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on November 27, 2015
Works well for the most part. The only thing I don't care for is the door does not immediately close when you remotely close it. It waits a few seconds, then starts flashing the light and making an annoying beeping noise as it closes.

This does work with MyQ Liftmaster garage door openers, (I have the Liftmaster 8355 with MyQ), since Liftmaster and Chamberlain are the same but under different names. (Liftmaster for professional installers and Chamberlain for those installing themselves from Home Depot, etc.) Only thing is some Liftmasters and Chamberlains do not have a MyQ serial number on the garage door opener itself. If that's the case, you simply hold the "learn" button on the opener and it automatically syncs with the internet gateway in only a few seconds. Make certain to not select "add a wifi garage door opener in this case" during setup.

Last thing... use caution if you consider buying a gateway from Amazon Warehouse Deals. My original Gateway purchased turned out to have actually been used and the device's serial already registered with Chamberlain. I received a message saying that serial number had already been activated. I called support and was told it was now "bricked" and could not be used for obvious security reasons and I had to return it.

Overall all, nice to have because I never liked the idea of leaving my opener in my truck in case of theft so I think it's worth having.
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on October 24, 2015
Very simple to set up and works well. I read some horror stories about setup problems from some people but experienced none of that. I plugged it in to my router, went to the Chamberlain website and registered it, programmed it (I have a new MyQ enabled Chamberlain opener as well) and started using it. That was it. The gateway is on the other side of the house from the garage and has not had a hiccup.
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on March 16, 2017
I purchased this device so that I can be alerted if my garage door is left open. I really don't need to open the door from my phone or computer, but I am occasionally forgetful. It plugs in to an unused Ethernet port on my combo cable modem/router (Note: it does not connect via WiFi, so you need an available Ethernet port). I have a MyQ-enabled Liftmaster opener. All I had to do was follow the steps to create an account, type in the serial number of the gateway, then press the learn button on the door opener wall mount control. Like many Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it requires an account on Chamberlain's server. If for any reason the gateway can't connect to the server (e.g. your Internet is down, or the Chamberlain server is offline), then it is useless.There is no backup like a home security system might offer. Therefore, I can't imagine you would want life and safety truly dependent on this device. It is just a convenience.
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on March 6, 2017
Perfect accessory for my new garage opener. I would frequently forget if I closed my garage at night or after I left the house, and with this internet gateway and the MyQ App, I can check the status of my garage door from anywhere. I can even open and close the garage door from my phone if someone needs in and I can't get to the door like when I'm at work. The only difficult part was that the gateway had to be directly connected to the cable modem, not my wireless router, but once I figured that out it was perfect (it was not in the instruction booklet). I would recommend this to anyone with a new chamberlain door!
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Chamberlain/LiftMaster make great products, but they stink when it comes to full discosure regarding product issues. In particular I speaking of the Homelink problems linking cars to their new security 2.0 feature.

What they don't make clear with this product is who even needs it. In reading the product info, reviews and the LiftMaster 8550w manual it appeared I needed this to connect my opener to the internet. After my research I ordered this so I would have everything I needed when my new garage door and opener was installed, but when I had my opener installed I found out the newer products connect through your router without this gateway product.

Do your research and be sure this is really needed for your Chamberlain LiftMaster or Craftsman openers (all made by same company).
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on April 24, 2017
What a great convenience. I also bought a Camberlain 3/4HP chain drive MyQ garage door opener (it's great too) and added this box and the iPhone app to allow me to monitor and operate my garage door opener from my iPhone. This is a great feature.

Very easy to install. It does need to be wire connected to a router (or extender in my case) and the set up is very simple, easy and quick. After connecting to the router, just go online to register the MyQ unit, then sign in and add the garage door opener by simply using the door bottom. Then download the MyQ app, login to your registered account and use your smartphone to monitor and operate your garage door. It's great!
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on August 16, 2017
This is fantastic!
My wife and I always forget if we shut our garage door. We have the app set up so every time our door is open we get Notifications and emails this way we don't even need to open the app to see if the door is open or closed. We can just look at the most recent notification.
The app works great and makes it easy to open and close the door from anywhere in the world as long as I have a internet connection.

The one thing I don't like is that not many indipendant smart home apps support it.
Like Apple home kit is adding support for it but at this time they don't so I need to use multiple apps.
For all my smart home tech.
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on December 5, 2015
This little gizmo is working exactly as I hoped it would and it gives me peace of mind knowing I can remotely monitor and operate the door. Have I ever needed to open or close the door remotely - no I haven't - but I sure can if that moment ever arrives. I set it up for alerts so every time the door opens or closes I get an in-app alert, which is annoying in a way when I'm the one opening the door because I'm like, hey thanks mister garage door opener dude I already know that. On the other hand it's become quite handy when my wife is home and she decides to go to town or to visit her parents as I can immediately message her and ask where she's going and thank her for not forgetting to close it. She loves it too, by the way. Perhaps the most important element is my ability to one-up my fellow IT comrades at work when I open the app and tell them I just wanted to check the status of my garage door. They're obviously impressed even though they haven't really acknowledged my superiority yet. The only issue with something like this is that you could never go back to a regular off-the-grid garage door opener. So, that's about it.
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on June 4, 2014
I love this, and is the reason that I got this garage door opener. I'm frequently driving down the street, and can't remember if I closed my garage door. Once in a while, I come home, and it's wide open. Now, I can just check my phone. Once my son called me when I was visiting in another state;, and asked me if my garage door was open. He wanted to see if I could really do it from that far away, and it worked! He was impressed and wants one, too.
Also, I was mowing my grass on my riding mower, which I keep in the garage. When I got to the back yard, I closed the door from my phone so that no one could come in when I couldn't see them. Then I opened it again, when I was ready to go back in.....never thought of this! I am very glad that I purchased it. If someone needs to get in my garage when I am away, they can just call me and I can let them in. I also set up a temporary code for my sons, and set it for 100 times. Now if I want to change that one, I can keep my original one, and don't have to learn a new one. I guess you could say that this is better than expected, and I am very pleased with it.
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on November 19, 2013
Great item,works great!Wish i bought it sooner. Great price for an item of convenience and piece of mind to know your door is open or closed
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