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on August 26, 2017
For my first review im giving it 4 stars, but that may change upon multiple viewings:

The basics:
- The 15mm one is much better than the eyepiece that came with the original scope i got (powerseeker 114eq, 20mm). I really liked the relief on it, and the detail was much better.
- The 6mm is a bit of a downer, not due to quality but due to relief. Quality i could not gauge yet.
- The x2 barlow is nice, and with the x3 barlow that makes the 4 i have (20mm, 15mm, 6mm, 4mm) into many more. I havent gauged the 15mm with a x2, and x3, but these combination might bridge the gap between 15mm and 6mm eyepieces.
- Filters are gimmicks, unless you go into photography, moon filter is nice, the moon is VERY overpowering.

The rant:
Its more of a general issue i have. With some of those optics, i feel its like what printer vendors do: they sell printers cheap, and the big bucks is on the ink. The optics that come with the scope are not good. 4mm is nearly unusable, and i actually x3 barllowed it and it worked, but the relief is horrible. The 20mm is meh.

The verdict:
Get this set if you are not willing to shell money on a high end set, but after getting it, i KNOW i will be using the 15mm most of the time, the moon filter for full moon observations, the x2 barlow for zooming and 6mm.. ill give it another shot.
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on August 26, 2016
its a great kit to extend your options. the 15mm with the barlow quickly became my favorite. the 10mm (that came with my actual telescope Celestron Astromaster 90 EQ) and the 6mm (that came with this accessory kit) I'd say would need to be replaced with a wider view lens (too much strain on the eyes. Moon filter is by far the best filter in the kit, blue filter a nice 2nd when you want to look at the moon as well as saturn (I don't really use red). great kit to hold you over until you get some better high quality eyepieces. for the price I'd say its worth the barlow, the moon filter and the 15mm lens by itself,
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on August 30, 2015
OK kit for the money, have not had the opportunity to test the red or blue filters, the moon filter is an unflattering green hue like others here report.

The instructions that came with my kit had a picture of the 2x Doubling Lens installed BETWEEN the tube and the right angle "Erect Image optics" piece that comes with the telescope,This is INCORRECT.
I could not get this to fit and did not see why until I found a manufacture Youtube video showing the 2x Doubling lens is to be installed between the eyepiece and the right angle erect image unit.

I would give the instruction one (1) start if I could for the lack of info and incorrect installation picture.

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on August 14, 2017
I bought this set to have a couple more lenses, the Barlow, and the filters.
After using for a couple nights, I have found that the filters are really not that great. They seem like cheap plastic film. The Moon filter is ok for reducing the glare from the moon. The lenses work as they should, and the Barlow seems to work good as well. My main gripe are the filters...and the case will not lock.
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on September 28, 2016
Wonderful little set. The filters have been more than helpful, and I believe this is a great little, affordable starter kit for anyone that's looking to expand their selection from the stock their scope originally came with. Certainly not the best pieces ever made, but they will be more than enough to get an idea of different filters and magnifications, and I have no complaints yet about them :)
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on May 11, 2017
This is an essential kit for a first-time astronomical telescope owner. It would cost a lot more to buy all the separate components. I wish they had designed the case with room to grow, like for more eyepieces and filters, and a better latch that stays latched.
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on December 1, 2014
I am a 34 year old beginner in astronomy and just bought my first telescope 6 months ago. I got a celestron astromaster 114 (Newtonian 4.5") but up until now I was limited to the 10mm eyepiece and the 20mm erect image eyepiece that come with it. I wanted to get a few more eyepieces and some planetary filters without spending much, so I decided to get this kit. So far I have used my scope around 20 times since I bought it... so, I don't have much experience in the field, but here are my comments:

Ok! so, the optical quality of the eyepieces... I know these are from the economic line but they are still very good, I specially liked the 15mm one and I use it a lot to observe the moon and the stars. The 6mm is also good but the images do get a bit blurry at least on my scope. Even so, I use it to observe details on the surface of the moon and Jupiter when I want to increase the magnification power.

I tested the x2 barlow lens with all the eyepieces I have and it works fine, although the image quality is not as good as with a single eyepiece (i.e. it's better to use a 10mm eyepiece than a 20mm plus x2 barlow). However, I really like using it with the 20mm erect image eyepiece that came with my scope (for terrestrial observation).

The blue filter is great!, I tested it observing Jupiter and it reduces the glare significantly making the planet's bands easier to observe. You will see the planet a bit blueish, of course... While observing Jupiter, I like swapping between the 6mm eyepiece with the blue filter attached and the 10mm eyepiece with no filter.

The red filter didn't work so well with Jupiter (all I could see was a uniform-red disc), I read somewhere that it is more used to observe Mars but haven't had the chance to test it yet. The moon filter is made of plastic (the others are made of aluminum) and it works ok removing the glare during the brightest phases, although the image becomes a bit greenish. If you like to observe the moon you will probably want to get a better filter for it (I got this one... All filters can be screwed to the bottom of the eyepiece nice and smoothly.

Overall I'm very happy with this kit, I really recommend it if you are a beginner in astronomy because you can learn a lot using it without spending much, later you'll find out what works best for you and then you can put a little more money into it... Until then, you can get a lot more from your telescope with this kit. if you do the math, you're paying around $7 USD for each accessory, so the cost-benefit ratio is really good.
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on December 5, 2012
So, my wife wanted some stuff for telephotography as a Christmas present. She has a Celestron AstroMaster EQ telescope and a Nikon D7000 camera. I bought her the T-ring and I was looking at buying T-Adapter with Barlow Universal - 1.25", which is a T-adapter with a Barlow lens (essentially a 2x lens). That would cost me $44, while I was able to get this kit for $39.85. It contains a T-adapter with a 2x lens, which I assume would be the same as the Barlow lens, 2 extra lenses and 3 filters.... for a lower price. I'd be silly to pass up on this deal. I was able to test the product and everything fit perfectly. My only complaint would be that covers on lenses were a little bit off, like they were put on sloppily and the packaging looked like it was messed with. Everything looks new, with no scratches or defects, so I'm happy. Not only was I able to get the needed T-adapter with the 2x lens, but some bonus stuff as well. Couldn't be happier.
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on April 30, 2018
Basic entry level eyepiece kit. The 2X barlow and the filters are keepers and you will probably upgrade the other eyepieces in time. However the 20mm gets you on the moon surface and the 10mm and 6mm get you started into deep space. A great value.
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on January 12, 2018
The filters in the kit are probably the best part of it. The 15mm is OK but still lacking compared to my other eyepieces. The 6 is very poor quality compared to the Celestron Omni 6mm. The 2x Barlow works OK for the moon but planetary viewing is very poor with it. Basically except for the filters and the 15mm on occasion I won't be using this kit.
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