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on July 12, 2012
I almost didn't purchase this product because of the way the ocular adjustment was described in the review by "Hard Core Camper". However, knowing that Celestron has the reputation of producing what are normally high quality optics, I couldn't believe that adjusting the right eyecup could potentially force a person to have one eyecup as much as a 1/2 inch out of alignment with the other eyecup. Therefore, I took a chance and ordered the Outland X binoculars and I'm glad I did. For this price, I would defy anyone to find a better pair of binoculars on the market. For their size, they are relatively light weight and they produce crystal clear images. They come with protective coverings for the eyecups as well as the lenses and they are easy to focus. I live in FL where you frequently go from indoor air conditioning to outdoor locations that are hot and muggy and I have not experienced any noticeable fogging of the lenses. I think where "Hard Core Camper" went wrong was in the misunderstanding that when the principal focus wheel is adjusted, it should be done so in a manner that gives the left eye the best possible focus. Then, if the right eye is not in focus, yes, you must adjust that by turning the right eyepiece. While that can make the right eyepiece extend as much as about a 1/2 inch closer to your eye, depending upon upon how much turning it takes to give the right eye the the best focus, you can then turn the left eyepiece out to match the distance of the right eyecup. Turning the left eyepiece out WILL NOT change the focus of the left eye. It is simply an accommodation so that both eyecups are made equidistant from the binocular body. The bottom line is, you DO NOT have to be left with eyepieces that are misaligned. Overall, I think you will be very satisfied with these binoculars.
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on August 27, 2015
Fantastic binoculars! The quality of the image they provide is outstanding. You can pay more than twice as much for the equivalent Nikon binoculars, and the Nikons would probably be better, but they would only be 5 or 10% better, not twice as good.
The 8x42 are perfect for me for birding, sight seeing, sporting events and stuff like that. They are a good balance of magnification,wide field of view, and brightness (exit pupil). The higher magnification 10x42 would also be good for these things, but you give up some field of view with the higher magnification. The extra field of view is helpful for following birds that tend to move around. It is easier to find the birds, and keep them in view. Higher magnification also means more image shake, the 8 power is easier to hold still than 10 power. The larger exit pupil makes viewing easier, even in bright daylight, because you can see the full image circle, even if your eyes aren't perfectly lined up behind the eye peices.
I where eye glasses and these binoculars work great with them, I have no trouble at all seeing the full image circle. I just fully retract the eye cups with a twist, and I'm good to go.The eye cups make viewing with out my glasses very comfortable, I just have to adjust the diopter.
They are a medium to full sized binocular, but I find them light enough to cary around my neck all day. Lighter than my 7x50s ,but not quite as bright at dusk or for looking at the night sky.
They are nitrogen purged and waterproof, so they won't fog up, on the inside, and you can use them in the rain with no worries. If they get dunked in the river when you are canoeing, they should be fine.
All in all, I think that for the money they are excellent quality, and being nitrogen purged at this price makes them even a better buy.
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These are pretty high quality binoculars, and perform quite well for the price. They come with some nice accessories as well.

All of the components work fairly well, except that the eye cup distance adjustment is a little too sensitive. When placing on the rubber eyepiece cover, it will turn/adjust them. You will need them set to maximum if you rest them against your eyes, or set to minimum if you wear glasses.

These are pretty good for birdwatching and low-light use.
For birdwatching, you want a low magnification such as 7-8, which will allow you to focus closely and have a large field of view so you can easily track movement. For night/low light use, you want the largest objective lens possible, to let a lot of light in. 42mm is fairly large for objective lenses (7x50 would be better, but you would have to switch to a porro-prism design which results in a full sized/heavy binocular.

If you want binoculars for looking at stars, I would suggest getting the 10x42 version as a minimum. A large objective lens and large zoom will help a lot. So you may want to consider a zoom binocular with a tripod. A telescope would be even better :3

These are 8x42, which is fairly uncommon, and on the large size for a BAK-4 setup. 8x is perfect for a large FOV and a close focal length (it's something like 9 feet to infinity). The large 42 objective lens is fairly large, which gives you good vision in low-light conditions, as well as further expanding the FOV. BAK-4 is going to give you the best quality, which is quite noticeable compared to other BAK prisms, or the cheaper Porro prisms.

