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on December 26, 2013
We tried several "toys-R-Us" quality level microscopes but were very dissapointed. So I decided to spring for an "expensive" microscope--though...this is not truely expensive at all. The metal is thick, high quality, and the lens work good. The highest resolution lens don't work great and I almost knocked it down to 4 stars, but everything else is just so nice I couldn't bear to take a star off just because it's finicky at the highest setting. We use this for teaching our boys about science because we home school--and yes it's high enough quality to use for teaching. For the price, I don't believe there is a better produce out there.
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on June 10, 2011
I had to purchase and return no less than FIVE digital microscopes off the web before I finally discovered the Celestron 44104.

Specimens look sharp with plenty of range from 40x up to 500x. Celestron sells additional eyepieces that work with this scope that expand that range even further. With two light sources to choose from (Electric LED or a conventional Mirror) you really have all the bases covered when it comes to lighting your specimen. I also purchased the Celestron Digital Microscope Imager which replaces the standard eye piece with a high quality USB webcam that plugs into your computer. The optical quality is identical (excellent) to the standard optics and when paired with a quality webcam software application such as EVOcam for Macintosh you can not only view your subject with ease from your computer monitor, you can save and share the images or even create time-lapse movies etc.

The scope's base and support arm are made of cast metal with a quality powder coated finish. All the various focus and stage movement controls/gears are also quality metal parts and oil damped which gives the device a very solid and professional feel. These days, with most things we buy falling far short of our expectations, this product is a satisfying exception to that rule, delivering far more quality than I had been expecting for the price I paid. I have used $500.00 scopes in biology labs that felt less stable and quality built than this Celestron microscope!

My one and only gripe is that Celestron didn't think to include a couple of BLANK specimen slides for use with our own specimens! Instead, 5 prepared slides are included in this package. In a pinch, these can be used for other materials if you place your own specimen on either side of the permanent subject afixed to the center of the slide, but that isn't the same thing.

We ended up going with MICROSCOPE SLIDES 72/pk 1x3", 1mm and Glass Microscope Cover Slips - 100/ Box

Bottom line... We couldn't be more pleased with this microscope, especially when it is paired with Celestron's incredibly affordable and spectacular digital imager! With Amazon's fantastic return policy, you really have nothing to loose. Buy a 44104 and give it a test drive! I am pretty sure you will be as impressed as I am, especially if you pick up the imager with it! Take it from someone who bought and returned no less than FIVE scopes before discovering the 44104, you will be hard pressed to find a better value even up to the $500.00 range.
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on December 26, 2009
I was skeptical about a instrument being so inexpensive (it was reduced somewhat from the current price ao 26 Dec 09) but took the risk. This is better than anything I ever used in high school biology or in college labs (that was over thirty years ago...) primarily for the way the instrument is set up and delivers capability. The optics are good quality, which is what we hope for when looking at the cell level, but the precision of movement between the different objectives is what makes it a fun tool to use.
The base is sturdy with rubber feet that plant it on a smooth surface. The light sources are excellent between the led projector and mirror. Easy to switch between the two in case you want to go portable. The table is where all the cool tricks lie. There is an adjustable aperture for the light source and though it is a simple mod, it is a key item if you use a camera and the image washes out from too much light. The clamp and double axis rule allow you to move the object under inspection with ease. Once you have your subject under focus, switching between objectives is easy and the subject remains in focus. Depth of view is good and the precision adjustment or fine tuning is very smooth and accurate. Overall, this tool is solidly made and delivers very good images.
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on November 29, 2011
We've been looking for a microscope for our 9 year old daughter for about a year. She had purchased one at Toys R Us that was inexpensive and it didn't work at all. We immediately returned it and she was so disappointed. We saw a couple of others in our search (they are hard to find in stores!) and they were all plastic and cheaply made, though they ranged in prices and some were as much as this one. I really didn't want to pay $120, but we knew she really wanted one. Well, this seems to be well worth the money! It is all metal and works very well. It was packaged very neatly and comes with everything needed to get started. We also ordered additional slides to use in the future, but this one comes with a handful of prepared slides to look at in the meantime. It was a hit with all our kids, ages 7 - 12, as well as us parents. Our 12 year old said it is just like the ones they use in science class in middle school. We are impressed and very happy with the quality. I can imagine it will be used for many, many years as the kids get older, and I know it can last because it is well made.
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on June 9, 2013
I bought this microscope with the 2mp camera so I can use it with my laptop. It is really a fine scope and the images I takewith it are helpful in finding parasites in my tortoise's poops. This is just the micrpscope but for 50 dollars more you can get the camera that fits in the tube and connect via usb to a computer. With the camera you do not need to look into the scope as the screen has a beautiful rendition on it much larger and clearer.
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on July 1, 2010
Was easy to set up and produced clear images. The adjustment controls felt very solid and worked reliably. The one we got must have used the LED light because my wife left it on for a few hours and it didn't get very hot.

