And all that really does is take away from the front row perception.

There were also some minor occasions where the videographer thought the viewer might like to see effects like a filtered, red screen, stop motion, slow motion or imagery effects. That kind of video-malarkey was quite popular in the 70s and even Zep's The Song Remains the Same DVD. But c'mon, even if it was some nostalgic nod to the video ways of when Zep was at their height, I think it's something we would all prefer to do without. But none of the aforementioned really took too much away from this excellent Blu Ray composition.

For the show you get the following setlist:

1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Ramble On
3. Black Dog
4. In My Time Of Dying
5. For Your Life
6. Trampled Under Foot
7. Nobody's Fault But Mine
8. No Quarter
9. Since I've Been Loving You
10. Dazed And Confused
11. Stairway To Heaven
12. The Song Remains The Same
13. Misty Mountain Hop
14. Kashmir
15. Whole Lotta Love
16. Rock And Roll

It runs for 2 hours, but, man, it felt like 20 minutes; I was screaming for more after that last track. These guys have GOT to pull it together for the fans and put this show on the road (I'm looking at you, ROBERT!!!).

You also get (with the Deluxe Edition) a disappointing bonus DVD that has the entire show recorded at their Shepperton Studio dress rehearsal. It's kinda cool to see, but it's a stationary single view camera with poor audio. Almost as bad as all those handheld bootlegs on YouTube of the show that we had to watch up until this release. There's minimal interaction by the band members between songs, and nothing that makes the inclusion of this bonus DVD anything other than the equivalent of another YouTube cell phone video.

The packaging and accompanying booklet are fair at best. It's a CD sized fold-out that houses the Blu Ray show, the bonus DVD, and audio of the show on 2 CDs with a booklet that has some brief (but heartfelt) band member comments about the show.

But this release is not about the packaging or extras; it's about the perfect, 5-star performance that Led Zeppelin delivered on December 10, 2007 and our ability to now share the experience on Blu Ray in high def awesomeness. It's the Led Zep live Blu Ray release we've all been waiting for. Any Zeppelin fan will enjoy this disk immensely. There is no question here. Find a way to add this to your collection.

Concert: 5 stars
Sound and Video Quality: 5 stars
Video Editing: 2 stars
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Top Contributor: Drumson January 30, 2013
I couldn't stop grinning for the first 30 minutes....I was in awe the rest of the time. 40 years later and still the greatest.

This concert lives up to the hype. You'll understand why Led Zeppelin is the greatest band EVER.
This is how it's done....

John Paul Jones holds it all together as the most talented utility man in the business. He can play anything.
Jimmy Page Is in fine form, nails all his parts, his trademark sound and swagger, it's all there, and he plays with the emotion and skill he's known for.
Robert Plant sounds better here than he has in literally years and somehow manages to consistently hit high notes he hasn't hit in 20 years.
Last but not least.... Jason Bonham. Wow. He holds it down in a way that would make his old man proud. No one else could sit behind this band and pound those skins in a such a way that you could legitimately call this LED ZEPPELIN. He's been in the business a long time and has played with some of the best musicians in the world. This is nothing contrived. If anyone deserves to be there, it's him.

The set list rocks and each number is tight. They seem to get stronger as the set goes on which is incredible to witness.
I'd give an appendage to have been at this show. Not having the opportunity to be there just reaffirms the fact that life isn't fair. I'll have to be content to see it here instead.....but at that rate, I'm not going to complain.

