Customer Reviews: Chamberlain LiftMaster 975LM Laser Parking Assist
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on January 31, 2008
I bought the Laser Garage Parking Assistant for my husband for Christmas and it seems to work very well. The laser is easy to adjust, and pivots completely to allow him to position it exactly where he wants it to show on the car's dashboard. Since the car doesn't always enter the garage exactly in the same position, we found that lining up the red "dot" with a line across his dash worked best. (Cross the line, you're in fine.) The laser turns on when the vehicle enters the garage and turns off automatically after allowing plenty of time for parking. It is bright enough to see well, but not blinding when viewed on the dash. It does not come on when the door is left open, i.e. when we're working in the garage, unless we trip the sensors (going in and out of the main door). It looks good too, like it is an official part of the garage opener itself and not a toy. The only difficulties we have had have been climbing up and down the ladder to make the initial adjustments - our ceiling is fairly high - and when attaching it to the ceiling. It is held in place by a single screw, which allowed it to spin around until the screw was fully seated. Not a problem, but maybe some double stick tape or something might have held it steady until it was fully mounted. But it is now very stable and secure, and we no longer worry that the car is in far enough. This was definitely a good purchase, and well worth the money.
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on January 14, 2011
Bought this for my wife. She didn't want to have a ball on a string. I think those work pretty good, but she doesn't like people to know she can't park a car! I looked at the one that hangs on the wall and show red, yellow , or green. The reviews was that is wasn't real accurate or consistant. Thought, can't go wrong with a permanent mounted laser. Took me longer to get my tools around and the ladder out than it did to mount and aim this thing. Works great so far. I projected the beam to go on the center speaker on her Camaro. MOve slowly into the garage until you see the beam on the hood, make your small adjustment to align the car and stop when it the beam is within the designated area. Now she parks it with ease and I can actually get into our back door with out climbing over her car.

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on January 12, 2008
We have lots of stuff in our garage and this helps me park our SUV in just the right place, not too far to the left or right, not too far forward, so that we can still get anything we need out of the garage. It took a few practices, but once I got the hang of it, it works great.
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on August 31, 2011
The product description is informative - worth a good read.
For a double garage with 2 cars you buy 2 units which you hook up in parallel with the IR beam circuit.
I've done this and it works out much better than two lasers mounted in one location.

Advantages of this system:
No batteries required - ever
laser positioned directly over hood of car
supports tandem and staggered parking
bright laser stays on for a minute

Installation notes:
It took me about half an hour to install.
Note that these units are quite small (about 2 inches across) and they have just one mounting screw.
The mounting hardware was adequate for the task, and I tidied it all up with a cable tie and staples to keep the stiff cords flush with the ceiling.

With the car(s) parked in the desired location (leaving an inch of clearance from the door) I pointed the laser to a point on the imaginary center line of the dashboard where it intersects a physical seam line. This allows me to watch the dot travel across the dashboard and stop at just the right position as well as judge left to right clearance.
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on August 4, 2012
Normally, the word "Double" in the product title means that there are two of something. Upon opening the Lift-Master 975LM Double Laser...." box I find only one item, and that has only one LASER light beam. I do not wish to return the item but I would like a clarification as to why I spent $5 more on your product, expecting that "double" was what you were selling.
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on January 10, 2011
I set up the tennis-ball-on-a-string system and this one up at the same time to see which worked better. I chose this device after reading the reviews, and opting for a gadget that didn't run on batteries. The tennis ball system required me to put a screw into the garage ceiling directly above where the car's windshield is when parked, tie kite string to it, drive the car in to where I wanted it, then tie the string to the ball at the right height (I put a small screw into the tennis ball also, and tied the string to it). Total time to install: about half an hour.

Installing the lasers was complicated by the fact that I don't have a Liftmaster-brand garage door opener. Mine is an 'Access Master' (supposedly compatible with Liftmaster). I figured I'd be out less than $25 if the lasers didn't work. Each laser comes with one screw, a drywall mount, some screw nuts, and about a 5-foot long cord of low-voltage type dual-strand (one black, one white) insulated copper wire. You are expected to strip the end of the wire, then connect it up to the terminals on the opener that go to the safety sensors. Some wire strippers to take the insulation off, and some pliers to pull apart the wires would be helpful. Since I didn't have a Liftmaster, the black/white terminals weren't labeled on the opener. After a small amount of trial and error, I got the wiring sorted out. The only thing keeping the whole laser from swiveling when installed is the tightness of it's single screw. As another commenter suggested, double-sided tape or something sticky would really help. Total time to install: also about half an hour.

After aiming the laser, I could try out the whole setup. When driving into the garage, the tennis ball is in your face, right at eye level. You can see how far away it is. When you physically hit it with the windshield, it bounces. It's very obvious that you are now in far enough. No matter what angle you come into the garage, you can't miss the tennis ball.

The laser starts out as a tiny dot on the floor. I can't see it at all until it starts moving across the dashboard of my small car. The dot is small and flashes. If you drive in at different angles, the dot will be in a different place. I often don't even notice it until after I've already parked and intentionally look to see where the dot ended up. If you intentionally ignore the tennis ball, you will be driving in very slowly, stopping, looking for the dot, then driving a little more, etc.. until you see it. If the mounting is not tight, it will swivel a bit and misalign the dot. It seems to work a little better on a bigger car with a shorter dash, though you still drive slowly in stops-and-starts till you see the dot.

