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on October 16, 2016
There are so many bad reviews about speakers in this price range plus there are a host of unknown Chinese brands that I wanted to make sure I got a brand that is known and is of high quality which lead me to Cerwin Vega. I looked at other brands but from consistent poor reviews to some brands having overheat issues, the XD4's seemed to fit the bill. Here are my thoughts on the speakers.

1. Great build quality, no flimsy/cheap feeling materials
2. A little larger compared to other brands that have a 4" driver ( 8" deep, 6" wide, 9" tall)
3. About 4lbs each speaker
4. Flat response with no EQ which is really nice when using as recording monitors
5. The Bass boost switch gives a certain lushness at low volumes. Very nice!
6. Front Panel headphone and Aux inputs.
7. Quality gold plated 1/8 to RCA cable is included
8. Quality but proprietary speaker cross connect cable. The cable is about 4.5' long which is what Cerwin Vega feels is perfect separation point. I have no issue with this and most should not but if you want a longer cable, you need to call Cerwin Vega or have your own made.
9. NO white noise from these units at all which is fantastic and unheard of at this price point. The amplifier is super clean.
10. From low to high volumes these speakers shine and using an EQ with them will make you feel like you done the right thing buying these!
11. If you want loud, the XD4 speakers will give it to you WITHOUT distortion. I had these cranked up playing classic rock and was blown away due to the lack of distortion. Of course you need to keep the EQ settings within the rated specs
12. The bass is NICE AND TIGHT with no flab! With teh XD4 and XD5 speakers, in my pinion there is no need for a subwoofer but, you can always an XD8
13. Treble and mids sounds really nice in fact, I am one who loves to scoop the mids but not much scooping is needed to make me happy since the mids are quite satisfying.
14. 3 year warranty
15. Company owned by Gibson

The main speaker (which contains the amplifier) gets warm but not hot which is nice. I am not sure it has a thermal protection circuit but I am going to ask Cerwin and would bet it does just because these are Cerwin Vega speakers which are always top notch in quality, design and hardware. The system has an auto standby which kicks in after 30 minutes of the speakers not detecting audio. You know if they are in standby since the glowing red ring around the volume goes out but the power is still on. To get the speakers out of standby, you must send an audio signal which takes about 6 seconds for the speakers to wake up. The speakers wake up so elegantly without pops, crackle or snaps which is so nice and another attribute showing the great quality of these speakers. The standby mode is a great feature because I don't feel like turning my speakers off for the night and during standby, the amplifier disconnects and cools down.

All in all, I compared these to Mackie, M-Audio, Presonus and others and decided on Cerwin Vega and I could not be happier.

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on June 14, 2014
These speakers were larger than expected but the sound quality is simply incredible. These are really not computer speakers per se; however, they serve that purpose extremely well. These are 40w shelf speakers and produce excellent sound.

Installation is very simple and doesn't require a degree in electronics. It's just two cables plus the AC power cord. The speaker cable is proprietary and ~3ft in length. The AC power cord is about ~6ft in length and is permanently attached to the left speaker. The left speaker is the control speaker with your power switch and volume control knob. The knob has a nice red-colored LED ring when the speakers are powered on.

UPDATE: I didn't realize it at the time, but these speakers will automatically power down after loss of an audio signal. (The red LED will turn off.) So when my computer turns on, the speakers will detect its audio presence and then the red LED becomes active. This means you'll never have to turn on/off the speakers via the knob and the volume level can stay fixed. Very slick feature!

Music sounds rich and the VEGA bass is great. (There's a switch to turn off if you don't like the extra bass.) In fairness, the bass can be somewhat overwhelming if the speakers are relatively close. Again, these really are not designed to be desktop computer speakers. Voice reproduction is also very good. Gamers will love these speakers!

I highly recommend a quality sound card if connecting from a computer as well as a premium, shielded A/V cable for the computer connection. (The included A/V cable is not of the premium quality. It should be OK for most uses but if you're going to spending $200 on quality speakers then why not another $20 on a premium cable.)

These speakers are shielded so they do not produce any additional EMI interference.
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on October 18, 2016
Great sound! I am using for computer audio as well as bedroom monitoring for a vinyl DJ setup. I have not yet purchased the XD8 for supplementary bass- it is almost unneccessary as these can get quite loud without reducing the audio quality. Plenty of audio inputs and outputs if you want to plug in a phone or headphones.

Only input missing is an optical input- which is a shame because otherwise these speakers would be viable for a home theater setup as well. My old setup also had a ps4 hooked to my monitor with sound output via optical cord to my speakers which is unfortunately not possible with this setup (still possible but would require purchasing an optical to analog converter). This is definately a nitpick as that is not what these speakers were intended for.