The scope met its description and works as expected. I'll probably be looking for another eyepiece to increase maximum magnification, but the unit as sold provides a good range of viewing.

Make sure you buy some slides and covers as well; the unit comes with a couple of prepared slides, but nothing to allow you to make your own.
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on June 14, 2009
I bought this for use with my 5-year-old, and it's a great value for the money. Fine-focus knob, vernier adjustments for the stage X/Y movements, viewing-angle adjustment, sturdy construction, samples slides, and optical quality way beyond what I expected for $130-$140 (I paid $138).

My only niggling complaints have been echoed elsewhere--AC light source is too low, so don't use it on carpet or you'll run the risk of burning something. No switch on AC light source. Safety stop is a bit difficult to release with your fingers. I suppose you could buy a 'scope with all these features for $500, but this one is $130!

If you or your kids have any interest in microscopy, you should buy this scope.
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on June 18, 2012
I'm no microscope wiz, but I bought the Celestron 44104 500x microscope and have been very pleased. It is easy to setup and use. The adjustments are handy allow for good control of the slide placement. It works well with the mirror or the powered light source. The packaged slides that come with the scope are nice, but it would have been even better if it came with several blank slides for your own use. You can't really do too much on your own without some blank slides, so you might as well purchase those at the same time to save yourself the headache later.
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on December 16, 2011
On a whim, I decided to buy myself something I'd been wanting for years... a decent microscope capable of seeing cells. Embarrassingly, I did not spend a significant amount of time looking into which brands and models were considered good, cheap, etc. Fortunately, I picked one that I am extremely happy with.

The first thing I noticed when the microscope arrived and I unpackaged it, was this thing is heavy duty. It's not a toy. It's very well built, very sturdy. I'm not a microscope expert at all, but any person with common sense can see this is a quality microscope. It's the same kind I would expect to find in a biology class in high school or college.

The manual controls seem good for what I need. The coarse and fine focus knobs work very well... they aren't loose or anything like that. You don't have to worry about movements messing up your zoom level. The same goes for the stage's X and Y movement controls. Under 500x (the highest zoom level) there is no worry of having the sample move in your field of view.

Again, I'm not a microscope expert (this is my first real microscope other than a plastic portable 100x I had years ago), but the quality is spectacular. Even at the highest zoom level there is amazing clarity. It took me a while to finally get the sample to show up (more on that later), but when it finally came into focus I was absolutely blown away that this thing was giving this image quality considering what I paid.

As much as I love this thing, there are a few minor concerns.

First, it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to get it setup and ready to look at samples. I can probably blame this on my inexperience with these things though, so I doubt this is the fault of the microscope itself.

Second, once I had it all set up, it took me FOREVER it seemed to get the sample to show up. I didn't know how close I was suposed to be zoomed in I guess. I was very frustrated. Eventually I got both the 4x and the 10x objective lenses working with the sample, but still couldn't get the 40x lens to work. I finally realized the lens had to be almost touching the sample for it to show up clearly. Being a newbie, this might just be common knowledge when it comes to microscopes.

Third, I really hate that the highest lens is only 40x so with the 12.5x eyepiece 500x is the highest magnification you can get. Now I can't blame the microscope for this, because I knew what I was getting, but what I hate is that Celestron does not sell any 60x or 100x lens. After some research, it seems that any standard DIM lens should work with this microscope. I've already ordered a no-name 100x lens along with some immersion oil.

Fourth, the microscope comes with the mirror preinstalled. Taking it off was a cinch, but putting the lamp on in its place took some muscle. I was kind of afraid I was doing something wrong and was going to break something... but then it finally popped into place. The little nub on the mirror looks to be a bit smaller than the nub on the lamp, so of course I wasn't sure if it would fit. Would've been nice to have more detail in the manual. Which brings me to my final concern...

Finally, the manual leaves a LOT to be desired. For a newbie at least, it left me with all sorts of questions. The steps for doing things were very minimal and assumed a lot. It's not overly terrible (if you have common sense you should do fine), but some of my other concerns would've never been had the manual been a little more clear.

That all said, these are all pretty minor concerns, and even when they're considered I still give this thing 5 stars. The quality construction and image quality for the price is really awesome. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good first microscope.
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on October 10, 2013
I really like the microscope and the features. I do have a couple of complaints that are not entirely at fault of the equipment. The lenses are very acceptable, but not GREAT quality so it can be somewhat difficult to get an clear image at higher magnifications (300x+). I also have eye floaters that make peering into the lens for long periods of time rather uncomfortable. I will be purchasing a digital LCD for viewing.
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