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Style: 70MM EQ Refractor|Change
Price:$109.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on February 6, 2014
This is a review specifically for the Celestron PS 114mm EQ.

I got this as a gift from my daughter. After using it a few nights, I did check the mirror collimation with the $28 Celestron 1.25" collimation eyepiece (which I already had). The mirror alignment was very very close, so it needed only minimal adjustment which had no observable effects.

On the third night I was able to see the moon (again) and the Orion nebula at various magnification (20mm eyepiece with and without Barlow). I was also able to see - with a Celestron Ploessel 9mm eyepiece - Jupiter and it four moons, the two main cloud stripes on Jupiter itself, and maybe some weaker ones. And the shadow of one moon on Jupiter itself, a tiny black dot near one of the poles.

I do like the lightweight aluminum mount as well, it is solid if the legs are not completely extended, and it is light enough to carry around without getting a hernia. The finder scope works well for me, just in case I re-align it every time I take the telescope out.

This telescope is very sharp, and a very good value right out of the box. And easy to focus. Five stars!!

EDIT: Recently (February) I did buy and install the Celestron motor drive ($33 on Amazon) and it works perfectly. Once the motor drive speed is adjusted properly with the small knob (which is fairly easy to do), it keeps say Jupiter centered for close to an hour with a 7mm eyepiece. Note that the drive speed only needs to be set once, for a given latitude.

Note that the Celestron 127EQ and 114EQ are quite similar in design and price, nevertheless this one has a much longer tube and does not have a correcting eyepiece in the focus tube, which seems to make it significantly sharper, or at least much easier to collimate.

Recently (April) I got an inexpensive laser collimator (lk1 from seben dot com, identical to the orion lasermate) and tried it on this scope, even though it did not seem to need it. The whole job is very easy, takes less than 5-10 mins if you know what to do (there is no focuser lens in the focusing tube, this is NOT a Bird-Jones design!). The adjustments were minimal and there was no noticeable change in sharpness, as I said above mine was flawless out of the box. Look in the picture section to see my recent picture of Jupiter.

Best additions to this telescope are imo the $30 Celestron motor drive (I love it!), a better quality achromatic $40 Celestron 2x Omni Barlow, and a 9mm Celestron Omni eyepiece($20 ; the telescope seems capable of a lot more than what the rather basic included eyepieces suggest). You will then be in telescope heaven, for very little money.

I have also found that this scope is quite well suited to astrophotography of the planets, in my case in combination with the very reliable Celestron clock drive (have not changed a battery yet on that on in three months of use) and an inexpensive webcam (a logitech C310 in my case).

PS. Added pictures of Jupiter and the Moon (April 2014). Added more pictures of Jupiter and Mars, on the latter I can clearly see one of the polar ice caps (April 2014). Took a nice picture of the Cassini division on Saturn (May 2014). Added another excellent picture I got of Jupiter on a very clear day (March 2015), you can clearly see multiple rings as well as details of the main ring clouds.
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on December 1, 2016
This is quite a good deal for a beginner telescope. I was up and easily seeing moon craters in under 20 minutes. The only gripe I have is that the tripod has an extremely hard time actually locking in place. No matter what the position of the telescope or counter weight is, it just slowly creeps out of position. The tightening screws are pretty small and tough to get a good grip on to really fasten them in place, and this results in a shaky experience when using it at higher magnifications, which is a real shame since the focusing and the image quality itself is great. This could have easily been a 5 star review, but the telescope is just too hefty for the tripod. To be honest I would rather have a tripod with a bit less articulation that securely locks in place. I suspect i will be modifying it soon and then it will be a perfect way to view.
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on July 23, 2016
I purchased this Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ Telescope with the separate single axis driver. I immediately assembled it with the 20mm eyepiece then went out to set up the finder scope. I was surprised at the quality, crystal clear from the start. After setting the equatorial to polaris, I then turned to Saturn and fine tuned the tracking with the driver, then tuned the lateral tracking. It tracked flawlessly. Went from the 20mm eyepiece and added the 3X barlow to the 20mm, a little more sensitive in that arrangement but worth it, I don't think I will use the Barlow with the 4mm eyepiece, might get a little frustrating an tedious to hold, ( just my opinion). I can also lightly see star clusters and galaxies. This was my first telescope after 30 plus years getting back into it. For me, I think this was my best choice for the money, also for the serious beginner. the tripod is a little bit shaky for the size of telescope but it still works appropriately.
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on June 5, 2015
My kids like to see the night skies and constellations, so I've bought this telescope for its price and reach. Assembly was straightforward, although the instructions were sometimes not complete, i.e. leaving some room for guessing, especially for a novice astronomy enthusiast. Anyway, a few months passed since we got this, we have not got a chance to take it out due to the cold weather. Until last weekend. We were able to see the moon up and close for the first time. It was so clear and it almost felt like watching a movie, and if a little guy is walking on the moon we should be able to see him.

The only complaint I have is the difficulty in finding the target. Perhaps this is my skills, but I found that the finder scope is not always useful: even if the object is at the crosshair, I still need to adjust the telescope quite a bit to center the object to see it.

