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on May 28, 2015
One of the more action-packed prey books, with a lot of the stuff that Sandford does so well. We have an extremely interesting and scary antagonist, who takes Davenport's involvement very personally and has this aura of invincibility that creates suspense for the reader... it never feels like a foregone conclusion that the good guys will win, and the bad guy will be caught or killed. A lot of the people Lucas takes down in the Prey books are nuts, maybe not that tough, and never as smart as he is. Clara Rinker breaks the mold and has him on his back heels constantly.

We have a sort of secondary villain whose inner psychopath is brought out by her involvement with Clara, and their friendship and character development is what keeps the book fresh and real (despite some unrealistic plot conveniences). I almost hated to root against Clara, but found some deep satisfaction in how Sandford deals with her partner in crime.

I wish everyone could start the series with this book to see what Sandford is capable of when he nails it.
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on April 16, 2015
I don't know about this one. I have read so many from the Prey series, and I do keep coming back, because Lucas Davenport is a likable character, John Sandford brilliant at times. HOWEVER, I think he "Jumped The Shark" with this one. Just too much craziness. The ending extremely, uncomfortably dumb. Some of the story line was VERY interesting...and you feel like you're going on a great ride, but then it fizzles.
Also, I wish Sandford, would just be comfortable knowing he's a great story teller, and STOP putting so many characters in his books for the sake of "depth" Sometimes it's just too exhausting to remember everyone. I don't want to WORK so hard when I kick back to lose myself in a great read. I wish he'd spin his tales and build his plots, and remember the old adage, "Less Is More."
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on July 5, 2017
Another enjoyable book. These never get old and never seem repetitive. Clara Rinker is as likeable as she is deadly, a real twist for the series. Lucas continues to amaze as a cold blooded law man who dreams up the wildest schemes to get the guilty. Bravo.
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on August 15, 2017
I am reading the entire series of the Prey books. I just finished the movie version of this one and was somewhat disappointed with the actors cast for some of the parts. They are really not close to the way they are described in the book.
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on February 18, 2014
Lucas Davenport, Deputy Chief of Police, has got another case on his hands. A rich woman is murdered in a stairwell of her office complex. A cop stumbles on to the scene and is shot in the process. It looks like a hit. Things do not seem to add up. Why would someone have this woman killed? The husband doesn’t have a reason or the brains to do this. Chief Davenport and team are stumped. Of course the bad guys can’t leave well enough alone. Like all Davenport novels the trail of crumbs is sparse but once they start gathering them the bad guys are on borrowed time. Davenport does what it takes to take down the bad guys.

The book is very good with little twists throughout. The book was made into a ‘made for TV’ movie starring Mark Harmon. Unfortunately it was only a little better than fair. Though as I read the other Lucas Davenport books I now picture Mark Harmon as Davenport. If you like this John Sandford series you will like this book. If you like good mysteries that keep your attention and flow well then you should read John Sandford.
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on June 4, 2015
I am an ardent John Sandford fan. I recently purchased and read the complete Prey series and then the complete Flowers series in order, and I'm only sorry I'll have to wait for the next book in both series. Sandford is a novelist with the rare ability to carry over characters and plot elements with complete believabiity while allowing both to develop in interesting, unexpected but natural ways - the only other "serial" novelist who does this nearly as well is Anthony Trollope, and he avoids murders. I re-read these books with pleasure as great or greater than the first reading because the fast-paced narrative and unexpected plot developments pulls you to read fast the first time; the second or third you can pay attention to atmosphere (he's great on significant landscape detail), character growth, and situation development. Sandford writes like a real novelist, not like someone trying to impress academia with his literary exclusivity.
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on June 2, 2017
Lucas Davenport and the "Prey" series are among my favorite reads. Davenport has his hands full with a professional female assassin this go round and it could be his greatest challenge. Hold on for an exciting ride.
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on April 22, 2017
Sanders always captivates, but this one keeps you on the edge of your seat even when rereading. Davenport is smart and edgy, as usual. The antagonist, one of them, at least, is very likeable. Terrific fun.
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on July 20, 2017
I've loved every one of the Prey series books - this one is no exception. Kudos to John Sandford for allowing Davenport to keep reinventing himself while still keeping his character intact.
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on February 13, 2013
I am saying this a lot in these reviews: "Boy was this one different!" Well, it was, but it also was very good. Many people were killed in this story, which is normal for Sandford. There is a lot of blood, guts and sex. One thing that was surprising was that there was no mention of his friend/girlfriend/wife "Weather" even though this book followed Night Prey on my list (from Amazon's Sandford list) where Lucas had just settled in with Weather in Minneapolis after meeting her in Wisconsin. They did mention he had a tracheatomy from a doctor who happened to be standing near when he got shot in the throat. In this story he works closely with Marcy, a cop and former girl friend and his usual old buddy Sloan. He was patched up in emergency rooms several times but Weather wasn't around. He lives alone.

"Who dun it?" is not the question here. We find that out directly in the first few chapters that go by rather quickly. "How does Lucas keep getting mixed up with these pretty blonds?" is the more proper question. The story quickly resolves into the exploits of a pair of women bent on killing people. One is a professional mob hit-girl and the other is a well-to-do sexy lawyer who has a flair for killing people. We watch as they scheme to get various people, and then to get more who may have witnessed their kills, (almost including a 4-year-old girl) etc, etc. By pure chance Lucas even runs into the main hit girl and dances with her early in the book and then realizes it in the end of the book. They even like each other in a way, after she tries to kill him at his home and he defends himself almost successfully. She calls him to make sure he's all right as she heads off into the next chapter of her life. Lucas and Marcy and the FBI have some trouble piecing everything together in the end. You almost have to go back through with a notebook in hand to work through who kills whom and why. I have no idea how many bodies resulted from the action described in this book. But most of Sandford's books are like this. The action takes place in Minneapolis, St Paul, a cabin in northern Wisconsin, a bar in Wichita, an airport in Des Moines, an office building in Washington DC, a bank in Seattle and a bank in Philadelphia. So it is clear Sandford can write about places other than Minnesota. Now if Lucas could just learn to fly without fear. Taking flying lessons might help.

Start this book when you can read it without many interruptions.
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