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Style: 70MM EQ Refractor|Change
Price:$109.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on February 6, 2014
This is a review specifically for the Celestron PS 114mm EQ.

I got this as a gift from my daughter. After using it a few nights, I did check the mirror collimation with the $28 Celestron 1.25" collimation eyepiece (which I already had). The mirror alignment was very very close, so it needed only minimal adjustment which had no observable effects.

On the third night I was able to see the moon (again) and the Orion nebula at various magnification (20mm eyepiece with and without Barlow). I was also able to see - with a Celestron Ploessel 9mm eyepiece - Jupiter and it four moons, the two main cloud stripes on Jupiter itself, and maybe some weaker ones. And the shadow of one moon on Jupiter itself, a tiny black dot near one of the poles.

I do like the lightweight aluminum mount as well, it is solid if the legs are not completely extended, and it is light enough to carry around without getting a hernia. The finder scope works well for me, just in case I re-align it every time I take the telescope out.

This telescope is very sharp, and a very good value right out of the box. And easy to focus. Five stars!!

EDIT: Recently (February) I did buy and install the Celestron motor drive ($33 on Amazon) and it works perfectly. Once the motor drive speed is adjusted properly with the small knob (which is fairly easy to do), it keeps say Jupiter centered for close to an hour with a 7mm eyepiece. Note that the drive speed only needs to be set once, for a given latitude.

Note that the Celestron 127EQ and 114EQ are quite similar in design and price, nevertheless this one has a much longer tube and does not have a correcting eyepiece in the focus tube, which seems to make it significantly sharper, or at least much easier to collimate.

Recently (April) I got an inexpensive laser collimator (lk1 from seben dot com, identical to the orion lasermate) and tried it on this scope, even though it did not seem to need it. The whole job is very easy, takes less than 5-10 mins if you know what to do (there is no focuser lens in the focusing tube, this is NOT a Bird-Jones design!). The adjustments were minimal and there was no noticeable change in sharpness, as I said above mine was flawless out of the box. Look in the picture section to see my recent picture of Jupiter.

Best additions to this telescope are imo the $30 Celestron motor drive (I love it!), a better quality achromatic $40 Celestron 2x Omni Barlow, and a 9mm Celestron Omni eyepiece($20 ; the telescope seems capable of a lot more than what the rather basic included eyepieces suggest). You will then be in telescope heaven, for very little money.

I have also found that this scope is quite well suited to astrophotography of the planets, in my case in combination with the very reliable Celestron clock drive (have not changed a battery yet on that on in three months of use) and an inexpensive webcam (a logitech C310 in my case).

PS. Added pictures of Jupiter and the Moon (April 2014). Added more pictures of Jupiter and Mars, on the latter I can clearly see one of the polar ice caps (April 2014). Took a nice picture of the Cassini division on Saturn (May 2014). Added another excellent picture I got of Jupiter on a very clear day (March 2015), you can clearly see multiple rings as well as details of the main ring clouds.
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on November 4, 2013
This is a perfect scope for the price range! The whole assembly is moderately heavy. The tripod legs are not very rigid but if you tighten the top screws it will help alot. My first order had to be replaced due to several metal shavings on the back side of the objective lens. I was impressed at first untill i saw the shavings, but i must say my replacement has cured the negativity i had towards the product. The eq mount is solid and tracks very good at 180x magnification. The replacement came quickly and seems to not have any major issues. Rest assured Amazon Customer service has you covered if you have problems. Other than the metal shavings causing distortion in my original order; the replacement seems to be great. Do yourself a favor if you order this and purchase the astromaster accessory kit. The astromaster kit works with this scope and is well worth $50. I also suggest getting a sighting compass (brunton9077) it will really help with polar alignment. This product is capable of showing jupiter quite well and several nebula. Although nothing like the photos most of us see on tv you will still be stunned by the beauty it can reveal. I would not recommend this for anyone under 13 years old. Don't be shy about an eq mounted telesope, the standard manual has enough info to get you accustomed to it. You also get wonderful software with this and it very well could replace the need of buying star charts. The included eye pieces and accessories are of medium low quality but are fine for planet viewing. The 4mm alone is more than enough for this scope @ 225x it will give good veiws of planet and nebulas. Also the astromaster kit comes with color filters that really help contrast the cloud bands of jupiter and the outer rings of saturn. This product would make a teen or adult an awsome holiday present.
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on October 21, 2015
I been into astronomy for 30 years. The Mirrors on my 8 inch scope are needing repolished so I wanted something to be a quick just take out scope for some basic observing. So here we go on the review. As most people have said the mount is just so so. I intend to make a heavy duty Dobsonian out of this during the winter. With that said it is quite usable observing at low powers. I had the advantage of already owning a wide range of quality eyepeice and the do very well with this scope. The two that come with the scope are not the best but are both usable and another note on them they will not thread a lunar or planetary filter. The barlow is to cheap too bother with a get a good 2x Barlow and a 25mm and 15mm eyepeice which will serve you well if you upgrade to something more sophisticated. I have observed the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, M-42 nebulae , M31 galaxy , the open cluster in Perseus and M-22 globular in Sagitarius as my gauge.
The Moon looks fantastic in this little scope and give super sharp views even at higher magnifications. M-31 was very distinct in my light polluted area and M-42 show quite a but of detail and some color. Jupiter is still distant but could make out all 4 major moons and primary cloud bands. I had no problem resolving a few of the brighter stars in M-22 and it looked decent for a small low grade scope. Some folks I have seen complained about the view finder. I have not had this issue but I have used so many different finders good and bad I just kinda know how to work my way around those with short comings but I could see where it could be a big issue with beginners.
Over all this scope is will do if your budget is small or you want to try astronomy before a bigger investment. A rule of thumb however is go with less power and good mount versus a high power scope with shaky mountings.
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on June 20, 2016
Disclaimer: This is my first, non-toy telescope.

