Customer Reviews: Celestron 5 MP LCD Deluxe Digital Microscope
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on September 16, 2010
As a home schooler, I am always collecting bits of technology to implement the learning curve of the bright little minds. This scope perfectly overcomes the limitations caused when your students have glasses or sight problems. They can gather around it and turn the LCD to share discoveries.

The build quality is satisfactory, every function works as described. Some reviews claimed to see dark spots on the screen. I found nothing of the sort. There were some dark bubbles in the thin plastic film which was screen protection in shipping. Maybe they didn't know to remove the plastic film? As with any lab tool you have to keep the lenses and slide environment very clean.

Gripes: The largest magnifier has to get VERY close to the slide to magnify contents. This means that the light from the top LED gets obscured. This somewhat limits the ultra magnification to things like thinned liquids or transparent objects that can be back lit. Other scopes have a moving stage area instead of little metal arms that this one has to move the slides around. The movement left and right or front to back of the slides is not very fluid and feels like cheap plastic bushings or something.

Likes: The carry case is well made with a shoulder strap. The seven included slides provide good contrasts of color and sample variety. I will be purchasing more along with some blanks. We were able to identify and view individual blood cells, bacterium, plant cells and the like. With some practice we got scary up-close with a sugar ant. In the LCD Deluxe Digital Microscope, Celestron has nailed a good balance of features to educational value.
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on March 9, 2011
I did not purchase my Celestron 44345 microscope from Amazon but I thought I'd post a tip here for those considering this item. I originally purchased this microscope from Costco dot com. They had a great price but the scope had several problems: 1) the lower light flickered (apparently a common problem with Celestron microscopes) and that affected the LCD display, 2) the LCD display had problems with red, so that viewing red items caused pixels in the display to flicker, and 3) the stylus for the touchscreen was broken. I contacted Celestron and they advised to return the scope for a replacement. The feature set for this microscope is pretty unique and I wanted to find a replacement that worked, but based on the feedback here on Amazon regarding the regular (non-deluxe) version of the Celestron LCD microscope I was reluctant to order another sight-unseen because the flickering illumination issue seems to have affected quite a few. Unfortunately, I am in a state that does not have any Celestron microscope dealers where I could have inspected a scope, but I was able to contact a dealer in Oceanside CA who graciously tested one out to ensure it did not have any issues. It's a beautiful device and I am glad to have it. So, the tip is simply to consider a similar strategy if this scope interests you -- find a seller who will check it out. BTW, one of the included slides is an apple and that works well for the "red" test.
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on September 15, 2011
I purchased this microscope for my son's 11th birthday 9we are home schooling him) While I was not expecting a laboratory grade instrument for 250$, I would at LEAST like it to do what ot said it would in the description! the only things on it that worked were the 2 illumination lamps. The LCD screen was either black or touch-screen...nothing. I had to call the company 7 (SEVEN)! times to get them to replace it with a new one. Every time I tried to access technical support,they had a recording saying they were closed (i was within their buisness hours). When I recieve the replacement scope,I will write another review,wether it works or not. This may be the last Celestron product I ever buy.
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on October 26, 2010
I got this microscope to use as a tool for my homeschooled daughter. It is a great learning tool. I have not had any problems with it (as indicated by other reviewers for a different model.)

It is nice to be able to view slides with my daughter as she is studying them. The pictures the camera produces are wonderful.

The traditional features of the microscope are good - lighting, stage movement, filters, lens. Even my husband, who is a pathologist and looks through a microscope everyday of his life is impressed with this one!

This is a fine, modern microscope for the proce.
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on May 23, 2011
ive had two of the Celestron LCD Deluxe Microscopes. the first one was returned because just out box i turned LCD monitor on and could not turn off. so i had to unplug the device, which would not turn back on. so i returned for replacement. now ive just received replacement model and the touch screen does not respond on this one regardless of suggested methods of resetting the machine. so, obviously this is a poor design. hopefully i can return for refund and use for less expensive higher quality microscope camera, notice the resolution on the Celestron LCD Microscope is rather low and can not be interchanged nor replaced.
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on May 10, 2013
The first one I ordered was actually new but was faulty it had a software problem and locked up when trying to view images taken and stored in it's internal memory after which no further functions were possible. This unit was returned the same day. Amazon despatched a replacement the same day which arrived here this afternoon.

The replacement Item described as new was a used item. It had a user added screen protector, a plastic washer loose in microscope bag which may belong somewhere on this microscope? , paint chip on slide positioning rail, Sample slide left in microscope, sample slides open and handled. The Celestron printed box should be as from manufacture enclosed in an outer box of cardboard with a Celestron barcode on and the security tabs were missing from the printed box. Therefore the microscope was not even in its original packaging. I have no idea as to whether this item has any other faults as it was totally unacceptable as a replacement for me to proceed any further other than returning it straight to the box in the same condition as it was delivered. The user manual was folded at the base of the box and not in pristine condition as it would have been if it had been laid flat against the sides of the box.

Note: I will be returning this microscope today to Amazon in exactly the same condition that it arrived with me.

My experience of Amazon is shattered this is not the first time that I have received items recently from Amazon where the item described as new has been a used item.

I will expect in all fairness some form of monetary compensation as a result of Amazons failures in this matter. I also expect a prompt replacement a brand new item in correct packaging with security tabs intact. Amazon you really do need a shakeup regarding the handling and distribution of products to ensure customers who buy new get new.
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on September 19, 2011
We just received this unit and it never worked. Called Celestron and they think that the LCD is not working and that we should return it. So back in the box it goes. Also, there seems to be a little wear on the bottom of this unit that would indicate that it was previously returned or sat on a retail shelf for some time. Either way, it was marketed as new not 'like new' or 'previously owned' or even refurbished.

Fortunately we ordered well ahead of our son's birthday so we have time to come up with something else. Also, Amazon's return process is really quick and easy. We'll have to see how long it takes to get our refund.

I am still excited about this microscope as a fun educational tool with a lot of flexibility, but haven't gotten a chance to see it in action yet. If you're on the fence about getting this just make sure that you leave enough time for a backup plan in case it does not work.
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on January 21, 2012
Received the microscope and was very happy with it. Used it two times and it the LCD screen monitor quit working. I was pleased with the way Amazon and the company handled the return and refund, but I wouldn't recommend this scope for anyone.
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on March 19, 2012
When it was actually working it was quite nice to use. I have had this since late Jan and only used it less than 10 times and now the screen is frozen. When you turn it on it is just a black screen with a grey box in the middle with a sun symbol and on right side a small camera symbol of which neither you can touch/click on and you can not get a menu and you can not turn off by holding button down you have to unplug it. The "brain" is frozen. I called the manufacturer on the booklet it came with and they said it takes around 31 days to process under warranty. However I need a replacement asap and they do not do that with out doing the return first. So I am trying to see what the company that shipped it to me through Amazon will be able to do. I remember the days of customer service where something broke they would send you out a new one ASAP and charge your for it but then credit you once the defective good was received. I guess not any more so now it looks as though my option will be to buy another and then when this one is replaced I will have two very expensive items in which I only need one, that works.
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on April 25, 2013
When I opened the box it was missing the plastic dust cover and slide set, but more importantly it was missing the AC adapter. I was able to purchase a suitable replacement adapter, but then the lights would go on but the LCD viewing screen would NOT go on. So you can't see anything, defeats the purpose.
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