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on December 9, 2016
There are glowing reviews and terrible reviews, both i think are unfounded, so I thought I'd try and give a balanced review.

This is a great product overall. You will see spectacular views of the moon and larger deep sky objects like the Andromeda galaxy and the Orion nebula. These are a better entry to the world of astronomy than a telescope due to their portability and ease of use.

First, these binoculars are meant for astronomy.
These are heavy, and due to the 15x magnification need to be mounted on a monopod or tripod. I can't overemphasize that.
The focus is slow and stiff.

If sports, hunting, or birding is your primary use, look elsewhere at smaller, lighter binoculars.
If astronomy is you primary use, you may be able to live with these for occasional terrestrial viewing.

These binoculars are not a telescope. Sounds kind of simplistic,I know, but if you are seeking to see the bands on Jupiter or detail in Satrun's rings, these won't do that for you. But you will be able to see Jupiter's moons and the rings on Saturn - enough that you can tell what you're looking at.

The "very good":
Optically these binoculars are very good. The field is bright and flat and they focus sharp to the edges. False color (Chromatic aberration) is visible as red/blue fringing around bright objects. It is not at all severe, but it is there and visible on bright celestial and high contrast terrestrial objects. It is worse at the edges of the field than in the center. Views of large deep sky objects like the Orion nebula are really beautiful. The contrast is very good.

The "just ok"
Mechanically the focus is a little hard to adjust. There is some play in the mechanism that has to be accounted for, but it is very easy to focus out, then back in to the point of perfect focus. Once focused they stay that way for a long time.

The "totally unacceptable"
The plastic tripod adapter is totally and completely useless. The binoculars just rotate back and forth and it takes forever for them to settle down after you move them. That's a shame because at 15x magnification these need to be mounted on a sturdy tripod. Even in light wind the tripod adapter just causes the binoculars to wiggle back and forth.

I have ordered the Celestron 93524 Binocular Tripod Adapter and will see if it is good enough. Even with that adapter, the center of graviry of the binoculars won't be at the tripod's pivot point, so you have to keep the friction on and that makes it harder to move them. A better balanced tripod mounting scheme would be killer.

An incredible value. Good optics, decent mechanics, and an unusable tripod adapter.

Throw a decent tripod adapter that is sturdy and fit for the purpose. Extra credit for centering the CG at the the tripod attachment point. Lose the useless strap, and raise the price
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on May 17, 2012
I wanted to get my feet wet with Astronomy and decided to get Binoculars first since I live in the city so there's little sense in buying a big telescope.

The first set of binoculars I got was Orion 7x50 Scenix. For about 100 bucks they were great. Crystal clear and everything. But in the back of my mind I kept wondering what if I had more magnification and a little more I bought these.

If I had never bought the Orions I would have given the Skymasters 5 stars. Lifetime no-fault warranty. Big objective lenses. 15x magnification. Light. Tripod adapter. These would have totally made me happy. However because I got the Orions I'm able to make a comparison and yeah the build quality of the Skymasters is a little wanting. The eyepieces move when you fold the eye cups down. There's a very slight optical imperfections with some objects that show up as sharp pinpoints with the Orions.

Not bad mind you. The price they can't be beat. With these on a really small cheap tripod I'm able to see Titan. Just barely but it's totally there. Can't see Saturns rings but I can tell there's something odd with its shape more than with the 7x Scenix.

So yeah thumbs up. For the price I doubt they can be beat. But not the end-all binoculars for stargazing. Also You'll want a tripod for these.
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on October 3, 2016
I purchased these binoculars from Amazon a few days before going on vacation to an area with good skies for stargazing. However, when I received them, I saw double images. Rather than sending them back and not getting a replacement in time for my trip, I decided to void the warranty and fix them myself.

I have a narrow IPD (57mm), and the minimum IPD for these binoculars is 56mm. Despite my IPD being larger than the minimum I could not bring the lenses close enough together. I had to file the hinge to allow me to get a more narrow IPD with these binoculars. This won't be a problem for vast majority of people. Smaller persons should be aware that due to manufacturing tolerances, the minimum IPD may be a millimeter or two larger than the stated one. Despite all that work, I still had the issue of double images. I had to remove the rubber grip from the right side and adjust the screws to align/conditionally collimate the binoculars. After about an hour of fiddling with these binoculars, they worked great!

