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on April 8, 2011
When I received it the collimation was off. Rather than send it back and risk getting another pair that was off, I called Celestron. The "Life Time No Fault Warranty" only applies if you get it from an "authorized" dealer even though my pair was new. Which means you need to pay like $200+ for these to actually have a warranty. However I asked if I could collimate it myself even though the manual says it should only be done by a professional with specialized tools. They could not or would not tell me anything about how to collimate it. Luckily I did find some general instructions on the web and found the prism tilt screws to turn and got it perfect. You need to gently pry back the edge of the rubber hand grips to access the screws. The whole process wasn't even that difficult! I don't know why it has to be such a state secret with Celestron. Since then the binos have been wonderful and well worth the discount of buying from an "unauthorized dealer".
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on December 11, 2016
The reviews to date told me pretty fairly what to expect. I already have a tripod, and these binoculars are fun to use.
I can better identify the birds on the lower lake now (about 250 yards). Whether my higher quality and more costly 10x or these are better for looking at the moon is debatable. I got them for the birds,
The PRICE/performance makes it a 4 star. I wanted to try more magnification without spending a fortune, and these serve that wish well.
I may have a go at the collimation one day. At the moment it's good enough to dissuade me from messing with it.
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on September 2, 2009
Great binoculars, perfect for multiple uses.

Good Points:
- Great value for the money.
- good quality, great alignment
- easy to use, much more portable than a telescope (and you get to use both eyes too).
- 20x power really brings things in close.
- work great for daytime observing as well as astronomical use.

Watch out for:
- as with any high powered binocular, these really magnify your motions making things appear jittery. You need to be steady or lean against something to get a clear view.
- you will want a tripod for most critical uses
- they are heavy, so if you hand-hold them, your arms will get tired fast.
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First, I should mention that this is my first pair of stargazing type of binoculars although I've owned other birding size varieties. I'm by no means a serious user but rather a person that enjoys the ability to get a better look at things now and then. We purchased a telescope awhile back but the size and time consuming process of setting it up means we use it rarely. What we needed was something that was easy to take along, easy to set up and easy to use. This fit the bill perfectly. These are surprisingly large and become a bit tiresome to hold steady...we took turns laying in the hammock to stare up into the night sky. On the first use I was able to get a good view of Jupiter (very bright in the sky right now) and the surrounding moons! Jupiter is easy to see with the naked eye but not the moons. I focused on Jupiter and was very surprised to see the moons right there along side. Next, I looked over at Sirius - blinking red and blue - through the binoculars the colors really stood out. Last but not least, I spent quite a bit of time just looking around the sky - spots that looked "empty" to the naked eye were filled with stars. Other areas that looked like a cluster of five or six stars came alive with dozens and dozens of stars clearly visible with these. Wonderful entry level set of stargazing binoculars that can take camping or just out and about without worry.

We have now been using these for a month or so an enjoy them more and more. We use a tripod for stability as they grow heavy even when lying in the hammock to view the stars. In fact, we like these so well that we purchased another set of binoculars by Barska with a 25-125 zoom...what a mistake! We spent a couple hours trying to fiddle with them in order to get a decent view of the moon...while the zoom did make the moon larger, the blur was so bad that it failed to provide even half what this pair was capable of doing in a fraction of the time. Those went back and we intend to purchase another set of these since nobody wants to "share"!!!
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on May 1, 2012
These are nice binoculars. A bit heavy to hold to the steadiness that is needed to keep stars still - so a heavy duty tripod should be acquired in addition to these.
We used them to look for Saturn's rings - which are only just viewable in the sense that you can see an elliptical shape to the planet - but only just. Saturn basically looks like a bright star - and you can convince yourself you can see the sun on the rings - but only because you know they are there - otherwise you would probably conclude you are seeing an elliptical star.
The Moon looks good - lots of small craters are visible with clarity. However this is the only extra-terrestial surface you will be able to see, the other planets are far too distant. To see surface detail of the other planets a telescope with a magnification of around 100x or more is needed, rather than the 20x or 25x available through binoculars.
Certainly lots of stars that are not visible to the naked eye come into view, so I am hoping to put it to good use identifying the full composition of the stars of the constellations.
They are easy to use and fun, just don't kid yourself about what will come into view!
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on April 29, 2014
The collimation was off. I could see the moons of Jupiter as pinpoint bright lights, well focused, but the planet had a large comma coming off to the upper left regardless of focus, centering the image, widening the spread of the lenses, etc. Others tried, same results. This is the second pair of binoculars from Amazon - first were Nikons with the same type of problem. Sent them back and tried the Celestron 20x80s.

These binoculars are monsters and great for sky viewing. Wide field, great light collectors and easy to use. Bulky (as they should be) so I tripod them. I really want them if they work correctly. So instead of shipping back to Amazon (they have always been excellent) I decided to call Celestron. Little bit of a wait to get someone and the number is buried in FAQs, but they were great.

SO...they recommended I return them for a new pair instead of trading out with Amazon....mainly because they would make sure the next pair was aligned properly. The tech explained the lenses can get knocked around in shipping, and that it would take 5 business days. They are emailing a shipping label, so no cost incurred there.

All in all I really like Amazon. As far as Celestron - impressed with them as well. Very courteous and no discussion whatsoever once I explained the problem.

If I get a good pair of binoculars out of this Amazon, Celestron, and the 20x80s all get 5 stars - which I expect will happen. Will keep you posted but a positive experience sprouted of an issue.
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With these binoculars, you can see the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, and under dark skies you can even see the bands in Jupiter's atmosphere. The moon looks amazing and you can make out incredible detail on the terminator. These are very large, and heavy, and to do any detailed viewing you will need a stable platform like a tripod. The tripod mount is great and easy to tighten.

I bought an inexpensive tripod with a weak mount made of plastic, and I get a constant wobble no matter how I configure the mount. If you plan on using these to see detail in the sky, get a good tripod with a strong mount.

I bought these to view the transit of Venus on June 6, 2012 to project an image onto a white board for a crowd. We were able to easily make out all but the smallest of the sunspots.
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on August 10, 2017
Absolutely amazing value for money! Some color fringing, but nothing too bad. Eye relief is pretty good, I can use both with and without glasses. Lightweight and actually possible to hand-hold (just grip by the big end and brace against something).

I have been using the caps religiously, and yes, am waiting for them to disappear, and that would be a bummer, since I understand the front elements can scratch easily.

But all in all, amazing value. If you think you want big binoculars, buy these, you really can't go wrong.

I used them both on astronomical and terrestrial targets.
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on June 25, 2015
These are terrific! We had a squadron of five (5) to six (6) Golden Eagles with eight (8) foot wing spans up here yesterday. They were wafting along on the hot aire currents above the ravine and just having a great time. They were making great swooping arcs over several acres up here and flew right over my roof. I could practically watch one almost fly into my bedroom window with my naked eye. From time to time they would land in the dead trees in the ravine and rest and spread their wings with their backs to the western sun as if deriving solar power from the sun into their wings. It was a magnificent display of nature at its best and the awe that it can strike in us.

I agree that the binoculars best need a tripod for steadiness, and I will be getting one. However I have big, strong hands (which have been certified by a dance partner) (they call me "Big Hands Johnson") and I was able to watch individual eagles with perfect clarity as they roosted in the dead trees.
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on February 24, 2016
I just looked out the moon thru these and could almost see the USA flag. LOL. Was a little nervous to buy because of the low price, but discovered these are a great product. I've owned many pairs of binocs. These are clear and 12" long, very strong optics. Good amount of light. Glad to have these to use.
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