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on February 26, 2017
I think this is a very fair telescope for the price. I used to own a 10" telescope that cost $3000 and had the full electronic controls. I was looking for something more portable as the other one was very large and weighed at least 50 pounds. I was surprised that this one worked pretty well, again for the price. Its not a substitute for $1000 or $3000 scope.

Here's what I would want to know if I was new to telescopes and considering buying this. You MUST by the extra lense kit for an additional $150. The lense that comes with it is not that powerful. You'll thank yourself by taking the time to learn how to set up the equitorial mount correctly. And also learn about lenses - you can't just pop in the most powerful lense and get a clear image. Download the celestron app and plan out what you want to see before you're standing outside excited to see something. Astronomy is a lot of fun, but there's a lot to learn.

Finally, temper your expectations. You will get great close-ups of the moon. Mars will appear as a reddish dot with no detail. You won't see the colors of Jupiters stripes like a picture from NASA. You'll see that Saturn has a ring, yes it will appear as one light band, not several. And with this scope, nebulae will appear as more of a haze than a colorful exploding cloud. Unlikely be able to make out a galaxy except if you're on a mountain top on a very clear night.

If you're a beginner, buy this scope with the additional lense kit and patiently learn how to use it. If you're not a beginner, save your money and get an 8" at least.
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on March 13, 2016
I bought this for my wife as a birthday present and it is the most high-quality telescope I've ever laid my hands on. Everything about it is perfect I was even able to take really good pictures of the moon with just a smartphone through the eye lense. I would most definitely recommend this telescope for anyone looking to get into the world of star gazing!
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on July 1, 2016
I just received this telescope today and couldn't wait for tonight.... Having said that I haven't had a telescope since I was a kid(a very long time ago) I researched telescopes for a long time looking for one I could use with my Nikon D5200. After about 3 weeks I decided on this one mainly for the price and having the basic requirements for astrophotography other than being a refractor.

After about an hour of putting it together, which wasn't to bad seriously tho how much fun is putting anything together but it was painless and easy.

Tripod fairly sturdy better than I expected, mount is heavy duty and simple to install, telescope is big (or at least I thought) but we'll build and simply slides and you lock it in place. This makes it easier to move around in your house and to the great outdoors.

After setting up outside when the sun went down I had a little trouble finding Saturn, but a little patience and very slight tuning here and there I found it in about 15 minutes. I could see clearly the round planet with a perfectly visible ring. I used a 20mm to find it and switched out lenses to get a closer view. It was spectacular! I have never seen it through my own telescope.

The finder scope is kinda useless it's hard to tell where to put your head to align, after giving on that I stood behind the telescope and bent way down looking straight up the tube on the top and aligned it that way and found Saturn within a few minutes.

Now I'm waiting on the T adapters for my camera to see what I can capture. My viewing ended early tonight due to clouds rolling in or I would have stayed out there instead of writing this review.

Definitely worth the money and a great starter telescope. If I can work it so can you.

I now can't wait for the moon( it's a new moon right now so I have to wait)
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on March 15, 2016
This was my sons purchase, but he let me test it out a little. I am 53 years old, and have always wanted a telescope. I have dreamed of looking out into the night sky and choosing a spot and looking to see what I might see. I got my wish, and my imagination is on fire.

The first thing I wanted to look at was the moon. I can look up with the naked eye and see it sure, but the detail that is lost makes all the difference. When I looked through they eye piece and saw the ridges on the craters, I almost cried. I got to see in detail what God created long ago, and my heart was overjoyed.

Sadly it has been cold and cloudy most of the nights since then, and we have not gotten to set things up again, but when we do, I hope to get to see some of the planets as well. It is one thing to see pictures someone else took, but it is another to look at it yourself.

Wow. I feel blessed.
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on March 20, 2017
This was an excellent purchase. This was my second purchase ever in Astronomy. It has a clean look, gives crisp views and not terribly priced for a beginner scope. CON's: NOT FOR ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY!