These work better with a tripod, but I can still hold them in my hands without getting really frustrated by shaky images. Objects are bright, sharp and clear. On the trip, my friends commented that they liked these 15x70 binoculars much more than my 10x50 ones. These are great for the times you want to check out the sky, without having to drag out a big telescope. I also use them to spot deep sky objects before I point my telescope at them.

In conclusion, these binoculars are great for the price. The catch is that there is a chance you might get one that's misaligned. If you do get bad one, you have to send it in for replacement/repair, or to align them yourself. Search the web, and you will find there are a few websites that have detailed instructions on how to align/collimate these binoculars.
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on January 10, 2013
The SkyMasters arrived carefully packed and collimated. One negative I noted is the narrow neckstrap included. It's much too small for a pair of binos this size, and I'm sure it would leave a "rope burn" on the back of my neck if I use it. To correct this, I removed the MUCH BEEFIER strap from my old Jason 10 x 50s and attached it to the new SkyMasters. Problem solved.

The other negative is the flimsy, nylon carrying case. I would prefer to have a hard carrying case to help prevent the binos from being bumped out of collimation during storage and transit. For this reason alone, I considered giving the SkyMasters four out of five stars, but this issue isn't related to the performance of the product itself.

Many reviewers have commented on the weight of the SkyMasters. Yes, they are definitely heavier than my 10 x 50s, but I expected them to be much heavier. They are surprisingly easy to hand-hold. Those folks who have difficulty with the weight, may find it easier to hold the barrels near the objective lens to distribute the weight evenly.

My first night using them outside was a real treat as I did a quick star test to determine star color accuracy and brightness. I looked at three of my favorite stars - Deneb, Sadr and Mirfak. I swing the binos up to the northwest and check out first-magnitude Deneb (1,425 light years away), in the constellation Cygnus. It's a rare, A2Ia (white-hot supergiant) star about 108 - 114 times the size of our sun, shining with an astounding luminosity of 54,400 suns!!! It marks the top of the Northern Cross in Cygnus. If Deneb was put in place of our sun right this moment, earth would be roasted instantly!! Through the SkyMasters, Deneb appears as a brilliantly-bright, sharply-focused, white point of light! Magnificent!

Just below Deneb, in the same constellation, I scan down to mid-second-magnitude Sadr (1,830 light years distant), an F8Iab (yellow-white-hot supergiant) star nearly the same color and temperature as our sun, but an enormous 183 times larger, shining with a fierce luminosity of 60,000 suns!!! The SkyMasters reveal Sadr's beautiful, light yellow hue. Stunning!

Now, I swing over to the northeast and up to check out second-magnitude Mirfak (590 light years away), the brightest star in the constellation Perseus. It's an F5Ib (yellow-white-hot supergiant), 62 times the size of our sun and 5,000 times brighter. Mirfak appears similar in brightness and color to the yellowish-white light of a car headlight seen about 1/2 mile in the distance by the unaided eye. Impressive!

Since the bright, first-magnitude star, Capella, is nearby in the constellation Auriga, I pan over a short distance to the left. Actually, Capella is a binary star system consisting of a G8III (yellow-orange-hot giant) and G0III (yellow-hot giant) star in very close mutual orbit around each other. The combined light of both stars is similar in brightness to the yellowish-white light of a car headlight seen about 1/4 mile in the distance by the unaided eye. Very bright, indeed!

To really appreciate the light-gathering ability of the Celestrons, first look at your favorite stars with your old binos. Then, view them through the SkyMasters. The star brightness from 50mm to 70mm aperture is substantial, and is enhanced by the SkyMaster's BAK-4 prisms. What I once thought was bright with my Jason 10 x 50s with lower-quality BK-7 prisms, now is dim compared to the SkyMasters!

