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on January 30, 2012
I have one Ceton 4 USB running on a Windows 7 64-bit Media Center with Comcast providing service. Be prepared to get what is a Cablecard when ordering since most have not embraced this technology. I have had experience with a previous vendors offering for many years on RCN and was very excited to see the Ceton handles switch service without any addition hardware and four HD channels at once. My initial install was on a Windows 7 32-bit installation and setup was a snap; with the longest time allocated to time on the phone with Comcast to pair the Cablecard with the Ceton. Once up and running a problem did develop with the device disconnect/reboot for no reason while recording or watching programs live.

My Windows 7 32-bit install was a carryover from a SageTV/DirecTV/HDPVR configuration and with tweaks for that configuration which I thought might be the reason for my stability problems. A residence change resulted in my change to Comcast and this configuration. As a result of the disconnect/reboot issues with the Ceton I performed a wipe and rebuild on 7 64-bit to prevent any possible conflicts. My initial findings on 64-bit were very promising with stability for 10 days before the problem occurred with disconnect/reboot.

Based on other reviews here on Amazon I opened a trouble ticket on the Ceton support center and described my problem with a request for the updated firmware. I received an almost immediate response with a link to download the update and instruction on how via the Ceton diagnostic tool. All seems to be smooth, and have not had the problem since.

Since the problem is correctable I would not hesitate to purchase another, or recommend to a friend.

4-Stars for the product; there is no mention of the problem in the knowledge base and should be listed as a potential problem, but correctable

5-Stars for Ceton support for quick response and resolution to the problem.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB

** Update 19 March 2012**
My unit had dropped twice on the new firmware after Microsoft Updates in Feb 2012; after report to Ceton the recommended the following:

Power Options:
Sleep after: Never
Allow hybrid sleep: Off
Hibernate after: Never
Allow wake timers: Enabled

USB Settings:
USB selective suspend setting: Disabled
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on May 18, 2012
I am so glad I took the plunge and purchased the InfiniTV. My setup is a Win7 Media Center PC with 3 XBox 360s as extenders. I can record a show, watch a pre-recorded program, watch LiveTV and use the Host PC all at the same time without experiencing any issues anywhere in the home.

Heading into things, I was worried about the cablecard install, as it seems that people have had a lot of issues with this part of the process. I picked up my FIOS cablecard and called the 800 number as recommended for activation. There was some problem with the FIOS phone system that day, so I used the online activation process. It took a while (10 mins), but once I saw the whole process complete via the Ceton Diagnostic Utility, I knew I was good to go,

Initially when I installed the InfiniTV I was seeing a flash of minor pixelation on my TV screen once every 5-6 minutes. Given the benefits of having my own DVR, and not paying the cable company 28 bucks a month, I would have been willing to let this go, but this did not pass the "wife test". She noticed it, and asked "why is it doing that?". I did some research on the Ceton Support pages and followed the recommendations there to update to my latest video driver and that did the trick. In order to get the best experience with the InfiniTV, I would recommend the following:

1. Do the cable card install and activation via the Ceton Diagnostic Utility. Once you have green checkmarks for everything, then proceed to Media Center configuration.

2. Make sure you have a good cable signal, especially if you are using a splitter or something of the like. There are articles on the Ceton Support page that show how view your signal levels. Part of my initial pixelation issue may have been due to a weak signal via a splitter.

3. Record to a non-system drive if you can. I am recording to an 3TB external USB 3.0 drive and it works mint.

4. If you are using XBox extenders, make sure you have a wired connection. Wireless for me was spotty, as it did work for live TV, but would often crash or timeout when changing channels or browsing the guide.

5. Update your video, LAN, and chipset drivers to their latest versions if you are having issues.
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on December 4, 2011
If you have Comcast like I do, this is the External tuner to get. The instructions and support were great to get this thing up and running. Just remember, you need to get the direct activation number for Comcast to get this thing working. It took about 2 days to get it right. The first day I was able to get Comcast to activate the M-Card. The second day, another call, and a tech was able to activate the other premium channels. Now what was shocking to me was that the picture that I was getting via the Cetonm tuner and Windows Media center was better looking with more detail than the Scientific Atlantic DVR-HD box from Comcast. I set 2 remote tuners for 2 other TV's in the house. You will get some quirks here and there, but overall no issues. The quirks sometimes it will tell you in Media center that you need to subscribe to a channel that you already do. A work around is to use Channel up or down then back, and wait 5 seconds...BAM!!! you are back in business. With all the headaches that Comcast has with their set top boxes, I can live with it.
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on March 21, 2014
I bought this to replace my old USB single tuner ATI all in wonder cable card tuner on my Windows 8.1 computer. I was able to take the old cable card and pop it into the slot on the back of Ceton InfiniTV 4 without any problems. Windows did not know what the device was so I had to download the latest software from Ceton's website, which installed the drivers and a very useful application for setting up and configuring the tuner. The tuner also came with a paper listing some cable providers and the cable card activation phone number. The phone call to activate took 2 hours but 1 hour and 50 minutes of that was on hold, once a rep came on the line they were able to pair the card to the tuner very quickly. I would recommend using the Ceton app to get the information on the tuner and cable card that the cable company asks for. Once that is done set it up in Windows Media Center (if you are using that).