I thought I had researched allot about what I wanted in my telescope, but I was wrong. I could not in any reviews where it was stated that astrophotogaphy with this telescope was going to be possible. So, I figured I'd be the one to warn. Please don't misunderstand, this is an outstanding scope for the money. Modifications need to be done to the scope in order to bring a subject into focus. I have read everything from cutting off a portion of the tube, removing a portion of the focus tube allowing for more in-focus (please take a look through Cloudy Nights-a forum for astrophotography) and modifying the mirrors position in the telescope. It can be done, so don't be discouraged if this is the scope you absolutely want. The star finder is not a star finder either. The reviews in here which denote that piece of equipment as a pain, well, agreed.

What I have learned is that the telescope mount is absolutely key. I purchased the RA motor mount that goes with this setup, and it will not help you much. In order for the image to reach the DSLR chip, you have to use a barlow lens which increases the focul length, and proportionately, the difficulty in tracking DSOs. The better the tracking and shorter the focul length, the longer you can expose for. The longer duration exposure allows for more photons to reach your DSLR chip, and finally rendering you a nice image of nebula's, galaxies, etc. The mount is pretty sturdy despite some of the reviews here, with slight modification. I only extend the legs approximately half way or less out. This decreases the number of seconds required to allow the mount to steady itself before taking photos, or even achieving focus. The RA motor allows you to increase and decrease tracking speed. I have not found a perfect setting just yet.

I have only been able to capture .3 second frames, which is just enough to capture a tiny glimpse of nebula and only the brightest stars. Out of frustration, I mounted my $70 Celestron PowerSeeker 70mm refractor to the mount and was able to achieve a maximum of 6 second subs before star trails appeared. This was while I framed it in BackyardEOS, and also while i was constantly adjusting the speed to keep Orion Nebula in place.

I have attached two photos, one with the Astromaster and one with the PowerSeeker. The refractor is not better quality than the Astromaster, the mount is just better able to keep the lighter refractor on point just a fraction longer. When I had done my research, I could not find any photos from this setup, so I will attach one from the PowerSeeker. I was unable to render a useable photo utilizing the Astromaster 130.

I intend on purchasing the Celestron AVX mount with the Astromaster 130. It is a much more accurate mount.

Visually. this is an awesome scope. Jupiter, moon, viewing Orion Nebula, it's wonderful.

Conclusion, this is a wonderful scope and mount for viewing the heavens, not for astrophotography.
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on September 11, 2016
We have been very impressed with this telescope. We can see the moon in full detail, Mars (as a red dot) and most of all we can see the rings of Saturn. Jupiter hasn't been in the right part of the sky for us to try yet, but so far we are very pleased. My only recommendation is to upgrade the lenses if you buy this model. The kit lenses aren't very great, but do work well. Great for beginners!
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on June 14, 2015
After having several inexpensive scopes over the years I decided it was time to take a small step up and get one with an equatorial mount. After using it for the first time I have to agree with some of the other reviewers. This scope has some definite pros and cons.

First the pros:
- The optics are pretty good. They are very clear compared to what I have used in the past.
- The eyepieces are also quite good for the price. There are 10mm and 20mm eyepieces that are perfect for beginners.
- The tube is made of sturdy, rolled sheet metal, with good quality heavy duty plastic at either end.

Now the cons:
- The tripod is actually made of light steel tube and it's not very stable with all the weight on top of it.
- The mount is not so good. The RA adjustment is relatively smooth, and adding a little silicon grease helped a lot, the Declination adjustment is very rough.

I have read several reviews about the spotter scope being "useless" , but I had no trouble with it. I used the top of a distant radio tower to align it and it worked perfectly. On the first try I was able to pick out Venus, Saturn and Jupiter with no trouble, and some dimmer objects with a little effort. Once you have the scope on an object you have to focus carefully and not touch the scope so the vibration settles down, which takes a few seconds. I was able to keep objects in view with the RA adjustment, but again, you have to let it settle after each adjustment, which takes a few seconds.