Overall a nice telescope and we expect much fun with it down the road.
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on December 3, 2014
The telescope is fine for the one that use it for first time...
I will talk about the device in other occasion but here are some pictures that I made with...
Picture were taken by mobitel so sorry about quality
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on July 25, 2015
I've had this for about a year now and it was my first telescope. I'm very happy with it for the price, and it has been enough to get me to learn about the astronomy and encourage me to save for a quality telescope. If you are looking for a first telescope, this might be good for you. If you already have a first; save your money for a better step up. With a separately purchased 5mm eyepiece, I can see Jupiter's stripes and 4 moons, and I can see Saturn's rings. I can make out some other planets, but none of their details. If you've never seen the moon magnified before, that is also fun, but the cheap tripod makes it difficult because of ground vibrations and the difficulty of perfecting your aim through cheap controls. I have to realign the view-finder every few months or every time I transport the telescope, as it will generally drift 1-3 degrees off (more than the full view even with a 20mm eyepiece). If this is your first telescope, I recommend using it during the day to look at trees first to learn how to move it and adjust it, and then look at the moon to determine the appropriate infinity-zoom. Because this allows past infinity zoom, too far off in either direction will show you nothing but a black sky even if you are perfectly aimed at the brightest star available (incredibly frustrating especially if you don't know you're really 3 degrees off to the side because of the view-finder). Even with a separately purchased 5mm eyepiece, I cannot see Jupiter's red spot, but I am also 40 miles outside Chicago and suffer from medium light polution.
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on June 9, 2017
This is my telescope and I am new to astronomy, that being said I love this telescope. It's came with a 3x barlow, 4mm and 20mm eye piece and is sufficient for just starting out, the tripod won't let you do any star gazing during hurricanes or tornados but does its job well and if you want you can weight a down with a bag.

1. Even though the eye pieces are great and work well and it is important to have a good quality scope and mirror, to make this scope really shine you need good eye pieces.

I would buy this scope again and again with no regrets.
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on February 2, 2016
I'm giving it five stars because of bang for buck. I bought it after reading Gustav Mahler review and I'm not sure I can add to that review but I will try.First it came very well boxed three times in fact. There was a instruction booklet and for me the assembly was easy. I must say at first un-packing it it did seem intimating but the pictures help (stick to the pictures) because the side RA was turn 180 out to make packing possible. There were nine easy steps. There was a screw driver left over that looked like a part I missed. (Look says screwdriver on it). I didn't need a screw driver. I suggest you do not go any tighter than you need to and that is not tight. Too tight can do damage and many people tend to over do that. Its your baby go easy.
Con's - I was not happy with the finder scope. I think that could have been improved. The tripod was OK. It had points on the tips and not rubber feet. I have a Galileo tripod I use for a small 400mm-70mm scope I do bird watching with and I think I like that one better.
Pro's - I like the slow motion knobs. I thought I give them a try because too often in my pass I used a short scope with high power lens on a solid base to lessen the shaking due to moving it and near by earth movement, such as trucks going by when out on a patio. Those were better for those earthy harmonics than the long tube type. But with out the slow motion cables I over come the resistance that held the scope at aim and when it broke that hold the scope would over shoot and I would be way off my target. This cable knob type may be the lesser of the two evils and it gives me power like I never had.
The lens tray has a lip on it so I can just place my lens in that with there case's on.
It came with two CD disks. One instructions that was good but for the Polar alignment I like U-Tube. On that CD I couldn't get into accessory to see what the dove tail fastener was met for. I think its an optional digital camera holder. The second CD ( not II ). Asked for me to download a set up soft ware and I do not down load strange exe.
In short, it was like a telescope that cost twice what I paid. That and reviews is what drives Amazon I think...
IMPORTANT... This is a heavy scope with lots of cast iron to it. 18 Lps. It is a bad boy so if your female (like me) or not up to moving that weight, it may not be for you. I plan to back-pack the counter weight & my lens if I'm going too far with it. I wouldn't want a scope any more heavy than this.
There you have it. Not sure I did better than the Gustav Mahler review. He is right, optics are great. Five stars. I can't believe I got a scope this good for this cost. I have four telescopes now. This one is the power house but I still in-joy the others. They have there place.
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on February 5, 2014
I bought this telescope after ages of stargazing, but I finally decided to go ahead and buy one, this was the right choice, now that I've been an astronomer for over 6 months I wish I would have learned more helpful tips of this earlier.

Some tips
- Don't use the latitude control on the mount, that is the screw that causes the scope to angle itself up or down, set that to your current latitude on the earth and leave it like that.

- Learn how to use Right Ascension and Declination, that will make finding things in the sky so much easier, just say look up Messier 31 (the Andromeda Galaxy), find the right ascension and declination of that, and you are pointing at it

- For right ascension and declination, you have to polar align, this is done by setting the latitude control (AKA the thing I was referring to in the first tip) and point the telescope towards the north, you should be looking at Polaris! (the North Star) and then after that try some right ascension and declination and you should be looking at what you want. If you are not pointing you need to change the declination to negative or positive depending on what way it is, so don't panic if you polar align it and you point it at say M31 and it's not showing, you're just pointing it the wrong way.

That being said, this is an amazing beginners scope, easy to set up and take outside, you can see some beautiful things like the rings of Saturn, the stars of Pleiades, and much more!
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on January 19, 2016
The build quality is decent, however I was a bit disappointed with a few pieces. First off the lenses that come with it are very cheap and you'll end up buying new ones as well as a new barlow. Second, the fine adjustment knobs are cheap plastic and they wobble all over the place, ultimately making you unable to center your view. Lastly, the finder scope sucks and of course it's the same plastic they used on other pieces of the telescope... you'll buy a new finder scope too.
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