The video and sound actually seem a little better (sharper and clearer) than what I had with the ATI tuner and having 4 tuners is very nice. No more recording conflicts! One thing I wanted to point out for buyers is if you have series already scheduled out in advance before you install this tuner the old already resolved conflicts do not seem to readjust. I had to cancel my series and then reschedule them to get them to record simultaneously where previously resolved conflicts existed (if that makes any sense).

Very easy to set up and configure, the app also checks for software and driver updates which I think is great. I would definitely recommend buying this if you are looking for a USB tuner.
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on March 3, 2013
I wanted to share my experiences with fixing pixelation / macroblocking video problems some people have.

After I submitted a Ceton support ticket, Here's what Ceton said:

"Hi Jon,

Generally speaking, we find that a lot of brands of cable boxes use MoCa and can cause interference on the line if not used with a filter. We've seen similar problems arise from modems as well. If you remove the modem or cable boxes from the lineup, do you continue to have the macroblocking? We generally recommend trying a low-pass or MoCA filter. These will usually clean up the signal and help limit the interference you might receive from other devices on your coax network. We recommend installing the filter right before the infiniTV on the coax line. It is designed to filter out MoCA signals while allowing CATV signals to pass-through without issue.

Here is an example:

(see comments for URL)

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank You,
Ceton Support"

I took out my cable modem for 48 hours (fed main line directly to my ceton), and I had ZERO pixelation/macroblocking! (luckily I had access to alternative WiFi signal to allow internet access for the 2 day test)

I bought the filter they recommended, installed it right before my Ceton tuner, and BAM, I have no longer have any Macroblocking/Pixelation. (perfect recordings, perfect live tv)
I found a cheap one on eBay for $6. (see comments for URL)

I'm Happy. So far so good.

P.S. you can also use a TAP instead of a SPLITTER if you want to have a stronger signal sent to the Ceton tuner. A splitter divides the RF signal 50/50 on each output. A tap is more like 25/75. Output the strong side to the Ceton and the weaker side to the cablemodem. (speed is still rock solid)

EDIT: I still have occasional short bursts of pixelation. It's better than it was but I'm not sure what else to try
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on February 19, 2014
This will be short and sweet. My provider is Verizon FiOS and I have used PCIe and USB TV cards for years. My prefernce is for PCIe, but I have a small form-factor PC and a cablecard internal card was not an option for me. Having read some of the reviews for the USB version of this device, I had my concerns. There was no need - this is an excellent hobbyist product.

I say "hobbyist" because installing a cablecard device just ins't something the average PC user does. I installed this on a Core i5, 6GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 555, 1TB HDD PC - gigabit ethernet LAN throughtout the house. There was no issue at all getting an M-card from FiOS in my area, although they charge $19.99 for package delivery, so I chose to pick it up at the local store.

Ceton makes a big deal about following installation instructions exactly, but they were very clear and fairly simple. Installation was basically a breeze and i was pleased not to have to set up an IR blaster to controll a cable box.

Setting up recordings has been a breeze, since I have years' experience with WMC as well. It's great to have four channels concurrently accessible, allowing my duaghter to watch live TV on her Xbox while I record three other channels on my PC, or any combination thereof.

Another reviewerr made some commentary about the performance of the USB box in comparisor to the PCIe version, but I have seen nothing to discourage me in this set-up. HD recordingsa are perfect and stream smoothly. Live TV is fine, although i have not attempted to stream live to the installed PC and three other WMC extenders simultaneously. At most we have 1 live stream and two channels recording concurrently. No issues.

Aesthetically, the little black box completely falls into the background. No noise, compact.

Great product and definitely helps reduce the cable box invasion that was happening in our house.
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on November 11, 2011
I purchased the Ceton InfiniTV 4 USB on 11/10/2011 and received it two days later. That afternoon, I went to my local Comcast office and picked up a Cable card installation kit. Within 25 minutes, I had a Dell Zino HD 410 and the Centon InfiniTV 4 USB up and running. I was able to watch TV through 3 different Xbox media extenders. Two of the media extenders are connected through wireless N and the other on 1000MB. Since this is the first media center pc that I didn't build myself, I was truly impressed with the TV service through the extenders. No lags on the extenders on wireless like I experience watching movies from my mymovies library.

Here's what I did for my installation process.

* I down loaded the InfiniTV USB software and installed it on the computer.
* Connected the Ceton InfiniTV USB 4 device to the computer.
* I followed the Ceton instructions procedure for Windows media center. I did have a problem with the PlayReady update, but, I was able to download it myself and continue the process.