Overall this is a good starter scope for a child who is not into instant gratification, or someone like me, who isn't expecting to discover a comet, but just likes looking up there every now and again. Reviewer's problems with the mount are well founded until you Google them and see how much good ones cost. That said, if you are a parent willing to learn and work with an interested child, this scope is a good place to start. If they show real interest in astronomy, then you can look at better scopes later.
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on May 11, 2017
This is my very 1st telescope and after months of researching and reading and asking around I decided on this one. The setup was fairly easy especially if you watch a tutorial on youtube first. believe me, the video made it so much easier. had I used the manual alone it would have definitely taken me much longer. word of advise, don't forget to align your star pointer, anyone who is a amateur/novice will need it until you get the feel for your telescope. ALSO***THE FINDER ATTACHED IN THE PIC OF THIS PRODUCT IS NOT THE ACTUAL ONE THAT COMES WITH IT! ITS BEEN REPLACED WITH A BETTER ONE, BASED ON WHAT I'VE READ) I live in NJ so different areas will give you different viewing capabilities depending on how dark or clear your sky in your area is. Great for viewing the moon with any of the included eyepieces. So far I've been able to view Jupiter every night since I bought it (when its a clear sky) and caught Saturn twice when I set my alarm to do so. Jupiter can be seen fairly well and its different surface colors and was able to see the impression or outline of Saturn's rings. This telescope unfortunately does not give you a large or very close up view of either of these planets. I even purchased a Barlow lens and additional eyepieces (15x & 6x) and though the 15x is the max magnification you're able to use to get the closest view of these 2 planets, the planets appear even smaller though the details appear much better than the 10x or 20x for sure. Barlow hasn't done me any help viewing either. too much magnification. Also, if you really do want closer viewing capabilities, forget about a larger tube which is really just for more sky in your sight of view. a thinner, longer tube with the appropriate aperture and focal length is what you will need. But all in all, I'm happy with my first telescope. I'll get a second one when I can. Lastly, on semi-windy nights, the view does turn up shaky, unstable- maybe due to the mount being average, but its not terrible. its satisfactory for the price and for what I wanted to do as a beginner. Happy Sky Gazing!
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on August 28, 2014
Knowing almost nothing about telescopes, I did quite a bit of research before buying this telescope as a surprise birthday present for my husband. I considered ones that ranged from $130-300 before ultimately deciding on this one.

- Easy and actually fun to assemble. However, the picture instructions provided are difficult to read and it seemed that some steps were glossed over.
- Versatile - can be used for land or astronomy. My primary purpose was for astronomy, but since we live near the water, it's nice to have something that also works for seeing boats off in the distance.
- Really sharp looking! It's always difficult to tell from the photos how the product will actually look. In this case, I think the photos were less impressive than the real thing.
- Comes with 2 eyepieces (20mm with 50x magnification and 10mm with 100x)
- 2 year warranty, covers defects and damage from normal wear and tear
- Tripod is sturdy enough to sit on thick carpet or outdoors with no issues
- Not designed for travel, but after seeing it fully assembled, I think it would be fairly easy to bring on a short road trip to the mountains. The tripod retracts for easy storage
- Comes with manual and software that helps you identify stars/constellations and planets

- The declination cable seemed a little bit wobbly, a minor thing, but felt like it detracted slightly from the overall quality
- Not computerized -- but depending on how you look at it, that also means one less thing to break

My husband loved it and immediately took it outside to use it right after we finished assembling it. Highly recommend!
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on October 29, 2015
I received the telescope a while ago but didn't have much chance using it for the first few weeks, because some travels and not so cooperating weather. I was able to ​use it for the last few weeks whenever the sky was clear. Please read the reviews before purchasing this product, and read as many as you can. I do agree with most reviews. This is my first telescope and honestly I can not say which one is a great telescope and which one is not. I like this telescope so far, but I also have few problems with it. I hate the mount and the finderscope. The mount is unstable and viewfinder, as well as the motor drive, is basically useless. You most probably will also need few eyepieces. Still, I believe it deserves the 4 stars.
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