The image I got out of this telescope was beautiful. At the lowest level of magnification, the moon barely fit in the view, and allowed for crisp viewing of craters, mountain ridges, and other lunar features. At first the moon didn't even appear round for how clearly the mountain ranges on the visible edges of the moon appeared.

The telescopes adjustments are nicely put together, and very sturdy.

Although the base for the telescope it nicely built, the stand is pretty cheap by comparison. This can make it hard to view with at times, as the lightest touch will cause the telescope to shake pretty badly... which due to it's high level of magnification, any wobbly is extremely noticeable. I will note that this is a very minor complaint, and if I could, this would be a 4.5 star review, not a 4.

Not the best for younger users. Due to its high level of magnification, it can be difficult to line up the site accurately enough to be usable, unless you've had a lot of practice doing so before hand. And if the site is off, it makes it near impossible to point at anything other than the moon. I spent nearly an hour trying to train it onto Mars (which is at its closest approach this year).
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on May 22, 2015
First of all, knowledge does not come with any telescope. That is on you and if you don't want to work and study at it, astronomy isn't for you. HOWEVER, My six year old son and I have had a ball with this scope. Jupiter and its moons are brilliant. Saturn and its rings are fabulous. But you cant see all that with this or any other telescope without the right lenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a meade 12.4 and a 6 mm lenses and this telescope came to life. The lenses are the trick!!! I live in Birmingham Alabama and I can see all the planets fine. All that light pollution stuff is bull. That is for people wanting to see far far away objects. If you don't like to work at something then astronomy isn't for you. I would talk more but my son and I have to go look at a beautiful view of Saturn. I have my whole neighborhood looking at the planets!!! All this scope needs is a little knowledge, a few you tube videos, and LENSES. THE LENSES ARE LIKE EYEGLASSES, WITHOUT THEM YOU WILL NOT SEE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on December 12, 2012
I am really enjoying this telescope. I was able to see Saturn, Jupiter with 3 moons and a gorgeous full moon craters big as can be. I did buy an accessory pack including 2 additional lenses and moon and planet filters which have enhanced this nicely. I would recommend this to the casual star gazer, I love it.
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on May 11, 2013
Well it all started with 10X50 binocular than 20X80 which was good enough to see moons of the Jupiter but I needed more. After a long research, I have decided to go with this budget beginner telescope since didn't know much about them. I made the right decision. Installation was easy and this telescope does not look cheap. 20mm was good enough to see the rings of the Saturn and the moons of Jupiter clearly but 4mm makes a huge difference, it gets dimmer but I was able to see color of Jupiter with two dark belts and Saturn with more detail but still a single ring around it. It was kind of difficult to focus with 4mm. 3X barlow works only if you insert in the tube directly and the view becomes spectacular with 20mm, but 4mm has a 5 second window and not very clear with 3X. I had a hard time adjusting finderscope but once you get it right it is right on target.I was not able to check the moon, Orion nebula and other planets because they all decided join the Sun this time of the year. Don't expect much with deep space viewing since this is not a Newtonian telescope. That's why my next purchase will be a 10 inch dobsonian. I would recommend this telescope for the beginners. You wouldn't be disappointed.
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on December 1, 2016
This is quite a good deal for a beginner telescope. I was up and easily seeing moon craters in under 20 minutes. The only gripe I have is that the tripod has an extremely hard time actually locking in place. No matter what the position of the telescope or counter weight is, it just slowly creeps out of position. The tightening screws are pretty small and tough to get a good grip on to really fasten them in place, and this results in a shaky experience when using it at higher magnifications, which is a real shame since the focusing and the image quality itself is great. This could have easily been a 5 star review, but the telescope is just too hefty for the tripod. To be honest I would rather have a tripod with a bit less articulation that securely locks in place. I suspect i will be modifying it soon and then it will be a perfect way to view.
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on July 23, 2016
I purchased this Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ Telescope with the separate single axis driver. I immediately assembled it with the 20mm eyepiece then went out to set up the finder scope. I was surprised at the quality, crystal clear from the start. After setting the equatorial to polaris, I then turned to Saturn and fine tuned the tracking with the driver, then tuned the lateral tracking. It tracked flawlessly. Went from the 20mm eyepiece and added the 3X barlow to the 20mm, a little more sensitive in that arrangement but worth it, I don't think I will use the Barlow with the 4mm eyepiece, might get a little frustrating an tedious to hold, ( just my opinion). I can also lightly see star clusters and galaxies. This was my first telescope after 30 plus years getting back into it. For me, I think this was my best choice for the money, also for the serious beginner. the tripod is a little bit shaky for the size of telescope but it still works appropriately.
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on June 5, 2015
My kids like to see the night skies and constellations, so I've bought this telescope for its price and reach. Assembly was straightforward, although the instructions were sometimes not complete, i.e. leaving some room for guessing, especially for a novice astronomy enthusiast. Anyway, a few months passed since we got this, we have not got a chance to take it out due to the cold weather. Until last weekend. We were able to see the moon up and close for the first time. It was so clear and it almost felt like watching a movie, and if a little guy is walking on the moon we should be able to see him.

The only complaint I have is the difficulty in finding the target. Perhaps this is my skills, but I found that the finder scope is not always useful: even if the object is at the crosshair, I still need to adjust the telescope quite a bit to center the object to see it.

Overall a nice telescope and we expect much fun with it down the road.
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