The SkyMaster's 4.4-degree field of view can make it a bit challenging to locate a star, unless you're familiar with the constellations, and know the location of the star and its color. I found that aiming the SkyMasters in the general direction of the star, placing them to your eyes and raising them up a little higher will place the star in the field of view.

The center focus dial and right diopter eyepiece rotate smoothly through their full range of motion, and are easy to turn, even with winter gloves on. I didn't detect any tightness or looseness in either dial.

Because of their weight and higher magnification, there is a considerable amount of "star dancing" when viewing a star with the SkyMasters. This annoyance is much more pronounced than it is with my 10 x 50s. Previous reviewers have touched upon this as well, and have remedied the problem with a tripod. I'm still trying to find other ways (if there are any) of steadying the SkyMasters, short of purchasing a tripod. I want to maximize the SkyMaster's "ultimate portability," by swinging them from one area of the sky to another rapidly, to compare star colors and brightness, without having to move and re-station a tripod over and over again.

There you have it, the biggest advantage of the SkyMasters - ultimate portability! I've had two telscopes in the past, but got rid of them both. Wasting time setting up the scope, fishing around trying to locate a star, then seeing a fuzzy "blob" with one eye closed once I did find the star, wasn't fun. Let's not forget having to tear down the scope and store it away! More time wasted.

Now, if I want to check out a few of my favorite stars after supper on a winter night - no problem! Just throw on a parka, hat and gloves, grab the Skymasters and step out in the back yard for a quick view. Ahh, Wezen sure looks beautiful tonight!
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on April 26, 2017
These are decent binoculars but with astronomy binoculars I expected to be able to see planets more clearly and you really cannot. About the only thing you can see are the moons around Jupiter. If I had researched more thoroughly I would have bought a telescope. The quality and picture is pretty good but just understand what you are buying if you are buying them for astronomy.
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on August 20, 2014
I purchased these and they arrived on time. I have used "Standard Size" binoculars for hunting and general use for over 50 years and these are my First pair of "Giant Binoculars". Other than the enormous size and increase in weight, these are Binoculars. After taking these out of the box, I was quite pleased with the overall quality and "feel" of the binoculars. Very nice rubber coating and overall they seemed heavy and well built.
I also ordered the Vista Explorer 60" light weight tripod with the binoculars. here is what I got: 1) On the first "trial" I could not get the binoculars to focus, and the images were Double and Misaligned. This was a disappointment, but, like many things in life can be disappointing and many other reviews Cautioned about defects, I took my chances based on the low price and free returns with "Prime". Like any other purchases I make that are seemingly defective, I am most likely to try and determine and correct the problem before returning, especially if a lot of reviews "Exclaim" about the quality. (if it had a Flat tire, would you simply try putting air in it BEFORE returning ? I would ! ) So, I got online and immediately found this site: It turns out that this particular problem is a "colimmation" issue and not "that" serious and if You have any mechanical ability and some basic experience with Jewelers screwdrivers, this is an Easy Fix. It did take me about 45 minutes but, for $60 I think these Binoculars are still a Great Value !
2) These Binoculars are Heavy. You will need a tripod if you plan on using them for more than 15 minutes, or, something to lean or rest them on. I purchased the Vista Explorer 60" "LIGHTWEIGHT" Tripod. It clearly says these are light weight and ANY time you put something Very Heavy on top of something Light Weight, You Will have issues. Key words here: "Heavy" and "Light weight".
3) I bought these binoculars and tripod to introduce my 10 year old Grandson to Beginning Astronomy. I didn't want to spend a small fortune on a telescope and figured this will suffice in fulfilling the requirements of his first time and at a minimum, provide some exposure. He will learn to be patient. He will learn to be very patient, very gentle, and very careful with this New "high dollar equipment".
In conclusion, if you have very little mechanical ability and things have to be perfect, and, you have very little patience then do not buy these Binoculars, OR this particular tripod. Go ahead and spend $1000 to get some serious equipment.
I consider the 45 minutes it took me to remedy the adjustment issue (collimate) kind of like "assembly required". Also, I now know how to collimate binoculars.
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on August 1, 2016
Wow, exactly what I was looking for. My property backs up to BLM / mountains, also is a mile up from the city - so views on both sides, not to mention the sky. Of course I was confused on power of binoculars that I needed. After reading feedback I decided on the 15X70, because of the field of view. I was buying these more for land than for space. These are outstanding. The focus is very forgiving, with just small adjustments I can read signs in the city - and pretty much determine the make of the vehicle miles up the mountain.
The details of the moon are incredible, although I prefer not to use them on viewing the spacestation, just turns it into a bright light. Looking forward to enjoying these for years to come.
Anyway - very happy I have these - excellent binoculars!!
Update: Now I have had these for over 6 months, and still very happy with the performance. Just used these to view an off-road race.. they were Super! Wow, looking at some of these reviews is just scary. Myself, I would definitely buy another pair if I needed to with zero hesitation. They are a great value for what you are getting.
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on July 27, 2012
These binos came somewhat un-collimated by my estimation. After reading several other reviews I discovered the screws underneath the handgrips. Only took me 2 min to adjust one screw and it made a world of difference in the image coming in so crisp, these binos will blow you away as long as you can get them leaned against something sturdy or a tripod. When they are completely still and it is clear outside and DARK you will be amazed.