I suspect that these are from the same Chinese manufacturer as many of the generic unbranded/fakebranded 8-10x48 BAK-4 binocs floating around, that run 60$ -80$ range. The company logo is a plastic sticker on a removable nut. The "outlandx" lettering wipes right off with your finger. Even if they are from the same factory, the pricing here is fair, and generally US based companies will do their own QC to weed out any of the lower-end units that will slip through with the cheaper brands. Re-branding aside, the overall quality is quite good. The housing is completely wrapped in a thick rubber shell. It's glued down fairly well and should provide plenty of durability. The lenses are clear, and they are sealed/waterproofed, so you don't have to worry about particles/humidity ever appearing in them.

You can mount it to a tripod if you wish, by unscrewing the logo cap.

The objective lens covers have a ring to hold them on to the binoculars, and are tight enough that they won't fall off when flipped down.

The eyepiece cover is flexible, and split on one side. You can easily tie a lanyard (like paracord) around the unsplit side, and clip that to the included neck strap, so you won't have to worry about losing it.

The included neck strap is fine, and will adjust short enough to let you carry these high on your chest, or low at your waist.

The included bag is is padded, and decently made. It has a clip-on strap and two D-rings. There is also a pocket where you can keep a small booklet, or the microfiber cleaning cloth.
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on August 30, 2012
These binoculars are excellent for their pricepoint, and stack up well against many higher priced pairs as well. I purchased these for a recent trip to Glacier National Park, and will not take another trip without them!

There are a lot of binoculars in this pricerange, but few that have the quality of construction as these. Everything is nice to touch with well placed adjustments. Some particular highlights are:
* Great optics and a nice bright field of view.
* Nice size and compact frame. Think "compact-full sized" binoculars. Rubber grip on all surfaces. Very well constructed with nothing feeling fragile.
* Waterproof and fog proof. Did not drop them in the water yet, but no fogging or ill affects after getting caught in a heavy rainstorm.
* Eye cups rotate and extend outward. While I wear glasses, I prefer viewing without them, and these binoculars provide plenty of adjustment to allow use without glasses. This will depend on the strength of your needed prescription glasses obviously, but I've used many sets of binoculars that did not have enough corrective adjustment to allow use without my glasses.
* Comes with caps for front and back, carry bag and straps for both the binoculars and the carry bag.
* Price! $54 on amazon when I purchased making them a steal! They'd be a great deal at their full list price, but at $54, these are an amazing bargain. These are a "real" pair for the cost of a "toy" pair.

Know what you are looking for. These are personal preferences, but worth considering if you are purchasing you first set of binoculars.

* They are not tiny, but small enough to carry around on day hikes. They fit very comfortably in the glovebox of my car, but not the sort of thing you can stuff in the pocket of your jacket.
* While light for their size (22oz), they may not be ideal for the ultra-light backpacker. Perfect for carrying around as a day hiker.

As a side note, The magnification is getting high for handheld use. I prefer this, but many would be happier with a lower magnification as there is less noticeable shakiness. Personally I prefer the longer range of the 10x and concentrating on holding still. It is a matter of personal preference and in no way unique to these binoculars. These apparently come in an 8x magnification which might be more livable for many users.
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on June 6, 2017
I compared several binoculars that were triple the price of these, chose these because of other reviews, and am delighted. These replace a pair of Fuji 7x35's (8x42 in today's inflated ratings currency) that were dropped and died. I like the build quality these and the extra magnification compared the old ones. I live in the cloudy Pacific Northwest. These easily gather enough light for my purposes.I very much like the twist-up eyecups.

Focusing is easy and quick. I have little technique of sighting using the center of binoculars like a gun sight. I acquire my subject and then just lift the binoculars in the same plane; it takes a little practice but works great with 10x binoculars. I learned it sailing off the coast with an old guy who had a pair of ancient 10x50 beasts.

