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on May 11, 2011
I purchased 5 of these shirts and i have been using them while working out for several months now. Living in Miami, if you exercise outside(or even just stand outside) you will quickly get drenched in sweat. Cotton shirts will soak up the water and you will feel all wet. I purchased these and they make a huge difference. Even after working out for an hour I am much more comfortable. These shirts are made from synthetic material and even when wet they glide over your skin instead of sticking to it. The shirts have 2 layers of fabric. the outer one looks like standard mesh(with holes) and the inner layer is solid. Both layers are very thin(but not see through) and the shirts themselves are very light. I have only been able to test them in hot weather so I don't know how they perform in the cold. Over all I am happy with them.
These shirts do have drawbacks though. Here is a quote from a running website "After awhile, moisture wicking, technical apparel can start to smell, even right after washing it. The residue from ordinary detergents traps water in the fibers which enables bacteria to grow. The bacteria are what cause your favorite running shirt to stink." I have found this to be the case with these shirts. I only wear them for working out for about 2 hours max. Even before the end, the shirt does have an odor.(Just as a side note, I do not normally have body odor. Just with these shirts I have yet to find a special(Sport) detergent that will take care of this. Edit: Tide Sport does a good job. I will also run it in the dryer longer to completely bake any extra moisture out of them.
One more drawback is that the material is not very tough at all. I wore one of these on a hiking trip and lightly brushed against a tree branch. When I took the shirt off it had a 2 inch run in it. More durable synthetic shirts will not do this.(They will also probably weigh more than these. If you have cats, or any animal with claws, then do not let them touch these shirts. I ruined one of these by letting my cat sit in my lap. Even lightly touching them with claws can damage the shirt. The shirt will still function, it just won't look nice.
Over all I am happy with these shirts so I gave them 4 stars. I use them only for working out in the gym or doing something that won't scratch them. I hope this helps you make up your mind.
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on January 21, 2011
I ordered 3 of these shirts and am mostly satisfied. The shirts are great for exercising and the sizing is pretty accurate.

My only complaint is that I think I'd rather a cotton/polyester blend instead of 100% polyester. While the polyester keeps you dry, the shirt is a little light and slinky and I'd rather some of the weight that cotton would bring. Other that that, these shirts are well made and are as described.

Since they're 100% polyester you're going to have to wash them in cold water. I wash mine by hand after each workout and then spin them in the washing machine before hanging them to dry. They dry very quickly. Doing this ensures that they're available for the next work out and remain in good condition.

UPDATE, 3/2011: Having exercised in these shirts for 3 months I can report that they are excellent. They feel good to workout in, and have worn well. Keep in mind that I have always washed them by hand and spun them in the washing machine. They dry very quickly when hung up. I recently purchased another shirt, which is as good as an endorsement that you can get. Recommended.

UPDATE, 7/2011: These shirts continue to be excellent. They get a lot of use but are still looking great. Again, I always wash them by hand and spin them in the washing machine.
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My husband has had two of these shirts for the past eighteen months, and he loves them so much that I just hopped on Amazon (where we bought the original two) to buy him two more, along with the Champion Men's Double Dry Training Short.

They're really nice quality, and have held up well with weekly washing.

He sweats a lot, and they do a great job of absorbing sweat and odor.

After awhile, we have found that the odor tends to stay inside the fabric, but they're fairly inexpensive, so replacing them every two years or so isn't a problem.

They also have a nice range of motion in the underarm area, so you can move your arms freely doing various workouts.

They also run true to size.

Champion always makes great products, and these are really nice quality!

As I mentioned in my review of the shorts, these aren't fancy, but they do the job and do it well.
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on July 3, 2013
I have an old coolmax shirt that I wear as an undershirt frequently in the summer and for layering in the winter as well. With this summer being exceptionally humid so far, I wanted to have another wicking undershirt for when the other is dirty. I ordered this shirt as well as the Duofold Men's Silkweight Dri-release S/S Top so that I could have a couple of options.

What I like:
The fit was very good
Seams look solid/tough
Thin but tough fabric, two layers
Lightweight and folds up nice and small for traveling

What I didn't like:
Itchy seams, and there are seams all over
Itchy fabric. Wasn't comfortable at all when I put it on. Not exactly like wool, but similar
The outer layer of fabric looks prone to picks and pulls

Compared to the Duofold:
The difference was night and day. The Duofold is very soft and stretchy, with excellent wicking. I mowed the grass and the shirt was dry and just as comfy afterwards as when I put it on.