At this price the 15x70s are totally worth it because of how deep you can see into space.
A few drawbacks are just pure cosmetic flaws, somewhat to be expected with this price, as follows: Tripod adapter flimsy, however following another reviewers advice I filled the sides with plastic epoxy and reinforced it very well. Other flaws include flimsy bag, but glad it even came with one.
Buy these now and start watching the sky, I've even seen some things moving around up there, I guess I am to believe these are satellites of human origin, who knows.
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on December 4, 2011
I read the reviews and when the price dropped back down to $49, I could not resist. When They arrived I finally got to see that they are rather large. My 7X50 binoculars are big compared to the typical pair but were dwarfed by this Giant. The optics looked well made as did the body that held the prisms. The eyepieces and the ends that held the objective lenses looked a bit sketchy. This was especially true of the rubber parts and rubber coatings on those areas. There was some extra flashing and the rubber on the objective lens housing was a little baggy. The focusing mechanism was a bit stiff but quite precise. It also did not move as one looked through the pair.

A tripod mount is a good thing to have and this came with one. Ten power is the usual limit for hand holding and at 15 power, the user may need some help. I quickly found the tripod mount was rather flimsy and would wobble left and right. This was quickly remedied by filling all voids in the tripod mount with epoxy putty. The $5 spent was far less than buying a more substantial mount and I doubt if other mounts would now be as strong.

Now that the binoculars could be put on a sturdy stand, I tried them out by looking at a street sign that was about 500 yards away. One could not only read the street name but the smaller numbers on it as well. These were about 2 - 3 inches tall. The optics, at least in the center are very good. There are some uncoated lens surfaces within the binoculars as flaring and ghosting were sometimes issues in the daytime. Contrast was good but lower than in binoculars with high quality coatings.

At night, the high resolution and light gathering were great helps. Contrast was good but would be better with better coatings. However, it would no longer be in the same price range. They are a great thing to own. One can grab the pair, go outside and do some quick star gazing without the need to set up anything. One can put it on a tripod for an even better view but that is still easier than using a telescope.

The optics are very good and I can live the shortfalls of the body. The cost is well worth what you get.
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on July 5, 2015
UPDATED (JULY 14, 2015)

So I returned the second pair and it went smoothly and then I checked other reviews of different brands and decided to try a pair of Orion GiantView 15 x 70's. WOW, what a well made item they are! I bought a used pair in mint condition for $141 on Amazon and am thrilled with them so far. They even came with a hard carrying case, like a small suitcase.

I recommend you try Orion. It's worth the extra bucks in my opinion, even at retail of over $200.

Bought one pair brand new. Opened them up and the double vision was awful. If I torqued the barrels enough I could see single vision. Really poor quality. Returned and bought ANOTHER pair of near new cause brand new ones were now 40%more expensive. Just got the second pair and the double vision is even worse! Wow, how can they sell these? I wanted to become a beginner stargazer with binoculars, but if they are all so bad, I may have to get a telescope. Not what I wanted.
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