The sound quality of the BluRay is fantastic. The video quality is fantastic. The light show is perfect.
Do yourself a huge favor and play this on a credible home theater system.....loud. Real loud.
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on April 5, 2017
 The albums sound great look great, they have very good looking box that houses them A+ had to knock off one star because 2 of the three album set have some warp in them, they still sound good it's just aggravating to look at them while they are spinning. Normally thicker 180 gram records are not prone to warping, must have been in the manufacturing or maybe they sat in a hot warehouse.
UPDATE decided to return these albums to see if I could get a set without the warps ,have gotten 2 additional sets, same 2 albums in all three sets are warped. Amazon customer service have been great not sure if there is anything they can do It has to be at the pressing stage for the same 2 albums in three set to have the same warp
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on February 19, 2013
Recorded sound quality is very good on this blu-ray. Video editing was very tastefully done with reasonable cuts from one camera view to the next. Several moments of zoomed in views of Mr. Page's hands skillfully at work on the guitar were greatly appreciated. I have absolutely loved Led Zeppelin since buying the fourth album in about 1975. But I sat down to watch this performance with 'realistic' expectations-- they have a lot of hard years of livin' behind them and I wasn't expecting finger strength and dexterity to hold up so well, nor Robert's vocals. Boy was I surprised! This performance was in my opinion superior to those captured on the video feature 'The Song Remains the Same'. For me, Robert Plant sang better here than I've ever heard him outside of their studio work. To qualify this, I believe the instruments were downtuned a full step to allow him to hit the 'higher' notes. But no matter... he sounded great and used very appropriate emotion and inflection for the very wide variety of styles represented here. John Paul Jones was dead on as usual on bass and contributed fantastic keyboard parts, especially on No Quarter which is one of my top 5 favorite Zeppelin songs. Bonzo's Lad, Jason is a second generation rock phenomenon and it occurred to me several times during this show that John would be very, VERY proud! My man Jimmy did not disapoint-- he delivered in spades on every song. I'm still amazed how well he held up to the evening's very full set-list. Standout songs to me on this show were Ramble On, No Quarter, For Your Life, Dazed and Confused, ('Since I've Been Loving You' (my all time favorite song--period was very good and Mr. Plant sang most excellently but I felt Jimmy's guitar parts were better on 'The Song Remains The Same' performance). The absolute hit of the entire show for me was Kashmir. It sent shivers down my spine. My least favorite Zeppelin song and probably the only one I could live without from their entire catalog is 'In My Time of Dying'. For me, this one drags out, as it does on the album. Honestly, this is the only Zeppelin song I don't like so evidently I am odd in that opinion since they chose to include it in this historic evening. If you like it on Physical Graffitti, you'll love it here. Outside of that every song was thrilling for me. The bonus DVD is worth watching one time. I may never view it again but I'm kinda glad it was there. I literally thank God in heaven for the fact that these four English gents got together and created the body of work that has brought me more excitement and happiness than any other band-- and for several decades now. The event captured on Celebration Day has now brought me something else to be genuinely grateful for with regard to Led Zeppelin! I am thrilled to have it in my music DVD/Blu-ray collection. We are fortunate they got together for this one marvelous night and now VERY fortunate to have the best seat in the house-- any time we want to sit down to see it again-- and again!
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on December 7, 2012
I pre-ordered this from Amazon. When I got it I went home after work and put the DVD in the Blu-ray player. I was blown away from the opening licks. It's like they never quit, much less 32 years ago. There are no words to express the feeling of watching the members of the group, plus Jason Bonham drumming, slipping right into place in the music.
Jimmy Page has some new toys for his guitars, as does John Paul Jones' keyboards. Jason wails away on a new set of Ludwig Vistalites and in several songs, especially at the end or "Rock and Roll", I see him channeling his father. He admits as much in the liner notes. It's something to see. The only thing Jason does differently than his ol' Daddy is use a double bass pedal on the songs requiring the bass drum triplets that John did with ONE PEDAL (!!). I drum and it took me a long time to find out that he did triplets on the single Ludwig Speed King pedal. Amazing. I love my old Speed King, but I ain't THAT fast!
John Paul is as rock steady and fluid as he ever was and his keyboard work hasn't lost any of it's original luster. I always admired his bass runs on "What Is and What Should Never Be" and "Ramble On". He and Bonham completed each other and it's the same on this show.
Robert's voice took a bit to get warmed up. But when he did, I wasn't disappointed. I know some of the songs had the key changed, but it didn't mess anything up.
The rehearsal dvd wasn't as thrilling as the show. Practice is just that: practice. This was recorded 4 days before the show, so it was as smooth as the show, with the exception of one song Jason muffed, but on the next effort was nailed down tight. The only thing I didn't like about the dvd was the fixed camera position. Nothing was clearly visible. But, that's ok; it was practice.
If you don't have this set, I don't know why or you've been on a deserted island. Get it. If you're unhappy with it, mail it to me. I'm sure I'll end up wearing my copy out!
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on December 14, 2012