Despite the great sound only 4 stars as there is a downside- the length of the cord which connects the two speakers is only about 4 feet long- a hindrance if you have a large monitor or a multiple monitor setup and need to place these on the sides. The speaker documentation refers to this cable as "XD audio cable". Fortunately through some experimentation I have figured out that it is in fact a standard 4 pin molex connector and it is possible to use a 4 pin molex extension cord to increase this length (about $9 for a 1ft extension on amazon)- I hope this helps anyone with the same issue for these otherwise awesome sounding speakers.
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on September 17, 2013
I was going back and forth between these and the Bose series. Just to be clear, I was not interested in a set with a subwoofer. I wanted something that did not take up much space on my desk in my office. I was able to preview the Bose but I was not able to listen to these before I bought them. I took a chance on what others had said about them. I am sure glad I went with the Cerwin Vega speakers. They are everything I wanted and so much more. They have excellent sound quality and they were a great price on Amazon. They were actually cheaper than I could fine the Bose. Great product and I would recommend them to others. These make me want to get some of the Cerwin Vega 12 inch floor speakers.
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on April 19, 2017
Great desktop pair. Certainly brings the noise for your office. If you prefer a perfect stereo pair without the annoying subwoofer setup, these are for you. I somewhat regret not getting the larger XD5 pair.

While a lot louder than most speakers this size, they lack clarity in the highs. Some of that has to do with my source being a lowly PC, however my Shure headphones produce more clarity attached to the same output port.

For the price, can you complain?

The one MAJOR problem is the cable bridging the left & right speakers is WAY too short. C'mon man. I'd rather have extra coiled up cable than not enough.
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on May 4, 2017
Im rating these at 4 stars only because the wire connecting these speakers is very works for me right now but if i needed the extra length to reposition i couldnt do so! 5 stars for build quality and if i could rate 50 stars for sound quality i would! If the length isnt an issue id highly recommend these! I bought the XD8s as well and this setup sounds amazing for what i need! Upgraded from the Klipsch promedia 2.1! Wanted the corsairs but cant find em in stock anywhere! So the extra couple bucks for this setup was well worth it!

Update: The XD8 Sub died on 7/1/17....After careful board inspection it seems the internsl plug connecting power to the amp just melted..its bubbled and discolored...Spoke to Gibson and they said they will be happy to replace the defective unit as they really havent had any heat issues for normal use! They didnt even ask any questions...they immediatly wanted to take care of their customer! Excellent service from them!
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on May 5, 2015
Well it was inevitable, My Klipsch speaker's finally went out. I was going to miss those speaker's and that rich bass from my sub woofer. So out of extensive research, and I do mean extensive. I decided to get these over the Logitech's, and other high ranked speakers within this price range. Well If you see I gave them 5 star's you know the verdict. Amazing, is the word that comes to ind, Klipsch who? I was so worried I would not get the full effect I am used to. Boy not only did these deliver they superseded my anticipation, the clarity and richness is unreal. I do not hear them to the left or right of me. it is more like they surround me in a cone shape. The experience makes me feel like I'm in a theater. The bass carry's amazing it is hard to believe i have no sub woofer. I can not think of anything about these speakers I do not like but one which i will post.
Also i love the size of these guys, and the fact that it is wood. It brought a overall quality to my desk I was lacking.

I have mine paired up with a Xonar sound booster to really tweak exactly what I like. The bass booster is not even on for me, because its not necessary to destroy my room lol.

Con's: As stated from someone else the cable from the left to the right is to short. For a computer desk that is not that big of a deal, 5 fee should seem plenty lengthy. However when your running behind other cables and try, to make it all look as nice as possible. % feet gets shorter and shorter in a hurry. On the upside im sure there is an extension if need be. I deferentially would not let this deter you from your decision.
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on January 22, 2016
Delivery - A-
Packaging - A+
Sound A++
The first thing i noticed when i pulled these beautys out is how heavy they are.
Once u get everything plugged are in for a treat.Love mine.
EXcellent for a $100 bucks.Best in this price range.Great highs and lows.
This has a Bass Boost but i have found i dont need it.No distortion at any level
Very crisp clean sound.Headphones sound great thru the port as well.
The only negative thing i can say about them is the volume knob is very stiff turning

Best $100 bucks i have spent in a long time.
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on August 11, 2017
There's sooo many choices when it comes to computer speakers. I'm sure glad I purchased these. They're good sized, but not so big as to look like baby book-shelf speakers. Placed on my large desk on each side of this 23" all in one computer screen, they simply 'fit." Once I played with my computers EQ in the music section, I fine tuned the speakers for the sound signature I wanted, and boy... do these deliver!! Rich, crisp notes and deep bass with out the use of a subwoofer. Highly recommended. Don't hesitate.
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on December 4, 2016
Sounds with loud bass even if the bass button is off. I could never switch volume over near 3/4 because they stopped playing, and I have to turn it off and on, and lower the volume. Also needs a better cooling system, gets really hot after a few minutes of playing music. I visited a technical support in my country and he said: this could be refurbished speakers, looks like they were opened before, maybe comes with factory defects, you spent a lot of money for this. To get a decent sound, I had to fully equalize my laptop, and never set them too loud. I couldn't send them back because it's to expensive. Disappointed.
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