* Contacted Comcast and gave them the required information.
* Run Windows Update and applied any additional updates.

The Ceton software was installed four days before I got the device. I was concerned that hardware wouldn't work on the Dell Zino. But, the software installed and I didn't see any problems, so I decided to order the Ceton InfiniTV USB 4. Like I said before, the device works great! My next steps, rebuild my Windows home server to the newer version, and then move all data over to it.
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on December 22, 2011
I purchased the Ceton 4 tuner USB for my Windows 7 PC. After picking up the MCARD from Comcast here in Houston, I followed the instructions exactly. However it would not tune in any cable channels. Reinstalled, scratched my head and called Comcast several times. Finally, I read another review on Amazon about this product which provided the solution to me.

- Uninstalled Norton Antivirus.

- Installed Microsoft Security Essentials for free from Microsoft website

- Rebooted then I reran Windows Media Center as Administrator

went to Media Center TV setup. This time it recognized the 4 tuners then reported it was finished. Then I started up Windows Media Center and Voila! I was tuning in all the channels, no problem on my PC. Started up my XBOX 360, set it up as a media center Extender, went to Media Center and now I can watch Live TV from my big screen. Happy camper now. But I must admit, I spent 1 1/2 days trying to figure out this problem with Comcast phone help. The problem was truly on my side of the phone. I was not able to find a Ceton phone number for help, but Amazon customer reviews really help!

BUT after using for a week or so, I noticed my monitor's whole screen BLINKING when I was watching Live TV with Windows Media Center. After reporting the problem to Ceton Support via email, I spent lots of time sending diagnostic files to Ceton. Finally, the SOLUTION came down to uninstalling a utility called EASYSETPACKAGE that came with my new LG LED monitor. It controlled options that affect the screen and windows like Cinema Mode, Dual Web, etc, which apparently conflicted with Windows Media Center and caused the whole monitor screen to blink (go blank) for 1 to 3 seconds. Its icon resided in the hidden notifications area of the taskbar on the right. Ceton Support spent a lot of time with me in trying to resolve this blinking problem via emails, no phone.

Every once in a while, I still get "Listening or Viewing Conflict" or "No Tuner Available" messages. Don't know why. But HD recordings work great.
Still waiting for my wife to give me thumbs up to return the Comcast DVRs. She is a master on the Comcast DVR Remote and a slow adopter for the Xbox 360 remote. But I love Windows Media Center with the Ceton 4 Tuner setup with the Xbox 360 extenders.

Note this little Ceton USB tuner box when horizontal was running a bit hot, so I rigged it to stand up vertically for better air circulation and it now stays very cool. I actually used a holder meant for an old router.

Cudos to Ceton Support for sticking with me to solve problems that were found not to be caused by the InfiniTV tuner. Great product and deserves 10 stars!
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on January 4, 2012
I purchased the Ceton USB 4 turner device a little while ago, but haven't been able to review it fully until now because it took me a while to arrange to get a Cable Card from my provider (Frontier). Once I had the cable card I did encounter some issues with the first system I tried to use it with, an older Athlon X2 4400 CPU based system. It had been having thermal issues even before I tried to use it with the Ceton device however so the fact it was locking up on my after an hour or two's use I don't blame on Ceton.

To remedy this situation I went ahead and ordered a new system based upon an Athlon FX 4100 CPU. Since I only planned to use 4 GB of RAM I installed Windows 7 Ultimate, x86 edition. After getting it setup I was able to start receiving the cable signal across all 4 tuners, BUT my signal became blocky and would have audio drop outs every 10 to 30 seconds on each channel. Two more visits from my cable installer to help me trouble shoot the cable card and even swapping the card to something new didn't help. But when I tested the Ceton device with my i7 system which was running Windows 64 bit, the TV looked great without any issues or audio drop out.

On a hunch, I decided to re-install the Athlon FX system with Win 7 64 bit OS. After doing the Ceton setup again, everything worked flawlessly and I even have it working with an Xbox 360 as a media extender. Why the Ceton device had problems with the x86 version of the OS I'm not certain, but I would recommend this device to anyone considering a cable card tuning solution so long as they install the 64 bit version of the OS to work with it.
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on April 3, 2013
Our local cable company offers cables cards for 2$ a month, so the math was pretty easy... 29$ a month for two cable boxes (we only had the second cable box to support recording 4 shows total)

That's 27$ a month in savings, so I built a cheap HTPC, and installed Windows 7 (including the Windows Media Center) and bought this tuner.

The installation was very easy for the Ceton device itself (just one USB cable) the only stumbling block was finding a competent support person at the cable company to finish the cable card activation, if you get someone unhelpful on the phone, try again! The tuners were automatically detected and configured by the Media Center, and the two XBOX 360's in the house are able to stream live TV and recorded TV from the PC in the family room. I've noticed that device does get quite warm, so proper ventilation is important (you wouldn't want to keep this in an inclosed cabinet)
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