The tennis ball seems to be a more foolproof system. It is so simple, it can't help but be reliable and easy to use. There is no chance that it will fail due to dead batteries or a power outage, get out-of-position, or make you wonder how far away from it you are. Interestingly, when I looked for the lasers at two popular home-improvement stores, neither had it. One was selling a kit that was basically a foam ball on a string.

The laser is way cooler than the tennis ball, but if you prefer function over cool go with the tennis balls. You can also turn on your wipers when parked to give the tennis ball a whack and watch it fly all over for a bit. Take that, lasers!
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on May 30, 2009
A siimple device that makes parking extremely easy and accurate everytime.

In our garage we have the stairs and shoe-rack built into the the stair right in front of the space of my car's parking. It was always a guessing game and backing and forwarding chore.

I have set the Red light shine on a ridge on my car's dash. I look forward to parking accurately everytime.

The wires connect to the low voltage wires on the door lifter (believe me very easy to attach). The device then attaches to the roof of your garage with a simple screw. Park your car at desired spot. Then you aim it to the car's dash where you can see the light while seated in the driver's seat.

Installation was very easy, took 25 minutes total - including adjusting the light focus on the desired spot.

Done - :) It turns on everytime you trip the sensors at the garage door.

This device is not in your way when you are working in the garage, but is there when you need it everytime. Highly recommended.
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on February 9, 2012
I have a Sears Liftmaster. Sears garage door openers are manufactured by Chamberlain.

The wire provided is too short. I used thermostat wire and some wire nuts to extend the length.

There was no wiring diagram for the Sears garage door opener. So I called Chamberlain customer service and they we really great. Wiring was not obvious but they were able to tell me how to wire it in 5 minutes.

Like other reviewers I _hate_ that there is only one poorly designed mounting hole. You'll need a bit of skill to get the housing to be firm against the mounting surface. I had to use a washer to get it firmly mounted.

Aligning the laser is a bit of a hassle. The laser stays on for about a minute after the safety beam (you know, the one near the floor that causes the door to reverse if the beam is blocked) is temporarily blocked.

Since the laser is persnickety to align -- the action of the mounting ball is not at all smooth -- I had to go up and down my ladder a dozen times (because I had to walk across the garage to block the safety beam) before I could get the laser dot to be within an inch of where I wanted it. I bought this so that I could squeeze out every last inch of space in my garage.

The brightness of the laser is "just ok". It is hard to see on my metallic dark paint. It is visible (and blinks) on the top of the dash.

I'm satisfied with it.
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on March 24, 2010
So my SUV has a radar crash mitigation system, adaptive cruise control, and a radar blind spot warning system. My sedan has parking sensors but that just keeps me from hitting the walls. It just seemed wrong to go the low tech, tried and true tennis ball on a string route for vehicle positioning.

I have a finished garage ceiling so installation was very easy (I would recommend using EZ anchors in wallboard rather than the provided mounting hardware). I ran the wire in the attic so the installation is very clean. Aiming the laser is the hardest part of the installation. That should be a one time adjustment until I change vehicles.

While the flashing laser beam is slick (it is small, but I have no problem seeing it and I don't have pilot vision), it does lack some of the functionality of the tennis ball. You can aim your vehicle at the tennis ball. With this product you have to aim for some reference point (hopefully one that is permanently stationary) and inch up until the beam strikes the selected point on your dashboard. That being said it is an easy adaptation and at least visitors to your garage don't look at the hanging tennis ball and wonder if you still have training wheels on your bicycle.
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on March 28, 2016
* Inexpensive; small; easy installation instructions, but not necessarily easy to install (see "BAD").
* The laser, once pointed to your chosen spot on your dash, works well when you know where to look for it (also, see "BAD").

One quick note: the laser is activated by the sensors at the door opening, NOT the door being opened. I had 30 seconds where I thought it didn't work before I realized this.

Not a particularly bright laser beam. You have to know where to look for it on the hood of your car as you're pulling in - it's not always evident depending on ambient light.

The bigger problem, as many others have noted, is that the unit is designed to be mounted to the ceiling with only one screw that cinches down on its relatively soft plastic body. Because of this, I found it impossible to get it to mount flush to the celling: the side opposite from the screw hung from the ceiling a bit, and it seemed clear that it could move over time from vibrations.

Without a solid immoveable mount, what's the point of laser precision? Unacceptable, and an awful design that would be so simple to fix in manufacturing. Anyhow for $14 I figured what's the risk of attempting to fix it myself...

I carefully removed the two screws and detached to top of the unit from the bottom plate (the part against the ceiling). Popped the board off of the bottom plate (board held by two plastic tabs), and then, for a second screw/anchor I supplied myself, I created a keyhole-shaped hole on that bottom plate opposite the one screw hole from the manufacturer. Now I could slide the unit onto one screw, through the new keyhole, before driving the manufacturer-supplied screw through the single screw hole.

And voila - two mounting points means it no longer sags from the ceiling and it cannot move. Was that so hard, LiftMaster?
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