ok, I'm one of Zep's biggest fans, and pieced downloaded O2 videos from u-tube and assembled into a complete concert DVD. It was a labor of love - sometimes finding a better vid to replace something ragged. I've watched it on my home theater several times, but naturally the video quality on an 8' HD system was severely forward 5 years later... Finally Jimmy convinced Robert to release the pro-shot footage. And what an awesome show it was - one for the history books. These older rockers were able bring back the excitement and rekindled fond memories of seeing them at the sold out Pontiac Silverdome back in '77. They are all in excellent form. Robert can still belt it out and hit many of the high notes, though the songs were reworked to better align with his voice. Jason starts off nervously but soon melds nicely with the band and starts to have some fun, though I have to admit I miss the deep thump of Bonzo's foot pedal. Jason has about 80% of the drumming chemistry his dad possessed, which was truly larger than life in the drumming world. Jimmy plays around - and occasionally leads the band into unknown territory - but being the "best garage band in the world", he knows how to bring them back. What can one say about John Paul Jones...except he is technically PERFECT. Nobody does it better. Is this a great concert video - yes, if you like constant cuts to the various members - mainly waist up. The viewer definitely misses the constant panorama of the large screen presentation going on behind them. Several montages are completely missing, and that was an integral part of the show. Favorite song: Hard to pick, but For Your Life stands out - never before played live. Do I recommend this? Without doubt - it is highly likely that there will never be another show by this band. It is history - and a must have for all 70's rock fans.
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on August 23, 2017
Great show, great sound. Ridiculous number of formats. You want the concert film on Blu Ray? - Fine - you just can't have the DVD of bonus material. That only comes in the 2CD +2DVD package. Blu Ray is only 2CD+Blu Ray and does not include the (admittedly weak) bonus material. I chose the Blu Ray version thinking it would look and sound best, but I can't really tell you if the Blue Ray sounds better than the DVD as I haven't heard the DVD.
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on December 9, 2012
I actually saw this film at the theater when it played for those 2 days back in October so I was pretty pumped to get this to watch and listen to at home. Once I saw that it was "out for delivery" I was really pumped. The quality and clarity of the blu-ray are outstanding, the sound is crisp and clear as is the image. The film itself is the concert from the O2 arena and the concert only, no backstage stuff or limo talk or wizard (like Song Remains the Same). The set list is amazing (Plant even mentions during the concert how they thought about what songs to include along with what songs HAD to be there) and I was surprised at how good Plant sounded singing. John Paul Jones is solid both on keyboards (Trampled Underfoot my favorite) and bass as is Jason Bonham filing in on drums while Jimmy Page shows he still can bring it. Solid, solid buy. I would say this is the best sounding live recording I have ever heard. I have to add that I finally watched the DVD that is included in the set and WOW is it a real letdown. Basically a camera is set up by the soundboard and that is the only camera angle for the entire rehearsal. Yes, you see the top of 4 heads (probably the sound guys) and the band (from a distance) as they rehearse the show. If you are a huge fan or need something to play while you are doing something else I guess it is for you, but I really don't see any need for it.
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on January 31, 2013
I was beyond excited when I learned that Led Zeppelin was putting out a new album for the first time in over 25 years. To make it all the better, adding Jason Bonham on drums, not to replace his father but to sit in for him, was a bonus. One would think that having not performed together in over 20 years they may lose a bit of an edge. That is anything but the truth. The CD set with some of the best Zep tunes is amazing. The sound seems like they have never taken a break from one another. And then comes the Blu ray disk with the live concert. The energy from Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham is as electrifying as it was in their last US tour in 1977. Without question, Jimmy Page shows why he is one of the most respected and admired guitar players of the rock era. JPJ is one of the most gifted universal musicians ever, be it on the bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin or what have you. Plants voice will dig a hole straight through your soul as he belts out songs like Kashmir, No Quarter and of course, Stairway to Heaven. Seeing Jason Bonham on the drums is a sort of eerie feeling. If you close your eyes for a moment and just listen to his masterful work as a percussionist, you would sear it's his father. In the finalé of Rock and Roll, his short solo, as the other three members stand in front of him and pay homage, is nothing less than genius.
My only complaint is that it is not longer, which, like every other Zeppelin concert or album, always leaves you wanting more. Certain songs that are not on here that would have been incredible to see and hear again like The Immigrant Song, some of the acoustic songs (Goin' To California, Four Sticks), The Battle of Ever More, Ten Years Gone and When the Levy Breaks are missing from this incredible compilation but, as I said, it is typical Led Zeppelin that always leaves you wanting more.
Overall, this is now entered into my Led Zeppelin discography as another favorite. My hope is that there may be a chance of a new album and maybe even a small tour with this line up. Led Zeppelin always has been and always will be one of the greatest of the greats and they make it true with this set.
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