The bottom line:
I'm not saying that the Champion is a terrible shirt, it surely has its uses. It may be okay in the winter, but when I tried it on it was a hot and sticky afternoon and it was very uncomfortable and itchy. What I am looking for is a comfortable bottom layer for when I am out in the heat (or layering in the cold). In the end I think that the duofold will work not only as a bottom layer but it looks nice enough to wear alone too. I sent the Champion shirt back and ordered another Duofold silkweight.
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on January 16, 2013
I've ordered a bunch of Champion and Nike dri-fit "dry training" shirts in the past months and I think I like this cut the best... I have some armless ones that I like alright from Nike but I didn't love the Champion armless/regular ones I got...the fit/cut weren't great.

I also felt like they smelled more/faster!

But this one I like a lot and would order more... Oh, I'm 6'1" about 175-180lbs (trying to get bigger).

Only downside is that these shirts all seem to BO pretty fast... like the actual body BO....which is not a problem I normally have... I'm experimenting with baking soda soaks between work-outs.

I'm sure if you already have shirts like this, you know what I'm talking about.

I like them a lot because they do dry so fast, they're comfortable, and when I put them on I feel like I'm ready to rock a workout.
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on July 25, 2015
I just ordered three of these shirts (in different colors) and I received shirts considerably different than the shirts pictured here. I already own a couple of these shirts and I like the qualify of the fabric and the fit. The shirts I received are much thinner and the necks are much too big. Note how the shirts pictured have stitching across the shoulders and down the sides in the back. If you zoom in, you can also see a bit of a weave to the fabric. The shirts I received have none of these features and are clearly an inferior product.

As I read other reviews, I see that this has been an issue for several years. Why does Amazon continue to let this seller mislead its customers?
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on May 3, 2013
This is an awesome shirt. Drys fast and is very light. Excellent workout and running wear. I have 4 of these shirts. The downside is that they catch on EVERYTHING. I have a Camelbak backpack with a tiny bit of Velcro, the shirt catches on it all of the time leaving little snags. I snagged my orange one on something, don't even remember doing it.

I'm not sure if the shirts are worth it due to the lack of durability, but they are not super expensive and work excellent for running. They are really my favorite running shirts.

I guess the lack of durability balances out with the price and the Double Dry technology, which works very well. I will continue to buy these until something better comes along.
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on May 19, 2014
I use it when getting into workouts which involve a lot of sweating (like running or spinning). It handles them well and looks good at it!

- Does a great job at keeping you dry when working out
- Looks slick

- I tried sleeping with this on one night and had one of the most uncomfortable sleeps due to the neck collar being somewhat tight. I kept stretching it away from my neck. Probably best to keep it for just workouts.
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on March 11, 2016
received cheap imitation of shirt pictured - no logo on front -style was different than pictured - color was off -plus took forever for delivery...wow
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I purchased 3 of these shirts in dark colors for a 10-day hike on the Camino de Santiago. Each shirt was worn 3-4 times over the course of the trip, and were hand washed using Dial soap. Even after 2 weeks of all-day sweating and less then perfect washing or drying, these shirts did not smell at all. I was also able to wear these shirts to dinner (clean ones) without looking like a complete slob as they are sharper looking than most exercise or hiking clothing.

They also seem to such away moisture at a miraculous pace. You would figure that after hiking for 8 hours I would be a sweaty mess. Taking my pack off there would be some wet spots under my shoulders and on my back - that's it. After 5 minutes, these areas were completely dry - the moisture just wicked away. Compare that to my hat and socks which would be drenched with sweat.

As far as durability, after 10 days of hiking with a pack, only one shirt had a slight run, which was caused by a tree branch. There was no pilling, even in the areas that had to bear the rubbing and pulling of the shoulder and waist straps.

After the hiking was done, these 3 shirts, unwashed, went into my pack for a week. When I finally reached home they smelled really bad, but then came out of the laundry without a hint of stink.

I have been wearing these shirts at the gym since then and still no problems with smell.

I highly recommend these shirts.
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