Take this as a general comment, although it applies to these bino's: They come with a silly bag and cheap straps, but are beefy enough to deserve a more comfortable strap, so I grabbed a strap from an old camera and am all set. I tend to grab binoculars in a hurry, so I don't encase them anyway. I also remove the caps first thing. Better putting caps in the trash rather than littering all over the country in the inevitable process of losing them. Because I have camera gear all the time, I have plenty of options for cleaning lenses. I store bino's in the glovebox of my car or have them in a pack, so they easily stay clean enough.
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on April 22, 2017
These binoculars feel sturdy, not light and not too heavy – they satisfy my "holding test" of signifying a well-built product. The optics are very clear and the rendition is more than I need: at 25 yards I can read the nutrition facts on a yogurt container, meaning that the clarity is enough to produce sharp, crisp lettering. Contrast is good and I honestly cannot find much complaint at all in the reproduction of what I'm seeing though the lenses. I'm glad I did not spend more.

I was looking for a decent pair of binoculars that I could take hunting, fishing, scouting/animal watching, etc. but felt amiss in spending over $100. I've been into photography for a long time so I can appreciate good optics and know what they can do for an image; however, since I felt like I was not taking pictures through a pair of binoculars – in other words not reproducing the image I see in real life for preservation into another medium – I felt like I could compromise a bit since the best possible optics were not necessarily needed for purposes of observation, rather than image reproduction. I almost bought the $178 Nikon Prostaff glass but feel great about this purchase overall and better that I didn't spend three times the amount. This is not to say that the Prostaff glass would not have been better, i'm sure it would; however, there is a point of diminishing returns and I think I hit that cusp perfectly with this purchase.
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on December 10, 2014
I bought these Celestron Outland X 8x42 binoculars for my grandson but tried them out first, comparing them to my Vortex Fury 8x42's, which cost about 4 times more. For the price, the Celestron pair is a good deal. If you are an experienced birder you may not want these as your go-to binoculars, but they would be good as a second pair. The optics seem good, the field of view is good, close focus is good at about 8 feet and eye relief is good at 18mm, allowing eyeglasses to be used without loss of view. They are light and feel well made. The adjustable eye cups work fine. On the negative side, they aren't as bright as more expensive optics, the focus knob is a bit slow to turn and you just don't get that "Wow" feeling the first time you try them on. But like I said, for the money they are worth it. I have seen more expensive binoculars that aren't this good. You certainly won't be disappointed or embarrassed when birding with your buddies if you take these along.
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on June 22, 2016
Read the instruction manual before using these. Once you do that, you will love these. The right eye diopter focuser wheel thing is tight for a reason. It keeps the focus turned in just for you. If anyone else uses they, they can focus it in for themselves. I can focus in wearing my progressive lens glasses or contacts. My eyesight is too bad to use without them. I have used these Binoculars daily since they arrived. Birding, watching little league games, and keeping track of the kids on their skijets at the lake. These are well worth the price, which won't break the bank.
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on December 10, 2015
I'm a photographer -- yes, a professional and I have been for years. But binoculars are something new for me. I suppose I could have used one of my long lenses on one of my camera bodies but I like the idea of the binoculars on my side table to grab at a moments notice. We have a large sliding glass door looking out on the backyard. I have multiple bird feeders out and these binoculars are very handy. These took a bit of getting use to and adjustment for field of view but now that I've got it down I'm very happy. I wear glasses and have no trouble either with glasses on or off. They are a bit heavy and bigger than I thought they'd be when I ordered them. I also probably should have gotten the 8x42 instead of the 10x42. But I know how to hold them to reduce shaky images. The construction is solid. Love the rubberized body for grip. And I cannot say enough about the quality of the glass. Things are very clear with good contrast. Lens caps are easy to deal with and the front lens caps are not permanently attached, as another reviewer noted, and can be fully removed if you so choose. I expect I'll not be buying another pair anytime soon. But I'd buy these again if need be. Good price for good quality.
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on November 7, 2015
I am right now using these for bird watching. They come with rubber caps for both ends. A good quality case is included, as well as a pretty good neck strap (not a harness). The eyepieces adjust for eyeglasses, which I sometimes use with them. They are easy to adjust for distance. They are comparable to binocs costing twice the price, but they don't show the colors as brilliantly as I would like. For $78 though, I am pleased, since I was told I should expect to spend about $200 for this hobby, and I didn't, and no one is the wiser.
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